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 Jessiy is another wonderful person from SRSilverhawk's Yahoo Group!Please enjoy her fics. 
Age rating and Genre will be included with the fic!

BoredemJust a random fic where Ushio gets one of Tora's creepy dreams...  PG, General   NEW!

Dragon Tales:  Ushio find a creature on his way back home, and Tora dosen't like the new guest... but it holds more than what it looks like...
Humor/Mystery, PG

One  Two  
Perspectives:  Ushio and Tora are stuck in a strange world, AU as a note... blocked on the last chappie.  Mystery/Romance, PG
One  Two  Three  
The Other World:  the pair go somewhere odd for a change, and things start tumbling down... there is something they should fight, but dont even know what it is... R&R!  
Chapter One   Two   Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight 

Now & ThenIt's a fic mixed bitween the past and now... not much, a one shot fic about Tora... R&R!! please?^^;; 
Complete, PG13, General
Twany Tora:  PG 13 for a little cursing and childish questions... in simple words... Tora's a child!
Ongoing, PG13, Humor
Chapters:  One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  
Warmth Of Hearts:  Times when you wonder how close are the two partners... what will happen if some thing made them split apart?
Completed, PG13, Humor
Chapters:  One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten 
                Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen  Fourteen  Fifteen 

Confusing Life:  PG-13 for cursing... crazy and still in the beginning... but i hope you'll enjoy reading it...
Ongoing, PG13, Romance, Humor
Chapters:  One  Two
After Trouble Island:  the part of the story after the two partners got back from the island
Ongoing, PG13, Humor, Action, Adventure
Chapters:  One
Trouble Island:  a story about tora after being set free... and meets another of his own kind?? used to be known as 'a story about Tora' ... *~*~*ITS FINISHED READ AND REVIEW PLEASE*~*~*
Complete, PG13, Action, Adventure
Chapters:  One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten

Broken Dawns:  just a little thingy I thought of... this goes after the last battle in the manga...
Complete, G, Poetry, Angst
Chapters:  one   two 
Big or Small:  Tora get shrunken... that's all i can say...
Complete, PG13, Humor
Ushio Tora Manga Information:  This is some info i caught from around me... i'll add anything new while updating it... you don't need to review unless you wanna ask!!! so Read and Ask !! R&A!!! XD UPDATED with new information PPL!!!!
Chapters:  One

Fanart:  to see more of Jessiy's fanart (especially those related to the above fanfiction, her monsters and more!), just click on this link to be taken to her individual photo gallery at yahoo.
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