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Warmth 13
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Warmth of Hearts 13

Sequel Chapter Twelve *~*~*~*~

Where had Kyofu gone to?

(Panting) craning around, the black beast followed the sent of the shadowed beast, walking over snow, dashing over hills, till the sight was clear, the shadowed beast had stopped for air, the black beast could not lose this chance, not now, lurking near by, slowly stalking, waiting
? jerking around, the hallow eyes scrolled around, it was near, but didnt know where
HA! shouted the black beast, pouncing on the startled beast, pinning him to the snowy ground
Uh!! gasping in surprise, the shadowed beast lost his head cover
Uh-it it really is you!!! the black beast breathed, backing off the other beast, but how could this be? he asked
Im sorry brother the shadowed beast whispered, picking up his head cover placing it back
What had you become? Kyofu scolded
Me? the beast chuckled, what have YOU become? the other beast sneered, youre more of a beast than I am! At least I resemble humans in a way, you? No! Youre completely beast! No one would ever think you were human one day! the shadowed beast hissed
No one would even think were related brother the black beast said firmly, Have you fulfilled your quest?
No I have much to follow! pause, hallow eyes locking on the beast, what happened to your eye??
Oh-that? I lost it in battle ages ago!
Its all right Kyofu lightly smiled pause, so? Hows life?
Good! (Pause) You?
Its doing fine!
Glad to hear that adjusting his head cover, I must be on my way now we shall meet again was all what the traveling beast said as he walked away, vanishing into the distant
Farewell brother the black beast sighed as he craned around; the return of memories wasnt something he enjoyed at all

Back at the Inn

Are they gonna make it? Muma asked in haste
Bijin doesnt seem to be doing so well Crisiss wound its that deep, so I guess hell be fine, as for the child, I think he need a lot of looking after, his body is pretty weak Yami said as she felt the young tanned child body, Lady Siren sitting next to her
They all would stay here; I think its the only place that fits at the meantime!
I agree with Lady Siren, now that the Inn has been rebuilt, they should get back their strength soon! pause with a frown, if only two lug-nuts wouldnt be so loud!!! Yami complained listening to the temple boy and orange beast battle noise in smack-crack-thwack-bonk-bang-and cursing outside!
They never Shut-Up!!! Asako mumbled a sigh as she watched them from where she sat at the door


Ouch!! That mustve hurt! Ann said as she closed her eyes
Not really! Asako said, Ushio always bonks Tora on the head!


And Tora always spanks Ushio on the rear as well!! the young girl blushed stating
Why wouldnt they give it up? Jiaaku mumbled, then craned to the ocean gray eyes locked on the orange beast, Myoku, you okay?
Huh? Oh-yeah! Im okay, its just that my head kind of hurts!
Cant blame you! Ann said craning back to the two idiots
Heck, what are they doing??? Muma growled as he walked into the picture, Ushio and Tora were both standing on a tree trunk placed over a wide hot spring, both were somewhat keeping balance
They made a deal, if Ushio falls in the spring, then he wont use the spear for a whole year!
And if Tora fell?
He is forced to obey Ushios commands for the rest of his life!
Yeah! Thats what I thought! Ann said to her father


???? all jerking around, eyeing the temple boy hanging onto his balance with the mere tip of his bare feet, swinging his arms wanting to stay still, the orange beast was wobbling in place as well trying to stay in balance

No way am I loosing! Not now!!!!! Not when Im wining!!!! Tora whined, hovering his hands around for balance
Wining my Ass!!!! the boy shouted as he squirmed for balance
Look out!!!! Asako shouted and


(Squirt!!!) the beast shot his eyes wide open blinking, as a few bubbles formed near him before the temple boy splashed on him gasping for air
You lose! the beast snickered
na-aa!!! You lose! You fell in first!!
No I didnt!! You did!!
NO you did!!

ENOUGH!!!! Kage shouted on both of them, she was dripping, I guess the water reached her, T___TX you two are nothing but spoiled children!! Out of the water!
You cant boss us around, you-- Tora barked back
NOW!!!!! Kage shouted in his face, ivy green eyes glowing, and her teeth like sharks shining as she growled in an ocean of flaming heat
(Gulp! -O_O-) maybe yelling at her wasnt such a good idea
You both get your butts out and over here right now!!!
Make us! Ushio sneered in protest, arms folded in front of his chest, spear in hand
USHIO! Either you get your puny ass over here or Im bringing it in for you!!!!
O__Od shes mad! Better not make it worse!

      Slowly, both of them stepped out of water, Ushios clothing were dripping wet, Tora him-self was dripping wet! The ancient beast shacked like a wet dog draining all the water away, yet having the others wet, with an Oops!!! face; he gave a sheepish smile, the temple boy showed his teeth hissing

Sigh Kage calmed a little, look at you two! Fighting like minors! Why cant you settle away your differences??
Ushio said nothing
(Pout) Tora turned away
!! Ha-aa-aa-aaaa-Tcho!!!! Ushio sneezed, sniffling; he worriedly eyed the light brown female
Oh-God complained the female, I knew this was coming!
Sorry! Ushio said with a guilty smile
Baka! chuckled the orange beast, only for his nose to twitch sending a sneeze him self, F***?? Tora questioned, This cant be! I dont get si-aa-aaa-aaa-a-Tcho!!!!! wet forelock fur slapped his face, with careful talons; the beast drew them back
Wonderful! Kage whined but then jerking to one side, Kyofu!!!! she called, dashing a run towards the entrance of the inn, as the black beast walked looking pretty much down
Kage?? the black beast replied
Are you all right? You look down!
Im fine wheres Yami?
Shes inside looking after the others, is something the matter?
I need to talk to her, would you please tell her to meet me back at the den?
Um, of course!
Thank you was what the beast said as he turned around and back towards his home
worried, the light brown female turned around, only to see the orange beast and the temple boy cursing each other, as the spears flat side was used by the temple boy to flatten the beasts head, while the beasts claws were close enough to snap the boys head off, frowning BOYS!!!!!

(Snap/jilting) then both parted ten feet away, blinking her, they both knew Kage was not the female to mess with, they both knew that as well as to never mess with Asako either!!!
Grrr thumping her foot, Kage felt water boil in her brain; this was giving her a headache


tightening the bandages around the mutants shoulder, Yami gave a smile, there!! That should do it! But it would need to be changed every two days!
Gee-thanks! This feels much better!!! Crisis smiled feeling his nursed injury
(smile) Yami craned towards the sleeping white female, and gave a sigh, I wonder if Bijins gonna get better Im worried
Mackenzie drew many tests on her Crisis said as he craned to her as well, Im amused she even survived!

Where a soft voice mumbled where am I? it concluded
??? Crisis and Yami both craned towards the lightly tanned child who had awakened
Gunko! (Stubborn) Crisis smiled, howre you feeling?
C-Crisis?? the child shock his head, I feel like someone stepped on my head! pause where are we?
Were safe! Dont think about it! Mackenzie wont haunt us any longer! the violet eyed beast soothed
Gunko? Yami asked, Crisis, you never said you knew his name!
I know him by his numeral sequence! the beast shrugged
His what??? O_o?? the tanned female gawked
Numeral sequence! Its (7-21-14-11-15)
Oh? (Sweat drop) Then how come Sabishii has only three numbers (1-19-8)???
Gunkos tests were more advanced!
Oh! O__Od!!

Advanced? the young beast asked, you mean the capsule thing?
Um, yeah, in a way! the violet eyed beast shrugged nervously chuckling, but dont worry, we would go into tests no further! the beast smiled patting the child on the head
Say, what happened to your shoulder? the child asked, jerking to his friend
Forget about it!
? slightly confused, the child jerked around, Mom!!
? Yami craned to Bijin, who oddly started panting
Mom!!! Gunko called, mom, are you okay? shaking her by the shoulder, Bijin only seemed to gasp for air, slowly her eyes shot wide open gray plates shimmering, panting still
Oh-my--!! Yami snapped, dashing to her friend Bijin! BIJIN! Do you hear me? Bijin Bijin???

F-for-give-m-me-e-eh what all what the white female breathed as she tried to smile


Like a lost soul once whispered to me

My road in life stops here


Muma Kage whispered, Lets head back
Muma another voice called, as the dark brown beast sat in front of the grave in front of him, a long red-haired man with one leg softly placed his hand on the beasts shoulder, the others are waiting!
the dark brown beast could do nothing, Bijin Im so sorry hot tears burned his sight, rivers over flow drowning his mind, air clinched in his throat, heart throbbing, finally he placed down the small garland of roses, and the burning stick of encens
Bijin is now in my familys grave yard, I hope her soul finds peace Kage soothed, ivy green eyes drawing tears, but not as full of pain as her mates, Mumas tears were flowing uncontrollably
the dark brown beast tried whipping away his tears with his forearm, yet it seemed that only more had flown back
wrapping her arms around her torso as she rested her head on his shoulder blades, Kage tightened her hug

Kage! a feminine voice called, as a golden haired woman walked in, her golden braid resting on her shoulder, Betty-Su and Michel are waiting for you outside! the human woman said
I know take care of the domain while were away, wont you dear? Kage asked the long haired man
Of course!
Take care of my future grand children while youre at it! the light brown female smiled placing a hand on the golden haired womans pregnancy
You can bet on that the long red-headed man smiled

Muma, its time to leave Kage said once more to her heartbroken mate, Muma was still gazing at the tombstone
slowly and heavily standing up, the dark brown beast gave once last look at the grave, giving a bow of respect, Yuji-sama, YuKai-kun, Bijin I hope to meet you all again someday Muma whispered to the graves as he craned around
Its okay Muma the golden haired woman soothed
(Smiling lightly) Muma drew in a deep breath, Fuusetsu, Elena, take care!
We will! the long red-haired man smiled, an arm swung over his woman, hand resting on her shoulder
Are you two going to be okay? Elena asked
Well be fine dear you take care of your self, okay?
I will!

      Walking invisible out of their old domain, its been years since Kage last visited her hometown in China where she had been born, where she had grown, where she had gotten married, where she gave birth to her first child, Taifuu, where she had been betrayed, where she had transformed, where she lost the most important people in her life

Kage, is everything okay? Betty whispered as she stood in front of the old traditional Chinese gate, huge dragon art on the door, huge ponds with fish, many wards and rooms and doors, a traditional Chinese home with no modern conveniences
Its been so long yet nothing seems to have changed the light brown female whispered, but then snapped, Oh-wait!!!
What is it? Muma asked softly, but then his mate dashed again into the domain, Kage!!! Running and running, around the domain of her old home, the light brown female stood in front of a small pond, panting, slowly Muma stood behind her, and Fuusetsu appeared

Kage? the red-headed man asked, have you remembered something? he asked
Fathers will!
Fathers will!! Its in one of these ponds! I remember it! the female scrolled the water, claws extending, and then shooting towards a stone, Hya!! between two fingers, Kage had a silver string, bingo! she smiled, pulling and pulling slowly, till the string tugged, Huh?
Let me see! the one legged man took the string, hmm, seems to be stuck!
walking around the pond, the light brown female scrolled her hands into water, though she hated getting wet, she gave a smile found it!
??? confused, the dark brown male, eyed his mate as she took out a glass made bottle, with a cork on the top, and a scroll was inside it!
In all the world! Fuusetsu mumbled, and then glanced at the female
hesitating whether to open it or not, Kage drew in a deep breath, holding the bottle tight, two talons dug into the cork, slowly pulling, (PLOCK!) It was open, two talons carefully pulled out the leather made scroll, opening it, it was a leather cover with Chinese writing, and a piece of paper in it, ???

What does it say? Fuusetsu asked, he never knew such a thing existed in his ancestors domain
Oh the female wheeled tears, blinking too many times, then shifted the scroll to her descendent, Muma picked up the piece of paper that fell out of her hand
!!! Muma froze; it was a coal drawn picture of Serena!!! she looked really young, about 18 or so! Before her marriage with YuKai!

To my dear daughter Serena:
      You might find this message ages after my death, or maybe one of your grandchildren would, but I hid this scroll for the safety of our family and domain of course you know the family inheriting, our mystic bow, many of our ancestors were trapped inside it, not to be set free ever again I have met once with a merchant who knew the cure to releasing them, yet, I had no time to find all the elements needed for the spell to cure them I managed to find a few elements, the others are unknown to me, please, if the bow still existed, release them, set them free, and destroy its evil evil should never set its hands on it, I beg of you
                                                                                    Your Father, Yuji

I dont understand Fuusetsu mumbled, then craned to the dark brown beast, he gave his words, but he mentioned nothing of the elements!
Embedded! Kage stated, Theyre among the words he said! I know fathers words, he wont say things directly, and he probably hid the elements within his words!!!
They sound pretty normal to me!!! Fuusetsu mumbled, and then eyed the paper in the beasts hand, whats that??
Huh? silly smirk, maybe you should see this!
Huh? Kage cocked an eye brow eyeing the picture, Oh-my God! she smiled, I remember this! Its my 18th birthday picture! the paper was pretty much old, so Kage held it really careful so it wont crumble apart
Let me see! curious, the red-headed man gazed at the picture, Whoa! Babe!
Is that a way to talk about your ancestor? scolded the female as she blushed right out of her fur
Geez!!! Gomin-nasai!!! the man mumbled, then eyed the picture again, Say! Ive seen this background before!
You have? Kage asked, Where??
Around the old storage shack, its right in the other side of the domain!

Skip the walk!

(Door creaking) look at that mess!!! Kage mumbled as the one legged man opened the door there were many old gardening equipment and such all around, they also had spider webs and weeds growing all around
There! Muma said pointing at a wall, that was behind you in the picture!
Youre right! Fuusetsu said, then walked to it, and look! Theres a different color in the bottom on the wall! looking around, the redheaded man found an ax, picking it up; he bashed a part of the wall open


Eep!!! Kage dodged a black and purple could that dashed out of the wall when it was cracked open, the cloud vanished in a blink of an eye outside the shack, wh-what was that???
It was probably trapped, and we sent it free! Muma glared the thing, and then craned to the redheaded man, are you okay?
Yeah! Just dust in my eyes! Fuusetsu smiled turning to the hole in the wall, there was another scroll, attacked to a closed wooden box, another box made of marble stone was there, but it seemed that the cloud thing was trapped inside, and Fuusetsu hit the wall too hard he cracked the seal that was keeping the marble box closed, causing the thing to escape
Hope that thing isnt important! Kage stated looking outside
Huh??? Fuusetsu said as he read the scroll, the elements! Theyre all here!!
Really? What are they?

Let me translate this, its too complex and old hmm

To release the trapped souls from the mystic bow, seven elements are needed
- Ten drops of a water dragons tear.
- Ten drops of an ogres blood.
- Three silk threads of the Kimono no Yuri. 

K-Kimono no Yuri???? Kage asked, Are you sure???
Well, thats what is written here!
Geez! How old is that thing? Muma asked 
As old as Tora as far as I can tell!

Anyway Fuusetsu continued reading

- Three shards of the mystic blue garnet.

Garnet?? Where the hell are we gonna get a Blue Garnet?? Kage complained, and its not enough its blue, it has to be mystic!! she gave a pout
Can I continue? the redheaded man whined
=O.O=!! (=^v^= d) Gomin-nasai!! 

- The heart of the apocalypse.

An apo-what????
I dunno! Thats what the list says!
Apocalypse means disaster, doesnt it? Muma asked, How are we supposed to get the heart of a disaster?
Uhh, Muma! the redhead mumbled, eyed locked on the scroll
According to the scroll, the heart of the apocalypse is currently trapped in the sealed marble-stone box! the red-head gave a sweat drop
=O_O=||| Kage gulped, Uhh anything else left in the list? her nervous smile showed
Um, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 two elements left

These last two elements are unknown to me:
- The left eye of the dojos guard.
- The second pentagon from the corner, on the

On the--? On the what??? Kage asked in haste
I dunno! The scroll is missing a piece! Seems to have crumbled away from age!
Oh darn!! she frowned; gazing at the marble box, there was something else in there, Hey! Whats that?
Huh? turning to her, then to the marble box, Fuusetsu craned around, and took out another scroll, another message!

::::this spirit has been drawn out of one of two existing demons, in case one soul is mistakably set free, it would return to its masters body, this is important, the spirit must be re-drawn out of its possessor, in the process, the one who would draw it out would meet death, be careful, this spirit in this box must be kept seal carefully, it was drawn out of the most vile lord of the AzaFuse tribe, Lord Nagatobimaru, and::::

N-Nagatobimaru? Kage whispered, Tora???
ignoring her, for being fed up with being cut-in med sentence too many times, Fuusetsu continued his reading

:::: AND the only way to trap this demon is by possessing him with blue magic, white magic would kill the spirit, black magic would kill both him and the spirit::::

And--?? What else?? Kage asked, heart throbbing
Gomin-nasai! Fuusetsu sheepishly smiled, showing her the tattered crumbling scroll in his hand, my hands always sweat when Im nervous!
Fuusetsu! scolded Kage, with a sigh, she craned to her busy mate this doesn't look good!
Maybe, but I still dont know what those are!
Huh? Kage and the redheaded man asked as the dark brown beast seemed busy looking at something
whatcha got there?? Kage asked looking over his shoulder
Just a bunch of old dirty bottles as far as I could tell!
Seem like the elements! Look!! they have labels on them! Fuusetsu pointed at one of them, one was filled with what seemed water, this is probably the dragon tears!! another had dark stuff in the bottom, and light yellow liquid floating on the top, and this seems like old rotten ogre blood!
Whats this?? Kage asked picking up a bottle with something sparkling in blue as she moved the bottle
This seems like the blue garnet shards! Muma said with a smirk, great, all we need is to know what the last two were!
Yeah, we have 3/7! Fuusetsu smiled, what about the beast and the spear?
Count them out for now Kage breathed trying to forget that subject
Hmm all whats left is the Dojos guard, and the pentagon thingy! Muma said craning to his mate, Kage had her hands placed on her heart, ??? Kage? Something he matter?
Lets think about this later, my chest hurts! the female whispered, eyes closed, head feeling heavy, uhh muzzle wrinkled, Kage felt pain, she didnt know why

        Something in light crimson floated as dust flew away from around it, the thing appeared from among the bottles, and slowly it shimmered in hued purple, slowly moving towards the light brown female

?? Kage cracked her eyes a slit, only to blink the thing approaching her
Kage! Muma worriedly called
Kage! Fuusetsu called as well

A moment of silence

father?? the female whispered, a faint smile on her face
the glowing spark shimmered harder before shooting outside the shack, splitting into three shards, each flew in a different direction 
Kage? Are you all right?? Muma asked, cupping her shoulders
Im heh, never been better! she smiled, come! We must return back home! The other are probably worried!
Yeah worriedly Muma responded, his mate suddenly acted odd


Where were you??? Betty scolded as she stood at the door, foot thumping, arms crossed, and frowning with a pout, weve been waiting for hours!!!
Michel gave a pout, arm resting on the couch of the drivers seat 
Gomin-nasai! Muma, Kage and Fuusetsu smiled, with sweat drops
Do take care of your selves! Elena said as she walked into the picture
I wouldnt be late for my grand childs birth, you can bet on that! the light brown female snickered
(Blush) Fuusetsu and Elena said nothing
Cmon! Muma chuckled, and then eyed the great domains wall for one last time, farewell Bijin he whispered as he craned around, never to turn to that wall again

If you are grateful life is always good

Eep!!!! Ann squeaked, Whats the big idea?? she hissed at the tawny light tanned child
W-what? I didnt mean to do anything wrong! he reasoned in fright, Ann wasnt someone to pick fights with
Idiot! Sabishii sneered, as she lye nearby on a soft puny pillow in the inns guest room
Well, dont do that again! Or Im gonna spank your puny little rear all the way to hell and back! the golden female growled
In other words, hands of! Jiaaku slightly scolded
I just wanted to know why theyre so soft! the child whined complaining
Well you didnt have to go and touchem! Ann whined, arms crossed over her chest
Well Geez, pardon me, ~princes~!! this kids got some attitude!
Feh Ann jerked her face away, lousy brat she thought to her self, and slowly eyeing the snickering little white female what are you smirking about?
You! simply said the white female, a wide arced smile on her face, wanna make sumthin of it? Sabishii hissed, teeth showing
Oh-boy, do I! Ann arced a wider wicked ear to ear smile as well

F*** YOU!!!! an ancient beast shouted, smashing thought the wall!!
O___O uncle Tora! Ann called dashing to him, are you okay?
Stay back! Hes mine! Tora hissed, jilting up and dashing outside
Uncle Tora!!! Ann called again, eyeing the ancient beast swooping his claws slightly tattering the beasts barriers long black cloud of hair
HA! Ushio shouted, missing the beasts head by a hair, spear head splattering snow humming, a huge thunder-ball formed
Dammit! the beast gulped and dashed a run over the stone wall, perching there, Ushio shot, and he missed the beast rear by an inch!! Come and get me you lousy a** h***!
You come done here you coward!!!
Hah! Make me! Tora chuckled

A black bolt in the speed of light stabbed the beast from the back, eyes shooting wide, gasping in sudden pain, Tora was forced to fall off the wall, sent about ten feet away from the wall, thudding on his chest, arms and body spread motionless over snow minutes past, Ushio was frozen in sudden horror

T-Tora? Ushio worriedly called, spear gripped tight, as the sound of sizzling came from the beast, fading slowly away slight sight of smock formed and vanished from the beasts back as if a ball of flame hit him, yet, his fur wasnt burned
Uhh the beast moaned, heavily picking himself up, one arm flipped back feeling whats between his shoulder blades, Sh**! What hit me?    
Uncle Tora, are you okay? Ann asked, as the beast gazed up at her, ??? Ann gawked him there, she was standing right in front of him, and he was eyeing her with a face, as if this was the first time he ever saw her in his life
You over grown throw-rug! Ushio growled, Snap out of it! Get up!

Tora? Asako and Mayuko called as they ran towards them
Had something happened? Mayuko asked
Yeah? We heard something crash! Asako concluded
Its nothing! Ushio mumbled, slowly resting, the huge cloud of hair shattered away like dust, with short black hair he was back again
Well, we gave a call to a traveling company, a bus should be heading towards home in half an hour, we should get moving to the bus stop!
What about Muma and Kage? They still havent returned! Yami said as she walked in, and then eyed the beast, Tora? Are you okay? You look like you were just drawn out of a nightmare!
N--N nothing! Its nothing! the beast shock his head, looking up at the boy, the beast stood on his hind legs, and then glared the boy, youd better be moving, brat! The temple is probably a mess now that you left it for so long! the beast smiled
Actually, its not as dirty as when you used to hang around! the boy glared trying to smile
Oh-yeah? the beast bonked his forehead to the boy as they started cursing each other again, eye to eye glaring, noses touching

OUCH!!! Ushio yelped as Asako yanked him by the ear
Come-On, O mighty beast hunter! If you think youre so good! Hurry so we can catch the bus back home! the harsh voiced girl was fed up with that, so she decided to stomp her foot down, and make a move
Take care! Mayuko said as she waved good bye walking after her friends        
Good luck! the beast chuckled at the boys embarrassment as he waved an orange hand to the ocean gray-eyed female arms crossed, the beast craned back to the inn, only to see the young tanned new child eyeing him
?? Gunko said nothing, crimson gray tail almost lashing

Yami! Lady Siren called I have just reserved a call from Betty-Su, she and the rest are at the air port and about to go onboard, they should be here by tonight or tomorrow morning!
Oh-thats grand! Right? the tanned female smiled, then turned to the happy golden female
Yeah!! I was getting worried about them!
the orange beast said nothing slowly craning back to the old innkeeper, Lady Siren walk talking to the tanned and golden females, she didnt notice Yuji slipping out of the room behind her, Sabishii followed him !!! silently slipping out of their attention, the beast slipped away towards the other side of the inn to watch over the young child

?? cocking a head to one side, Yuji blinked a plastic plant, sniffing it, then giving a snort, it smelled awful slowly turning around, only to blink the white female, Yujis ears shifted down, blinking in worry tail curling, the child decided to walk away from her, but the white female glared with a cool gaze following him
(What is she up to?) The beast wondered following them both
walking like a tiger as she glared, the female widened her eyes as she sped a little faster every time the child sped trying to lose her
(Panting) Yuji was so scared, all he could think of, was to lose the female and find his mom, hes was beginning to fear being alone
you can run but ya cant hide! the female hissed as she dashed a predators run at the child, leaping over him, her teeth gnashing his fleshy boneless ears
(Squeaking) the chilled squirmed his way and escaped her attack, only to find himself taking a wrong turn into a closet! Eyes wide, he wanted to turn around, only to find her with an ear to ear smile
Youre mine! she chuckled nastily, only for a huge pair of orange stripped pillars to smack the floor in front of her, ?? eyes wide in surprise, the female jerked up, only to hiss like an angry cat at the orange beast
you-just-dont-get-it,-do-you?? the beast growled, Back-Off!
You back off! Hes mine! Sabishii growled in demand
One thing Im sure of you're no child, youre the devil himself!
The devil can f*** in hell as far as I care gramps! Now get lost or Ill rip you a part! this girls got guts!
why-I-ought-to the beast widened his shark teeth, shifting one hand up quickly, only to swat the female making her thwack into the wall
(Gasp!!) eyes wide open, the female froze like a dead body, eyed wide, mouth exposed a crimson thread cursed its way on her her lips drew back and she hissed growled at the beast  she was till alive DIE!!! she shouted leaping on him, Tora was startled, he thwacked her sending her flying again, smacking in the walls
W-what kind of child are you? the beast murmured
AHHH!!! the female shouted like crazy once more, leaping on the beast in his state of confusion, a nasty bite on his ear, pulling it with all her might, causing blood to splatter all around
Ah! shouting in pain, the beast leaped around like a wild mare trying to throw her off well, she actually fell off, and right into Yamis arms

Uncle Tora! Ann cried dashing to her uncle, What happened? Why did she hurt you?
Is Yuji okay?
Hes in the closet!
What? jerking around towards the closet, Ann saw her frozen-in-fright brother curled around him self, tears wet on his face, a few drops of the beasts blood on his cheek, eyes shot wide open, picking him up soothing him down, the child gave no sound, simply clutching with all his might to his sisters shoulder fur

Sabishii!! What were you thinking? the tanned female scolded, then craned the mad-looking child to her; Sabishiis eyes glowed in ivy green, startling the tanned female
Let me go Sabishii hissed, her top lip twitched with the need to gnash something, heart throbbing, blood still seeping its lines on her face, the female slowly closed her eyes in lack of air, resting her head on the tanned females chest
So foolish! the young tanned male mocked, thinking that she can defeat a more advanced beast so easily! Gunko sounded cold and careless, tail lashing, his eyes glaring the white female 

holding back the pain, Tora felt the holes in his ear, they hurt, but at least they werent bleeding that bad
What on earth happened? Lady Siren asked as she walked in, eyeing them all, she froze for a second

Some things get more and more confusing the more you try to understand them, dont they??


A/N: boy-this fic is getting longer than I thought it would! O__O|||