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The Other World 8

Chapter Eight:

Light into darkness noise into silence smiles into sadness souls into calmness everything froze black orbs wearily cracked a slit, the beast-lance-user found himself floating in darkness tired and weak, not moving, spear in hand, he felt himself slowly floating in mid air but then something--or someone scooped him up, he still felt light, it was as if he was floating upwards but then the surface below him became solid

Hn? eyes blinking tiredly, Ushio sat up and felt his forehead, fingers twitching, alerting him that the spear is there no more but he didnt react, he calmly stood up, he was somewhere at an old traditional Chinese mansion ears moved as he heard sirens, cries and screams of battle looking around a corner, he saw a woman with his spear, a boy with a golden bow, and an enormous dark brown beast two wounded men fought death where they lay but before the temple boy could even think about it, an enemy attacked the woman with his sword, clashing a cut through her chest, she flung back to fall motionless blood splattering every which way the beast was shocked and hurried to the woman but it seemed that she only smiled back to him and the view went blurry

Wake up Ushio! Wake up!

hn eyes wearily cracking a slit, human, Ushio awoke, only for his black orbs to fix to ivy green, Kage?
Oh-thank goodness she smiled, then nuzzled him
? he was cradled in her arms, spear in hand, his twitching fingers alarmed him to it a faint smile, Ushio shifted his free hand to curl around the females neck, somewhat hugging her back and Lord/Lady Miya was circling them all
all were silent; Fuusetsu had a tiny relived smile on his face
Kage where are the others? he tiredly asked
pitiful face, Kage didnt answer, softly nuzzling him
Kage? Ushio pushed back a little, where are they? Wheres Tora??
she looked away, sight to the ground, ivy green glittered, her hair/mane strayed around
Ushio Akira started, Arcadia went berserk light was shooting from its mouth, it started springing around like crazy, and then it it
fell May concluded with a weak whisper
Fell? Ushio whispered in disbelieve, then struggled harshly out of the females arm, NO! Thats a lie!
Ushio! Kage pulled him back, crossing his arms on his chest, his head under her chin, Calm down Im sure theyre okay her voice was shaky, lips trembled
head tilted down, tucked under her chin, Ushio froze, eyes glittered, he closed his eyes, frowning, he grew silent

Hey! Brat!

!!!! eyes shooting wide, Ushios lips wheeled a smile, Tora? he whispered
? Kage blinked as the boy softly snuggled out of her arms, walking to the edge of the cliff side, looking down at the lava watching waiting
TORA!! he squeaked with a wide ridicules smile
Phew! Its like a barbeque down there! Tora muttered as he flew up, wobbling in mid air, fur all drenched in sweat, the dragon boy on his back
KU! Akira happily squealed, she ran to her brother and hugged him tight, Oh-thank goodness
(Blush) Ku just hugged her back then eyed his father happily eyeing him, tears formed in his eyes
! but then Maru-samas eyes shot in stun, A-Amani?
Huh? Akira spun to her father, then back to the beast, only to see the queen, Aka, Kim, the gray female, the white female, a human and then her mother! !!!!
Akira Maru the elder female smiled widely as she walked up to her bonded family

So youre not dead huh? Too bad Ushio mocked as he glared his partner with the corner of his eye
Tora didnt even look at Ushio, calmly, playfully and harmlessly rested his knuckles on the boys scull, aw shut-up already
(Playfully sticking out his tong) Ushio laughed
Everything is back to normal, no? Fuu smiled widely to his ancestor, Kage? What's wrong?
face gone blank, Kage slowly walked to the red-headed human, Y-Y--Yu--Kai?
? calmly eyeing her, he blinked once, Yes?
!!! Kages heart almost stopped
YuKai Zetsuna called softly, her white daughter sitting back behind her
Yes? Do I know of you?
Is she not familiar to you?
? eyeing the light brown female, crimson hair/mane, ivy green eyes, and a gaze so peculiar, it would drive you crazy
YuKai! Youre alive? How could this be? Kage asked, If youre here! Then who did we bury in the family graveyard? (Pause/snap) Does that mean
Yujis dead Zetsuna harshly hissed, remember him not child, youre fathers dead!
Mother! Shiro softly scolded
Yuji is my father! You have no right to tell me to forget him! Kage hissed
? startled at the two females, YuKai eyed them again thinking of what they just said, he eyed the brown female, do I know of you?
YuKai! Kage sobbed, she couldnt talk, the tears wouldnt let her
Kage! Ushio hurried to her, get a grip on your self! Whats wrong?

YuKai? Muma shouted in disbelieve Zeba and Zallcos appeared behind him, but both said nothing
Uhh--! M-Muma? the red-headed man gasped, Youre--(Snap)--then this females--?
Serena Muma whispered softly, this demon, is Serena
face gone white, the red-head fell to his knees, what about Taifuu?
Taifuu lived a good life; hes somewhere safe Fuu extended the bow for the man to see, so! I guess that makes you my ancestor, no?
Im Fuusetsu, Taifuus 24th descendent!
What? YuKai pause, how long have I been trapped in there? he eyed the tiny glob in the queens hands
Five hundred years dear five hundred years Kage tried to smile
Lets head back, shall we? Zeba softly soothed everything is almost finished, they all need to go back home


YuKai? Asako gawked the huge man, slightly blushing um, a pleasure to meet you!
Likewise he smiled
So~ hes my father? Ann stated in worry, Yuji cutely asleep in her arms
Father? he gawked in disbelieve, none sense! I cannot be a father of a monster! he hissed
!! startled, Ann scooted near her mother
YuKai Ann was born a while after I thought you died Kage tried to reason, its a long story, Ill explain it back home
Home? the man chuckled oddly, if you truly are Serena, then what home are you talking about? Anarki tore it down! Remember?
Taifuu rebuilt it Fuusetsu lives there now Zetsuna hissed
And who are you anyway? YuKai sneered, they only ones in the temple now were the beast family, the two new female beasts, Tora, Ushio, Shigure Asako, Mayuko, and himself the imps had returned home, Aka had decided to jail her brother and rebuild the kingdom, Akira and the others said that they have a few things to attend and will drop in for a visit soon
Zetsuna, I used to be Yuji-samas escort before he was wed
WHAT? all squeaked in start
You--knew my father? Kage asked in start
Long before you were even born
Mother? the white female whispered shyly
Oh-yes Kage, can I ask you a favor?
This is my daughter, Shiro I--
Mother! That wasnt the subject I was pointing at! the youth flushed out of her fur
Dont interrupt me while Im talking young lady!
Gomen-nasai she dropped her gaze
As I was saying, Shiro isnt used on interacting with others, since there was no one there for her to interact with but me and I was hoping that, would you accept her among your group for a while?
? eyeing the shy white youth, Kage paused eyeing her daughter, mate and sleeping child, wed be ten! she smiled
Hn? Ann cocked an eyebrow, ten? What do you mean mom?
Well, theres me and Muma, Kyofu and Yami, you and Jiaaku, Gunko and Sabishii, then Yuji altogether, were nine, if Shiro joins well be ten, and if Zetsuna would honor us with a visit for a few days well be eleven!
Im sorry the gray female stated calmly, Im afraid I cannot accept your offer
Why not?
standing on her own feet, she walked away, be good, Ill be back soon
a sad little face, Shiro eyed her mother walk away slowly she eyed the red-headed man

YuKai Muma softly called, I know that many things had changed through the last few centuries but you need to live with it!
Thats not what bothers me Muma his eyes flashed with hatred what bothers me my wife is a beast!! One of the kinds I hunt down!
Kage felt cold could it be that her husband has no feeling for her anymore?
I dont think hes my dad Ann hissed, Hes mean
(Yawn) Yuji woke up, lazily eyeing around, cutely reaching to his mother with a squeak
with a motherly look, she scooped him up, morning baby
Mah~! ^.^

Kage Lady Miya called; she was in the backyard, only her head showed from the door, are you to stay here? Or are we to return?
Oh-no its alright Lady Miya, you go ahead, thank you for all your help
Dont mention it well then, I am to leave, take care she smiled, then flapped her wings and flew away

Such a marvelous artifact YuKai smiled oddly at the departing dragon
YuKai! Get the hunts out of your mind! Its you who caused everything! Kage hissed
? Muma snapped, what was his mate talking about?
Me? None sense! Im human! I dont cause as much damage as demons!
You killed Avanti! Thats why Anarki tore our home!
Who? (Pause/snap) you dont mean the fire rats, do you?
Of course I do! Kage sneered, You were so much into hunting you ruined your own home YuKai!
Kage! Calm down Mayuko soothed
I really dont understand whats going on, but I dont think picking in each other is gonna solve anything! Asako reasoned, arms crossed
Im with Asako; you need to work things out Ushio stated
Tora was absolutely silent, carefully listening
Um, if I may, maybe you should spend more time together and talk about what you two have been through? Seeing things from different ways might help clear them out! Shiro said softly
Yeah! Like me and Tora! Ushio smirked, hes been trapped in the basement for five hundred years, and when I mistakenly set him free, he started doing thing his way and caused one hell of a mess!!
Mistakenly set me free? (-T__T-X) what is that suppose to mean? Tora hissed
My mistake is because I believed you! You promised you wont eat me, but you didnt keep you promise! Ushio hissed back
Well like HEY! How was I to know you wouldnt kill me if I helped you? You ungrateful humans? You do anything to kill a creature for your own pleasing!
Uh, guys! Cool down! Ann soothed
? confused, Yuji slipped away from his mothers attention while she tried to stop the partners from slaughtering each other, cutely walking to the red-headed new human
!! startled, YuKai shot his eyes at the child, Get! he cried as he swatted the child away
!!! rolling and rolling till the thwacked into the wall, tears formed in his baby two-colored eyes, Yuji had just got himself a beating
Yuji! Muma snapped and scooped up his crying child, YuKai! he growled, How dare you? Hes only a child!
Hes a demon thats all I care! the man stood up and shouted
Hes my son!
!!! and the human froze
You hit Yuji! Tora hissed, why you damn son of a BIT**! Tora blew a fuse and leaped on the human
Tora! NO! split screen, Kage, Ann and Ushio cried
!! Asako and Mayuko closed their eyes they didnt want to see this!

Silence came

? Ushio opened his eyes, only to see a hole in the paper door, and a sound of battle going outside
Oh my God Kage hurried to see what they were doing, but squeaked and eyed away, it was probably ugly, but then she drew in a deep breath and carried her guts out there to stop the orange beast
Uhh--! drenched in blood, YuKai shot his eyes in horror, he had tasted death, and he knew fear, but this felt different, looking up, the light brown female shouted, negotiating with the orange beast about how he shouldnt kill the red head, the orange beast was really angry
worried, the others followed
Are you aright? Ann asked the human, she couldnt call him father, obviously, he didnt accept the truth that shes his daughter she hadnt accepted the thought that hes her father anyway either!
Back you fiend! he hissed and swung a hand to swat her, but she only dodged it
Uhh--! started, Ann felt like crying
maybe I should take you back home to China Kage said as she tried to sooth, maybe that way she could communicate better with her old husband snap!! Hes not her man anymore! Shes with Muma now! She has a new life; she cant go back to her old one! But what is there to worry about? He doesn't believe her! He doesn't love her anymore! He wont try and take her back because shes demon but still her daughter, Ann! Ann has always wondered about her father but now that hes here

Flash back

Yeas honey?
Can I ask you something?
Sure! Go ahead
Its about you
Yeah you said you were once human, right?
It was ages ago dear
Why were I born demon?
I was pregnant with you when I was human, but when I was in the third month what happened-happened, and only then at the fifth month did I notice it
So when you transformed so did I?
Afraid so
Does that mean I could turn human?
Well Yami said that demons like us dont usually have litter because we werent actually born as beasts so Im born as beast! I was never a human
Does that mean I dont transform human?

If my real dad was ever alive, do you think hed accept me?
Im sure hed love you!
But hes human! He wouldnt believe that his wife gave birth to a beast!

Ann I--
It doesn't matter mom!
As long as I have a family! Someone that loves me! A mom a dad and now! A little brother!

Flash back end

Kage whats the matter? Muma worriedly asked, one hand on her shoulder, the other cradling his son
? ivy green glittered softly, so much needs to be straighten up
Well maybe we should settle this some other time Ushio smiled
YuKai Fuusetsu finally spoke, maybe you should spend sometime along with the humans of this century, itll need a little getting used to, but trust me, youll learn to love it
Ann eyed her real father, and then craned to her demon father, then to the ancient orange beast, closing her eyes she felt like crying
Are you okay? Shiro softly asked, standing behind her, cupping her shoulders
Im okay Ann sniffled, I wanna go home she drew a hand to rub her eyes
Ann, baby whats wrong? Kage embraced her daughter, soothing down her mane
(Sobbing) and just hugged her back
frowning and panting, YuKai stood and watched them She feels like Serena, she acts like Serena but she could NEVER be Serena! Not my Serena not my love never and looked away, it was hard to believe
YuKai Fuusetsu started softly, since you have no place to stay, how about if we go home? To where you belong? and extended a hand
frowning, the elder man swatted the hand away, dont you dare! You could never be from my family you-you--y-you--crippled mistake!
!!! and Fuu froze calmly glaring, Fine! As you wish and reared away, Kage, Im taking the next ship, see you around
Are you going to be alright?
Ill be fine! Take care Ann!
(Sniffle) okay

YuKai! Youre not usually this violent! Whats wrong with you?
Whats wrong with me? What is wrong with ME? Listen Muma! Its not that I hate you its not that I like you either but I dont give a damn to whats going on! I need an explanation and I need it NOW!

And the trauma begins


A few days later

(Yawn) at the break of dawn, Ushio lazily got up from bed to smell some of that fresh morning air, filling his lungs with a deep inhale, A~h! what a wonderful morning he hummed happily, eyes gazing to the side, he saw the orange beast slumped deep into sleep on the rooftops, his father down in the backyard with the broom, might be a good chance for a quick shower! and headed to the bathroom
(Z-z-Z-z) Tora was way into dreamland, a cute little kitty grin, eyes closed, peaceful and silent, but suddenly frowned with a twitch, probably a bad dream
(busy brushing dust off the kitchen floor) Shigure rubbed sweat off his forehead, then turned around to close the kitchen door, putting away the broom stick, he attended to go wake up his son, only to be startled by the velvet gray female sprawling in the living room !?
Good morning priest she smiled oddly
Good morning he hummed in startle, h-how--?
I walked through the wall she smiled, and then her head shifted a bit up, I see Nagatobimaru isnt guarding his territory very well, it gave me no effort to find my way through
Yes they were pretty much beat last night Shigure said calmly
Really? Well the boy is already awake, and fairly energetic I must say!

Atcho! under the hot water, Ushio rubbed his nose and frowned, theres someone talking about me! T~T

Why are you here? the priest asked in wonder
I need to ask you something
Are you belonging to Sumako?
!!! and everything went blank

Hey~! Dad! Ushio--carefree mode--walked in


??? Ushio paused, his father looked awful, completely white sitting at the kitchen table, hands cupping his face, Dad?
Im okay Shigure whispered, them--depressed--blue curly things hanging atop of his head (whatever the name was!)
(shirt tilted) Dad? Ushio gawked


(Taking a sip of hot tea) Ushio curiously looked up to his absent-minded father, it bothered him, dad, are you okay?
shaking his head with a smile, Im fine, just a bit dizzy
Yaw~n Tora walked in, lazy eyes as he stumbled his way in damn dreams he hummed, wobbly steps into the kitchen, I couldnt sleep a wink! sitting back, Tora tiredly eyed the boy, what are you staring at? he hissed
Err--nothing! whats with every-buddy today?

Telephone rang

Ill get it Ushio smiled with a sweat drop, picking it up Ohayo? blabbing Oh-Hi Asako! (Dipping head) yeah? Yeah! Sure! Aha-where? pause, dipping head, gimmy I sec, I need to write it down
? Tora mockingly and lazily eyed the boy, then turned to the priest, Shigure was eyeing his reflection in the mug, something on your mind? he softly whispered, you look awful! (sniff-sniff) and you smell feminine!
The gray female came for a visit this morning
Bad news?
No not really
Hey Dad! Tora! Ushio chirped, Guess what! Akira gave Asako a visit! Were invited to a ceremony at Akas kingdom! Were the guests of honor! and chuckled victoriously with much joy
not having the heart for it, Shigure closed his eyes and drifted way into thought
Uhh-- the smiled faded, Ushio didnt feel like laughing anymore, Dad whats wrong? he asked in worry, walking to his father, sitting on the chair, dad! Whats bothering you?
face gloomy and tired, Shigure forced a smile, Im fine! You and Tora go ahead! Im sure you earned it
Arent you coming?
No its not like I did anything, you two did most of the work
Whats wrong with you? You look like you just lost something
Shigure frowned and pressed the palm of his hand to his forehead, Im just tired then he got up and went to his room, you two go on I need to be alone for a while
(Frown) Ushio stood up and attended to follow his old man, but Tora jerked him back, Uhh--hey! Tora wha--
He-needs to-be alone! he softly hissed, then released the boys arm
Tora you know something dont you? the temple boy glared
Zetsuna came
She said something to him; I just dont know what it was about but I guess it was bad news
What? The gray bit** knows dad too?
I dont think so maybe she knows something or someone he once knew! Tora tried to reason, that gray female was a real creepy one
Like whom?
(Shrug) Tora had no answer
Sigh the temple boy felt an uneasy twitch, he cant go and have fun while knowing something was bothering his father sure his old man was more stubborn than a dry bucket in the middle of a desert, but still, it was his father! His only relative!

Brat? the orange beast called, the boy grew oddly silent, hand cupping the human shoulder, he gently shock, hey! Snap out of it stupid!
? black glittering orbs drifted up, Ushio didnt say anything
? startled, Tora drew back his hand, Hey! Whats the matter Baka?? (No respond) stop staring like that! You look like a zombie!
How did Zetsuna use the bow?
Huh!? -O.o-?
And why did YuKai have a garnet in the back of his hand?
Who IS Zetsuna? What does she want? Whats her motive? What the hell is going on?
I think those questions should be directed to her, not me the orange beast said calmly

Some things are better unrevealed! velvet gray shimmered under the light
Sh**? the partners spun with a curse
When did you get here? Ushio hissed, spear posed for battle
Keep you shirt on child, I mean you no harm she smiled victoriously, I came for something and I found it, thats all you need to know
Like what kind of sh** would you be looking for? he hissed
Tora shifted her ears a bit up; the females gaze went calm and odd
Im friend of your mother she smirked oddly, eyes lazily glaring
!!!! Ushio froze; face gone white, pupils into dots, the spear slipped from his shivering fingers with a clatter
!!! Tora eyed the boy, then jerked to the gray female, just who are you? What do you want? he hissed, trouble? Is that what you want? she smiled widely with a wicked grin, if troubles what you want you came to the right place! he shouted as he leaped on her
! Zetsuna leaped back dodging his attack, you dont even know what youre doing she hissed, I am not your rival, nor your friend she hissed more calmly now, but I must warn you Nagatobimaru
? dark orange tail lashing, teeth gritted, eyes glaring, thunder crackling, flames slightly shooting around, Tora paused
Hakumen feels really bored just sitting there waiting for you! and smiled victoriously at the beasts stunned face, when are you to drop him a visit?
Why you weathered crone! he growled, DIE!
I think not! she smiled and vanished like a ghost
Sh**? jerking around, standing there in the middle of the living room, the ancient orange beast felt his heart throb, just who is that woman? Ushio! he snapped and jerked to the boy back in the kitchen, !!
back to the wall, spear still on the floor, face white, eyes gray shot in horror fixed on his fingers clenched like a dead spider, mouth somewhat hung open as he hardly breathed, sweat drenching his face
Tora could see a faint little droplet rolling down the boys forehead all the way to his chin clearing his throat, he walked to him, carefully cupped his shoulders and shock him, hey! Hey! Brat! Can you hear me?
My mother? Ushio whispered in disbelieve, that means shes alive, right? he hopefully locked his gray orbs to the beast, my mother is alive! Isnt she?
and Tora couldnt answer, slowly he drew back his hands

Ushio Shigure calmly called
? the pair craned to him
Lets talk he tried to smile


looking across the knoll, Asako gave a sigh, sitting on a boulder in front of a huge cave, wearing a nice little red dress, Akira sitting near by watching, waiting they sure are late she muttered, then craned around to eye the dragon female, So, Akira tell me
Whats gonna happen now? Are you still gonna be Akas body guard?
Of-course! I am to protect Milady Aka with all my life she responded calmly yet with a faint frown
Asako! Akira! Mayuko chirped as she hurried towards them, she was wearing a lovely light purple dress, sorry if Im late!
Its okay! Now we just have to wait for dumb and dumber Asako chuckled
Akira held back a giggle, anyway, you two go on ahead, Kim is waiting at the other side, hell show you to the ball-room, Ill catch up to you later
Are you sure? Mayuko asked
Im sure! Go on!
Okay, take care
See ya

Silence and solitude

I wonder whats keeping them Akira frowned, she could feel something wrong, she just couldnt make it out

Somewhere else

What? Kage snapped in startle, her child in her arms, y-you again! she glared the gray female, just who are you?
Wheres Shiro? Zetsuna glared
Shiro? Shes at my place why? Is something the matter?
I need to see her and the velvet gray female passed light brown
Zetsuna that is your name, right?
That is correct Serena she smirked
How do you know of me?
with a deep breath, the gray female smiled softly, not yet time, Ill explain later, now take me to Shiro! I need to have a word with her
Alright Kage walked besides the gray female, Yuji cutely walking besides her
(Squeaking cutely) Yuji ran around the two females feet, tail lashing
(Sigh/smile) Zetsuna gave a sad face
Whats wrong? Kage asked, the elder female stopped in her tracks
He has his grandfathers spirit!
Thats why I named him Yuji Kage soothed, now come, the place isnt too far and walked a shot distance away

No! a voice shouted with a scold, and the two females paused
But Shiro!
Listen Roan! I cant! the white female hissed
But Shiro! Would you just listen to me? a male beast growled in irritation, tanned fur and silver mane, pupiless slit eyes in hued blue, shaggy tail in silver, I just want to talk!
Roan! If mother saw you shed slaughter you! Please just leave!
Why do you let her control you? Its your life not hers! he growled
Roan, Im warning you! Leave! the white female almost sobbed
No! Im not leaving!
And why not? Zetsuna crept in, are you that eager for death, traitor?
Uhh--! and the younger male froze, Z-Zetsuna!
(GRYA!) And the gray female leaped, hand full of razor claws, but he dodged it with a yelp you stay away from my child you fiend!
Uhh--Fine! the male hissed, but someday, I swear! Shiro will be mine!! he glared the elder female, and then sprung away
startled, Shiro couldnt bare it and eyed away
Shiro! her mother barked
Err-yes? she bolted in her place, heart throbbing as her mother crept closer
Come there is much to attend
Yes mother and cleared her throat as she followed away, giving one last pitiful glance at the light brown female

something cold stung Kages bones, what the hell just happened? she wondered
? confused, Yuji snuggled himself into his mothers lap as she sat back on her hunches
The temple? she muttered, quickly scooping her startled son heading back towards the dens

Trying to wrap up all the tiny events in one scene/chapter can be so confusing at times!! @__@

They sure are late! Mayuko whispered to her friend
Aw-I bet Tora teased Ushio about his clothing or something and ended up fighting! Asako chuckled, but they had better get their butts here quick! The ceremony is gonna start soon!
Think so?
Yeah! Theyre gonna miss the opening! Likely, its only normal! They always miss the fun part of things!
Mayuko eyed around, watching all the little imps chatting happily about their beloved queens returned, some saying bad things about her brother, about how vile he was, how ruthless and that had the ocean-gray eyed girl wonder what will Aka do to her brother? After all the destruction he did to the kingdom, she surly has something more than to just ground him in his room or imprison him
Mayuko? Asako suddenly called, Hey! Ive been calling you for hours! Are you okay?
Yeah but, Im a bit worried do you think Ushio and Tora are okay?
(Sulk) Asako looked away while attending to answer, but then snapped, Oh! There they are! she beamed, and then gripped her friends hand Cmon! I have a piece of my mind Id like to share with those idiots! she muttered
Hope they dont mind Mayuko giggled, and held it back when she saw the temple boys troublesome face

From the frying pan and to the fire~ the demon slurred
And where have you two been? Asako thumped her foot, arms across her chest
(Nervous chuckle) Ushio just shrugged while scratching his head, we--(while clearing throat)--got a little distracted with thing! his voice soft with an odd tone
and the girl felt it
Ushio are you alright? Mayuko started, suddenly, her friend appeared frightened? Apprehensive? Tensed? She couldnt tell
Im okay he softly answered, then shifted to eye his black-haired friend, and oddly, Asako seemed worried, Asako?
You look--like you just woke up from a nightmare Ushio she said calmly, yet hands clutching her clothing, you look awful! and felt a shiver go down her spine
I blame Tora for it! he lazily glared the beast
A** h*** the beast whispered lazily eyeing away but then his ears shifted up, Ill be right back
Hey! Where are you going? Ushio demanded, not in anger, but in worry, he didnt want to be with the girls by himself, he was still nervous
Nowhere Ill be right back the beast somewhat affirmed and leaped away

Where is he going?

!! startled, a figure quickly hid within the darkness as the orange demon notice its presence calm, silent and steady, it didnt move, from the darkness that showered it, it watched the beast sniff around then walk pass it looking angry
Heh Tora somewhat laughed and trailed a few feet away, then suddenly silenced
? curious, the figure peeked out, and the demon wasnt there, phew~! it sighed in relief
Eep! startled by the sudden clutch of its wrist, the figure hidden under monk clothing jerked to fix its frightened eyes at the demon
A human female? Tora said in confusion, and then carefully shifted a hand to remove the head cover
Uhh! she struggled but the demon tossed it open
? and Tora paused, crystal blue eyes, and amber-red hair, this little girl seemed similar to the one-legged man! She was a female, a human female, no more, no less except that her pupils were cat-slit that is!
silent, her heart hammered in her ribs, but she stayed calm
? and there, Tora saw something to her waist, it looked like a belt and a sword? Why does such a youth possess a sword? She smelled like a demon, yet appeared as a human, so what is she; demon or a human?

Zetsuna! she suddenly squeaked, a relieved smile on her face looking beyond the demon
! and that name alone mad thousands of threats form in his mind, Tora quickly jerked to eye a startled velvet-gray female looking--worried?
You stupid child the gray female hissed, Did I not tell you to stay home?
I want to help! the girl whined, then eyed the beast as he slowly released her wrist, ? feeling it a bit, she eyed him again, crystal cat-slit blue to silver pupiless white
Musashi! Zetsuna suddenly baked, come here! she hissed in demand
nervous, the girl eyed the orange beast one more time, generally studying him, she twitched a faint smile and walked to the gray female, y-yes Zetsuna?
(Glaring) the female muttered under her breath, the human youth dipped her head once, and then the gray female signed to the youth to follow
Tora was feeling funny, is the gray female watching over this human or what? But he was pulled back from his thoughts as the human girl shifted her sight around to smile widely at him before tossing the head cover on her head
Nagatobimaru the gray female suddenly hissed, you lay a finger on her again, and I swear Ill kill you! she hissed, only her blue-green eyes glowed in the dim light, then walked away
Zetsuna! I-- the girl said softly
!!!! jumping a startled step back, the youth cleared her throat and followed, but then paused, eyed the beast, bowed quickly in respect and followed the female
what the hell is this demon female doing here anyway? And why is it that she companied this slender human youth for? That little girl is as old as the brat! Maybe even less! And why the hell does she look like one-leg?


What the--? Tora jerked around to a sudden cry followed by an explosion in the middle of the ball-room, Mayuko! he gasped and bolted back but all he saw was screams of fright and things blowing up, flames burning, imps running around causing a pandemonium!
Tora! Ushio shouted, hunter form, spear in one hand, both girls on his sides coughing and holding to his clothing, what the hell happened? he coughed in startle
Ushio! Akira shouted as she dashed in, Kh-kh-Kiro--has escaped! she breathlessly announced, When I went to check on his in the chambers, he swallowed some big shadow thing and it possessed him, hes increasing in size bashing everything in sight!
What? Ushio spat, Damn! That little--!

AH~! a shrilling scream ripped the havoc, as a huge ugly blop of slimy goop clutching the tiny queen in its grisly clutch
Milady Aka! Akira shouted, and then ran with all her might towards the creature
Tora thats--!
The thing we met a while ago! they eyed each other in start
That Thing was Kiro? the hunter gawk, No way~!
Ushio? Asako barked in whats going on here? she demanded
Ushio? Mayuko asked in worry
Milady Aka~! Akira shouted, darting a kick to the jelly form, only to be bounced back Whoa~! and slammed right into the wall
Akira! Ku shouted as he and his parents bolted in
Akira, honey, are you alright? Amani quickly asked, cupping her daughters shoulder
What is that thing? Maru demanded as he eyed the creature, but then jerked to the side, Zetsuna!

Foolish imp! Merging with Havoc Bah! Hes more of a fool than I thought he was! she hissed as she trialed in, Shiro followed, and the red-headed girl as well
!!! and Ushio froze, the girls eyes are cat-slit! But wait, didnt she leave Shiro with Kage?? What is she doing here??
Mother, now? Shiro asked calmly
It is now! she glared with a wicked smile, and bolted with no warning
Cmon! the young human girl said firmly, perching on the white females back, Shiro took her to a different direction

Ku? Akira called, what are you doing?
I need to stop this! her brother hissed, and his emerald softly glittered
Ku? his mother whispered, what are you to do?
I dont know he whispered
Maru-sama paused, deep in though, studying the up-coming battle
YuKai! Amani suddenly barked, YuKais emerald might help!
YuKai? But he was taken to China, wasnt he? Akira said as she felt her sore shoulder

YuKai is to be out of this! Zetsuna furiously growled, suddenly thumping her feet in front of the family, Maru! she barked in demand
Amani! she quickly continued
I am to ask you a favor! and her glare softened
? both dragon elders paused in a tensed moment
When Im done she closed her eyes and forced a smile, take Shiro to Kage, and deliver Musashi to Fuusetsu!
Musashi? Akira questioned
Its her she stated, turning her gaze around to the red-headed cat-slit eyed girl, she is a half-breed descendent of Kages family!
Half-breed? Ku gawked
I shall explain (Pause) if I were granted time! and then quickly leaped
Zetsuna!!! Maru-sama haste-fully shouted, she paused and gazed to him, youre not--are you? he mumbled in disbelieve Shiro needs you!
she only smiled passionately, and then ran towards the jelly creature, thunder charging
Zetsuna! Amani shouted, attending to leap after her, but her mate grabbed her firmly, Maru!? she asked in disbelieve you cant let her go and die!
Its her choice!
She wants to pay for her earlier sins!
Sins? Amani questioned
Father? What are you talking about? Akira questioned, slowly getting up to her own feet
Ku didnt ask, listening carefully while watching the pair try and actually harm the jelly figure

Its not as easy as it looks though!!

Dammit! I hate it when I attacked and it doesn't give affect!
Tell me about it!! Tora grumbled in irritation then jerked at the sight of the velvet grey female, ?
Huh?? ACK!!! jerking up, Ushio squeaked in start, quickly bracing the red-headed girl who fell out of nowhere right into his arms, What the--??
Oh! (Blush) Sorry! she nervously smiled, crystal blue cat-slit to purple-gray cat-slit, Um, could you please put me down?
dumfounded, he let her down
Um, thank you! she smiled and brushed her monk clothing, armor peeking from underneath, softly clattering against the sword
Musashi! Shiro cried dashing in, Are you alright? she breathed
Yeah! But we gotta watch out for the eyes! Theyre allover his head! she stated calmly, wheres Zetsuna?
Mother went around; shes trying to track a weak spot!
If we can find the devil-star well be able to obtain Havoc! the red-head eyed the demon, hand clutching something like a pouch on her side
WOW~ Wait a second here!!! Ushio barked with a time-out gesture, What the hell are you two babbling about? he demanded
Devil-star? Tora gawked then scrolled the jelly-demon

Um? Musashi eyed Shiro, and the young female did the same
Hes the beast-lance user! I guess he has the right to know! the white female shrugged
Fine! breathed the cat-slit eyed girl, I am Musashi! I travel with Zetsuna and Shiro to obtain the scattered souls of a darkness-lord named Havoc! My job as a blue-mage is limited in sealing him, and I can only do so when I find the devil-star!
What is that? Tora barked
Its a stone in a shape on an eye, its sealed in a crystal globe; I, Musashi, as a blue mage, am the only one capable of breaking the seal; thus imprisoning Havoc! she said in a more of an adult-tone
Blue mage?? Ushio blinked


Oh!! It seems that mother found it!
We are at haste! the red-head barked, leaping on the young females back; and just bolted away
both said nothing
Did you understand a word she said? Ushio somewhat whined
As clear as daylight! Tora muttered, and then cracked a slight glare at the boy, dont tell me you didnt understand what she said!
I understood the part about the sealing but--she lost me! then ran his fingers through his long cloud of black hair

And a shadow with hallow eyes stalked impatiently

The star is in the center of his head! Zetsuna hissed, We cannot reach it this time! We have to lure it somehow and force it on closing its eyes! Its the only chance for us to attempt an attack powerful enough to shatter its body
Well, if we cant get it out, go in for it! Musashi smiled
WHAT? Zetsuna and Shiro barked
Girl! Are you crazy? the velvet grey female asked, youll suffocate before you reach it! Hes too thick!
When there is a will, there is a way! and widened her smile, cupping her waist her smile went wicked, Cmon let me try it!
Musashi! Last time you did go into the target you stink for a month! Shiro muttered in frustration
What do you mean so~! You could get killed!
One lost soul wouldnt matter! she shrugged
!!!! and Zetsunas face went pale

What? Musashi! Thats homicide!
Hey~! One soul and not a million others!
Yes but--
Ill be fine! the human youth smile passionately, then walked away, calmly with steady steps, just flash the lights when youre ready! both females cocked an eyebrow, the thunder~! Its powerful enough to make it close its eyes on force!
Musashi! Zetsuna suddenly called, and the youth whirled in start and confusion, dont you dare die on us!
(Giggle) she dipped her head and continued on, dont worry Zetsuna~! I would let no one hunt me but you~! she smiled
(Hardly clearing her throat) and the gray females face went paler
Yo~! I just remembered! Musashi suddenly whirled around, when I drive the sword in, thatll be your turn! Gimmy all youve got!
Musashi! Youll get fried! Shiro protested
what do you mean So~! irritated, Shiros emotions flip, no longer the shy silent white female, but a protective predator, eyes flashing and teeth shown, a rumble in her words mother! Arent you doing anything about this? she hissed in demand
eyes shaded, Zetsuna forced a smile, your parents would be proud of you child
Zetsuna? Musashi frowned
Do as you wish! the gray female hissed, you are not human whole, such injures would not harm you so badly and a wicked smile crept in her blue-green eyes, one question though, what will I tell Fuusetsu?
Why should he even know? What he doesn't know wouldnt hurt him! the youth human shrugged, cat-slit eyes lazily glaring
It was your mothers wish before she died to be secured with a remaining family member!
Why bother? You never told Serena anything! Why should you tell him? the youth spat, arms spread revealing clawed human hands; and an armor ancient samurais style, you never told ME anything either! I had to find it out myself! and tears almost appeared, and it hurt!
You have my pity mockingly, Zetsunas eyes flashed
Aw~ F*** out! Musashi hissed, hand drawing to the sword

Stop it you two! Shiro demanded, Mother! Musashi! This is not the time! We have to get Havoc! Remember?
(Glaring) amber-haired human and velvet gray demon jerked with a dainty feminine Humph!
Sigh Shiro glared them, and then eyed the jelly-beast, the orange beast and hunter trying to attack, but only end up being bounced back


Milady Aka! Akira shouted, watching her little queen slowly being sucked into the jelly-body, only her head and shoulders havent sunk in yet, angered, she darted her fist to the structure, only to be flung back, OW!
Akira! helpless, Aka screamed of pain, the structure was squeezing the breath out of her
Dammit! This is hopeless! Ku muttered feeling his head and his emerald glowed with a hum, ? a cold droplet of sweat rolled down his neck, EVERYONE! DUCK! he shouted with all what his lungs could give
Ku? Maru-sama questioned, only for his son to go berserk again into hyper-menace mode shouting cries of mad-fury; his emerald casting spells all over the place but what got Maru-samas attention, some spells affected the jelly body! The ice spells froze it, and the thunder spells shattered the ice, leaving holes in the jellys body! If he can combine both spells, hell freeze/shatter the thing and save Milady Aka!

PAIN! THE HORRIBLE PAIN! MAKE-IT-STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!! Ku shouted rather loudly, too-loud than he should! His voice was so loud, rocks crumbled down the near houses!
KU! Amani squeaked, her son clutching his shoulders harshly, his own claws digging in his flesh, back hunkered, head jerking around like a manic trying to escape his suit!


KU! Akira gasped, her bothers eyes shot bloody-crimson, and black aura formed around him, something like a flame circled his new black barrier but then, this little speck of something slipped out of the barrier! It was a little flame, in dark blue and black and something crimson flashed in it like an eye
Havoc! Zetsuna barked, Damn-were too late! He already possessed his body!
What? Maru-sama gasped, then in horror got up to his feet to his son, Ku!
Dont! You fool! He does not know you no more! Zetsuna growled jerking the dragon elder back
Amani tried controlling herself, but only collapsed to her knees, she--she is right
Mother? Akira growled, We have to get Ku back!
Its hopeless! Musashi hissed, slowly walking in, Havoc had possessed his mind-soul and body! cat-slit eyes shifting uncomfortably to the orange demon and temple boy coming their way

Hey! Whats going on? Ushio growled
Kus been possessed! Maru-sama said unwillingly, hands clinched
What? the hunter jerked to the amber-hair girl as she spoke
Havoc is a soul of darkness! It possesses anything abnormal with power! Especially magic powers! she paused, then looked back at the frozen young dragon, black-mages usually suffer the possession painfully
What? Amani gasped, we-wh--is there away to get him back?
The only way to spare his life now (eyes flashed) is to kill him! she calmly stated
Tora paused, this female wasnt natural! She was acting above her age! And she seemed more intelligent than the brat! Btu the thoughts ran away at the sight of the velvet gray female a ruble drew into his chest
(Ignoring) the gray female muttered not-so-nice words about males and stood up on her hind feet, Musashi! Come! We have to seal it before it devours him!
Devours?? all questioned
Yes! Shiro affirmed softly, but gained a sweat drop as Zetsuna and Musashi exchanged glares
Anyway the youth human bared, Havoc is to start manipulating him as soon as he erases his memory, if he succeeds, your Ku would be nothing but a helpless puppet of death!
If he succeeds? Tora asked
Yes! It starts from Ku! and eyed the dragon youth still frozen in the same pose still, but now, add that hes trembling in place, Havoc would talk to Ku and fool him, if he succeeds, or if Ku turned weak, he would be controlled by Havoc whole!
Then we should talk to him!
No can do! Ku wont be able to hear anyone but Havoc!


Aka! Akira squeaked, only her queens face left in the fresh air; but then jerked back to her frozen brother! What to do? Oh-god what to do?

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