Lair of the Beasts

Warmth 12
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Warmth of Hearts 12

Sequel Chapter Eleven 
      Running, running, running for so long it never ends I can feel cold hands slapping me, sharp claws gnashing me, evil voices calling me I stop, I turn around and I still see you there crimson and ivy green next to black and white that what all that seems breath escaping my lungs, I jerk around, and I still spin around yet, my target is not yet found

Sabishii?? a voice softly called
What are you doing outside in the middle of the night?? the light brown female softly scolded, walking to the little female flat on her side on the snow near the dens, you should be asleep in bed right now! Kage concluded

Sabishii! Would you like to spend the night at my place tonight??
Why not?
You are not my mother! You cant make me do what you want!!!! the little female growled jilting up in battle pose, stay away! same German accent still
!!!!! Blinking in start, Well Geez! Didnt mean to be offensive! the light brown female said as she walked back to her den
Slowly relaxing, the white female gave a wicked smirk before dashing out towards the darkest part of the forest

Ann! Im home!
Mother!!! the young female dashed a run towards her mother; tears burning her face Yujis gone!!!!
I went outside for five minutes, and when I came back, he was gone!!!
Frozen, Kage said nothing, slowly craning up to see the tanned female looking worried
His teeth hurt so I gave him some medicine, and then left him to sleep, I went out looking for Ann, when we came back, he wasnt there anymore! was all what Yami said holding back her tears, Im sorry! But we found no trace of him!
Kyofu and Jiaaku? Kage hardly spoke
They went out hours ago to find him and they still havent returned Ann sobbed, Im so sorry mom, its all my fault cupping her face as she cried, the golden female couldnt help it at all
Closing her eyes, Kage drew in a deep breath, blinking a few times releasing a few tears; she extended a hug, enveloping her daughter, cold pain stung her muscles and bones, if any thing happens it would be Gods wish
(Sobbing) Ann couldnt stop, tears wet on her mothers shoulder
Yami said nothing, holding back her own tears

Yami! Ann!!! Jiaaku called as he walked into the den, eyeing Kage, he froze
Jiaaku? Hey whats???? blinking her as well, both males froze
Well? impatiently asked the light brown female, both males gave no answer
Were sorry we found no trace whispered the black beast
(Eyes half closed) Kage fainted
Kage!!! everyone circled her she was knocked out cold

Where is Yuji??

(Sniff-sniff-sob) the little one was weeping in fright, until the faintest sound grabbed his attention, ????
Crying still??? a voice mockingly stated, some wimp you are! the voice mocked again, white fur seemed to form under the moonlight
Sabishii? the child said, [No he cant talk! But as for two children in the same age, I assume they understand each other, right??] I wanna go back home! the child concluded
Not now maybe later
Oh-just shut up, wont you?? the female hissed, be grateful I didnt just walk pass you, I couldve left that lizard thing eat you, ya know!
Why didnt you?
Since you could, why didnt you?
That doesn't matter lets just say, I dont want you to die yet
Suddenly, Yuji gave a twany gasp as what seemed to be a shiver went down his spine
???? Sabishii froze, that move was pretty much weird!

Wha~?? Huh?? Where are we?? the child asked once more, yet voice sounding more like confused that frightened
Were behind the waterfall, dummy!
Huh? Oh-you again! the child asked, Just whats going on here???
??? what the F*** is wrong with this kid? Hes so wired!!!
One minute Im snuggled in my bed, then suddenly POOF! Im furry in a cave with you!!! the child whined frustrated
What a hot head! the white female mocked
Hey-Im Yuji now, right? the child asked cocking an eye brow
Taking a step back, the female felt odd and alerted, this child was a real weirdo!
Say, I lost your name! Who are you?
Sabishii, you idiot! she hissed, sitting back on her hunches, tail curled cocking an eyebrow
Sabishii??? the child asked, well, right now, Im not sure, am I Yuji, or am I who I am in Yujis body?
(T_T X) sigh Never mind! the child sneered
Who are you, if youre not Yuji?
Im not sure if Im Yuji or Ushio!
U-Shi-O? the female asked You mean the stupid looking human male who I bit his finger?
Oh-yeah! You bet your sorry ass you did! the little male hissed, Whyd you do that anyway?
Touch me buster, and you can kiss your sorry ass goodbye! the female hissed
Bit**!!! the little one hissed, standing on his hind legs, who do you think you are? you (Snap!!) Ow!!!! the child snapped, hand feeling his cheeks, suddenly, my jaws hurt! 
Your teeth are growing! the female mocked, you toothless wimp! she chuckled nastily
(Sweat drop) lucky me! Does it have to hurt???
Only God knows! The female shrugged Its getting late, wanna go back home? she asked
Do you know the way?
Follow me the female stated with a coldhearted voice, slowly craning away and walking outside
?? she suddenly turned nice? What a wired girl! The little one thought as he walked outside behind her, having no clue to what she was attending to do 


Eep!!!! TORA!!!!!
(Chuckling pretty loud) the beast leaped off and towards the open window, dark orange tail lashing
Pervert! Asako scolded, wrapped in her bathrobe, hair dripping wet, whats the big idea any way??
Oh-no reason! the beast chuckled, sitting back on his hunches, the orange ancient beast calmed a bit and gazed the female for a moment
Yes? embarrassed, Asako had to ask
Your graceful! calmly said the beast, causing a splash of red on the females tanned face
BAKA! she cried throwing a hair comb at him, he dodged it, and it fell out of the window
Leaping out side, grabbing it before it touched the ground, then flying back up, the beast dropped it, well you seem to be in a good fighting mode!
??? confused, Asako gawked the beast, hair comb in his stiff orange clutch, Why are you here Tora?
Just wanted to check if you and the brat make good mates or not!
You both shouldve reached puberty, right?
Eyes wide, Asako felt like knocking the beasts teeth in!
Tora just widened his smile, Catch you later! was all he said leaping far away
Tora-wa-wai-wait!!!! too late, the beast was already gone  

After a while where had he gone?

A** H***!!!!! the temple boy cried dashing a run towards a chuckling beast, missing him by a hair, Ushio went back cursing, first I get stuck having crazy dreams, and then, they only turn out to be you? the boy hissed
Crazy dreams? the beast asked, perching on the stonewall, with an interested gaze, like what? You and the harsh voiced girl getting married?
MORON!!!! Ushio shouted, voice loud enough to wake up the neighbors! No! I kept on dreaming that I was Yuji!
Its crazy but this white female
Oh-you mean the mini-bit**?
Tora! Shes just a twany girl! But still, she can kick a nasty wallop!
Oh? And how do you know?
Its either its a crazy dream, or she single handedly killed a water-beast of a lizard! Time record! pause, adjusting the spear
I wouldnt be surprise! the beast said, shes a nut hard to crack! he concluded, then gazed the odd look in the temple boys face, Yes?
Tora why have you come back?
Come back? Im not back, tadpole! the beast snickered, I just wanted to see how things are going with out me!
Just dandy!
Glad to hear that!
Might as well head back! Catch you later, brat! chuckled the beast before leaping away
To-- ra the boy breathed the name, he wanted to stop the beast, he just had no reason to do so, dropping his gaze, bear feet on the snow, the boy glanced at the falling snow, softly resting on his shoulders, eyeing where his old friend had vanished, ?? craning around as something softly rested on his shoulders, the boy saw his father, the priest, Shigure, with a light smile, a blanket rested on his shoulders, keeping him warm from the outside, yet still feeling cold and lonely from the inside
Come inside! Its getting late!
Whatever murmured the boy in anger heading back to his room


(Panting) running and running fast, the beast had an angry glare in his face, cursing under his breath, never stopping for a second, running over snow, leaping over old tree trunks, dodging anything low running, running, running

!!! Till he tripped his hind legs in an old tree branch, to fall sliding on his face on the snow spread over the cold snow, snow lightly falling he hadn't moved flat hands into fists lightly panting, eyes in silver cracked open moonlight in the sky stars shimmering with beauty a single snow flake rested on his twany black nose, slowly melting with the heat Its over the beast breathed soothing to him self, a voice full with sorrow slowly picking him self up, heavily walking back something just didnt feel the same anymore yet, it was something he couldnt retrieve


AHH!!!! the light brown child cried in startle
Cry baby! Stop that! the little female hissed, as the little one hung up to her after a snow owl flew away, its just a dumb bird! Sabishii angrily stated
But Im scared! the child sobbed, holding up tight to the females shoulder fur, tears in his eyes
Both his eyes glittered, one in a sparkle of bloody crimson wine, the other in gorgeous ivy green, they were pretty, yet pitiful in a way, Sigh with a white thing, the little white female felt like punching the kid, yet, the same idea bothered her! Stop crying! Youre getting my fur wet! she scolded jerking her shoulder from his grip, and dont hold on to me like that! What are you? A beast or a mouse?
Im scared! the child wanted to reason
That doesn't answer my question! mocked the female cupping her waist, then shifted one hand up, giving the child a knuckle sandwich on the scull
Ow! eyes wheeling tears, the child wanted to hold back his tears, why did you do that for? the child sobbed, hands cupping his head
Quit it or Ill give you another! hissed the little female, her knuckles settled under the tip of the childs nose
Why are you so mean? asked the child as she walked away, I want my mom he started sobbing again as she walked away from him
Stop the water works or Im leaving you behind! warned the female
Please dont!
Then get your lousy ass over here! she growled

For a child, you sure are foul mouthed! an ancient husky beast voice scolded, shades of orange seemed to form from the darkness, silver eyes looking sleepy as they glared
Aw-sh**! whined the white female, what do you want? she growled
! Ignoring her, the orange beast picked up the excitedly squeaking child, lightly nuzzling and hugging him
HEY! Im talking to you, buster! Dont you dare ignore me!!! Sabishii fumed shouting
Bit** mumbled the beast as he walked away towards the dens, Yuji resting on his shoulders
Mumbling baby talk, that only Sabishii could understand, Yuji gurgled as he scrolled over the orange beasts face, grabbing the ears tugging them
(Sweat drop/smile) Tora said nothing, slightly with the corner of his eye, he noticed that the white female slowly followed, as if she was stalking a pray stopping, then fully turning to her, she froze and sat back, glaring him with nothing but hatred in her eyes with the faintest shrug, the beast continued on his way as he reached the space infront of the dens

KAGE!!! the ancient beast shouted, with yet a scolding voice, You should know better than to leave a child wondering on his own in the middle of the night! he concluded
(Panting) Ann dashed out, screeching a halt infront of her home, snow scattered away, jerking to the beast, seeing her little brother YUJI!! the golden female cried dashing to her brother Oh-youre alright!! picking the child into her arms, Ann had dry tears lines on her face, hugging her brother and mumbling un-understandable words
Hey-calm down! Youre freaking the kid! Tora gave a sweat drop as he stated
Where did you find him?
Giving the faintest turn around, the beast shrugged that wouldnt matter! What matters is that hes here, and hes safe! smiled the beast, wheres your mom?
Resting back in the den! She fainted a while ago!
When we told her Yuji was missing!
Oh! the beast paused, how is she now?
A little better! Im sure shell be just fine as soon as I get Yuji to her! said the golden female, turning around towards the den
Yes, uncle Tora?
Be more careful! Children arent that easy to look after, you know!
I understand! pause snow slightly flickered as it fell light blue locked to silver
? Yuji turned up to his elder sister, something seemed to want to show, but it was held back, the child didnt see anything, but he did feel something, wanting to know what it was, Yuji reached out his hands, cupping the golden females face
Uh?? craning to him, Ann gawked for a second, Uh, lets get you to mom! Shes probably worried!
And he is probably hungry, if you ask me! the orange beast smiled with a mocking voice
Whatever! mumbled the female walking into the den, Tora followed
? Peeking into the den, Tora eyed the light brown female resting on her back on the dead leaves, lightly breathing, Yami sitting next to her, brushing back a few crimson locks, Jiaaku and Kyofu sitting on the other side looking worried

Mother! softly sung the golden female, resting her brother next to her half sleeping mother
Eyes in ivy green cracked a bit, eyeing the blurry view, only to see the child Taifuu?? the female breathed in disbelieve, after a few more seconds as she tried to focus, she gasped in start Oh-Yuji!!!! sitting up embracing her child, who almost suffocated from her hug, Kage soothed down his mane kissing and printing kissed all over him
Mom! Easy on the hug!!! Ann said, watching her brother squirming for a gasp of air
Oh-sorry! said the light brown female, tears getting her face all wet, you naughty child! You took my breath away worrying over you! she scolded, tears still in her face

Saying nothing, Tora drew away

Childishly mumbling, Yuji was about to cry as well
Aw-Im so sorry baby! soothed the female hugging and cuddling her child didnt mean to yell at you! kissing him soothing down his mane Im so sorry!
(Gasping/sobbing) Yuji blinked a few times releasing a tear, then with a fist rubbed it away
Its a good thing uncle Tora found you, or you mayve gotten hurt! Ann softly scolded
If you were more careful, he may not have gotten lost in the first place!!! Kyofu scolded

Kyofu! It was not Anns fault! It was mine! I never shouldve went looking for her and left him here alone! Yami reasoned

Enough!!! Shouted the light brown female, Yuji is back, hes safe, hes okay, and the subject is closed, all right?? Kage scolded them
All said nothing
I think you and Yuji need to be alone! softly said the tanned female, Ann, dear, come with me!
Um, yes Yami the golden female felt guilt, she just hoped things wouldnt go so bad
Jiaaku said nothing watching her, side by side with Kyofu, they both walked out

Out side

Ann, its okay! Jiaaku started, wanting nothing but to make his friend feel better
with a light smile, Ann said nothing, and then followed the tanned female into her den
Jiaaku! the dark beast called, how about if you and I hunt?
t-together? in confusion, the young beast asked, Kyofu had never asked him to go out hunting together before
Yes, together! smiled the black beast, but then started looking around, Say, wasnt Tora with us a few seconds ago?
Tora? I dont know, I dont remember seeing him! the youth stated, but then snapped Talking of which, wheres Sabishii??
The white maggot? the elder beast mocked, does it even matter? obviously, Kyofu didnt like Sabishii
Kyofu! It seems to me that you dont like her!
She reminds me of Bijin that traitor the beast mumbled to him self
T-traitor?? Jiaaku asked, shaking his hands around Wai-wai-wait a second here! Come to think about it! You never told me anything about Bijin in the past! Why do you hate her so much?
She is a traitor that is all you need to know! Sabishii is her daughter, so I dont accept her here either!

The child has nothing of her mothers guilt! an ancient beast growled, You dont accept the child just because you had problems with her mother? Tora asked glaring the black beast
You were not there Lord Nagatobimaru! Kyofu mockingly hissed the beasts old name, You could not possibly understand my ways
All I understand is that you hold a child the guilt that she had nothing to do with Tora seems angry
Um, if you two are done, Im getting the Ho-Ha outta here! See ya! quickly said the youth before dashing an escape run

watching the youth as he ran off, Tora, slowly turned back to the black beast, now that were alone mind if I talk to you?
??? Kyofu blinked cocking an eyebrow
Follow me softly said the orange beast walking away
the black beast curiously followed 


Running and running through the open gates
I feel the bliss of joy
Because I know someone waits 
Your pure clear soul
Envelops me whole
Im out of control
Im yours to hold


Take me
Break me
I dont care
I would not bear the thought
Having you to stare
Sneer and hate
I want to be by your side
Maybe not now
But please do wait


In the middle of the night
While everyone is a sleep
I think of you
I dream of you
I feel you there
When I walk
I can sense it with my feet


? slowly awakening from her sleep, the young female sat up in bed, blinking wide awake blinking a few times, she stood up and out of bed, walking towards her bedroom window, something heavy hung in the air, she didnt know what it was, but it was disturbing Tora? Mayuko breathed turning to her alarm clock, it was by dawn right then, quickly heading to the bathroom, Mayuko had to see the temple boy


?? jerking around, the white little female perked her ears up, glaring, staring, something was coming her way it was small, yet it was pretty much fast, and it smelled familiar! Walking towards the near by opening, she glanced around watching, and waiting then over the small path by the light of dawn something was walking its way up her eyes widened

it was something she never thought of milky tanned mane, flickering as a few white and black locks danced in the breeze, her mother, cradled in the dark brown beasts hands, the risk breaker, Toramaru, had something in his arms, but it wasnt that clear to recognize, her human parents were along as well and and

Crisis!!! smiled the white female in what seemed joy, dashing a run towards them all, heart throbbing with haste
Ashley! smiled the golden haired woman, arms wide open embracing the child, Oh-baby Im so glad to see that youre all right!
snuggling into the warmth of that hug, the white child craned up to the light brown beast, and then slowly dropping her gaze to the white female M-mother Sabishii breathed the name, somewhat whispering
ears perking, eyes opening a crack, Bijin blinked a few times, (sniff/sniff) S Sabishii?? the female whispered in disbelieve
Mother? the little female recalled, what happened to you??
! stunned, Michel and Betty never knew Sabishii could talk, yet, both said nothing about it
adjusting the two Katana swords in his belt, Michel craned to the risk breaker
Toramaru said nothing, as he then craned to the thing wrapped in cloth cradled in his arms

Lets go to the dens, everyone is probably waiting Muma coldheartedly stated, with a firm cold gaze, the dark brown beast walked away
Muma is that Sabishii? the white female asked
saying nothing, Muma ignored her question
Muma! Bijin asked again, yet he gave her no answer
Muma! the violet eyed beast barked, whats wrong with you?
with a glare in the corner of his eye, Muma ignored the beasts question as well
Sigh poor Muma I never thought things were that complex in his life!
Well how were we to know Mackenzie was actually a demon?? Michel said, annoyed from all of this
(Moan) something sounded small and weak
Is he okay? Betty asked looking over the thing cradled in the risk breakers arms, slowly and carefully removing a bit of the cloth
!!!!!! stunned, Sabishii couldnt believe what she saw, it was another beast child! Light tanned, with two lines on only one side of his face, a cat like muzzle, long triangle like cat-ears, fluffy gray fur on his torso, and a crimson/gray forelock, it seemed to be older than she was, and it was defiantly a male
Its gonna be alright! Siren and I would take care of it till it gains back its strength Toramaru smiled, adjusting his spear, but now I think we should catch up to Muma!
Betty! Sabishii softly called, Betty jerked to her, Where are Tzao and Wan?
Um dropping her gaze, Betty couldnt help but wheel tears and crane to her man
This is all whats left, Ashley the redheaded man stated showing the swords
Gone? the white female asked that was something she never thought would happen, she actually began to like the two samurais

So much had happened is it easy to get over them? 

DAD!!!! cried the golden female, dashing to her father attending an embrace, only to jerk back stopping, eyeing the half dead-looking white female, Bijin!!! Ann breathed turning to her father is she?
saying nothing, Muma glared lightly before heading towards Yami who seemed stunned, would you look after her for me?
Of course! Yami breathed, extending an arm for her friend to take the female into her den
Ann felt her heart throbbing, something was wrong with her father; it was for sure, slowly snapping out of her daze, she turned around to see the others, Michel! Betty! Toramaru and Huh???? startled the golden female froze eyeing the violet eyed beast
Ann! This is Crisis! Hes a friend, dont worry!
Oh! pause Say, where are the two skeletons?

What? blinking the swords, Oh-sorry! softly apologized the female, before glaring the little white female, then snapping as she heard something give a tawny moan

Somewhere near

lightly dozing, everything seemed silent, cold, dark, slowly changing, turning, twisting, the cold breeze went warm, the lonely silence went slightly noisy, the dark world went into light and the pair of ivy green eyes cracked a slit open, Umh stretching her arms, trying not to awaken her sleeping child, the female felt the warmth of something brushing against her shoulders, confused as she turned around, the female froze, ivy green eyes locked to yellowish-gray
Good morning Kage! the dark brown beast softly said, milky tanned tail lashing as he smiled to her, widening his smile at her face, it was clear that she didnt believe what she was seeing, until she sat up, feeling his face, fur, torso and made sure this was not a dream

Pinch me!
?? Why?
Just pinch me!
Are you sure?

with a little smirk, the beast softly placed his kiss on his mates lips, taking sometime to take away the surprise of it all, each cupping the others face
Uhh!!! snapping, Kage gasped for breath, blinking him, eyes wide open, a smile lightly formed as she wrapped her arms around his neck, Oh-it is you! Its no dream!!!
embracing his mate, Muma slightly turned to his awakening child, who started mumbling before dozing off again, giggling, Kage smiled; finally things were back to normal

Arent they??

Out side

Uncle Tora!!!! the golden female called as she dashed to her orange ancient friend, the black beast followed looking busy minded Jiaaku was walking besides them as well, looking kind of edgy
Ann? Tora called, well you seem happy, did we miss anything? Tora cheerfully asked
Well, first of all, Dad is back!
Really?? Jiaaku asked in haste
Yeah, and guess what! Bijin is here too, except
Except? What? asked the black beast
She may not live long
Huh? Why? Jiaaku snapped, Is she hurt or something?
Shes blind, shes deaf and she can hardly talk
Anything else? Tora stated asking
Well there are two new members!
A beast names Crisis and well it seems that Sabishii isnt Bijins only child!
(sweat drop) Oh-boy

Near by

Are you sure about this Mayuko? It could just be a dream! the temple boy stated in annoyance, being dragged out of bed into the wilderness JUST to check on the orange beast Feh what bothers!?
Im telling you Ushio, something wrong is going on! I have to make sure of it!!
Im with Mayoku! Asako said, Who knows! They might need our help! What harm would it do if we go there??
Sigh you girls are more stubborn than Tora!
Its in the company we keep! both girls giggled eyeing the boy mockingly
Its only a little from what you got Ushio! Asako snickered
O___O;;; (sweat drop) whetever mumbled the boy walking upwards the path, spear suddenly humming

???? they all heard it, Asako, Mayoku and Ushio eyed it till it silenced again, Ushio glared, eyeing his friends, they gave a nod, and then all three of them dashed their way towards the dens

What the heck is going on here???

(Yowling in pain) Violet gripped his forearm preventing blood from draining out, his three headed spear fell near his two-toed-bird-like feet on the soft snow, torso armor cracked open, panting, and then glaring up with a hissing growl, damn you
Traitor a huge deep dry voice chuckled, DIE!!! it shouted darting him, a set of long sword like nails ripped his shoulder armor cracking it as well
(Gasping) Violet fell sprawling on his face, not able to move at all

Hey! Whats going on here?? Tora shouted dashing into the picture, Jiaaku, Kyofu, and Ann followed
Eep! W-wh-what is that thing?? Ann squeaked eyeing the new demon
? craning to them, the huge shadowed beast snapped as it eyed the black beast, Kyofu!! You still survive?? it asked in disbelieve
I dont believe this Kyofu breathed, This cannot be!!!
Huh? Jiaaku and Tora asked
? craning to the beast, Jiaaku examined him he was huge, furry, with hallow eyes, something crimson swirled as if they were his pupils, his hair/mane or whatever it was called was merely nothing but blue flames a set of five long talons on one hand, and a cape like thing covering the other, the beast was shadowed in travelers clothing, only did the demon voice prove it was not human
the demon seemed to back off then suddenly sprung away
No! Wait!!!! Kyofu shouted, dashing after the mysterious demon
Kyofu!!!! Jiaaku called, attending to run after him, Tora gripped him tight by the shoulder, wha~?
(Shaking his head) Tora slowly released the youth, and then craned to the tanned female standing guard at the entrance of the light brown females den
Sigh Yami relaxed then craned to the males, slowly noticing Anns worried gaze, Ann the golden female jerked to her, its okay
Yami, that wasnt who I think it was, was it? the golden female asked
? What do you mean?
His--!! Ann whispered
!!!!! Yami froze

WHAT THE FREACKING HELL ARE YOU TWO BLABBING ABOUT???? the orange ancient beast was fed-up with the mystery thing
all gave a sweat drop
Is it safe? Kage asked as she slowly dwelled out, Yuji half awake in her arms, Muma walking besides her, Betty, Michel, Toramaru, Sabishii and the new child beast in the risk breakers arms still
Things dont seem to be going so well Toramaru stated, the child gave another moan
Let me look at him! Yami softly said, cradling the child in her arms, brushing a way a few of his locks, he seems hurt!

CRSIS!!! the white female shouted dashing to the violet eyed beast slowly sitting up, Crisis, are you all right?? Sabishii worriedly asked
Yeah! But that thing whacks a wallop! slowly with a smile on the bird-like muzzle, are you okay?
Im okay
Bijin Muma breathed heading towards the tanned females den

Yami!!! a human voice shouted as it dashed though the forest, Hey, whats--?? blinking the new members, what the heck--??
Ushio!!! surprised, the golden female walked towards him, what are you doing here??
I asked him too! Mayuko softly said as she and Asako appeared, the ocean gray eyes locked the orange beast

Tora froze, with a light frown; he dropped his gaze and jerked his face away with a faint Humph
It seems to me that we missed a lot, eh? Asako smiled trying to comfort them all, whos the new beast? she asked, oddly eyeing Crisis
You have no idea! Tora mockingly stated, slowly paying more attention to the gawking temple boy, Yes?
! Ushio snapped, it seems that hes been daydreaming or something      
Sabishii eyed the boy, and then eyed the light brown child, Yuji and Ushio, there was something in common, and she just just couldnt put her finger on it!!!

After some time, back at the Inn

Cmon! It wont hurt! Lady Siren reasoned, with a spoon trying to feed the sick child, the young new lightly tanned child looked pale, yet, it refused to take any thing, it was panting, and it was more stubborn than a dry bucket in the middle of a desert!
Why dont you just push it down its throat? the orange beast pouted as he suggested


OW!!!! F***! What was that for??? Tora shouted sending back a knuckle sandwich at the temple boys scull
OW!!! Ushio jilted, then hissed cursing the beast, nose to nose they started mumbling un-heard cursing, something about the spear, the hot spring thingy, living in the wilderness and such
Knock it off you two! scolded Asako
!!! they both snapped startled with sweat drops, glaring each other they went back and sat down, with Mayuko in the middle preventing them from trying to slaughter each other, yet it didnt work as each glared the other in the corner of his eye
Sigh you two are unbearable! Asako sighed, and then craned to the innkeeper, any luck?
Im afraid not! It doesnt trust me, so I guess I cant make it take the medicine Lady Siren reasoned

Let me try! Kage suggested, taking the child placing him in her lap, now, do you feel comfy? she softly asked, the child tiredly craned to her, slowly nuzzling and hugging him, the child wanted to squirm out, but then it seemed that it changed its mind
relaxing with her warmth, Kage soothed down the child mane, nuzzling and snuggling him, then slowly took the spoon from the innkeeper, now, how about if you be a good boy and take the medicine?
Pathetic! the orange beast murmured
(Shifting away from the spoon) the child jerked its head around avoiding the spoon
Aw-Cmon! Kage whined softly, "wont you take it, please?
craning up to her, eyes locked, the young child eyed her for a second, slowly his panting rested, yet it still felt tired opening its mouth for lack of air in its lungs, Kage took the chance!
there ya go!
!!!! jilting, but swallowing the stuff instead of spitting it out, the child wrinkled its muzzle for a while, taking awhile to take in the taste, it tasted kind of sour-sweet, the child then felt drowsy, the light brown females comfort was enough to make it fall asleep
with a smile, the light brown female nuzzled it once more, only for her child to get jealous, Yuji was sobbing trying to get her attention
Aw-baby! Im sorry! I didnt mean to make you cry! Kage soothed picking him up, Lady Siren took the other child into her embrace, there-there, dont cry! Im here!!
Spoiled brat! Tora mumbled

Tora! Hes only a child! Asako softly scolded, then craned to the little white female peeking her head from the near by door, Sabishii? What are you doing there??
!! jerking and hiding away, the white female made a run for it
Ill go check on Bijin and Crisis in the next room, please do wait here, Ill be right back! the innkeeper said with the child in her arms as she walked away

Things sure do change fast but what about Kyofu?

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