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The Other World 7

Chapter Seven:

The place is getting crowded Zeba softly muttered to herself, with a sweat drop, it was really crowded
Okay, Kage, Muma, Yuji, Ann and Mayuko are gonna be sent back to the temple, Maru, Akira, Ku and I are gonna go hunt down Kiro again the temple boy declared firmly
Hey? Tora protested, what about me?
looking at the orange beast, I dont think you can pull it out Tora?
Says who? -T__T-X
Ushio, we all want to help Mayuko said softly, in one way or another, we want to help!
Thank you Mayuko, but it would be help enough if you stayed out of danger
But Ushio Ann spoke, you dont even know what your up against!
Dont worry! Im gonna beat that thing! the boy proudly said firmly
You and what army? the dark brown beast hissed, Toras more capable than you, and he almost got killed!
Hey~! the beast whined, Everything has its ups and downs! So I fumble this once! It wont happen again! he growled in irritation
But Uncle Tora! That thing couldve killed you! Ann barked
Uncle? Zeba gawked, and then jerked to the beast, shes your niece? I didnt know the brown female was your sister!
Sh**? Shes not my sister! Tora shouted in embarrassment
Kage snapped, eyed her daughter she smiled shyly, then her mat he only dipped his head, well we are as close as siblings!
SH**? -O__X- slapping his forehead, the orange beast fell right on his back, foot twitching comical style
(chuckle) Ushio and Mayuko were grateful things were going back to normal again looking at the chocolate brown female, it was somewhat true, Kage cared to the beast and himself, she loved the temple boy like her own son, and loved the beast like a brother maybe thats where Ann got the idea of calling him uncle
Bah~! Yuji squeaked, arms reaching to the beast cutely
See Tora! Even Yuji loves you! Kage smiled widely
(anime fall out) spare me he almost sobbed -~_~-|||

Ahem Akira coughed to get attention, are we gonna move or what? We have an imp to catch! she growled, mangy cats she muttered to herself
Mind your manners Akira Maru-sama scolded, Gomin-nasai, but we have much to attends to, and I would appreciate it if move to haste!
? all gawked
Maru-sama means to say lets move! Muma said softly
O~h! all breathed
Okay, so we go back home with Mayuko and the rest hunt this Kiro guy? Kage asked
Yeah Ushio smiled, and I hope Tora can pull it out without fainting on us
Hey~! pout
Ushio Kage called, taking a step near him, please be careful
ivy green glittering softly fixed to black, I will he beamed up to her
Ready? Zeba asked, a black portal opened, and in it a blurry view of the temples backyard
Take care Ushio Mayuko called before leaping in, followed by the rest
Take care Tora Kage said then leaped, Yuji in her arms
Wish you luck Muma said to the partners, then looked at the elder dragon, and smiled before leaping
Good luck uncle Tora Ann sweetly chirped, kissed the beast on the cheek and quickly sprung into the portal before green-eyed Zeba snapped in jealousy
The nerve!!! veins popped over the sorceress head as the portal closed; how come you let her kiss you? she shot a glare to the beast
Err--(-O__O-;; Gulp)--shes young, shes a beast, and she has no interest in me! he flinched a step back, back hunkered, fur stood and blinking in startle
Oh? Zeba hissed, stomping her feet to the floor as she angrily walked to the beast, only for the boy to stand in her path
Now Zeba relax! No need to get angry--(nervously thinking)--it causes wrinkles! It would ruin you face! he weakly smiled
one hand clutching his face, Zeba threw him aside, wrinkles arent a problem! T__TX
Yelp! Tora snapped, escaping a spell shot right towards him
COME BACH HERE!!! Zeba shouted, anger transformed her into a white dragon, screeching loudly, she flew chasing the beast into the darkness of the dungeons
Sigh Zallcos, Akira, Ku, Maru-sama and Ushio all gained sweat drops and white things
Say Ushio barked I didnt know Zeba could transform! O_O;;
Zeba and I can only transform into dragons Zallcos beamed, not like Maru-sama, but more like traditional Chinese dragons
Poor Naga! Ku muttered
(Echoing yelps) it was getting ugly
(Groan) at this rate were never gonna get Kiro!! Akira hissed to her father in anger, teeth gritted, fists clinched, brows knotted
All in good time Maru-sama smiled, pausing, he frowned and looked a bit around, looking started, he jerked to his daughter, wheres Milady Aka? he asked in haste
Milady Aka? pause--snap!! Oh-yes! I havent seen her since last night Akira worriedly eyed her father again, I hope shes not hurt
Whats the matter? Ushio asked as he walked to the dragon family, spear propped on his shoulder
Milady Akas gone Ku said, have you seen her?
Aka? You mean the imp girl? pause, shakes head no, all I remember was coming back from the kingdom and staying with Tora till he woke up
I see Maru-sama eyed his daughter, do you remember where she was last?
Shes was swearing to avenge for all the people Kiro had killed Akira whispered faintly, eyes shaded, and then flashed, Father!
Impossible! She cant defeat him by her self! the elder dragon barked
She wouldnt leave without telling anyone unless she knew where to find Kiro, no? Ku asked his sister
a shiver went down Akiras spine, Im worried Milady Aka seemed livid when she left
We must find her! If she really had gone to battle Kiro, then its over!

Oh Milady Aka

golden orbs glared calmly as the youth imp snuck her way through the ruins of the kingdom steady steps through the empty wards, avoiding guards attention, calmly walking to a huge room that hadnt been touched, opening the door by merely placing her hand on the handle, her pink emerald glowed, and the door opened, revealing a room full of ornaments
(Sparkling and shimmering) the room was crowded by many things of various types of treasure but there right in the heart of the place, was a globe, crystal clear, placed over a pedestal, enveloped by a glass box, just like a jewel protected in a museum
Amani Aka whispered with a faint weak smile, Ill get you out someday I promise
(Akas emerald softly glowed in respond)
I miss you too she beamed to the crystal globe

Milady Aka?? a male voice squeaked in start, foot steps on marble floor hurried to her
?? startled, Aka spun around only to freeze as someone seemed to hug her tight !!? flushing, with the corner of her eye she saw Kim!
Oh-thank God! he hugged her tight, eyes closed, looked quiet relieved
shyly smiling, she slowly drew her hands, placing them softly on his shoulder blades
!! having enough brain to notice that, the guards face glowed bloody red, heart leaped into a throb, eyes shot in start, pupils nothing but tiny dots
You can let go of me now softly whispered the queen into the burning ear of the guard
(Stiff and ashamed, he slowly moved) the guard let go, sight dropped to his feet, Im so sorry, forgive me Milady! he kneeled, head down
Not that I actually expected such a welcome, its alright she flushed
standing up, yet still embarrassed from his actions, eyeing his feet still
Kim, its alright Aka soothed, just dont tell anyone I was here
Huh? her jerked his sight o lock with her golden eyes, b-but--Milady, why?
I cant show myself until Kiro had been caught, its too dangerous to show myself now she lowered her gaze, then eyed the globe again if only they could help

Milady Aka?
Kim! she jerked to him all so suddenly
(Flush)!! Err--yes?
I need to ask you something
Dont tell anyone you saw me! Even Akira!
HUH? B-but--!
Promise me! she frowned in demand
slowly closing his eyes, holding her hand while kneeling, he kissed it softly Im sorry Milady, your safety is in my concern, if I cant protect you, then I cant let you risk your life alone! he firmly eyed her now
and Aka froze eyes locked, she couldnt help but notice how cute he was right there, but then the globe started glowing, and her emerald glowed in respond, Amani? she jerked to the globe, ripping her hand from the guard what is it?

HA! the roof crashed as a huge fist bashed it, Kiro sprung in, smashing the glass case, grabbing the globe, then quickly landing on the open hand, too quick for you, no? he chuckled evilly
Kiro! Aka shouted, you bring back the globe right now! and her emerald glowed
Hah! Oh-Aka! Oh-dear sister of mine, you shouldve known better than to try and stop me! You shouldve known better than to show your self either! he widened his smile, Arcadia! Squish her like a bug
(A screeching grunt) another huge fist came crashing through the roof, missing the female by an inch, because Kim managed to grab her and leaped out of place
Are you alright Milady? Kim asked quickly
Cough--yes! dust hung shallowly in the air, jerking to her brother Kiro! Youre making a big mistake! You must return the globe! NOW!
Make me! he hissed, ARCADIA!
(The fist rose) and the creature shifted his hand to grab the startled pair
Milady! Duck! Kim shouted, throwing himself over her for protection
(Gasp!) Aka lowered her head, eyes closed

Everything is enveloped in complete darkness

? Tora jerked his head to one side, blinking once, he jerked back to the temple boy, Say did you just hear something?
Hear something? Ushio said in start, ears moved slightly listening carefully, N~o! I dont hear anything why?
Funny, Im sure I heard something! he looked around a wrecked place, in a shape of a footstep!
Well, this arcadia thingy sure made a mess outta this town
How many lives had been lost? Akiras voice trembled, and everyone shifted to eye her
Akira Maru-sama breathed in pity
Ku eyed his sister, then craned to the ruined kingdom, but said nothing
How many homes had been ruined? her fists went tight, shivering in strength embedded by anger, how much had been stolen? How many dreams had been broken? How many suffered this? she hissed, head titling down, eyes shaded, teeth gritted
Akira Maru-sama tenderly cupped her shoulders, calm down, this way of thinking would do no good!
(sniffling) she softly broke into tears, its not fair its all not fair she spun to bury her face in her fathers chest, and he only hugged her tight, tenderly rubbing her back
Itll be alright
Ushio looked at her there, feeling the guilt of something she couldnt prevent, it wasnt enough that she couldve lost her brother and father, she had the responsibility of protecting the queen, that isnt there anymore where could Aka be? the boy muttered to himself
with an annoyed snort, the beast looked away and dazed for a second, only to be startled by the sight of the velvet gray female again

silently standing on her four feet, purplish-red tail lashing impatiently, greenish-blue eyes blinked once, and she just stood there, waiting
?? Tora eyed her there, and then blinked the boy talking to the three dragons, not noticing the female, Tora jerked back to her, she was still waiting
frowning slightly, she eyed behind her, then looked back at the beast, impatient, she looked back behind her and then to the beast again
pause, thinking with a what the hell is she trying to do? gesture, Tora snapped, !!
Hey! Ushio snapped in start, the beast clutched him tight around the waist and then suddenly sprung away
Follow! Tora barked to the dragons as he threw the boy on his back, hold on tight he growled to the boy
Uhh-huh? Ushio was pretty much lost, but then jilted his head up, noticing that the beast was following the tracks of another creature eyes drifting up, he saw something in velvet gray grooving its path gracefully throughout the ruins, ??
(Panting) Tora rested slightly as they reached a flattened place, the remains of a room, many ornaments scattered around, and a glass case broken, while a tattered cape flickered softly on a spear in armors metal hand
We appear to be too late
Ack! Ushio jilting in start, flinching to fall right off of the beasts back, w-wh-who? he blinked the female, who wasnt even looking at him, who the hell are you? he demanded
eyes softly glaring him, the female blinked once, then her sight drifted to the beast, is he always this rude?
Damn yeah!! Tora somewhat chuckled
? pretty lost, Ushio stood up and brushed his clothing, watching the two beast walk around inspecting, and then spun around to watch the dragons arrive
Hey! What was the hurry for? Ku panted, hands on his knees in lack of breath
!!!! Akira shot her eyes in startle, the ornament room! Its demolished! she walked around in worry
? looking around, Maru-sama snapped, Zetsuna! he called in disbelieve, girl is that really you? He hurried to the gray female
Back-off! the female growled, dont you dare bring your irritating smell near me Maru!
Oh-! Sorry! and took a step back, How long has it been? He tried to smile
Would it even matter to you? the gray female growled, it simply doesn't matter to me! she hissed, and then walked away towards the shattered glass
Hey! Who do you think you are to talk to father like that? Akira shouted in anger
Keep you torso on girl! Even your thickest armor cant seal away death the female hissed
Who are you? Ku barked, What do you want?
Im looking for Kiro! Do you have a problem? the gray female smiled evilly
Kiro? Zetsuna, you dont work for him do you? Maru-sama asked in disbelieve
I work for no one! I just owe him pain! she hissed with a wider evil smile, then blinked a chuckling orange beast, Nagatobimaru I see nothing humorous about this subject, had five hundred years in darkness not changed your attitude??
I know nothing of you female, I just know that youre my kind of bit**! Tora smiled widely, but his smile faded as she only widened her smile, I see that insults affect you not?
Ive been offered better Nagatobimaru she softened her smile, then eyed the puzzled temple boy, you know something boy?
You remind me of a friend! Her name is Sumako, ever heard of her?
Sumako? pause, Ushio could swear he heard that name a thousand times before, it sounds familiar, but I dont think I know her
I see gray fur shimmered as she paced away, anyway, Maru-sama
Any trace of Amani just yet?
n-no nothing yet
I see good luck then the female beamed softly and sprung away

Amani? Akira jerked to her father, she knows mother?

Father? Who is that female?
That is nothing for you to know Akira! Maru-sama scolded harshly, Now move! We must find Milady Aka! and walked away, thick skinned feet walked on glass unharmed
Akira and Ku had to obey
Tora Ushio softly whispered to his partner, who was that female?
I dunno the beast shrugged carelessly, better ask Kage when this is over
Kage? What does Kage have to do with this?
The two females have a connection, I can feel it! Besides, before Kage went back, she told me that this gray gal popped into her life a short while ago, she doesnt know who she is, but feels like she knows her
Why didnt you two tell me?
Because you couldnt see her till she showed her self stupid!
Well she seems to know you
Baka! She titled me Nagatobimaru not Tora! My old title is more common among my kind pout more souls know me than I can even think exist!
??? not understanding that last sentence, Ushio brushed away the idea and walked to the flickering cape, whats this? he pulled it out of the spears head
Milady Akas cape! Akira hurried to the boy, slowly picking it from his hands, worriedly feeling it, it feels warm, and her smell is still fresh it hadnt been long since she had left this place
Let me see Ku took the cape, theres another smell!
(Sniffling) Akira snapped Kim??
Kim? Hes the little guard, isnt he? Ushio asked
Yeah, he is

Maru-sama!! another youth imp ran in hurry, a huge lance propped on her shoulders, hey! Have you seen Kim? He said that hed go inspect the area and return, but hes late
May? Uh-no Im sorry I have a feeling he might be with Milady Aka
Aka? Akas back?? the youth squeaked, where??
We dont know
Who is this? Tora barked as he walked in
Eep!!! Back you fiend! Back!


MAY!! Ku shouted, What do you think your doing? Hes on our side!!
Oh?? (O__O?) He is?? blinking the beast, a huge lump grew on his head, Oh Im so sorry sir!!! she tilted her head, sweat drop
(Muttering curses) Tora glared the boy
What? (Sweat drop) It wasnt me and you know that! Ushio snapped, flinched a step back because the beast gave a dangerous glare
May, why are you looking for Kim? Maru-sama asked softly
Well, father was worried because hes late! May gained a bigger sweat drop, thunder and blue flames swarmed dangerously around the orange beast
Tora knock it off! Ushio scolded
Now what? Akira barked, how the hell are we gonna find them? she crossed her arms

AH!!!! Ku suddenly screamed, an ear popping screech echoed throughout the ruins, the PAIN! I CANT stop it!!! he shouted, hands firmly clutching his scull, his clawed hand ripped his eye patch, and his diamond started crackling green bolts like thunder zapping every which way, AH!!! he screamed a shriek once more like a manic
KU!! Akira squeaked in start, only to be held tight by her father
Stay back! Maru-sama demanded, one arm firmly wrapped around his frozen daughter, the other wrapped around the youth imp
Sh**?? Ushio hissed, spear posed for battle, and the orange beast ready as well
(GASP!!!) and the youth dragon froze, both eyes into dots, an Afuda suddenly smacked into his torso, its whiteness glowed softly, and the spear hummed, Ku fainted, eyes sleepy, yet not fully closed, eyelids trembled, and his crackling emerald calmed little by little till it stopped

??? jerking around, Ushio saw a monk, head hidden under its head cover, and a hand outstretched towards the young dragon, that monk mustve been the one to throw the seal at him standing there on top of a pillar, Ushio froze, the monk eyes him now, eyes as pure and mystic, something exotic swirled within them, but lost control when the monk leaped away, Hey! Come back here!! he demanded and ran after it
Return boy! Much is yet to come! And your true nemesis had not yet arrived! a womanly voice spoke softly as he ran with her side by side, only a wooden fence parted them and she suddenly vanished
!!! and halting with dirt scattered every which way, Ushio froze, he heard that voice in his mind before! Its the same woman! But who is she? A rival? Waiting for him? Not yet arrived? His true nemesis? Who is it? Who are they? What the hell is going on?? Ku! he suddenly remembered, then leaped again towards the others
IDIOT!! Tora shouted, a pummeling set of knuckles made a row of lumps on the boys scull, where were you?
(Groan) Ushio glared the beast, I was following the monk you Baka!
Monk? What monk? I didnt see any monk! he hissed
HUH? and the boy jerked to the others, didnt you see it?
Im sorry Ushio, we didnt see this monk Akira said, then worriedly eyed her panting brother, Ku, are you alright?
Im--okay he closed his eyes for a sec, but this Afuda he eyed his chest it feels cold
Cold? May asked, and then eyed it, its just a piece of paper
An Afuda is not just ink and paper imp! Tora hissed

Cool it Tora Ushio hissed, What matters is that Kus okay!
Ushio Ku called softly, Im beat, and Im afraid youll have to on with out me
What? But--Ku! Akira scolded, Were not leaving you behind!
Dont worry, Ill need sometime to gain back my strength, go on, Ill catch up to you later
Are you sure? Maru-sama asked
Ill be fine father! Go on!
Akira didnt like that one bit
In that case Im staying here with you May chirped, who knows! Something might happen!
May Maru-sama smiled, take care of him
I will! ^__^


Huh? all spun to eye the pedestal, it seemed like a bolt of the dragons emerald caught a shard of some kind of glass, and instead of shattering, it pulled in the power
What the--?? Ushio walked to it, Geez! Looks like a huge marble! reaching out to touch it

DONT! Unless you need your hand no more the gray female shouted as she paced in calmly
Huh? Tora jerked to her you again? What do you want?
Its not what I want its what all of YOU want! she glared with anger, have you all forgotten the cause of this?
??? all had question marks over their heads
(T_Tx) the gray female gave a sweat drop, as you creatures say it, Cmon ya mooks, move your ass, the lotta ya gotta job ta do!
(All gained sweat drops)
I dont believe this Ushio shock his head in pity, just who are you and what do you want?
Youre looking for Aka, are you not? she sniffled the sparkling glass shard, that slowly morphed into a tiny ball
You know where she is? Akira sprung
Kiro took her to python mountain, think you can manage it? the female widened an evil smile, Nagatobimaru might, the rest? I wouldnt bet on it and carelessly sat back on her hunches, long silver-white talons forked back a few of her slightly curled mane
You know, you couldve added Lord to the title! Tora muttered
Like I care! she hissed carelessly to him
(Pout) -T,T-X
Thou I yet do not see what Serena sees in you she cocked an eyebrow; a careful talon softly resting its pointy head on the ball, rolling it around a bit
? Ushio gawked, Serena? pause, snap!! You know Kages--?
Why of-course! I knew Serena and Halem before they were even born!
Halem? Serena? Ushio what the hell is she talking about? Akira barked in irritation, feeling puzzled
Its a long story and it seems to me that there is more to it! the ancient orange beast hissed, but our main subject here is to get Aka! Dont mix it with anything else female!
Do you need help? the gray female smiled oddly, two careful forefingers picked up the ball, raised it up to shimmer more strongly against the lights
Youd help us? Ushio asked
In exchange with the diamond she fixed her blue-green eyes on the young dragons jewel
In your dream you old hag! Akira shouted
My diamond? Ku breathed tiredly, What to you want with it?
I have urgent need for it, if youd accept my offer, you would be gratefully rewarded!
I dont think so! Akira sneered, Whirl-Wind!
STOP! Maru-sama shouted, and his daughter flinched to almost fall on her face
b-but--father she--!
Its his, its for him to decide! the elder dragon eyed his son, would you accept her offer in exchange for help?
The left eye of the Dojos guard! Thats all I ask! the velvet gray female said calmly, tail tucked, her hand gracefully rolling the ball on the back of her hand like a magician playing with a golden coin I will not take it by force, so you do not need to worry about it and stood on her three limbs, still balancing the ball but I must warn you, python mountain is no suitable place for humans! Id change into the hunter side if I were you boy! she smiled to the startled temple boy
Zetsuna Maru-sama called as the female attended to walk away, can I ask you one thing?
Ask, but I cant guarantee an acceptable answer she eyed him with the corner of her eye
Why have you come back to the kingdom? You told me you are never coming back
I have my reasons and that diamond is one of them she eyed the young dragon again then eyed the ball resting on the back of her hand, quickly flipping it into air, she swallowed it, much to everyones surprise
a cold shiver went down his spine, Ku felt something slip off his chest, looking down, the Afuda turned to dust, as if gotten burned, its ashes flicked with the sudden breeze
Uh-hey? Ushio snapped, the wind suddenly blew hard!

Ack!! Ku snapped, something clutched him tight, wha~! jerking up, a huge hand clutched him tight and swooped up quickly
KU! Akira squeaked, You give back my brother!!
(Screeching noises) a huge hand thumped near the female missing her by a hair
Akira! You had always been a bag of hot air!! Kiro chuckled nastily, resting on the creatures shoulder
Kiro! the gray female gasped, and suddenly vanished as a sudden leap she landed soundlessly on the huge creatures hand, quickly leaping her way up the arm towards the imp
Zetsuna! he squeaked, and then ducked missing her claws, youre not standing in my way! Not now! he hissed, I didnt go through so much to get rid of Aka for you to block my path! Arcadia! Smash this pitiful soul like you did before!
I dont think so! the gray female smiled wickedly, missing the hand that wanted to grab her with a sudden leap, hovering in mid air, have you forgotten? You cant use the globe without my support Kiro! Youre worthless soul is so impudent! she chuckled nastily, then hovered her arms above her head, swung then in a circle form as she spoke, beyond the illness and embedded strength, almighty clatter of the merciless scythe, I here by call the rays of fright, stop this now endless fight! and she pulled back one hand, the other stretching out, only for a bow to form glowing in gold, a bloody red garnet glowed in the middle and an arrow formed

Fuusetsus bow! Ushio snapped
b-but--how did she--?? Tora breathed

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ O___O;;?

Fuusetsu! The bow! Hurry! Elena called in haste, and hurried to a ward she came running from
what? the one legged man came in running, crutch supporting him as he ran, he stood at the door, and watched the creation glow strongly, the garnet glowing, crackling red thunder, many sounds of agony and moaning pain screamed for help, and everything was enveloped in light

~*~*~*~*~*~ O.o??

Uhh--? and Kage jerked around, started, a cold droplet of sweat rolled down her neck
Mom? Ann called softly, whats the mater?
Someone just called my name
Someone called my name! she frowned in worry, hands resting on her heart
I didnt hear anyone Muma said softly as they were walking their way back up the mountains
I need to see Fuusetsu!
Fuusetsu? Why?
I dont know I feel like I need to maybe something happened to Fei!
Mom whats wrong with you? Ann scolded softly, your nothing but a nervous wreck! You need a rest!
Not this time Im afraid the female hissed, look after Yuji! was what she said as she eyed her child that was walking besides them and stood in confusion, then sprung away quickly
Mother!!! Ann called, but it was too late
Ann? Muma paused in confusion, what just happened?? he gawked stupidly
Mom just bolted out! I dont know whats wrong
Aw man! And I was dieing to tie her to bed! he groaned, look after Yuji, I aint coming back without her the dark brown beast muttered and sprung away after his crazy mate
depressed, Ann just hoped her mother wouldnt make her father regret those thoughts
? pretty much lost, Yuji just stayed silent as his sister scooped him up and nuzzled him


This--(sweat drop)--is python mountain? Ushio breathed, head shifting up wanting to see the complete shape of the mountain, it looks like a worm crawling around a cone! he muttered
Yeah! Pretty funny looking! May tried to smile
Akira glared, have you forgotten that that thing kidnapped my brother?
I didnt forget that Akira, but I was thinking about what that gray girl said
Her name is Zetsuna, Ushio Maru-sama hissed
Funny Tora hummed
What is? Ushio asked, Her connection with Kage?
Yeah I wonder who Halem is
Listen, I dont give a damn to that brown girl, all I care about is to Get-Back-MY brother! Akira shouted in anger, her spiky tail lashing around
Akira, calm down! Maru-sama cupped her shoulders, clear your mind, there is no need for anger
(Veins popping over her head) Im calm Im cool Im okay U_UX
Sure you are May mocked


HUH? all spun around, to eye a giant bird like creature that flew towards them, perching atop a dead tree
A~h! Welcome~ Welcome! Its not everyday that we get many visitors to our cemetery! Please do~ come in! Make your selves comfortable! the bird creature smiled widely and oddly enough, his smile seemed friendly
!!! Sh**!! This bird has teeth! HUGE sweat drop (O_o;;) Ushio felt goose bumps allover his skin
Um, have you been expecting us? Maru-sama asked
No! We dont usually get visitors often! Well, not lives ones usually, most that come here are either dead, or came to bury their dead ones! the bird shrugged while cocking a careless eyebrow, so, you all seem fine, are you here for the stone-blood sacrifice?
Stone-blood sacrifice? Ushio repeated the words, No, what do they do?
well, ten souls must be given to the beast of the pit, in order to keep the rest of the lands unharmed the bird creature said calmly, I was told that Lord Kiro had gone there to give a sacrifice, though I doubt someone as annoying as him would--uhh--hey!! the bird shouted at the group as they suddenly bolted away, Come back! Its too dangerous!! and they didnt give his words a damn care
Idiots a female hissed
Oh? he spun around, blinking irritated velvet gray female, I beg your pardon?
They think they can defeat Havoc! HAH! Just like Serena thought she could defeat Anarki! shaking her head, calmly and slowly pacing after them, simple minded children, they dont even know what theyre up against she muttered
(???) damn puzzled, the bird creature shrugged and flew away, some creatures you just cant understand!


Hurry! Hurry! Youre growing near!
Where? Just tell me where! I need to find the cause!
Hurry! Your heart will show the way!
My heart? My heart will show the way?
Yes! Just run! Let your power run free!
Let my power free
You are a demon, yet, you are a human
What do you mean?
Balance your power and the answer will come from within


Fuusetsu, where are you going? Elena asked in worry, her daughter gurgling in her arms, cutely shaking a rattle
Im going to Japan, I have a feeling Kage mayve bumped into something she cant handle, I have t--Uh!!! and he suddenly gasped, his crutch fell to the side, his hands clutching his head, T-he-pain! Pain! Horrible pain! blue eyes turned to dots, a sore ringing bitterly stung his ears, I cant make it stop!
Fuusetsu!! Elena squeaked, Honey! Are you okay? Answer me!
!! startled, the baby girl broke into tears

Enough Childs play! You are not to leave the domain!
Who--who are you? Where is this pain coming from?
That is for me to cause, and for you to find out!
Please! Make it stop!
Then you must remain in the domain! Kage is coming your way! You wouldnt want to leave her without a welcome now would you?
K-Kage? Coming here? Why?
She can sense you she knows!
Knows? Knows what?
The calling! When she comes youll know!

Uhh--? eyes back to normal, the red-headed man found himself sitting back, butt on the floor, strands of hair in-between his shivering fingers, and a sobbing wife
Fuu, are you alright? blue eyes glittered
Im okay Elly, I just I changed my mind
Changed your mind? beaming up to him, why? What happened?
(Sniffling) Fei cutely fixed her blue orbs on her daddy
A man he scooped up his baby girl, nuzzling her he talked to me in my mind he caused me pain he said Kage was coming, and I shouldnt leave he held his child tenderly
A man?
Yeah he sounded odd his voice had echoes, as if, was in a closed room or something
Elena looked down, things suddenly went funny


Whoa!!! Ushio squeaked as his foot slipped in a cliff with nothing below him but bubbly lava, only for the orange beast to clutch his wrist looking up, from the temple boys point of view, the demons worried eyes glittered in red, reflecting the burning flames below them standing there, holding to his hand tight, the beast pulled him up slowly and carefully
!! Tora blinked in startle, that lava felt hot! And they were at-least a mile high! If he wouldve fallen a shiver went down his furry spine
Uhh--Tora Ushio beamed up to the beast, th-thanks he forced it out
Shut up and move! the beast muttered trying to ignore the boys complement the road they were walking in wasnt that wide, and it had crumbling stones falling every now and then alerting them all
There! May pointed to a cave at the end of the road
(panting) I never did like heat! Akira muttered
Same thing here Maru-sama muttered
Heat affects cold blooded creatures, so bare with it scaly! Tora mocked with a teasing chuckle as he passed the two annoyed dragons
This sucks Akira hissed
Maru-sama just frowned
Hey are you two alright? You look awful Ushio stated as he passed them, Cmon! Just a little more and were out of the heat he cheered
About time! Akira sneered

Aw SH**! she kicked a stone, only for it to roll around and softly clunk into a pillar of frozen ice
Its burning hot outside, how can it be so damn cold in here?? Tora complained, all were sweating from heat, and they couldnt just continue inside
So crystal clear! Ushio smiled softly, walking to a huge mirror like wall of ice, and his reflection made him look short and fat, !!!
(Chuckling out loud) Tora really thought it looked funny
Like the mirror house in the amusement park! May smile
Im afraid well have to wait here for a while till our bodies fit with the weather
Yeah, we wouldnt wanna end up with heart attacks Ushio smiled
Or fevers for that matter Tora concluded

What took you so long? a velvet gray female smiled as she stood in the far distance of the place, Ive been waiting! she hissed
Z-Zetsuna? When did you get here? How did you pass us? Maru-sama asked in surprise
You fools, you think you can actually manage it through?
How did you pass us? Ushio asked the same question again
I flew you imbecile! she hissed, like I said! I suppose only Nagatobimaru can make it through, you others are too helpless to manage it
(T__TX) Ushio felt like swatting her brains out
Female Tora said firmly have you prepared something for us? I can sense that you have
Nothing serious but I do prefer if only you would pass these frozen lands alone Nagatobimaru her face was calm, yet pitiful
Is something the matter? You seem troubled Tora had to ask, this female was setting something for him, he could feel it
Lets just say we take from this world what we need to survive, and I have a really strong reason to try and kill you
?? split screens, all widened their eyes in confusion screen then settled with only the partners
What do you mean? Ushio asked, this female hides more than what she seems
I know, and I know that everyone here knows, that I dont stand a change against you Nagatobimaru, but I know one thing if anyone succeeded in killing you, all I want is your apocalypse
! a bitter snap went between the demons shoulder blades
Tora, what the hell is she blabbing about? the boy demanded, the female was either crazy, or something was going on
Why dont you try and kill me then?
Serena wouldnt like that, even if it will unseal her children
How do you know Kage? Ushio asked
Im sorry, I cannot tell you that just yet maybe when the time comes the female smiled, now if you excuse me, I think Ill go hunt down Kiro she evilly smiled and attended to leap away, Oh! By the way, the ice is slippery, careful not to cause any cave-ins, there are lots of underwater rivers under these frozen floors she smiled and suddenly vanished

Maybe I should do this mission alone Tora whispered calmly
No way! Ushio protested, Were partners in this!! Where ever you go, I go! black orbs flashed in determination
You could get killed Tora hissed softly
Ill manage Ushio assured with a wide smile, dont you dare die on me Tora he then hissed, a worried glitter in his eyes
eyes locked, silver to black Tora blinked once, those eyes, they were so calm and peaceful, yet something about them felt sad
Hey! Are you two gonna just stand there and stare at each other all day? May squealed, Move it! she chirped with a giggle then carefully followed the two dragons up ahead
Ushio stayed silent, and then dropped his gaze to the ice, eyeing his feet, or was he eyeing his reflection? He was worried about the beast, why? Why Tora? What does she want with him? Why does she want to kill him? Whats her connection with the light brown female? How does she know Serena? How did she use the bow? What the freaking hell is going on?
Brat the beast whispered softly
? slowly his sight drifted up to look at the beast, Ushio paused
Sigh Tora paused for a second, as if re-thinking about what he wanted to say, I-uhh--Lets just move he hissed, careful furry pads walked on ice
Ushio calmly followed, his tennis shoes werent that slippery, but he could walk on ice if he was really careful spear keeping him balanced

(Yawn) Akira couldnt help it, damn, cold places always make me go drowsy she rubbed her eyes sleepily
We need to manage Maru-sama sleepily muttered as he passed his daughter, stay alert, we have to get out completely awake
I know Yawn! stopping to assure her balance, Akira was beginning to fall asleep already, slowly falling to her knees
Akira! Maru-sama somewhat scolded, get up! but almost flinched a step back as the orange beast scooped her up, !!
We have to hurry Tora said softly, carefully pacing away with the female dragon in his arms
Hey look! Theres the exit! May squeaked in excitement, and then quickly ran in haste
May! Wait! Maru-sama warned
Whoa! she slipped, darting a slide to the exit, Oh-Uh!!! she quickly pulled out her lance to dig it in the floor


Oops! O__O;;
MAY! Maru-sama shouted as she slipped into the frozen waters, but his voiced caused the icy peaks to come falling down, like pins wanting to fasten them down for good
Eep! May squeaked in fright, then quickly drew out her hands, extended her nail, quickly dug them in the ice and slid her way away from a falling pointy ice
Uhh!! Akira felt tired and cold, she couldnt move, she wanted but felt too damn sleepy
Are you alright? Ushio called
Yeah, Im--Oh!!! she shot her eyes wide, or maybe not she gained a sweat drop, the ice beneath her cracked; Whoa!!! and she fell in
May! Maru-sama jilted, quickly darted his hands into water, scuffled around the splashing waters and pulled her out, are you alright?
mouth open, shivering, face slightly went blue; she just dipped her head
Lets move quickly! The place is falling apart! Ushio cried in demand, and all darted out a second before the place closed shut behind them, only to find themselves back into heat!
Sigh its warm here, it should dry you up Maru-sama smiled to the shivering female
(Dips head) she was wet and still shivering, go on without me Ill catch up later she smiled

We have no other choice Ushio groaned, then eyed the beast as he left the female dragon stand on her own feet, Akira, are you okay?
Yeah I just felt so sleepy in there she muttered while feeling her forehead, then blushed slightly as she eyed the orange beast
Err--yes? Tora blinked
You were awfully warm! How thick IS your fur? she cocked an eyebrow
Thicker than your skin could ever be he teased, now move! We have things to do
silent, Akira had fuzzy thoughts going through her mind


stalking, the light brown female eyed the men at the decks as they walked away, she quickly sprung towards town, she had to get back to her old domain, to her other family to the armory-room only to scatter dirt as she suddenly stood with a halt, to eye a one-legged man passionately waiting, sitting on a barrel, crutch in his lap, and a hand forking back his hair
Ive been waiting he smiled softly
Kage froze

What on earth is going on??

Dad? Did you find her?
No! You know your mom; shes one hell of an athlete! The fastest runner I have ever met he gave a white thing, and pretty good in covering her tracks too!
Its a little from what you got dad! Ann gained a sweat drop
Sigh he shifted his sight around and gazed to the sky
Dad? Ann called, her father oddly zoned out
Im alright he hummed softly, wheres your brother?
Oh-Yujis napping inside she smiled
smiling, he walked with his daughter back inside the den


(Moan) golden eyes flashed tiredly, where?
Milady! Are you alright? a boy called in worry
Kim? the female shifted her head to the side, she laid on her back, and he was sitting back on his legs next to her, wh what happened?
Dont you remember? Kiro wanted arcadia to kill us, but instead, we got locked up in this room
hand shifting up, the queen felt her forehead, the diamond softly hummed, then her sight drifted aside as she sat up where did you say were at?
I dunno! he shrugged, I woke up to find ourselves here, its like were trapped in a crystal ball or something
The globe? she jilted, were in the globe?? O_O;;
Err--Im not sure Milady

Aka a voice softly called
Huh? and she spun around, golden fixed to a pair of crystal blue eyes, A-Amani!!
Welcome a dragon female smiled, her skin in light yellow-green, arms in thick dark-green, and a soft smile, both her eyes were blue
Amani! Aka quickly stood up and ran to the dragon female, youre alright! Youre alive! Oh-Maru-sama would be so pleased
the smile faded, Aka you do not belong here she cupped the little females shoulders as their embrace broke, you are to be sent back!
Do--do you know how?
Only you can do so, youre diamond allows you too
What about you?
I cannot leave, my place is here
Amani another voice called, a human with red silky hair and crystal blue eyes walked their way, he was muscular and wide shouldered someone you know?
Yes, Aka, Id like you to meet YuKai! she smiled, he was the first to be pulled into the globe
A pleasure to meet you the human bowed with respect, a hand rested on his chest as he bowed, but it caught Kims attention, a garnet was fixed to the back of the humans hand!
A pleasure to meet you too Aka blushed, for a human, he was HOT!
Kim frowned slightly, Milady Aka he called, I beg your pardon, but this is no time for talking! We must find a way out quickly! Who knows what Kiro is planning?
I know Aka whispered, then beamed up to the female dragon, do you know how to get out?
Use your diamond; its your only path child
My diamond? How?
That is for you to know
Amani the human called, I sense danger he frowned as he shifted his head to eye above them
YuKai? What do you mean?


What? Started glowing by its self? Kage asked in worry, the bow only glows when its used, what does that mean?
I dont know Kage Fuu stated calmly, it just glowed, and when I wanted to go to Japan to find you, this man came up to my mind and demanded me to stay
A man?
Kage Elena started, her baby girl cutely sleeping in her cradling arms I have a question
It takes us a whole day to travel from Japan to China by ship, so how do you manage it in only a few hours?
Oh-I travel with help from Lord Miya! she smiled, water-dragons are ten times faster than those human ships!
Lord Miya? both humans gawked
Oh-yeah! You never met her
HER? Lord Miya is a she? Fuu questioned
Dont ask me! Its her title not mine! the female shrugged
(Humming) Fei cutely hung to her mothers clothing as she slept
Kage eyed the child, and suddenly snapped, Oh-my! Yuji!
Uhh--!! startled, Kage had so many things going through her mind, she didnt know what to do, but then her eyes flashed in Ivy green, Fuusetsu!
Err--(jilted in start)--yes?
I want you to come with me, back to Japan!
Elena was worried

Im getting dizzy here~! @_@

looking around, the temple boy gazed at the sky, were almost at the top he then shifter around to eye the group walking after them, Cmon you guys!
Tora was ahead of the boy, so he thought hed sit back and take a break for a minute, just to give them time to catch up dark orange tail tucked as he drew in a deep breath, it was still awful warm, and being fury can make it worse sometimes feeling something thick and stiff in his lungs, it was either the heat, or was getting hard to breath!
Nagatobimaru a female voice spoke softly
! jilting as he jerked his head up, Tora didnt move, he just glared her, what? he hissed in irritation
I hope you can dance!! she whispered with a funny smirk, blue-green eyes flashed in darkness then suddenly closed to vanish
Yo! Ushio playfully smacked the back of his partners shoulder blades, thanks for waiting!
the beast had the most ridicules puzzled look on his face
(Cheeks slightly pumped) trying not to laugh, slightly blushing, Ushio blinked once, whats wrong? he widely smiled wanting to comfort his friend
Tora fixed his silver plates on the boy, why was he smiling? What was so funny? Looking away, to where the female was, Tora paused
Tora? Ushio smiled worriedly, arms struggling around the beasts neck, snap out of it Baka! Dont zone out on me now! he chuckled like crazy
(Eyes closed shut) frowning and with a pout, Tora didnt even try to bite the boys head off, he just sat there as the boy scuffled around and over his neck and shoulders
a cold droplet of sweat rolled down the boys neck, the beast wasnt even reacting, Tora whats wrong? he whispered like a frightened child, one hand clutching the beasts shoulder fur
(Slightly shrugging) the beast cracked his eyes a slit open, looking somewhat sad, sight fixed to the ground
and the boy froze, hands drawn back, backing up a few stepswhats going on??

Ushio? May called softly as she hung to the dragons back while he carried her, whats the matter? You two look like you just came back from a funeral!
not hearing a word from what she said, the ancient orange beast rested his side softly against the wall, tail tucked, eyes closed thinking
Ushio said nothing either, silently looking away, his black orbs drifted up to eye the dark sky it was by night and everything was in gray-scale yet with a faint splash of red from the lava down below
Ushio Akira called; the pair suddenly went gloomy
Ushio! Maru-sama somewhat called in demand, boy snap out of it!
drawing in a deep breath, the beast slowly craned to eye the boy, brat
? hesitating, Ushio spun slowly to lock their eyes together um yes?
Tora paused, slightly frowning, he closed his eyes and oddly his forelock crackled thunder in white and blue flashes, Im--uhh--never mind, lets just move he hissed and quickly walked away


Theres something wrong, I can feel it Tora why wouldnt you just tell me? I can help! I know I can! You just wouldnt give me a chance to show you! You wouldnt let me show my full power, everything in me, you try to keep it sealed inside why? Why is it that you dont want me to let out all my strength? Even if it was for you you push me back, I want to help you! Thats all I want youre dear to me my dear best friend


Ushio! Akira squeaked grabbing the boys wrist before he slipped off a cliff side while daydreaming, what are you? Nuts?
Uhh--? startled, Ushio snapped eyeing the bottomless pit, and then eyed the dragon as she slowly and carefully pulled him up, Gomin-nasai
This is the second time Ushio! You dont expect us to rescue you every two minutes now do you? she scolded
sitting back on his thighs, the boys eyes drifted away to the beast
Tora was eyeing him back somewhat frowning, he was watching, and he had a gesture on his face that Ushio--with all his scrambled thoughts--couldnt make it out with a sigh, Tora trialed away
(Kong!) Snap out of it already! Akira hissed thwacking the boy on the noggin whats wrong with you all of a sudden?
eyes glittering, frowning, and a face of a protesting child that just lost his toy, Ushio cupped his head to feel his noggin, yet he didnt say anything, lips uncontrollably trembling, he closed his eyes shut
Ushio? Akira was now really worried
SH**! the boy shouted and jilted to his feet to bolt away dashing with all his speed, eyes cat-slit in purplish-green, TORA~! he shouted in anger, pouncing on the stunned beast, rolling and rolling around in orange and a cloud of black, snarling, hissing, cursing, shouting and swearing as they tumbled their way down down and down and down they went into the darkness of the path


Ow~! I bet that hurt May gained a sweat drop, in the entrance of the cave, that was the exit, all we see is dust and dirt hanging shallow in the air, and the sounds of panting and coughing
You crazy brat! What were you trying to do? Kill me?? Tora shouted feeling surprise, although he was dangling upside down, legs stretched outwards, hands fisted, teeth shown, mane strayed allover his face
eyes wide open, spear softly humming, Ushio was upside-down as well as he shifted his eyes to look at the beast

Silence came only to be broken by laughter

These two are crazy Akira muttered, (T~TX) eyeing the two partners laughed their heads off, still both upside-down
Oomph! Ushio slipped to fall on his stomach; still he was hardly keeping himself from laughing
(Chuckling) slowly the beast rolled to his back, do something like that again stupid and you can bet your sorry ass Im gonna throw you in the lava personally!
No problem there! Ushio chuckled, all that laughing made him feel a hell lot better
(Drawing in a deep breathe) the ancient orange beast felt a blessing ease in his chest, he can breath more easily now!
Are you to still in your right minds? Or have you gone crazy? Akira hissed, cupping her hip, weight shifted to one side as she scolded, tail lashing in irritation
(O_O;;/-O.o-;;) the partners gained sweat drops, the female dragon had green/white/blue flames swirling dangerously around her!

You seem to be taking your sweet time the velvet gray female hissed in irritation, how long is it going to take you already?
Heck? Youre waiting for us? Akira hissed
Of-course I am, child!
CHILD!? Akira blew a fuse listen granny, I give no damn f*** to who to are, but no one calls me CHILD!
Akira! Maru-sama scolded, Youre acting like a child! So knock it off!
(U~UX) theres a volcano ready to erupt!
Please forgive Akira Zetsuna; shes not used on going through so much
I know, if Amani was here, things never wouldve went like this
Dont you dare talk about my mother or I SWEAR Im gonna rip out your tong! Akira shouted

Zetsuna Tora called all so suddenly
Yes Nagatobimaru?
Why are you interested in helping us?
All in good time Nagatobimaru all in good time she smiled, and then leaped away, into the darkness of the path
? cocking his head, legs crossed; Ushio paused, and then craned to the beast, Say Tora, why is it that she has all her focus on you? he asked a teasing question, eyebrows twitching
(Gla~re!) The demon muttered not-so-nice curses under his breath as flames swirled around him
Maru-sama, Akira and May all gained sweat drops, the two of them had flames swarming around them, each trying to take over the other
You two are B-a-k-a! BAKA! Akira sneered and passed them pretty much irritated


Whoa!!! Fuusetsu shot his eyes at the dragon gracefully slithering her way on the surface of the waters, youre Lord Miya? he pointed a forefinger in disbelieve
And you are Fuusetsu, are you not? the dragon smiled in respond eyes slowly drifting to the female beast, are you to return to quickly?
Yes, I have a feeling something back home had gone wrong, I just needed to pitch-in some help from Fuu here! Kage smiled at her descendent the mystic bow in one hand, the other holding his crutch
What about the female? Miya looked at the blond woman and her red-headed child, are they coming as well?
No, its only Fuu and I! Elena and Fei are to stay here at the domain
I see come aboard then, they is much to become
Alright, Elly, please be careful!
I will Kage, you be careful too, okay?
Dont worry!
Ready? Here we go! slowly moving, then adding some speed as she slithered on the waters, Lord Miya flapped her wings, white tipped in crimson flickering softly above waters, gaining more and more speed
Please be careful Elena breathed in worry, hugging her child, and then walked around to head back home


What? Get a life Ushio hissed in beast-hunter form
You get a life! You think Im that crazy? Tora hissed back, walking side by side
Its only possible! the boy shrugged
Possible my ass! If you had enough brains we wouldve gotten rid of that annoying little runt ages ago!
Well if you wouldve been more careful we wouldve been back home living happily ever after and all!
Like hows living happily ever after? (Smirk) you and the harsh voiced girl?
(YELP!) The beast missed getting swatted, HEY! It was just a jock!
Jock my ass! the boy hissed, only to shrink in pain, Akira swatted his head with a harsh set of thick-skinned knuckles
Would you two quit it already?
Ow~! Ushio felt the row of lumps on his scull, you didnt have to be so mean! he jerked around and hissed right in her face
Dont you hiss at me human! their foreheads clunked together Or Im gonna whip you so hard youll go crying your sorry ass to your mama!
Why~ I~ Ought~ To~ !! veins popped over his head, face turned purple
(Enormous sweat drop) Tora scooted a distance back, this is not good! he hummed
Whats going on Maru-sama questioned the beast as he passed a cloud of a temple boy battling his daughter
What did Akira do this time? May muttered in annoyance
I dont know, but she was asking for it! Tora carelessly shrugged
Theyre Baka! May muttered
ears shifting up, the ancient orange beasts sight drifted away, he saw something flash in white, he didnt know what it was, but it wasnt the gray female, he was sure!


Mother, are sure about this? a velvet white female whispered softly to the velvet gray female, Maybe something isnt right! walking after her, the white female was completely white, with only the difference in the light blue eyes, and black ears, everything about her was white as snow
Shiro, everything in good time, dont haste it
But what about Kage? Is what you tell me really true?
of-course it is! the velvet gray female spun to eye her child, Shiro, I promised you to take you where you will know the truth cupping her shoulders, and the time is now!
But Kage isnt here!
Shell come! Dont worry, I know shell come she smiled, now come, we have much to do
When this is over what will happen to you?
Only God knows she smiled softly, now hurry! The truth is growing near! and leaped away
quickly running after her, the white youth followed

U___U tisk-tisk-tisk

Let me at her! Ill rip her limb from limb!! the beast-lance-user shouted, spear swung in his clutch wanting to swat back the beast
Calm down! Tora growled, struggling with the boy, finally pining him to the ground, hand pressing the human head to the ground
(Panting) Akira glared her father who pinned her down as well, arms twisted behind her
You two have really done it! Maru-sama scolded, instead of fighting each other youre supposed to cooperate!
(Gla~re) Ushio and Akira were face to face, flat on their chests being pinned by someone
(White thing) May was finally able to continue the path on her own feet, I dont believe you two

Ushio, hurry, this is no time for childs play!
You? Youre the monk, right?

Who are you? What do you want from me?
What happened? How are we doing this?
Whos the dame?
Shut up Tora!

Ushio Nagatobimaru
Please hurry your running out of time!

Ushio? May called
Uhh--huh? and the boy gazed up, the beast wasnt pining him anymore, he was still laid flat there
Are you two okay? You two suddenly zoomed out!
go figure Akira hissed brushing her skin, then eyed the pair as they slowly and heavily got up to brush them selves weirdo-mode was back!
Maru-sama was beginning to get a fit about that, if I may ask, is this how you two always work?
Sigh no Ushio weakly responded, I feel like something got ripped out
Something un-touchable Tora concluded both had their gaze fixed to their feet
Ripped out? May whispered

My-my-my arent you a gloomy bunch!
Kiro! Maru-sama snapped as he jerked around
(Evil smile) the imp was lazily resting on the giants shoulder, peeking down at the group from atop a cliff way high above them, Arcadia! Close the top of this mountain on them! he demanded
(Screeching nod) the beast raised his hands up to clash the mount sides together
You will do no such thing! a voice shouted
What? Kiro jerked around, only to see the white female, who? he didnt know this one
Kiro, where had you taken the globe? the white female hissed calmly
None of your concern ARCADIA!
I think not! Zetsuna leaped on the imp, and he only dodged her attack, then landed on the creatures head Damn! she hissed, then leaped away from the hand
NO! the white female shrieked, bolting towards the giant, gracefully climbing up his leg
SHIRO! NO! the gray female shouted, and then threw a thunderbolt towards the hand darting the youth
(Squeak of pain) the creature licked his hand like a little child, and then swooped his hand towards the gray female
Uhh--!! Zetsuna knew nothing until something pushed her out of the way, What? she blinked in start
Crazy women! You just dont get it when guys tell you this is no job for a female do you? Tora snarled as he stood up
Nagatobimaru Zetsuna sighed
? something about her face felt sad! Why?

TORA~! Ushio shouted, darting a run trying his best to climb to the top of the cliff before the creature gains back knowledge about what the hell is going on!
Im on it Tora hissed, leaping to the boy, well--actually he flew to the boy! Ushio quickly jumped to land on the beast back, both zooming upwards toward the top of the cliff
Tora Ushio quickly breathed, Remember our trip to the beach?
This is not the time brat!
Tora! Think we can try the same plan twice?
Huh? the beast eyed the boy with the corner of his eye, pause/eyebrows rose say~! You might actually have something there! Tora smiled widely and evilly
Lets do it then!
Right on it!

Zetsuna! Maru-sama hurried to the female, are you alright? he extended a hand
Not now! she hissed, slapping his hand away, go inside! Ku and the others are in there!
Inside? Where?? there was no cave, no place for it to be a hiding spot, what was she talking about?
The creature! she hissed, theyre inside!
WHAT? That thing ate them?
No! Theyre inside, theyre safe, theyre just trapped!! she got up and brushed her fur, Shiro! she called in worry, Shiro! Where are you?
Mother! the white female came running in, mother are you alright?
Im fine, assist the hunters, Maru-sama and I are going to get the others out
B-but--Kage isnt here yet!!
Shell come in time! Now move! and quickly darted away
Mother? This child is yours Zetsuna? Maru-sama asked in disbelieve
Long story, now MOVE! the velvet gray female hissed


I wonder whats going on Aka asked in worry, everything around her was shimmering in rainbow colors, so peaceful, so beautiful, yet, it was deadly silent
It sounds like battle YuKai whispered softly, Amani
Something is about to happen I can feel it
Whoa!!! All breathed in start, their place suddenly moved, if like they were trapped in a crystal ball--(O.o;;)--hey wait a second! They are trapped in a crystal ball!
Uhh--!! stunned, Aka fixed her eyes to the top, Ku! she squeaked

What is this thing? Ku curiously held the globe, it was as big as a basketball, it felt like glass and it was crystal clear, he saw nothing in it until what seemed to be fog formed inside it, huh? he blinked in startle, concentrating, he looked deeper
Ku! Aka waved her hands, but the dragon didnt seem to see them
Hmm? he was pretty much lost sitting in a dark gloomy room, its walls wet and slimy, and the sound of heartbeats came from roots that went allover the place
KU!!! Aka shouted with all her might, yet he still didnt seem to be able to see them
Its hopeless, he cant see us! Kim laid a hand on the females shoulder
Ku? Amani breathed in disbelieve, Oh-baby oh-I cant believe how much youve grown her crystal blue eyes shimmered
Hes your son? YuKai whispered to her, a hand on her shoulder
Yes, hes my boy that means Akira and Maru are near!
Akira is my daughter, Maru is my husband
Oh and the human looked away, trying to smile, yet looking sad
Oh-Im sorry YuKai, I forgot Amani soothed
Its alright, I lost my home ages ago my wife, my son everyone he looked away again, eyes shaded in his red bangs
YuKai Im dearly sorry Amani whispered, standing behind him, cupping his shoulders
It wouldnt mat--uhh!! and his eyes shot wide open, light blue orbs flashed in start
YuKai? Amani asked, the human suddenly shrugged in start whats wrong?
Green? he whispered
Something just flashed in green! Didnt you see it? he spun to eye her
Probably Ku Kim mockingly craned to eye the young dragon stupidly examining the globe
He always had the interest to learn Amani smiled

Wow, this artifact is so amazing! Ku smiled widely feeling the surface of the globe, it shined softly Hn? his sight jerked up, and he heard something, the walls were pumping up their liquid quickly ?? standing up, he held the globe tight, and then quickly swooped it under his cape, this should keep it safe till Im outta here hope father and the others are okay he whispered, one hand shifted up, and picked up the eye-patch, then drew two careful forefingers, placing them softly on his diamond, it hummed, and a force-field formed around him
(Slimy stuff dripped on his glowing armor)
Eew~! disgusted, Ku walked carefully through the slimy stuff towards an opening above him, how can I climb something so slippery? And without my staff
(Something was coming down the opening)

WHOA!!!! something orange crashed in, but all the slimy stuff broke his fall, Eew~!
Tora! Ku blinked in start, but then, something else scuffled in ??
Whoa! something white fell in followed with something gray
Eew~! two disgusted females groaned in annoyance
And I just had a bath last night! the white female whined
gazing up, Zetsuna noticed the young dragon, said nothing, but then snapped, Boy! Have you found the globe?
Th-the globe? Yes, its right here with me! and he reached to take it out while talking to the beast, how did you three get here? Did Arcadia swallow you too?
It was supposed to be only me, but these dames insisted on coming! with a sweat drop, Tora pointed a thumb back to the two females busy fixing their manicure
You wanted it to swallow you? Why? Ku barked in amusement as the gray female picked the globe
Its part of the plan! Tora smirked
Plan? What plan?
If you cant beat it from the outside! Do it from the inside! he smiled wickedly, then claws extended, thunder crackling, and hot breath in his mouth, the ancient orange beast was gonna rise a little hell in that little space
? (HUGE sweat drop) Ku didnt like that idea

Amani? Amani! Can you hear me? Zetsuna called
?? hearing his mothers name, Ku jerked to the female talking to the crystal ball, ??
If you can hear me, use the possessing! Nows the time! Hurry!
Possessing? Ku gawked, but then flinched as the globe hummed in respond


(Panting) Ushio hid behind a wall, with the corner of his eye, he watched May, Akira and Maru-sama tease the creature into the inner side of the mountain
Akira drew in a deep breath, its not enough that the place was hot; she was forced on running around this--stupid!!--plan had better work
heartbeats throbbing in his head, Ushio was gonna get a heart attack from all of this! Ivy green flashed quickly !! eyes shot in startle, Ushios gaze drifted up, something was coming their way, it was flying??


Lady Miya? Ushio squeaked, what was a water dragon doing in a hot mountain?
What? Kiro gawked, eyeing the gracefulness and beauty of a water dragon, sitting there on his enormous followers head, Kiro froze, absolutely dazzled, slightly he flushed, eyes fixed on the creature as it flew softly into the battle-field
Ahem a human voice breathed under the imps neck, is this spot taken?
WHAT? Kiro spun in startle, his eyes locked with a red-headed man, eyes in dark blue, and only one leg
Bonjour! Fuu smiled, one hand quickly grabbing the imps neck, shifting him up, he leaped off the giants head, and Arcadia didnt even feel it
Whoa~! in fright, Kiro hung to the humans muscular arm
Well-well-well such a nice catch! a female voice chuckled
Why thank you!
Uhh-huh? worried, the imp hesitated before looking around, directly into ivy green eyes shivering in fright, ARCADIA~~! he shouted as strong as his lungs allowed thats before Fuu blocked his mouth
Sh**! Fuus head hurt
? jerking around, the light brown female noticed the tumbling giant
Whats wrong with him? Fuu asked white helping the little imp suffocate, oh-no you dont! he hissed, then tied a bandana on his mouth and pulled a rope from behind his back--dont ask, its a toons thing!--and tied him to a dead tree
It looks like hes in pain Kage blinked once and frowned, a stomach ache I suppose

Kage! Ushio excitedly called, running to the female arms spread wide
Ushio! she smiled back, both spun in an embrace, Oh-youre okay she nuzzle him
snuggling like a child in his mothers arms, Ushio cracked his eyes a slit, and snapped in start, Fuusetsu--b-but-h-how--??
We came with Lady Miya Fuu smiled, pointing a thumb to the tied up imp by the way; do you know who this guy is?
(Fallout/sweat drop) it was embarrassing that they got their target without even knowing about it
??? Kage and Fuusetsu were pretty much lost
Whats with him?
(shrugging) I dunno!
Say! Wheres Tora? Kage asked calmly
Oh-hes in there! Ushio pointed to the giant
Dont worry! Hes not alone! There are two more in there too
If you cant beat it from the outside
Do it from the inside? Fuusetsu chuckled worriedly eyeing the giant, watching Lord/Lady Miya drive him dizzy swirling circles around his head, making ear-popping screeches in his ears, he blinked the two remaining dragons and little imp girl, friends or foes?
Friends! looking at the light brown female, Kage seemed zoned out, Kage?
slowly turning to eye the boy, Ushio
?? something about her felt wired


YuKai whats wrong? Amani asked in demand, hurry! Were almost out!
silent, the red-headed human eyed the female dragon, placing her thick-skinned hands on the little queens hands, holding on to the little imp boy, he placed his hand on top of them all, and his jewel glowed along with Akas
It is time! Aka closed her eyes, an eye blinding light glowed strongly

Uh-hey? Ku protected his eyes, but then his diamond glowed as well, so he reached out to place a hand on the globe
Zetsuna was holding it firmly with two hands, eyes closed
Tora and Shiro were busy giving pain to the giant, using their claws, flames and lightning to shred out his flesh, keeping him busy while their friends finished whatever they were doing



Everything was in light

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