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The Other World 6

Chapter Six:

Sky is clear, the breeze is soft and sweet, clouds all fluffy and beautiful in white soaring slowly in the sky spring brings us so much joy one question whats spring without someone you love?

Hn? Mayuko craned to eye around, she was at the park with Asako feeding birds, oddly, something was driving her attention, and she couldnt tell what it was
Is something the matter Mayuko? Asako asked, her friend just suddenly jerked away looking at nothing
I thought that did you hear something?
Hear something? Something like what?
I dunno something like a fall! A thud or something she muttered
No! Why? Did you hear anything?
Yeah I think I heard something!
It was probably your imagination, nothing here with a thud but those kids playing soccer! Asako eyed a few children as they played near by
Oh maybe that was it no it was not that! Im sure of it! It sounded heavy! It was something huge and thick, Im defiantly sure!
Might as well go home, Ive got things to catch up to, coming?
Um, yeah pause, walking side by side with her friend how do you think theyre doing?
Baka and fur-ball? (Shrug) who knows! Probably beating the hell outta Akas brother either that or each other!! the female smiled, stop thinking about it! They know better than to get them selves hurt!
I know Im just worried!
Mayuko you worry too much! Asako smiled, I gotta go now, bye! she waved her hand as she ran off
um, yeah bye Mayuko waved her hand weakly, before clenching it, placing it over her heart, Im sure that there is something wrong and gazed to the sky, hoping that what her friend said was true


How do you feel? Ushio softly questioned his partner
I feel like a train ran over me eyes weakly eyeing the human boy, where are we?
Were at Zebas place
HELL! jilting in start, the beast clutched his chest in pain
Tora! Ushio snapped, Its okay! Shes not here right now! She said that shell be at the mirror room the boy soothed, does it still hurt?
Uhh--no! the beast fibbed, what are we doing here? voice coming weak and shaky, Toras silver slit eyes closed, head thrown back to land on that nice cool puny pillow
Maybe you need more rest the boy tried to smile, but deep inside, he was frightened, the beast coughed blood when he re-awoke
head slowly craning to eye the boy, the beast gave an amused face
What? the boy flushed why are you staring at me like that?
Your face gone white and your eyes arent focusing, your inner side feels cold and silent, youre blushing faster than usual, and your voice is awfully soft but shaky the beast said calmly were you crying? he asked in what seemed curiosity and care
!!! Ushio froze, and gained more crimson on the cheeks
Your ears moved! the beast teased with a slight smile, slightly chuckling, eyelids trembling, forcing them selves to close
Tora? the boy called softly, the beast just fell asleep again, Sigh hope you get better he whispered, kneeling there at the bed, Ushio felt cold and lonely for some reason, like sh** if this is how it feels when hes down Id hate to know how it would feel if--NO! dumb-ass! Get that idea outta your head! the boy knocked his forehead to the wall
(Deep inhale) the beast was now deep into sleep
Ushio leaned his head and shoulder on the wall, sitting there legs tucked under him, but then his fingers twitched, alerting him that he was still holding the spear, Tora he hummed, then drew in a deep breath as the view darkened, and he closed his eyes


Zeba looked up, what do you mean?
I mean its meaningless! You cant just search randomly Zeba! You must at-least have an idea where he could be!
Sigh (U__UX) Im trying my best Zallcos! the female hissed at her brother, now shut-up or youre gonna be a dead duck! And Im not talking feathers!
Fine! her brother barked only to snap as the temple boy wobbled his tired feet their way, Oh!
Ushio! Zeba called, are you okay? God you look beat! she brushed back a black bang of hair, how is he?
I dunno the boy shrugged, eyes closed, brows knotted, its the fifth time he had awoken and fallen asleep again I dont get it he opened his tired eyes a crack, why isnt he waking up? Why is it that he goes back to sleep?
Perhaps Akira suddenly spoke, merging from the darkness of the place, he has no reason to do so!
Huh? the boy gawked, what does that mean?
It happened to father once Ku stated, appearing next to his sister, only mother was able to wake him up!
So only with the presence of someone connected with a bond, he may wake up? Zeba questioned
Someone like a family or a lover perhaps? Zallcos suggested questioning
Yes! Akira responded motionlessly
Well as for the family, weve got Ushio, but lover? (Sigh/white thing) Im defiantly sure its not me Zeba breathed in disappointment
I tried it Ushio whispered, but he just wakes up for a few minutes and falls back asleep!
Well, do you know someone he likes? Someone he has feelings for? Ku questioned
Like SH**!! Its Tora youre talking about! the boy shouted in anger, do you think I guy like him has--! Wait! and he froze, Mayuko?

It is Mayuko! To awaken your friend, you must summon her!
S-summon her? What do you mean?
She is the only person that can awaken your friend she must do it!
Why her?
She is the only way
Yes if she is lost both of you are
Hurry! Your time is growing near!

Wait? Wait for what? Zeba gawked the boy, waving her ashen hand in front of his sight, are you alright boy? You just zoned out on us back there!
Uhh-Im sorry I just remembered someone
You have?
Yes Mayuko!
Oh? The one with the gray eyes? Zallcos questioned, You think she could help?
I have a pretty good feeling shes the only one
How come? Akira asked
Somehow there has always been something about her and Tora I never could figure out I just hope its what I think
Well then, is all what we need is Mayuko? Zeba asked, Do you want me to bring in Asako and Shigure as well?
No! Dad and Asako shouldnt know about this well, not at the meantime, cause if Asako found out, Ill be the one socked all over the boy weakly shaded a smile
Oh, alright then, Ill go get her Zeba smiled as she turned towards the magic mirror room

Ushio Zallcos started, do you need anything? You havent slept well last night
Im fine he smiled, just a bit tired
Since it might take a while, how about if you go to my room and rest?
Oh-no thanks, Im fine actually I could sleep standing up right here!
No I insist! Sleep in my room, you nee it!
Uh--I guess a short nap wouldnt hurt the boy trialed away side by side with the sorcerer
Akira eyed them now, no one left but her brother and herself
Ku eyed her worriedly
Hope fathers alright she hummed
Yeah Im really worried

Say, where IS Maru-Sama?

silently atop a thick green tree, the elder dragon was resting for a while, back on the tree, head resting back, one leg loose and one tucked under him, arms folded behind his head
(Rustle-rustle) something was under the tree he was on
?? eyes snapping in attention, the elder dragon moved as slow and soundless as possible to eye what on earth was going about below him
? ocean gray eyes searched around, funny I knew I heard something
! baffled, the elder dragon froze as he eyed the living wonder, talk about simple beauty! he hummed to himself, absolutely taken, eyes fixed on the human girl as she searched for something
Mayuko A female voice called
Hn? the female turned
Did you find it? a huge figure crept closer
Sigh no, Ushio never did like gardening! This grass is so long I cant seem to find it!
(Ushio?) The dragon whispered to himself, She knows him?
Allow me then! a huge slender light chocolate brown demon female smiled as she extended her claws, slashing the long grass out of sight, only for a small ball to roll softly a few feet away, ah! So thats where it went! The female demon smiled
Kage! a voice whined, what are you doing out of bed? it scolded, only for another bigger darker in brown male demon to walk in
Ho Muma Im fine! the female tried to smile, but to the dragon point, she was pale and as her mane/hair braided rested on her shoulder, she hardly seemed capable of keeping her balance steady
? now absolutely puzzled, the demon watched, then craned a bit to the side to see a smaller cub pouncing on the ball, cutely playing
Yuji Kage walked to her child, dont put it in your mouth! You dont know where its been! she scooped him up and nuzzled him
Mah~! the child exclaimed nuzzling back his mother, ball in his small chubby claw-less hands but then blinked the elder dragon, ?
(Finger on lips saying hush!) Maru-sama didnt know he was in someones property; hed better stay covered till they leave
Mah~! the child gurgled, one hand on her cheek
What is it honey? Kage asked
hunn! he locked his two colored eyes on her
I think hes trying to tell you something Muma stated
I know that! Kage smiled, what is it honey? Are you hungry?
(Shakes head) the child wanted her to see the dragon

Mom a golden female called, Hey, why are you in this place? Shouldnt you be in bed? it somewhat scolded
Maru-sama gained a sweat drop, just how many of these demons are there?? And the human girl is calm and smiling, it seems that she doesn't fear them in any way
Aw~ honey, not you too! the elder female whined, Im sick of being sick in bed, I just wanted a little fresh air! she responded
Mom you just hadnt been your self lately, were just worried about you the golden female said, I dont want you to get sick again
Aw~ Ann honey Ill be fine!
Kage Mayuko called, maybe you should go inside, its getting kind of hot here right now
Aw~ (Groan) not you too Mayuko! the female gave a pout
(Giggle) Sorry
Uhh--! the female felt her head suddenly I feel dizzy and almost collapsed
Kage! Muma barked as he gripped her, she was still holding tight to her child
Mom! Ann called in start, and then scooped her startled brother, its okay Yuji, dont cry she soothed, then eyed her slightly panting mother whats wrong mom? Dad! Whats wrong with her?
U-I-uhh Im okay Kage hardly kept her eyes open Im just a little dizzy she whispered
Thats it! Im gonna glue you to bed! the dark brown beast hissed as he scooped up his mate and walked away towards a near by temple, ignoring her efforts of negotiating with him

Mayuko gave a worried sigh, attending to walk after them; she froze, and couldnt help but to notice something blue on top the tree Huh?
leaping soundlessly, to land right in front of her
Oh! Mayuko gave a startled gasp to flinch a step back, but didnt scream, didnt run, she just stood there, and eyed that green scaly creature that fixed its blue and cat-slit eyes on her
Gomin-nasai! the dragon calmly said, I didnt mean to frighten you
Oh-it is alright Mayuko slightly smiled, Um are you related to Akira? she cocked an eyebrow, tucking her tawny hair behind her ear
Why yes! You know of her? amused, Maru-sama didnt know that she had met his daughter
Yeah! I met her in the festival two days ago Mayuko smiled, then slightly shifted around to notice the little beast child running her way
Mai! Yuji squeaked, crimson tail lashing, and then shyly hid behind her legs as he eyed the dragon
Yuji Mayuko smiled, scooping him up she nuzzled him, you shouldnt be here!
Friends of yours? the dragon questioned, and she dipped her head Odd, humans and demons dont usually get along
Oh~ weve lived together for a while, we kind of gotten used to it! she smiled, why are you here? Looking for Akira?
No Im looking for something else he responded

Well zippidi doo daa! a female voice sung two birds in a jack pot! Zeba appeared from a portal, Maru-sama! Where have you been? Akira and Ku have been worried sick about you!
Zeba? both gawked
Hn? Yuji cocked his head
? noticing the child Cha~! Zebas eyes went gaa-gaa Kawaii!!! she squeaked, such a cute little angel! the exclaimed in excitement
-O,O-;; Yuji hung to the human in start, Hnn hes scared
Aw~ Im sorry! I didnt mean to scare you! she smiled, but oddly and quickly calmed and locked her golden cat-slit eyes to the female Mayuko
We need your help!
? heart throbbing painfully, Mayuko knew something was going to happen
Mayuko! a voice deeply shouted, a chocolate brown blur swooshed its way parting the dragon and the pixy from the child and the human, Who are you? ivy green eyes flashed
Kage! Wait! Mayuko called in haste theyre friends!
Huh? the female jerked to the human friends?
Whoa! Zeba breathed, Who the hell are you?
Mind your mouth girl! Kage hissed, You touch either Mayuko or my baby and you can kiss your guts Gbye!
O__O? Zeba was totally puzzled, do you have any idea what shes talking about? she asked the dragon, and he only shrugged, Uh-anyway, Mayuko
Im afraid its necessary that you would come with me!
And why the hell should I let her go with you?
Kage, its okay! the human soothed what is it Zeba? What do you need me for?
Toras out cold
! Kage froze, eyes shot and frozen
And we cant seem to be able to wake him up
What? the elder dragon breathed, Why didnt you tell me?
We didnt know where you were! the female hissed, and besides, like I said, your kids were worried! You didnt go looking for Kiro by your self did you?
Well I-I-uhh HUGE sweat drop
Zeba Mayuko softly yet worriedly spoke, is he alright?
Hes out cold! Ushio tried his best, but its like he doesn't want to wake up!
Are they hurt badly? the light brown female softly breathed, the shock was still stuck in her throat

Mah! Yuji called his mother, she and the human were oddly feeling cold, he didnt like that
Baby Kage scooped her child Mayuko
Im going with you
What? Mayuko snapped, B-but Kage! Youre not well enough!
Its my dream! Im sure we could do something about it!
Muma wouldnt like that!
Oh (Evil smile) Muma is a bit tied-up right now, he wont mind!

Geez! I didnt know Kage knew professional sailor knots!
Oh-hold on a sec dad, this knot is so complex! Sweat drop

Your dream? Zeba gawked, meaning?
Take me to Ushio, Ill explain later
Mai! Yuji squeaked
What is it honey?
Bai! he cutely smiled
Bai? Maru-sama blinked, how old is he?
About 6 months Mayuko smiled, but really Kage, I dont think you should come! I mean you dont even know what kind of battle theyre going through!
I dont care she nuzzled her child, I just need to be sure of it
(Sweat drop) the dragon and sorceress gawked
ANYWAY! Zeba barked, Im running out of magic power here, I cant keep the portal open forever ya know! she slightly glared, Move it! Who comes, comes, and who doesn't come, doesn't!
Might as well move Maru-sama said calmly, then leaped into the portal
Cmon honey! Zeba smiled to the human girl
Um--? looking at the female, Kage seemed really worried
Let me come with you Kage somewhat pleaded
Im sorry Kage, Muma and Ann would never forgive me if I left you join! the female tried to reason
Sigh dropping her gaze, pausing, Kage locked her eyes to the girl, please be careful her eyes glittered
Mai! Yuji called Mayuko, childish hands wanting to grab her, Yuji didnt want her to leave
Be a good boy Yuji Mayuko smiled then leaped into the portal
Um, please Zeba started, Shigure and Asako are not to know about this now, Ushio would tell them after its over
Youd better watch it girl Kage hissed, If anything happened to Ushio, Tora or Mayuko and drew a deep inhale, glaring teeth gritted
I understand, you dont need to worry the sorceress smiled, then leaped into the portal

Unh! Yuji slipped out of his mothers arms to chase after Mayuko
YUJI! Kage snapped, but he was already in, YUJI! driven mad, Kage jumped after him a sec before the portal closed
(Eye-blinding lights enveloped the space)
Oomph! the female landed on her side, uhh
Mah? the child blinked her cutely
K-h-Kage?? What are you doing here? Are you alright? a teenage male voice stuttered
Uh--? snapping, Kage jerked up, eyes in ivy green locked with two black orbs, a pale face, and black hair, Ushio! she breathed
Mai! Yuji ran to the boy, arm thrown up saying carry me tail lashing
(Slightly chuckle) Ushio kneeled down and scooped up the child, what are you two doing here? he eyed the female
Mommys naughty boy decided to go on an adventure without asking permeation! she indirectly somewhat scolded her child, and Yuji slightly shrunk in Ushios arms
Hunn he squeaked
Kage Mayuko called, are you alright?
Yeah the female slowly replied, eyes in ivy green fixed on the boy, hands cupping the boys face, Kage couldnt stop her eyes from tearing, Oh I was so worried about you Ushio
Look at you! she stated youre so pale, and you look so beat she hugged him slightly nuzzling him, thank God youre alright she slightly sniffled
Mah~! Yuji eyed his mother, she felt warm yet her heart was throbbing, he was beginning to worry about this
Yuji she eyed her child, then slightly frowned, give me one good reason not to spank you, you naughty little boy! Whats the idea of jumping like that?
Hunn her child sniffled
Aw~ Im sorry baby she scooped him nuzzling, I know you wanted to follow Mayuko, but you scared me! she said softly, noses touching
Yuji just looked down with a sad baby-face

Father! Akira barked in start as she saw her father, with a relieved smile she hurried to him with an embrace, Oh~ Father youre alright! she snuggled her face in his chest
Sorry for taking long Maru-sama smiled hugging her back, and then eyed his black-mage son, Ku!
! Ku just blinked in start, cocking his head, Um, yeah?
Wanna join? Maru-sama extended an arm
Uhh--(Flush)--no thanks dad! Im just glad youre okay the male smiled slightly, then fixed his eyes on the slightly puzzled light brown demon female
Um?? eyeing the temple boy is Tora alright?
dropping his head down, hands clinched, eyes shaded in his bangs; the boy almost shrugged I dunno voice hardly hearable
Ushio Mayuko softly called, what do I have to do?
black glittering orbs fixed on his friend, Ushio sniffled and tried to smile, this way he whispered
Ushio Zeba called, and he weakly eyed her, dont push it too hard, it would only drive to madness
I know he whispered, leading his friend to the demons resting place
Kage eyed him, she wanted to follow, but knew she shouldnt, hugging her child, then eyeing the place she was at, the feeling was odd, where are we? she asked the pixy
Oh-youre at my place! she softly smiled, and honestly honey, you look beat! How about if you take a rest?
Oh-I cant Kage smiled, besides, I want to know if Tora would be alright, and also I have to stay awake to look after Yuji, and he can be quite a handful you see I just hope hes alright
Its okay! You can sleep in my room while Zallcos, S-S and I look after your kid!
Oh, no really, I cant!
Its okay! Besides! I love kids! Zeba smiled, dont worry and rest easy!
I guess eyeing her child gawking now be a good boy Yuji she smiled and kissed his forehead
Cmon this way! Zeba led the tired female to her room


Tora? Mayuko gasped in start, eyeing the beast laid there on his side on a velvet red bed, room dark, you cant see the walls, either that or theyre painted black absolutely motionless, head slightly tilted and breathing rhythmically
We have to talk to him somehow to make him wake up Ushio said quietly
But hes asleep, he cant hear us, can he? she whispered
quietly, Ushio walked to him, kneeling besides the bed, holding the beasts hand, think with your heart, dont talk with your mouth he softly said, Now help me he eyed his friend
Okay Mayuko dipped her head, walking to kneel besides her friend, both holding the same hand, three hands now bonded in one grip, the two humans concentrated, eyes closed, hope grew

Tora Tora can you hear us?
Hey! Baka! Get up!
Ushio! You should wake him up, not yell at him!
Sigh Tora Tora please wake up
Uhh who? Brat?
Tora! (Excited) Tora are you okay?
A** H***! How much longer are you just gonna sleep like this? Wake up already!
Ushio! Dont be rude!
Mayuko? Wha~ how? Where are we?
Uhh--! (Ushio was a bit startled, the demon didnt call his friend Hamburger girl like he usually does) how are you feeling Tora?
Funny my whole body feels numb and cold, but I feel something hot surrounding me
Tora, please wake up we need you!
Mayuko Im trying Im just I dunno I feel like its not in my hand
Tora (Ushio barked) we still have some butt-kicking to do! How long are you just gonna lie there?
You think I have a damn choice? I cant move! (The demons voice shouted) and that what worries me
Why is it that I can feel everything yet I cant move?
Tora youre just out cold
Yeah! You just need to concentrate! Please Tora, work with us here!
Im trying I just cant!
Its not that you cant stupid! Its that you dont wanna!
Of course I want to!
No you dont! Youd rather lie there and die like a dog!
WHAT? (Furious/growling) I want to wake up, I just cant seem to do so, why wouldnt you believe me?
Because if you really wanted to wake up, youd be aiming to eat me! So why arent you?
O~ (totally pissed off) Im gonna eat you alright!
Tora! Ushio! Please dont!

OW~! Ushio snapped, only to feel a snapping pinch pulling his cheek
Had enough? the beast softly chuckled as he awakened, releasing the boys face, if I werent so tired Id hit you he sneered
Tora! Mayuko cheered, ocean gray eyes glittering, Oh youre okay she carefully threw her arms around his head, softly nuzzling thank God
Uhh--! (Flush) Hamburger girl? he questioned, were you really there?
Yes! Mayuko sweetly smiled, hands cupping the furry orange face how do you feel?
Hell lot good! she snickered at the boys painful face, feeling his sore cheek
A** H*** Ushio shouted, then snapped as his cheek hurt
hnn but
I still feel a bit sleepy the beast yawned

You are out of danger now, sleeping would give you no harm!

I guess its okay this time Ushio smiled, then smiled widely as the beast rolled to his stomach and snuggled hugging a nice cool puny pillow and went fast to sleep
I guess its all over now Mayuko smiled, and I guess there was really no need for me
Of course we needed you Mayuko! Tora never wouldve snapped out of it if you werent there!
Yes, but your fight was the reason he woke up
Hey! There is more than one way to piss a cat!
Your cheek is swelling! Mayuko breathed
I know (Sweat drop) lets go to Zeba, she can take care of that, and we can check on Kage too!
Yeah! Lets!


(Sleeping peacefully) Kage really needed a long rest, laid there on a nice cool puny dark purple velvet bed, covered by a nice warm thick blanket, her child napping cutely besides her
Poor Kage I bet Muma is furious about her leaving like this right now Mayuko whispered to the temple boy
Nah~! Hes not that hot-headed is he?


O~ when I get my hands on her Ill nail her feet to the floor! (-T___T-X plus steam blowing atop his head)
Take it easy dad! Im sure mom and Yuji are okay! Dont get so angry or youll end up with white hair!
Shes the reason I have white hair! -T__T-X
Err--never mind Sweat drop

-,-||| (White thing)

Hnn~ the female smiled snuggling her child, both still asleep
but then Yuji woke up startled, !! eyes blinking sleepily yet frightened, he eyed his mother then the two youth as they closed the bedroom door knowing nothing of his awakening
Go back to sleep child, its too early a voice deep yet soft spoke to the child, a pair of soft greenish-blue pupiless slit eyes shined in the dim light
?? confused, the child perked an ear as he eyed the new creature walk its way a fur of velvet gray, mane/hair in purplish-red, forelock slightly curly shading the eyes it was another female demon, a bit larger than his mother, eyes passionately fixed on the sleeping females face
sleep child, much is yet to come the new female smiled, softly nuzzling the child then eyeing the exhausted female, much-much is yet to come she whispered softly as she trailed away
Yuji froze, something about his new female felt new, yet familiar


Oh so hes okay now? Zeba squealed in excitement, Oh-thank God!
(Oddly hissing) S-S was irritated at something
Sweetie whats wrong? Zeba questioned as she scooped him up whats bothering you?
(Calmed a bit) eyeing his master, being so close feels good!
Well, do you think its okay if I went back to the temple now Ushio? Oji-san and Asako are probably worried Mayuko suggested
Yeah, I guess its over now he smiled a bit but dont tell them anything yet! We dont know how things are gonna be like, and if I know Asako right, shell barge in this battle uninvited!
Okay, I wont ocean gray eyes smiled passionately to the temple boy, just be careful, wont you Ushio?
I will he responded
Okay, ready to go home? the pixy smiled
Oh-wait! Mayuko snapped, what about Muma and Ann? I cant keep it a secret from them you know!
(Sweat drop) Ushio forgot about them
Who? Zeba gawked
Muma is Kages mate, Ann is her daughter

Zeba! Akira barged in running, wheres father?
Huh? I dont know, why? Is something the matter?
Uhh-Im not sure, Kus diamond suddenly went berserk and he cant stop it! she breathed in haste
What? O__O;; the human youth squeaked
Hes shooting spells all over the place!
Wheres Zallcos? Why isnt he doing anything? the sorceress hissed in anger
Um--(sweat drop)--Ku accidentally turned him to stone!!
WHAT!!!!! T____TX you stoned my brother?
It was an accident! O__O;;
Accident my foot! Ill take care of this personally the sorceress growled quickly pacing to a near by room, Oh-and Akira!
Maru-Sama is probably in one of the guest rooms, look for him there!
Okay and sprung away
Ushio, Mayuko, stay here where its safe was what she said before vanishing into the darkness of her dungeons
Whos Ku? Mayuko was feeling frightened, do you think everything is okay?
Ku is Akiras brother, hes a black-mage but I have no idea how things are gonna be like the boy worriedly responded, Hope Zallcos is okay

Really? a deep ancient voice chuckled weakly, stone isnt much of a problem, as long as he doesn't get shattered apart
HUH? Ushio and Mayuko jerked in start, black orbs and ocean gray fixed to slit silver plates
Tora! Mayuko squeaked in relief, pacing to him, arms around his neck, Oh-thank God youre alright Snap!!! Wait! You shouldnt be out of bed! she somewhat scolded
I aint no baby female he said softly, lazy silver eyes fixed on the boy
(Faint blush) Ushio said nothing, not moving, only his fingers wrapped tight around the spear
dark orange tail lashed, and then the beast sat back on his hunches looking dizzy, one hand feeling his forehead
Tora? Mayuko called, placing a hand on his shoulder, the beast felt a bit cold
Im fine just a bit foggy thats all! he soothed the female, his hand on her own, and then eyed the boy again Brat? he asked calmly
Yes? Ushio tried to be rude, but couldnt, he was feeling so relieved that his friend was alright he couldnt even growl
What happened? the beast was still missing a few threads about what happened, last thing I remember was being swatted by that thing, then something blew up and he felt his head again, my head is killing me! Sh** what a headache! I need coffee bubbles popped over his head in dizziness
Thing? Mayuko turned to her friend what thing?
Kiro called it Arcadia! Its so gigantic; I didnt get a chance to see how it looked like sweat drop Im as big as a flea compared to it
Was it that huge? she asked, then eyed the beast again, it didnt hurt you badly, did it Tora?
(Sulk/pout) -T,T-
Err--never mind she nervously and sheepishly laughed

Bah! a childs voice squeaked, a little light brown fur-ball rolled in dizziness harmlessly thwacking upside down to the beasts lap where he sat
!!! all three gawked the child cutely grinning to them
Yuji? Here? That means Kage is--!! Tora blinked, then covered his eyes and started chanting this is crazy-this is crazy-this is crazy-this is crazy-this is crazy-this is crazy--(looking to his lap, the kid is still there)--*I* must be going crazy he sighed
Kage was worried about you and Ushio, she insisted on coming because she couldnt help it Mayuko reasoned
besides, shes beat, shes sleeping in Zebas room now looking at the child playing on the beasts back, pouncing on the dark orange flickering tail, I wonder why isnt Yuji sleeping
Ba~h! the child giggled finally grabbing the beasts tail
ba? Mayuko thought about it, and then snapped, almost flinching a step back Papa? O_o;;?
O__O? Ushio gawked the beast startled face, No way!
Tora froze, startled, we can even hear his gulp hardly drained down his throat, stiff neck shifting his head to look at the child climbing his back while playing
Ba~h! he tugged the beasts floppy ears Ba-Bah~!
Toras face went blank and the background went black stripped in blue with a horror song
all gained sweat droops
This is a problem Ushio crossed his arms
Yeah his female friend agreed
Mai! Yuji called the ocean gray eyed girl, cutely saying carry me arms thrown up
with a smile, Mayuko scooped him up and cuddled him; hope Kage can think of a way outta this she looked at the sick-looking beast, Tora! Are you okay? O__O;;
(Wobbly) the beast gave a dizzy glance before drawing in a deep breath; he needed to maintain himself

Yuji? a startled female hurried out of the room, glancing the three and her child, Oh! hair/mane in a mess, a stray bang crossing her face, oh-Im so sorry for causing so much trouble the chocolate brown female said, weakly smiling
Mah~! he squeaked happily, and then giggled as she scooped him up nuzzling him
Oh-you naughty boy, stop pacing around like that! she somewhat scolded
guilty baby face blinked cutely
ivy green eyes drifted to eye a pale orange thunder-beast
Bah her child said softly, one hand reaching to the beast
!!! Kage snapped, Now Yuji I told you its not Tora she said quickly and she sounded nervous
Yuji thinks Toras his dad? the boy felt absolutely dazzled
Me? And him? Tora and Kage barked in the same time, jerking to lock their eyes together, noticing that they both did that in the same time--pause--they both quickly jerked their faces away blushing right out of their fur


Ku! Ushio barked, All of you must stay here he demanded, and then quickly sprung away
Not that I can go anywhere the beast muttered tiredly, then eyeing the female beast, she looked more beat that he was
Uh--wed better head back home Kage weakly spoke, feeling cold, tired and drained out completely
Are you going to be okay Kage? said Mayuko, I think you still need to rest for a while
No Im fine dear! I need to get back home before Muma blows his top! eyeing her child Yujis been so hyper-active, Im hardly catching up on him! (Giggle) the strength of youth I guess! she smiled
You dont seem to be able to catch up on him anyway female, something the matter? the beast softly questioned
Im fine, really! she weakly smiled
! the ocean gray eyed girl snapped in start, she just saw something zoom by and it seems she was the only one who saw it
Mayuko? Something the matter? the female asked
uh-n-no! she smiled, I just thought I saw something
Oh the female closed her eyes to take in a breath; she was feeling still dizzy
Mai Yuji called Mayuko
What is it sweetie?
cutely swung his arms carry me! style
I dont think so little man! Kage scolded, Youre going to sleep, got that!
Hunn! the child whined
Quit your whining! she frowned, were heading home as soon as I figure out how
(Anime-fall out) Mayuko eyed the beast as he crashed, are you okay Tora?
Im fine he growled, fingers twitching -U__U-X

(Cough-Cough) Zallcos had to clear his throat being stoned sucks! he hissed
Its okay n_n;; Zeba tied to sooth, brushing dust off his shoulders
Why did you go all berserk for anyway? the boy walked in after the siblings softly scolding the dragon male, Akira worriedly walked in, side by side her father came in as well
Im sorry! I dont know what took over me! Ku reasoned, feeling nervous and dizzy, then reached out a hand to fix his eye-patch
Kage fixed her eyes on the elder dragon, Maru-sama, and he did the same, but yet both said nothing
Akira eyed her father, and then looked at the light brown female, cocking an eyebrow, she looked back at her father, then the female again, and then gawked, something was going on between them, she just couldnt figure it out
Father? Ku called, is something the matter? the male dragon noticed the female as well
Kage blinked in confusion, the younger male was his son?
Mah? Yuji wanted attention
I see you have awakened the elder dragon smiled, I hope you had a nice nap, you looked beat
I still am! she softly smiled, then Yuji started squirming from her hands !
Mai! the child called Mayuko, noticing that she walked to the ashen sorceress
Yuji! Stay still! Kage scolded
(Ears quickly shifted down) whimpering with tears Mai! he sobbed
startled, Mayuko eyed the female
Do what you want Mayuko, ignore him Kage side firmly
Ma~i! Yuji cried again, hands reaching to the ocean grays eyed girl
But Kage, I--!
Dont! Kage shouted angrily as the human female took a step back towards them teeth gritted, thunder slightly cracked, eyes slit glaring, a rumble in her female chest
!! Mayuko flinched a step back; Kage was out of her mind! Probably went berserk again!
Kage! Ushio quickly walked to her, calm down! Theres no reason to get mad! he tried to reason
(Glaring) Kage softened her glare, slightly panting, ivy green fixed to black, Oh-Ushio she whispered, the temple boy scooped her child and left her feel her head, Im so sorry, I dont know whats wrong with me lately, Im blowing a fuse too much she whispered tiredly
You need to rest! Ushio said softly with a sympathetic face, the female was slightly shivering, and shes not even controlling herself
(Shivering) Yuji himself was frightened, tears dwelling down his face, frightened hands clutching the boys tattered shirt
(Heart throbbing) Mayukos face turned slightly white, everything around her was beginning to fall apart, and the shiver went down her spine, she closed her eyes and tried to brush away the thoughts, but she was feeling scared as well until a soft brush went against her cheek, !
Its okay the ancient orange beast soothed, a soft smile on his orange stripped face

You know Zeba started, you all look tired, why dont you all take a rest? she smiled softly, Im sure you all need it!
I cant, not here Kage started, but then froze as if saw something
? all gawked, and then looked to where she was staring, but all saw nothing except Tora, Yuji and Kage were the only ones to see the new female again, sitting back on her hunches, a soft smile on her face
Kage? Is something the matter? Ushio questioned, the female zoned out for a while
Im sorry, I just felt a bit dizzy she smiled, but then again, it sounded as if something just moved away near them, something invisible!
? jerking to the female, the orange beast wondered about the identity of this new female she was similar to the light brown female, but along with that, she was a tad different as if they were sisters, but different in colors!
Mah? worried, Yuji reached to his mother
a passionate smile, Kage scooped him back and nuzzled him, Im sorry baby then oddly looked away
? looking around, Tora saw the velvet gray female smiling, she dipped her head then walked away into the darkness of the dungeons looking back at the brown female, Tora felt puzzled, Kages face showed that she never saw that female in her life!
Kage? Ushio called again in worry, you dont look so good, why dont you go back to sleep?
Yeah maybe your right she smiled in respond

(Barking) transformed into a Labrador again, S-S came dashing in barking his head off
Shifter! Whats wrong? Zeba said in start, had something showed on the mirror?
(Yelping) trying to say yes! S-S quickly reared to run back to the mirror room, and all followed
except Tora Kage and Yuji
Who was she? Tora asked
The gray female? Kage questioned, and he dipped his head, I dont know, she suddenly popped out of nowhere since last week, she never spoke to me once, I have no idea who she is nuzzling her child, but for some reason, I feel like I know her from somewhere
Mah? Yuji called cutely, one hand resting on his mothers muzzle
Perhaps Muma would know
Yes smile, I never told you how I met Kyofu and Yami, have I?
No! I dont think you have but I dont think is the time for memories female! We have a wild thing on the loose and you have to go back home! Tora somewhat scolded
I know she sighed, almost every time I bump into an AzaFuse I dont know, it just so happens that s/he has knowledge of Muma
How come?
Muma told me that he used to be a traveler in his youth before we met
Howd you meet old brownie anyway? Tora mocked as they slowly followed the others to the mirror room
Taifuu met him when he was five, and somehow, Muma didnt eat him, and they became friends when Taifuu turned 17 the war ripped my family, and I met Muma when he helped us escape
And that when you were to die?
I had the spear, and instead of dieing, I transformed
What about your kid?
The garnet fastened in the bow pulled him in God he was only 23 back then
The bow? The one you left with one leg?
Yeah I left the bow with Taifuus son, Gojo Kage then paused, three moths after, I found out I was pregnant with Ann, I was scared the thought about it, would it be born beast or human it kept me awake for days

When she was born I refused to believe it I used to be human! Why did I give birth to a beast?
But Muma said that hell always be there, beast or human, it matters not to him, as long as hes with me to keep his dept
Taifuu risked his life for Muma when he was 15 Mumas been secretly guarding the family ever since
That means Mumas older than you
Yeah, he was about 300 older than I was
How old are you two now?
Us? Tora dips his head Im 630, Mumas about 980, (giggle) twenty more years and hell be 1000! pause how old are you, Tora?
Promise not to tell the brat?
=O__O= blinking in start, b-but--you look so young!
(Hot air went up his head) -^__^- youre as old as you feel!

Hey! Ushio called as he walked back, what are you two still doing here! Cmon! he scolded, then reared to go back to the room
three said nothing, but then smiled to each other and walked into the room
Mah-Bah! Yuji gurgled, and both froze to gawk him
Why does he keep saying that? Tora gained a sweat drop
I dont think he means it Tora! Kage tried to smile, I think hes just practicing the way to say it
Well? Ushio hissed, standing a few feet away, foot thumping angrily

Gomin! Kage smiled weakly
Something the matter? Maru-sama asked as he stood behind the boy
Uh-oh-no nothing! Ushio said in start, found anything?
No, I guess well have to search again, he couldnt have gone too far pause, the elder dragon locked his blue eye to the female
Ushio! Maru-sama! Come over here quick! Mayuko called
! both jerked to her and hurried into the room
! Tora leaped after them to see whats going on
hn? Yuji cocked his head, and then curiously eyed his mother; she was still staring at where the elder dragon stood
Kage? a voice softly called, Akira stood at the door, thats your name, right?
Yes, and you are?
I know Aki means autumn/fall, but whats the ra for?
(Shrugging) carefree mode, the female dragon eyed the female, you look beat, and honestly Id take a vacation if I were you
A mother cant take vacations!
I noticed weight shifting to one side, wanna go back home?
No, not yet, I need to make sure Tora and Ushio are going to be alright
Why? Theyre not your kids!
Maybe theyre not, but theyre friends! Close and dear!
blinking once in what seemed amusement, Akira gave a smirk, so you care?
Of course I care!
frowning, something seemed to swarm in the dragon females mind, Bah--forget about it
Whatever she hissed and walked back into the room

Ann! Yuji suddenly squeaked, chubby hands reaching out
Huh? Kage eyed her child, and then her sight drifted to eye her golden daughter pace towards her, Ann? =O.O=!
Mom! Your alright! she hurried in her pace to nuzzle her mother, Oh-dad and I were so worried
How did you get here? Kage asked in start
This pixy girl pulled us in a black-hole thingy
Yes! Us! a male voice hissed angrily, yellowish-gray eyes glared lazily as the dark brown figure paced calmly
Muma! Kage breathed, hugging her child worriedly, her mate was fuming
Give me one good reason not to drag you back home and glue you to the bed? the male growled
Baba! Yuji breathed cutely
! startled, Muma gawked his son, excuse me? -O_O-?
E-Baba! Yuji smiled widely, arms thrown widely
Hes been practicing it for you all day! Kage smiled softly, hopefully, her mate might forgive her
eyeing his son, absolutely dazzled, Muma wheeled a very pleased smile and scooped up his child Aw so mommys little man finally spoke! he chuckled as he nuzzled him, but that still doesn't mean youre outta this Kage! he frowned
I know! =^,^=;;

Muma? a voice asked in amusement
Huh? jerking around, the dark brown male froze, Maru?
Muma! a smile wheeled on the dragons face, long time no see! pause, so its just as I thought, this females your mate, no?
Yes, Maru-sama, this is my male, Kage, and these are my kids, Ann and Yuji
Hi! shyly Ann greeted
? cocking his head, Yuji was confused
You know each other? Mayuko asked as she walked in
Yes, I didnt recognize them when I was on the tree, the view was blurry I guess
Tree? Ann asked
It matters not, but I must admit, you have a very beautiful daughter Muma
Thank you? blushing right out of the fur, Ann couldnt hide her smile
Yeah, and what makes me happier, shes getting wed soon
Daddy! Ann whined in embarrassment
Yeah, from a friend named Jiaaku Kage taunted, and her daughter gave a pout sulking away
(Smile) Mayuko felt good about the good news

Maru! Ushio called, hurry! We found Kiro!
About time! the dragon hurried into the room
Can we join? Kage asked Mayuko as she walked in after the two
I dont think Zeba would mind
walking in the beast family was silent


What is this? Fist Mayuko, then Kage and Yuji, now Muma and Ann? Whats going on? Asako growled in irritation
Theyll be back, dont worry Shigure smiled calmly, now, I think you should go back home as well, all call you as soon as anything shows up
Sigh--okay and then walked away, hands in her jackets pockets, Ushio had better have a good excuse for staying away so long she muttered to her self
Sigh I hope theyll be alright Shigure eyed the sky as it glowed in orange, sunset was drawing near, and its been some time since the beast and his son had left drawing in a deep breath, the priest walked in, much he had to attend

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