Lair of the Beasts

Warmth 14
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Warmth of Hearts 14

~*~*~*~* Sequel chapter thirteen *~*~*~*~

OUCH! the beast jilted in pain, the stuff the tanned female was pouring into his wound really snapped, gritting his teeth, the pain was unbearable
Calm down! Jiaaku and Kyofu pinned down the beast by holding him tight by the arms; Tora was strong enough to throw them both off if he wanted!
Just a little longer! Yami soothed, slowly wrapping his ear in bandages, there! That should do it for now! she smiled
F-for now? the beast asked while we panted, slowly reaching a released hand to feel his injury, Yaw! She bites hard! Shes worse than a paper puncher!
None sense! Theyre just two small dugs, nothing to worry about! Yami said with a smile, Just make sure they dont get wet! Okay?
Sure the beast mumbled, where is that little bit**, anyway?
Oh, Lady Siren took her to another room! You were pretty rough!
ME? She wanted to pluck my ears off!
Shes just a child!
Hush!!!! Jiaaku hissed, clamping the beasts muzzle, not so loud! Ann is trying to put Yuji to sleep! Sabishiis been so nasty; Yuji cant take a blink without thinking someone is trying to get him!
Oh! Poor kid! Tora growled, I still dont see why we cant just kill her!
Kage and Muma promised to take care of her!! Theyre doing it for Bijin!
A wired couple if you ask me! Willing to hold an assassin in their family the beast glared the table in front of him, I could never understand them!
There is something good in everything thats what Kage always says!
And you believe her?
Well, yeah!
Stupid! -T__T-!

Sigh Ann silently walked into the picture, Hey! You all are still awake?
Why would we be sleeping? Jiaaku asked, Were still in the afternoon!
Well, I dont know about you guys, but I need a nap! Im tired! the golden female said softly, turning around, Im gonna go rest near Yuji, just in case he woke up, he wont be scared!
Okay! Yami softly gave a nod
Oh-I almost forgot! How is your ear doing? Ann asked her uncle
Huh? Oh-this? It snaps a bit! But its okay! Tora stupidly chuckled
I cant believe Im saying this to you, uncle Tora, but keep a distant away from Sabishii! Shes dangerous!
I know! Tora gave a sweat drop, eyeing the golden female walk away, going back the way she came from

Tora! Yami softly called, maybe you should take a rest, too!
Uh-no thanks! Im doing fine! the orange beast chuckled, standing on his hind legs, arms and limbs stretching wide, Ah! Now, I think Im gonna go for a little hunt, any-buddy wanna join?
!!! All gawked him oddly
Maybe you do need a rest Tora! Jiaaku smiled, trying to look calm
(Pout) Tora folded his arms, you guys are no fun! Fine! Ill go hunt by my self then! the beast mumbled walking out


Is he okay? Kyofu gave a sweat drop
Probably trying to cheer himself up, nothing to worry about! Yami reasoned with a soft smile
Pretty wired if you ask me! Jiaaku said
(Giggle) Why? Because hes acting nice?
Well yeah! I mean this is Tora were talking about! He used to be the vilest AzaFuse to ever exist, Lord Nagatobimaru!
Maybe living with Ushio changed him! Yami said
Thats what I had in mind as well! Kyofu agreed with his tanned mate, hes the same hot-head I ever knew, yet, his attitude is nicer! he gave a chuckle
still feeling odd, Jiaaku said nothing, eyeing where the beast was, none knowing that Tora hadnt left yet
saying nothing, standing where they couldnt have possibly seen him, Tora walked away with a wrinkled muzzle and a glaring set of silver silted eyes, cat-footed with no sound

Mean while What about the other?


Aotsuki Ushio! You werent even listening!!! Asako scolded the temple boy during their ride on the bus, startling and catching attention of all the passengers
Asako! blushing, the boy was trying to let her see what attention she got
Sigh Mayuko gave a white thing, this was getting nowhere! Asako would yell at Ushio, and Ushio would simply gaze through the window ignoring her, hand under his chin, elbow on the seats arm, and the spears sharp head is on the floor while the butt is on the top, tattered red silk being toyed by the temple boys fingers, looking outside, Mayuko eyed the beautiful blue sky, it was really fantastic, its just that, none were free minded to notice it
Okay-Okay!!!! Ushio chuckled stupidly trying to calm his harsh-voiced friend down
Urghh snorted Asako in anger, sitting down, fists on her knee caps, glaring the passengers, what are you looking at?
!!--?? minding their own business, all turned about their business
Sigh with a sad sigh, Asako said nothing, turning back to her knees, busy minded

Ushio! Asako! Look!!! Mayuko excitedly squeaked pointing a finger out side
?? both blinking her, then looked outside

Standing on his two hind legs, orange burning fur flickering with the breeze on that far away cliff side in the near distant, Silver silted eyes glaring with a cool gaze, hands into fists, face calm and silent, weight shifted to one side, a small gust of smock as he breathed, long dark-orange/white forelock flickering around the view slowly zoomed closer as the bus passed by, then zoomed away as the beasts eyes were locked with the temple boys

I guess he wanted to say good bye? Asako breathed, then eyed the temple boy, uh, Ushio? Are you okay?
wide open eyes glaring, purplish-green cat-silted eyes morphed back to normal in one blink, the temple boy calmed down a bit, Feh whats taking this bus so long? Its so slow! We shouldve been back home by now! the boy growled turning around, throwing his butt on the chair, arms folded, pouting and slightly cursing
Mayuko felt down, Ushio was really mean
(BONK) Asako paid him another
Ow!!! Ushio whined, then his eyes glittered like a sad little puppy, what was that for Asako?
Baka! was all she said as she sat down again, arms folded, she gave another snort and a pout, and then glared away
feeling his numb-scull, Ushio craned away, feeling the spears silk once more, all three of them said nothing after that

As for Tora

Sigh the beast blinked once, I hope he got the message then feeling his back again, the beast felt an annoyingly bitter snap between his shoulder blades, I wonder what the hell hit me! his eyes suddenly went pale, chest clutched harshly, with a sudden breath-taking gasp, a quick view of something with white fur flickered in front of him, as someone seemed to chuckle nastily, the laughing had echoes, Uhh--!!! the beast felt his head, memories rushed to his head, he remembered his quest

There are things that needed to be fulfilled first

(Yipe!) Ann blinked as something snuggled into her bosom, craning down, as she was laying on her side, Yuji was snuggling deep, nuzzling her soft molds for comfort, embarrassed, she wrapped her arms around him, soothing down his mane, comforting him, trying to keep him asleep, he slipped out of his bed, a few feet away just to be near her, meaning that he mustve been really scared
peacefully sleeping, Yuji gave a little sigh snuggling a bit more
Sweet dreams! Ann soother kissing him softly on the forehead
Ann Yami softly called, soundlessly walking to the young golden female, Muma and Kage are on their way now, they would probably come back by tomorrow morning after a soft smile, how is he?
all right I guess!
The poor child! Yami said, brushing back a little of his forelock, I think Ill go check on Sabishii and Gunko, are you going to be all right?
well be fine!
(smile) Yami nuzzled the golden female then walking away to the near by room
resting her head back, Ann watched her little brother sleeping soundlessly, and cutely snuggled into her, with a faint giggle, she closed her eyes, needing more rest

Kage and Muma?

I-I-I-I-a-am-n-never-go-gonna-g-go-o-on-bor-bord-a-a-a-ano-ther-p-plane-a-as-long-a-as-I-l-live the female whispered breathing her words, clutching tight to her mate, hands wrapped around his chocked neck
(sweat drop/white thing) Muma cradled a scared-to-the-bone mate away from the air port, Betty and Michel followed
Kage, its over! Betty tried to sooth
Dont you think youre over doing it, Kage? the red-headed man asked, I mean I heard of fear of heights but this???
Sure, its not like your first trip on a plane ended up crashing on an island with huge bugs crawling all over it! hugging harder to her mate, Kage didnt respond so nicely
Drop the subject! Muma said softly, Cmon! Wed better move!

silently cradled in her mates arms, Kage closed her eyes, there was nothing she hated/feared more than heights, (Dog Kellhounds/Hellhounds for that matter! :P) maybe cause she was a cat-demon? (shrug) Resting, the light brown female had many thoughts rushing through her mind, some were bitterly unwelcome

Home sweet Home?? O__o;;?

(Mumbling in his sleep) Crisis laid on his back, Sabishii and Gunko were curled like little fur-balls on his chest, all three fast asleep
Sabishii had bandages around her head, stained in blood, still with a frown, she was soundlessly asleep
Gunko was calm looking, yet soundlessly asleep as well, but then, his cat-like triangle ears snapped, his golden eyes shot wide open, jerking his head to one side, he calmed a bit after blinking a startled Yami at the door
Gomin-nasai! Didnt mean to wake you up! Yami softly said, placing a hand on his head, she brushed back a bit of his crimson-gray forelock
What is your motive?
Why have you come here?
?? Well, I wanted to see if you needed anything! pause, Yami was beginning to feel alerted, this child was acting adultish!! I didnt bother you did I?
You broke my concentration! he mockingly stated, golden eyes glaring lightly
Oh! (sweat drop) Gomin-nasai! she lightly tried to chuckle, it didnt come out
Something the matter? Gunko coldly said, tail lashing back and fourth
Oh-no! Nothing! Well, I might as well be on my way, now that you dont need anything! she smiled, walking away in a hurry

You shouldnt have done that! Sabishii softly scolded, head resting down still, her tail lashing a bit, what do you have in mind?
Nothing in particular! Why do you ask? the tanned child responded
No motive with a sigh, the female sat up, and leaped off the deep-into-sleep mutant
Sabishii! Gunko called leaping off Crisis as well, youre not affected by mothers death, are you?
No not really she softly said, and then slowly turned to the tanned child, Gunko why had Mackenzie created us?
Why were we born so different from the others?
Biologically only to copy our spacey, the motive, I do not know
What do you think of them?
The others?
Technically Less efficient, yet, fairly advanced!
I see after a pause, the white female turned to the mutant friend what would happen to Crisis then?
I do not know I suppose he would stay with us till otherwise!
Do you think the others accept us?
I see no reason why they shouldnt! the young tanned child coldly stated, why are you so eager to know about things so suddenly?
I dont feel that we belong here, Gunko!
Weve been created in labs! Were infants born from motionless capsules! he said, tail curled slightly
the white female hissed, I just dont understand it
We were meant to kill
No more, no less! Although we know nothing of our meant target
I refuse to be so! Sabishii hissed in anger
You have no choice! Its the reason we were created!

Gunko! Sabishii! Crisis slowly called as he sat up, get that crap outta your mind! Nothing was born to kill!!
b-but Crisis!! the white female wanted to reason, but the mutant laid a soft hand on her head, brushing back a bit of her crimson forelock, if the target was me, would you do it?
No! Of course not! Gunko replied, You are our friend! We would never hurt you!
I dont know much about life, Ive spent all of my years in labs, never to see the sunlight, or feel the joy of freedom the violet eyed beast chuckled lightly, then turned to the two children, you have to understand, your mother wanted you to live a normal life, forget that you were born from a machine, you are living creatures, and only you as your selves can determine what your future would be, only your selves, and no one else
Crisis Sabishii whispered
What are you trying to say? questioned the young tanned child
Im saying that you two belong here, with the others of your own kind!
But weve been created differently!
That doesn't matter!
It doesn't?
No! It doesn't! What matters is that you live!!!

Silent, the two young ones said nothing, the words going deep into them, wanting to understand, yet not fully convinced Sabishii was feeling confused, things were tumbling around in a way she couldnt focus on anything Gunko was thinking about it as well, just wanting to understand why things had happened the way they had as for Crisis, he just hoped they got what he wanted to say, wondering if the others would make life easier for the two children

Some things in life are never easy!!

Sigh absent minded, Ushio didnt notice the snow resting on his shoulders as he stood outside, with a shovel he was shoveling snow away from the entrance, Winter is at its end now, and it was by sunset
Ushio! softly called his father, Shigure walked outside towards his absent minded son, brushing away the snow, how about if you come inside? Its getting cold!
silent with cool sleepy eyes, Ushio dragged the shovel along as he walked back inside
silent, Shigure wounded if the beast was ever coming back, with a sigh, he walked back after his lonesome looking son


eyeing his son crossed legged sitting on the floor, with a sigh, Ushio turned on the TV and sat back watching some Anime
Ushio had sleepy looking eyes, with a snort; he roughly turned the TV off, grabbed the spear and went out to the back yard to spear practice
Things arent like they used to the priest thought to him self watching his son, after a pause, the priest went to the TV, turned it on to watch some news

Ding-Dong! The door bell rung

Probably the girls the old man thought as he walked to the door
Hey!!! the golden haired woman greeted, um, Aotsuki residents? she asked
Yes? Shigure answered, and then eyed the red-headed man standing next to her, may I help you?
Um, yes! Im Betty-Su Carlyle, and this is Michel Rodale, we came here in search for Aotsuki Ushio!
What do you want from him? the man asked in wonder, this is the first time someone came looking for his son, if he caused any damage... Gomin-nasai!

Aw-Cmon Shigure!! Hes not that bad! a female voice softly scolded, slowly a light brown and crimson ghostly figure emerged above the golden haired woman
K-Kage! Shigure blinked, and then Muma slowly appeared next to the red-headed man
Yo! Muma greeted, and then turned to his mate, Okay Kage! You can come down now!
Do I have too? Perching here is kinda fun! Now I know why Tora keeps doing it to Ushio! Kage giggled, and then slowly leaped off Betty, landing cat-footed on the snow, Talking about the little kid, where is he? the light brown female asked, looking quite cheerful
Feeling absolutely miserable spear practicing in the back yard! Shigure said
Aw-the poor kid! (Wicked smirk) Ill go keepem busy! then suddenly leaped off dashing into the temple
Kage! Dont!!!! Muma wanted to grab her, but missed, Darn! jerking to the two humans, I TOLD YOU too much sugar is not good for her!
Well Geez! Gomin-nasai!! We never thought it would go that bad!
With a sweet-tooth like Kage, its worse than bad!! Muma mumbled

AAAAAHH!!!! the temple boy shouted, echoes all around the place
O__O;;; All shot their eyes wide open, after a pause of gawking each other, they all dashed inside

KAGE!!!! Ushio chuckled hard, tears on his face, S-top-stop-sto-o-o-p!!! I-can-t-b-rea-the-HA-HA-HA-HAH!!!! being tickled to death, Ushio just wanted to squirm away, he couldnt, and Kages fingers were killing him!
Not until you give up!!!
(Yipe!) O-h-oh-Okay! OKAY!!!! I give up!!!! J-jh-just STOP!!!!!!
Yippy! I win! Kage giggled, releasing the boy, flat on his face on the snow, gasping and panting hard, face splashed in crimson from all the heat, arms folding his ripping stomach from all the laughing
Geez-what a headache! he stupidly chuckled

T___T|||| all gave a white thing and a sweat drop
walking to his mate, Muma clutched her by the waste, youre coming with me!
Hey!!!! Kage squeaked as Muma placed her over his shoulder, Muma!!! she squeaked, Put me down!!!
Got any place private? the dark brown beast asked the priest, who pointed a finger to the basement, thanks!
Muma!!! Put-Me-Down!!! like a little spoiled girl, Kage squirmed around, but to no escape
watching the beast taking her away, Michel called, dont take too long Muma!
And no lemon! Betty said
Whatever! the beast replied before closing the door, he had a wicked smirk on his face


Gomin-nasai! Kages been high on sugar!
Obviously! Shigure said with a sweat drop
(Panting) Ushio stood up, still unable to stop laughing, rubbing his forehead and holding his breath only wanting to maintain him-self
You okay? Betty asked
Uhh-yeah um, Im okay! Ushio lightly chuckled, Man, she played rough!
I know! Michel chuckled, she did it to me once when I was 14! I couldnt stop laughing for hours!
I see murmured the priest
Say, Betty, Michel, what are you two doing here anyway? the boy asked, Nothing happened, right?
Well, yeah, nothing happened its just (eyes in tears) Bijin died! Betty softly said
Ushio froze, you kidding me? in disbelieve, Ushio silenced, b-but Kage and Muma are acting so-so normal!
Muma is doing his best to wash away the pain as for Kage; shes trying to be joyful wanting to help him!
What about Sabishii?
Sabishii and Gunko are fine!
Gunko? You found out his name?
Yeah! Crisis knew him and didnt tell us!
theyre gonna spend their life with Lady Siren Yami is willing to look after them till they can take care of them selves!
How about if we go inside? Shigure said, Its really getting cold!
Thank you! Betty bowed with respect, then walking into the temple, followed by her man and temple boy

How much longer? /:(

sigh resting in the springs hot waters, Tora closed his eyes for a sec, taking in the joy of feeling warm, and wet usually, Tora hates getting wet, but for this time, it actually feels good!
someone slowly crept behind him, two hands slowly creeping to his neck, slowly going flat and around his neck
!!! startled, Tora felt the oddly relaxing rubbing and soothing going about his neck and shoulders, he was so taken into that feeling, he didnt even turn around to see who was doing it slowly, Tora actually started purring!
(Giggle) a little feminine sound giggled
(purring still) Umh, yes God that feels good! half asleep, the beast whispered to him self
the female said nothing and kept on rubbing the beasts muscular neck and shoulders, helping him to sooth down and relax

walking by, Lady Siren passed an open door, but only jerked back to see the beast half way in hot water, as Ann delicately rubbed his shoulders, ?? a bit startled, Lady Siren gave a small smile, then walked towards the near by room to check on Yuji he was not there!! Looking around, and then walking to another room, she saw Yami and Kyofu, Hello!
Oh-hi! Yami cheerfully greeted, is something wrong Lady Siren? You look troubled!
Well, I cant find Yuji!
Yuji!!! Snapping, Yami jilted a bit
Have you checked Ann? Kyofu asked
Shes with Tora outside!
What about Jiaaku?
I couldnt find him!
Sabishii, Gunko and Crisis??
I just came from their room, he wasnt there!
Yami paused, lets look for Jiaaku!

Some one called? Jiaaku smiled as he walked into the room, Geez! Whats wrong with you guys? You look like you just came back from the dead!
Yujis missing! Kyofu said calmly
WHAT?? Barked the young light brown male, wh-how??
We thought he might be with you?
Sorry! I just came back from my scouting, and I thought he was with you guys!
Ya know! Making sure no one is trying to take over our territory!
Oh-yeah! Weve been around here for so long we havent gone back to the dens for some time now!
Have you asked Ann about him? Yami asked the innkeeper
No! But I dont think she knows!
Go ask her, we have to make sure if hes missing or not!
All right!
What if Ann doesn't know where Yuji went?
Well have to go look for him then!
B-but where??
I dont know!


Oh-God why does he wonder off like that? He was fast asleep when I left! Ann sobbed bitterly
Ann Soothed the tanned female, but the golden female only sobbed more
Tears are not going to get him back, Ann! Kyofu scolded harshly, You shouldve been more careful!
(Sobbing worse) Ann wrapped her arms around Yamis neck, not holding her tears one bit
Ann Jiaaku wanted to soothe her down, but he couldnt think of anything to say, but to watch
Well its not like you were the one looking after him! Tora growled in the black beasts face, You never even bothered taking her place when she was tired!!!
Kyofu was caught there!!
Why dont you spare us your stupid lectures and crawl back to that stinking crummy old den of yours? Tora hissed in anger
The dens! Yami barked, Yuji probably wants to go back to the dens thinking he might find Kage!
Think so? Ann clamed a bit to ask
Im sure of it!!!
Lets move then! There is no time to waste! Jiaaku barked, and then eyed the black beast face to face glaring at the orange beast, with a sweat drop he hissed, You two are hopeless!


(panting) running though the thick snow, the little child just wanted to go back home running with all his might, with all his speed, Yuji tripped and fell, with a baby moan, he sat up and gave a shiver, it was night and it was freezing him to the bone, and it was also very dark, tears in his eyes, he sniffled and walked a bit further, still shivering cold feeling pain down his tender feet, he wasnt out in the cold temperature for so long before, his body was not ready for it feeling cold and tired, the child felt like sleeping, so he dragged his tired feet to a near by empty tree and curled around closing his eyes, sleep crept into his mind

Dont fall asleep you idiot!!!!!

!!!! startled, the child snapped his eyes wide open, what was that? Who said that? Jerking around, there was nothing but the wind, blowing harder and harder slightly panting, the child decided not to sleep, he stood up on his four legs and continued walking upwards the path, he just wanted to go home but then, a humming sound caught his attention, turning to a lightly red glowing thing, the child walked up to it, blinking in confusion, then shivering from the cold wind, Yuji reached a hand to the thing, it looked like a shard of light crimsone glass or such, it kind of hummed a bit more, he touched it the minute he did, it started glowing harder, slowly merging into him, as if melting in his hand, it was like a garnet, yet, it smelled like his mother, a bit confused, Yuji gawked his empty hand, blinking a few times, only did the cold wind make the child carry on his way towards the dens, wanting nothing but warmth

A distant back

Yuji!!!! Ann cried looking for her brother
Yuji! Where are you? Yami called
YUJI! the ancient orange beast shouted
Kyofu eyed the orange beast; it was quite stunning that the orange beast actually wanted to participate in this search!
Yuji!! Come-out, come-out where-ever you are!!! Jiaaku called
Maybe we should comb a wider area! Tora suggested
I guess! Yuji probably took a wrong way and is probably miles away from the dens!
But we have to make sure if he got there or not first! Jiaaku said
I agree! Ann stated, Ill take a head start and go to the dens directly, maybe Yuji got there by now!
Go ahead! If hes there, take him with you and come back! He shouldnt stay in the den in this weather, its too cold! Yami reasoned
Okay! Ann gave a nod and dashed her way to the dens
Lets spread and search! Tora said as he walked to a different direction
All right Yami gave a nod as each one of them went to a different path
Yet, Kyofu was still thinking about the ancient beast, something bothered him, he just didnt know what it was

Back at the Inn

Lady Siren was silently gazing out of the window; Toramaru cupped her shoulders softly
Any news?
No after a pause, the innkeeper turned to her man, Toramaru
How do you think our life wouldve been like if we had children?

This is our life with children or no children at all, Im just grateful you are still here with me
Sigh it was my dream it be a mother
I know believe me, I know hugging her tenderly, the risk breaker said nothing, comforting his wife

Well?? Gunko curiously asked Sabishii as she peeked on them through an opened door, only a crack
Nothing important, that light brown child is lost again, and theyre worried he might get hurt?
Is that all? Feh I thought it would be something important! Gunko sneered
Sabishii! Gunko! Crisis walked in with a merely face, hey! What are you two doing here?
Us? Where were you?
Oh (blush) I needed a pit-stop!
T__Td both gave a sweat drop

Sabishii! Gunko! Toramaru called, you two know better than to eavesdrop! he scolded, go back to bed! Its late!
both young beasts said nothing, and walked away calmly
Uhh, did I miss something here? Crisis asked feeling totally confused
Yujis missing!
What? startled, since when?
The others went out looking for him! Lady Siren said
Ill go help them!
No! Your wounds havent healed yet!
I dont care! the violet eyed beast growled dashing a run outside, Lady Siren and Toramaru could do nothing but wait
I hope Kage and Muma take their time while coming! Toramaru breathed, hand resting on his wifes shoulder
Me too Kage isnt going to like this if she found out!

Talking about Kage

(sleeping) resting on her mate, sitting up side by side, Kage and Muma were in the living room with Ushio and the others
Say, Muma, what did you do to her anyway? Ushio asked with a sweat drop, She looks really tired!
O I have my ways to put her to sleep if necessary! the dark brown beast chuckled
We might as well be on our way! Betty said as she stood up, thank you for your time, Ushio!
Hey! Dont mention it!
(Yawn) Kage blinked with sleepy eyes, hmm that felt good she smiled, and then craned to her mate, Muma! Dont you dare do that to me again, okay?
Depends! he smiled
Ha-ha! Not funny! she almost growled, but then she yawned again, Oh-excuse me!
Its okay! Shigure replied, If you two are tired, why dont you spend the night here with us?
Oh-no thank you Shigure! We need to be heading back home! Muma said, and then turned to his lazy mate, Cmon!
Cmon Kage! Were going home!
Oh okay! half way into sleep, the female still felt drowsy, but then snapped, Oh-wait! she craned to the temple boy, Ushio, sweetie, can I ask you a favor?
Um sure! What?
I want three threads--
-O____O-;;;; Muma snapped
Threads? Ushio asked
--from the spears red silk!
O_o? Ushio gawked her, why?
Lets just say no reason! she smiled softly
Well, I dont see why not! the temple boy smiled, then reached out to the spears silk

Oddly, the spear hummed, snapping and crackling thunder, stinging the boy fingers, jilting in pain, Ushio gasped, the spear was crackling so madly Ushio had to let go or it wouldve burned his hands!! Gawking it, all in startle, Kage suddenly started growling and mumbling un-understandable words

Sh**! Ushio felt his injured fingers, confused, he turned to the calming spear lying on the floor, it never did that before!
Kage? Muma spoke to his frowning mate, are you okay?
THAT IS IT!!!! she shouted in anger, ivy green eyes glowing, listen you over-grown tooth pick! Im gonna get three threads from you-you like it or not, and I DONT CARE if you burn my hand all the way to hell!!!! the female shouted darting a hand to the spears silk
DONT! Muma shouted grabbing her hand, Kage! Dont you dare!
Stay-Out-Muma! This is mine! Not yours!! Im willing to take the risk!
It might kill you!
(Pause) Muma locked his eyes to his mate
Uh! Kage pulled her hand from her mates grip, and walked to the spear, the spear hummed more and crackled thunder, a bolt hit Kage in the shoulder, and she gave a gasp
Kage! Betty called, its not worth it!
Oh-yes it is! Kage hissed, leaping on the spear your mine!!!
KAGE! Ushio and Muma shouted, split screen

ivy green eyes almost coming out of their sockets, Kage cried with all her might as she hung to the spears silk, her crimson hair blown backwards from the rushing wind of the spear trying to make her back off, her face fur brushed backwards, bones showing as she got zapped, the spear crackled and shoot all around, breaking glass, shattering cloth, ripping everything Kage then suddenly gasped as she was shoved slamming into the wall pause, head down, back against the wall, one hand halfway burned to crust, a few threads of the spear in between her fingers the spear slowly silenced, lightly humming and crackling thunder still, but then went totally silent when the temple boy gripped it tight, then craned to the female

K-Kage? Muma breathed, leaping to her, cupping her shoulders, shaking her, Kage! Are you all right? Answer me!
I got them! she weakly whispered, I I got the threads! she smiled
(Slap!) Muma struck her face harshly
Kage and everyone else froze with a calm face, the light brown female turned to her mate, her face was silent and a bit confused, the dark brown beast gritted his teeth, tears streaming on his face, yet with a frown
Dont-you-dare do-that-again Muma hissed, then after a pause, he embraced her tightly, eyes closed
saying nothing, yet looking calm and half dead, Kage wrapped her fine arm around him, her burned hand slightly twitched; the threads were still there

Kage! Ushio breathed, What the hell is going on? What were you thinking? Why did you do that for? Ushio had to know! Kage wouldnt throw her self to the mercy of the merciless spear if not for a good reason, and he HAD to know what it was!

Ouch! Family related?

? jerking around, the little light brown beast child craned to the sound of someone calling his name, he was curling in the bed of dead leaves inside the den, shifting his head a bit up wanted to stay warm, his ears perked up as a figure merged at the entrance of the den
Y-Yuji! the golden female breathed, eyes fixed on her little brother, Oh-Yuji!! Youre all right!! she hugged him tight, kissing him and nuzzling him, but then snapped and almost growled, Now, give me one good reason not to turn your tush on fire!
eyeing her cutely, Yuji was pretty much silent
Are you okay? Ann asked, eyeing her little brothers odd appearance, he looked just the same, it was just, something was different, she couldnt pin it down
(Reached a paw to feel her face) Yuji cutely smiled cupping her cheeks, and then opened his mouth as if wanting to speak, giving a few sighs but no words, Ann felt his head
What is it, Yuji? Do you want to tell me something? but then blinked one of his hands, say! Whats in your hand? holding it carefully, there was an odd burn-like thing in the middle of his palm, as if he stepped on a hot coal or something, from whered this come from? she asked in worry
Ah-hn! Yuji breathed, and Ann fixed her eyes at him he was trying to say her name!!
Maybe I should take you back to the inn now, Yuji! Its too cold here! she smiled, Cmon! attending to run around, Ann froze at the entrance, a huge storm had started, and it would be impossible for her to return
eyeing the out doors, Yuji said nothing, and then turned to his elder sister, her heart was throbbing, and he could feel it
O boy this-is-not-good! she gave a sweat drop, then craned to her little brother, I guess were stuck here, Yuji! Wed might as well spend the night here till someone finds us! craning back to the bed, I wouldnt think it would take long! The others would probably know Im here and would come looking for us!
Yuji was laid back, and Ann curled near him, her arm stretched over him, keeping them both warm
Now be a good boy, Yuji, and go to sleep! she lied down her head, slightly nuzzling him
(Snuggling into her warmth) Yuji closed his eyed
Sweet dreams Yuji Ann whispered, kissing his forehead, and then closing her eyes resting back


Well? Did you find anything? Kyofu asked the light brown male, shouting loudly over the blowing storm
No! Nothing! How about you?
Nothing as well!
Kyofu! Jiaaku! Yami shouted as she forced her way through the storm, any news? the two males shock their heads, with a depressed face, Yami craned back to them Dont give up! Keep searching! Ann hadnt returned to the inn, so I think she either found Yuji, and they are back at the den, or shes been stranded somewhere!
Okay, Jiaaku and I are going to the dens, Yami; you look for Tora and then head back to the inn!
Tora? she shouted, but, I thought he was with you guys!
We thought he was with you!!
Well, if you ask me, Tora isnt the kind of guy you should get worried over, Im sure he can take care of himself! the black beast shouted, then gave a sign to the young male to follow
(Sigh) Yami craned around and towards the inn, only hoping that everything would end up fine

The Flame on Ice

glaring wanting concentration, the ancient orange beast was already at the dens by then, he had a head start so he thought hed check them first, entering one den, Tora shock all the snow off of himself, lightly panting looking for warmth, and then walking deeper into the den, he saw the golden female, Ann?? he breathed, hurrying in his steps, he walked to her curled around her little brother, Tora smiled, the child was safe and, ?? with a few sniffles, the beast gave a snort, something smelled different about the child, it was the same sent but stronger! It smelled like something ancient!
Hmm Ann mumbled a bit in her sleep, hugging a bit tighter to her fast sleeping brother, a tawny smile on her face, that even Tora couldnt help smile for
Rest easy, its over now! Tora soothed brushing back a bit of her silver locks, then sat back waiting for the storm to end

Oh-yeah? Says who?

Ouch! Kage jilted, not so rough! she hissed, I told you it feels numb and I cant move it, yet it still hurts! Whats wrong with you?
Sorry! Michel apologized, wrapping her arm from her finger tips till her elbow with bandages
Kage! Either you stop whining or Im gonna expand the bandages wrapping up to your muzzle! Muma growled, scolding I mean I cant believe you did that! What the hell was going through that complex mind of yours? Have you forgotten what you couldve left behind?
Kage turned around and turned silent, Muma, I had my reasons, and you know of them!
Yes, but it was almost suicidal!
Kage said nothing, then gazed aside at the few threads while Betty wrapped them in a handkerchief, then stuffed it into her bag

One thing though Ushio stated I STILL dont know what is going on! spear propped on the side, Kage! Would you just tell me why?
Kage still said nothing, but then turned to the clatter against the window, is that a snow storm out there? she asked
Yeah, sure seems like it! Michel concluded
Yuji! Kage gasped, Muma! We have to go back! NOW!
O_o;; startled, Muma held her hands why the sudden worry, Kage?
I--I dont know I feel something wrong!

But it is snowing hard! You wont be able to see your way through even! Ushio reasoned
I dont give a damn care! Kage hissed, something was different about her all of a sudden, everyone started to worry
Sigh Betty, Michel! Some people can not be convinced to do otherwise! the dark brown beast chuckled, Kage and I are headin home! I think it would be better if you two stay here till the storm ends!
If Ushio and Shigure dont mind! Betty pointed out
I would appreciate it if youd stay!
In that case, were moving! Cmon Kage!
Kage and Muma sprung away, and outside embraced by the storm
Talk about toying with fire Ushio whispered to him self

And talking about toying!

?? jerking around, the beast felt something pressing on his flickering tail, only to blink the little light brown child trying to pounce on it, Yuji was so silent, even Tora didnt notice his awakening
(Pout) Yuji crouched down like a cat, and leaped on Toras tail, Tora simply flicked it away, so Yuji missed frowning, Yuji tried again and again, but no good! Tora couldnt help but seep out that chuckle at the childs hopeless trying
(Holding it back) Tora turned to Ann, she slightly mumbled, as his laughing almost woke her up he bit his lips holding back the need to laugh then turned back to the child
(pouting still) Yuji was trying to keep his attention on the way Tora flickered his tail left and right, crouching down, Yuji sprung, and Tora flicked, so Yuji missed and fell on the face
-O_O-;; Tora snapped, that fall mustve hurt!
(Eyes glitter) Yuji felt his face and was about to turn on his siren as his tears formed in his eyes
Oh-no-no-nonononono!!!!! Its okay! Its okay! Tora soothed, quickly picking up the child, resting him on his shoulder, soothing down his mane, and softly nuzzling, dont cry! Please, not here! Not now!
(Sobbing lightly and sniffling) a tear rolled down Yujis face, blinking a few times, after a short time he stopped, but then snuggled into Toras thick, warm, warm fur
Sigh Tora was relieved that the child didnt cry, he knew nothing of making him go silent again, turning back to the golden female, Ann was still asleep she mustve been really tired!
the little one turned to eye the beasts face locked on his elder sister, Yuji coked his head and reached out a hand, cupping and feeling the beasts muzzle, having a good grip of Toras tawny nose
-O.o- eyes crossed watching the little one holding his little black nose, Tora blinked and gave a sweat drop, would you let go? My nose is nothing to play with!
(Giggle) Toras voice sounded funny right then, muffled up as Yuji still held the tawny black thingy
Okay! That was fun! Leggo! Tora softly scolded, a careful hand reaching up parting the childs hand off his nose, Tora then gave a snort
(Tail flickering) Yuji gave a tawny smile as he locked his cutely two colored eyes at the beast, opening his mouth; Yuji seemed to want to say something
? Tora cocked and eye brow, but then gave a smile, too early kid! Dont wear you self out! heading back towards the bed, Tora placed Yuji down next to his sister, your tong is too fragile, you cant pronounce words right yet!
? Cutely still watching the beast, reaching out his arms, Yuji gave a squeak, as if he was saying carry me!, he still wanted to be cuddled and nuzzled I guess
Go to sleep! The storm is getting worse now! You need to rest!
(Pout) Yuji complained by hitting the bed and squeaking a bit more
Hush! Tora softly scolded, Youll wake up Ann!
(Eyes forming tears) Yuji never got scolded before
-@.o- Dow! Tora snapped as he figured out his mistake! Quickly picking up the child before he busted in tears, Tora gave a sweat drop, Geez! This is getting nowhere! and then turning to the child on his shoulder, youre a spoiled child, do you know that?
(Sniffling) sadly yet cutely eyeing the beast, it seems that Yuji just wanted company
Sigh lonely? he mockingly asked
baby eyes locked on the beast Yuji reached to Toras face again
Geez!! Not again! Tora gave a sweat drop
scrolling on the beasts cheeks, Yuji wanted to grab the two black lines, but couldnt, with a pout, Yuji felt his own face, with a whining sound, Yuji protested why he doesn't have lines on his face!
Kids cant live withem, cant live with outem! pause, Heck! Did I just say that?? Tora asked the child

Does it matter?

What do you mean? Kage asked her mate, Are we stuck here?
Afraid so Kage! Its too damn strong out there! I can hardly keep my feet on the ground!
Hey! (Giggles) I know! Lets do like molls and dig our way through the snow!
-T__T- (HUGE sweat drop)
(Pout) youre no fun! sitting back on her hunches in the curve behind a huge building, Kage and Muma snuggled closer for warmth
But you know
As crazy as it sounds

It might actually work!
=O.O= (pause) =^____^=
It was your idea! You start!
This way! Kage smiled, claws extending out, Cmon baby! Show what mommy can do!!! she laughed like a manic as she dashed her way making a tunnel under the forming knolls of snow, Cmon Muma! she called, pause, she went back in her tracks, Muma?
a snow man blinked, shaking the snow off of him self, only the dark brown beasts head showed, way to go Kage!
gomin-nasai! Kage bonked her head playfully, Cmon! We have a long way to go!
Whatever Muma mumbled, But we dig together side by side, I wont be in front of you, nor behind you!
Huh? How come? =O.o=?
Well (pout) I dont think that would be manly!
Oh! Kage laughed a little, Aw-youre my sweet little man! kissing him on the cheek tenderly, Muma gave a childish pout, Cmon!
Feh Whatever! Muma and Kage continued to dig their way through, and believe it or not, the idea might actually work, they might actually make it after a long time that is!

The story is speeding, eh?

(Yawn) Ann woke up, turning to the loud blustery sound of the storm, then blinking something orange curled near by, ?? slipping out of bed, she snapped eyeing her brother fast asleep as Tora curled around him, both keeping each other warm
(Z-Z-Z) both fast asleep, Yuji was silent, only that there was this tawny cute little smile on his face
Ann smiled, Yuji probably wore her favorite uncle out, its only normal but then, Ann only wished to know what happed to her little brothers hand, that burn-like mark really had her worried, Mom isnt gonna like this when she sees it!

Can someone inherit luck??

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