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Warmth 15
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Warmth of Hearts 15

~*~*~*~*~* Sequel Chapter Fourteen *~*~*~*~

Ann said nothing as she gazed outside
(Yawn) Tora woke up, stretching out his limbs, shaking himself to stay awake, Geez! What a nap!
Good morning! Ann sweetly greeted, standing near the entrance of the den, the storm had somewhat softened
Oh G mornin! Tora could lightly see the outside from his spot, I see the storm almost stopped!
Yeah but its still freezing colds outside!
That doesn't matter! We gotta head back to the inn now! I simply wouldnt wanna end up picking bones with your mom!
Ann said nothing and turns to look at the out doors
?? tuning to the sleeping child, Yuji was still asleep, so Tora slowly got up and walked up to her, softly cupping her shoulders is something the matter?
I the golden female started, drawing in a deep breath Im not doing so well in looking after Yuji am I? she almost sobbed her words, God-why do I keep making a mess out of things?
Hey-hey! Its okay! Tora soothed, rubbing her shoulders tenderly, who ever said kids at his age listen to what theyre told? You were probably the same when you were at his age, right? You probably caused trouble to Kage, too, ya know!
No, I werent! she gave a shy pout
Oh-yeah? Tora snickered, then who was the one who snuck into the temple and bit the priests hand?
(Blush right out of the fur) jerking around, you still remember that?
You kept hiding behind me, and tucking your self into me!
Well I-I-I it was raining! I had to find shelter!
Behind a cabinet? the beast cocked an eyebrow questioning
turning around, Ann bit her lips, then calmed a bit Mom was caught, dad was missing, Kyofu, Jiaaku and Yami werent around I wanted to find mom, so I left the den! And I got myself lost!
Thats why Yuji is doing it! He wanted to be close to Kage!
You cant blame the child! He follows what he wants! He doesnt think!
I guess the golden female gave a smile, Thank you, uncle Tora! That feels much better! she shyly whispered placing her hand on his hands over her shoulders
!!! snapping, Tora slowly and shyly drew back his hands, then gave a pout pumping one of his cheeks
(Giggling) Ann just gazed at him, and said nothing

Uncle Tora
Do you think Jiaaku and I should become mates?
The sooner the better!
Why do you think so?
Well, Yuji is your little brother; a lonely kid is not something good! He needs to be with others like him in the same age who would understand him!
Take the brat and me for example! Hes a lousy little fifteen-year-old human brat, and Im a thunder-beast over five-hundred years old! We dont really understand each other because each one of us had his experience in life! Our specters are different!
Does that mean you really wanna understand Ushio?
-O__O-;;; I didnt say that, you did!! the beast gave a paw finger, but hey! This conversation is between only you and me! If I found out that you told anyone Ill--
Hush-hush!! I know! the golden female widened her smile a bit, so what are you saying? Become mates with Jiaaku and get a kid who would play with Yuji!
Would you like him to goof around with Sabishii, then?
Heck no! That bit** will kill him!
Then you have no other choice!
But what about Gunko?
The little tanned one? Ann gave a nod, I dunno! I didnt get much a chance to get to know the little odd-ball! the beast wrinkled his muzzle, I mean have you ever seen a beast with fluff on his torso and only one line on the side of his face??
At least he looks friendlier!
Think so?
Well, yeah kind of!

(Yawn!) Yuji woke up and rubbed his sleepy eyes, then eyed his elder sister talking to the beast sitting side by side chatting, giving a pout, Yuji felt something disturbing about it, then gave a squeak
Aw! I think my little man woke up!
Tora said nothing, watching the little one somewhat glaring him in a protesting kind of way he looks jealous!
Jealous? Of what?
You and I perhaps?
What is there to be jealous over?
Hes a kid! He wants nothing but attention! Too little would make him coldhearted, too much would spoil him! Tora explained, Besides! Dont forget that hes a male! Dont spoil him too much or hell depend on you too much, and wont be able to take care of him self, and dont leave him alone too long or hell feel left out!
(Sweat drop) Ann walked to her little brother picking him up into her embrace, he gave a happy squeak and snuggled into her, uncle Tora
Maybe we should head back to the inn now, everyone is probably worried!
Yeah, wed better! the beast mildly said as he walked out, the snow wasnt strong; it was clear enough to walk back to the den

By the mean Time!

WHAT?!?!?!?! =O___O= both my little babies are missing? Kage shouted in the black beasts face, What the hell were all of you guys doing then? Playing hop-scotch?? she growled in anger
Kage! Honey calm down! Muma tried to reason
Calm-Down-My-Ass!!! she hissed, Im gonna go look for them! she growled before attending to walk out
Kage! Theyre probably on their way back home now! Since the storm almost stropped, Im sure theyll be fine! Yami said
And what proves to me that theyre not harmed? That they are not buried or stuck under some avalanche or something?
Ah Yami had no answer
Thought so Kage hissed, I cant believe I trussed you all for something so simple, and you all fumbled!
Yami seemed hurt, she jerked her head to the light brown female, Yami wanted to protest, but froze eyeing the tears in her friends eyes
(on the edge of breaking into tears) Kage gasped a few times wanting to maintain her self, ivy green eyes glittering with tears, almost in lack of breath
Kage! Muma held her tight as she almost fainted, are you okay? Speak to me! he concluded, brushing back her long crimson bangs
Kage seemed warn-out from tip to toe, from her messy hair/mane, her untidy fur, her bandages over her arm that no one dared to ask where she got it from, till her extended claws, fast breathing, and what seemed to be half way to death
Kage Yami breathed, walking to her friend, feeling her pulse, Oh-my God! Too fast! Way too fast!
What do you mean? Muma asked, Kage then fainted in his arms
Shes knocked out now, she needs to rest, and her body needs so much!
Muma eyed his mate, his friends words had him so worried
Muma! Lady Siren called, as she stood at the door, Come inside! I have a room ready for her!
Thank you! the dark brown beast gave a nod of gratitude, but then craned to his friends, please, look for Ann and Yuji!
We will! Kyofu replied
I have a feeling we dont need to! Jiaaku suddenly spoke, pointing outside, Look! There they are! And with Tora, too!

Where? they all said eyeing the out doors, eyeing the orange beast escorting the golden female with her little brother embraced in her arm as he was kept warm snow softly fell, flickering from the soft wind, the clouds parted, showing the beauty of the skys light blue
Ann! Jiaaku called dashing a run towards her, are you all okay?
Were fine! We were stuck in the dens and couldnt leave! Ann softly replied, Yuji cradled in her arms, cutely looking confused
Oh eyeing the little one, is he okay?
Yeah, just a little scared! Tora stated, its yours from here kid! the orange beast chuckled as he walked away towards the forest again
Uhh-huh???? Jiaaku felt puzzled
U-uncle Tora! Where are you going?
Nowhere was all he whispered as he paced away
Have I missed something? Jiaaku asked, eyeing his golden friends oddly yet beautifully shimmering light blue eyes
No at-least I dont think so! she said as she craned to her favorite uncle, I wonder what happened!
? saying nothing, Jiaaku escorted his friend into the inn

Sometime later

Oh, Ann! Yuji! Kage gasped as she embraced them both strongly
(Squeak!!!) Yuji snapped his eyes wide open, squirming around for lack of air
Mom! I-cant-breath!! Ann slightly fisted her hands wanting her ribs not to morph into each other cause of her mothers embrace
Oh, sorry! Kage drew back, cupping her daughter face, are you okay? Are you two okay? she worriedly asked
Its okay mom! Were okay!
Are you sure?
(Slightly sobbing!) Yuji never got hugged so strongly before, it hurt!
Aw-Im so sorry baby! I didnt mean to hurt you! Kage soothed scooping him up, cuddling and nuzzling
Uhh-huh?? Ann jilted eyeing her mothers bandages, M-mother? light blue eyes wide, what happened to your arm?
silent, Kage gave a small smile, oh, its nothing! You know me! Crazy as always! chuckling Cmon! What do you say we have some fun?
Mom? Ann asked, Kage was trying to change the subject
I know! Lets do a party! Lots and lots of food and drinks! While doing that! We can watch a movie!!
But the inn doesn't have a TV Kage! Toramaru reasoned, Its too complex and loud! I hate it!
Well then I guess well have to think of something! Right sweetie? she smiled from ear to ear, and then turned to her child, Yuji felt puzzled, he just perked an ear and cocked his head

what a lousy liar you are, female! a husky ancient voice chuckled as it somewhat scolded, Tora stood on his hind legs leaning his weight on the door frame, arms crossed, with a smirk on the side of his face calmly eyeing her arm, he cocked an eyebrow, you know better than to play with fire female! Some things are better left alone!
What of it? she calmly hissed, face expression suddenly morphed
Since when do you toy with weapons, anyway? And for what reason?
M-mother? Ann whispered, but Kage ignored
Everything has a limit! I know you dont like it here and that you want to go back to the temple!
Twist my arm why dontcha! the beast growled, I leave when I feel like it! he hissed
You feel like it but you dont wanna lose face!
Ushio needs you back there! He just doesn't wanna admit it! He really wants you back-back there!
Sure he does! the beast mumbled
Tora, I--
ENOUGH! Tora shouted, jerking his arms into the air as if swatting something, I need no female to tell me what to do! You dont want me around then FINE! Ill leave! And its not because you want it so! Its because Im sick of hanging around wimps like you, anyway!!
Mom!! Ann somewhat called scolding
Stay out of this, Ann! Kage hissed, yet not craning to her daughter
(Sobbing) Yuji hung to his mothers fur as if protesting as well, he felt massive heat, uncomforting heat, anger, frustration, and it all bothered him causing him to cry

Youre freaking the kid! Tora reasoned a bit after he calmed down
For your own good Tora Kage looked firm, yet tears formed in her glittering Ivy-green eyes
Leave! a tear drop rolled down
You have a reason dont you?
If you wanna face death, youre welcome to stay!
Kage! Muma scolded, Enough of that! Its hopeless!
Im crazy to do so, Muma! Only God can stop me!
Are you serious?
turning to gaze at her stunned mate, Kages eyes were glowing in Ivy-green, hued in slight crimson
The garnet! Muma whispered to him self

Fine! I came here to tell you all that Im leaving, anyway! turning around slowly, eyes closed, although, this was never the Goodbye I thought of Tora whispered to him self, and then simply bolted away
Uncle Tora!!! Ann cried dashing behind him, only to be yanked back by her mothers free arm
Ann Kage oddly hissed, Dont you dare!
! fright caught the golden female; her mother was acting so heartless! Ann couldnt help but to break down and cry

A-ah-at-least can I tell him-g-goodbye? Ann asked
For his safety Ann Tora has to leave! Kage softly responded, Ivy-green eyes back to normal, soft and in the color of a sphere
Kage a goodbye wouldnt hurt! Muma reasoned

Personally, I find it offending to be asked to leave like so!
It was my only choice so he wont return!
But Kage--
Hush the female whispered, Its over, the heart-of-darknesss position is known, so it must be sealed where it is!
Mom? Ann eyed them; her parents were talking riddles, what are you two saying?
turning to her daughter, slowly releasing her arm, dont take too long there is much to talk about
Ann froze for a minute
Go on! smiled Kage, hes fast! You need to catch up!

Slowly walking outside with a tawny smile, Ann craned around before pacing outside the inn, Hey! Everyone, look! she pointed to the first flower of spring, beautifully sparkling and blooming with the break of dawn
When there is a will there is a way Kage breathed, still embracing her child, eyeing the flower, maybe we would find another one to fulfill our quest
I think youre right! Muma soothed, resting his arm on her shoulder as he stood next to her
Lets catch up to Tora! I dont want him to get a bad influence about what happened! Ann said
Yeah Kage paused, I need to talk to him, anyway! turning to her friend, Yami, would you look after Yuji for me?

Yami said nothing, and just craned to the light brown female, what if I failed in doing something so simple! Yami asked
! Kage froze, I-I-I sigh Im sorry if I hurt your feelings Yami! I-I didnt mean to say those words! Kage said, Would you forgive me?
Its not like Id blame you Yami smiled, scooping up the child, Go on! Tora is probably having sins in his heart against you now!
I know! I need to find him and apologize!
Okay then! Me, mom and dad are gonna go catch up to Tora! Lets move!
Oh-no way! Im coming too! Jiaaku smiled dashing a run after his golden friend
Children Kage smiled, then kissed her child on the forehead, now, you be a good boy Yuji, okay? Mommy would be right back!
Mah! Yuji breathed, with a protesting face
Be mommys little man! Dont cry! kissing him again, nuzzling, I love you! she smiled slowly walking away after her daughter and her friend
(Pout) Yuji eyed her as she walked away, yet said nothing

Is Tora still upset?

(Panting) running with all his might, agility and speed, Tora dashed towards the temple, running and running and running some more, then to a sudden halt, its been a long distant run, he couldve just flied, but he just never thought of it! Looking behind him, Tora felt crossed against the female, treating him like some outcast giving a snorting pant, he slowly walked, to look over the hill, to eye the top of the temple boys school, blinking a few times, the beast sat back, then heard the bell ringing announcing the end of the school day eyeing him there, his school outfit, his short black hair, the spear still over his shoulder, Asako and Mayuko walking side by side, Ushio seemed silent and bored, and somewhat lonely, snapping he remembered the females words, {Ushio needs you back there! He just doesn't wanna admit it!} Tora paused, then suddenly snapped and dashed another run, Hes slow I might get enough time! the beast mumbled to him self as he ran with all his might

Where is he heading?

? Shigure jerked his head around at the suddenly shoved open backyard door, eyeing the beast eyeing him with the huge silver pupiless eyes, and a slight smile, T-Tora? Shigure asked
Miss me? the beast chuckled like crazy
Funny! I thought youd get here faster! the light brown female smiled, sitting behind the priest, Muma Jiaaku and Ann was near by
Uncle Tora! Ann walked up to her totally confused, startled, and puzzled favorite uncle
What the--!!! F***! Why are you here? Tora asked
Tora Kage walked up to him, I came here to apologize, and to try and explain to you why I did what I did!! I didnt mean to be so nasty!
Um, how about if we talk outside? Muma stated as he craned to a near by clock, Ushio should be here soon!
Lets go behind the temples stone walls, they seem okay!
following, Tora wanted to know what everything was about

Ushios part when he went out spear practice!

What the wait a second! Ushio felt his wet back
(Chuckling) Tora was enjoying himself


Kage Muma called, how are they doing?
Just back to normal! Tora is forcing Ushio to do laps around the temple! The light brown female giggled eyeing the boy chasing the beast swearing and cursing
A re-bonding Ann smiled then slightly nuzzled by her light brown friend
Finally things are gonna go back to normal! Jiaaku smiled as Kage walked her way back
Yeah! How about if you two take a head start back home? I need to talk to Muma in privacy!
Okay! Ann replied walking side by side with her friend Race ya!
Youre on!

(Giggling) Kage watched them both dash a run back home
with a smile, Muma craned back to his mate, her smile faded away, Kage? he asked
Muma do you think Taifuu would ever be set free? she asked, I want back my child! tears dropped
Kage soothed the beast as he held her tight, embracing her tenderly
silently sobbing, Kage felt better, at-least Fuusetsu and Elena are gonna grant me something!
Yeah! You should be happy!
Sabishii and Gunko!
They have no family but us now! pause, say, I dont remember seeing Crisis when we returned, have you?
N-no! Now that I thought about it, I didnt see him!
do you think hes okay?
"probably back at the inn now!

(loud cursing)" Tora was the one who was chasing the boy now, having a good bite jabbing his teeth down the tender part!
YAW!!!! Ushio shouted, cursing he chased the beast again your orange rear is asking for it! Come back here!!!
MAKE ME!!! the beast laughed like crazy dashing over the temple to the highest tip!
Grrr!! Ushio followed, long cloud of black hair, cat silted eyes, and a foulmouthed language
Sigh + white-thing + sweat-drop!!! Shigure just shock his head, everything is back to normal loudly!!

Some kids never change! Kage laughed
Im glad things are back to normal
Me too slowly craning to each other, a bond of love was revived by a tender kiss

Finally everything is where it belongs there have been loses, but life still goes on but when would our quests be fullfilled?

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