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Chapter Five:

Heart throbbing hard tears uncontrollably dwelling down her thick skinned face, Akira fell to her knees her blue orb glittered, everything was silent everything was in shambles and everything was drifting with the dust

KU! she screamed once more yet only to be replied with her own echoes
a hand carefully rested on her shoulder
? jerking around, she eyed the huge body that was shadowing her, Nagatobimaru! she gasped
Toras face was calm, yet he was panting, hardly keeping his weight balanced, one hand clutching his torso fur, pain throbbed in his heart, tears are not going to dig him out! Tora slowly drew back his hand, and gasped a little for air
Nagatobimaru! she breathed in care, the beast almost fell to his knees, clutching his heart Akira placed her hands cupping his shoulders, are you alright?
Knock it off! he growled, brushing carefully her hand of his shoulder Im not gonna die!
Instead of mobbing around, dig out, we dont have time!!
(Pause) the beast was in his own battle against pain, Tora was holding up, he was fighting, and still, he had that wicked smile of strength on his face, youre right! Akira whispered, Youre absolutely right! she breathed
with a smirk, the beast slowly rose like a bear, and drew in a deep breath, then looked down at the female, get up then!
(Dipping her head) Akira stood and craned to the ruins, better start digging she eyed the space under her feet
Not here
Dig at the nearest point he was at! Tora stated

Tora! Ushio cried, dashing in with all his speed, human again, but his face a bit pale
? the beast eyed him as he ran their way
Uhh--! Ushio wheeled a smile, hes okay! Toras alive! Toras okay! his mined moaned, closing his eyes for breath, and to thank the lord, then calmly hurried pacing towards them, trying his best to look expressionless
Ushio Akira whispered, What on earth happened to you face? she laid a hand on his head, youre as pale as a ghost!
Just outta breathe Ushio panted a little, You have no idea how hard it was to escape that thing!
Yeah, talk about big feet! the beast hummed trying to chuckle, then drew a hand to slightly rub his chest
something snapped in Ushios mind the beasts voice! It sounded weak and calm, and his reactions! Tora probably has problems in the inside, cause from the outside, he looked fine, despite the dust and slight bruises
Are you okay Tora? Ushio couldnt believe that he found himself asking, That thing really gave you a wallop!
Im fine brat! Nothing serious! he chuckled, silver eyes half open, so? Are you two gonna stand here all day? Start digging!
Dig? Ushio gawked, and then eyed the female dragon
I think Nagatobimaru thinks that Ku might be buried under the rubble!
Huh! Ushio said in start, wed better hurry then! he barked and shifted around, where should we dig?
I dunno Akira whispered hands shaking

Something rustled

?? all jerked around, only to hear the sound of scattering rocks
Urgh someone moaned, doing his best to push away a huge stone from his path, it fell and rolled a few feet away
Ku! Akira squeaked, and then dashed a run to him
Uh-huh? the dragon boy breathed, only to be hugged tight, Akira squeezed the daylight out of him, Akira~! Ku moaned
Oh-sorry! she whispered, cupping his face, are you okay? Are you hurt? tear got her face all wet
Ku froze; this has been the first time he saw his sister cry! Akira he whispered, are you okay?
Im fine! she smiled, then couldnt help but hug him once more, Oh-thank God youre alright! she sobbed a bit
treasuring that, Ku wrapped his arms around her back and hugged as well

with a faint smile, Ushio had to dare and take one glance up at the beast, only to shift his whole sight to him, Tora! Whats wrong? Ushio squeaked
Uhh--! Tora clutched his chest again and fell to his knees
Tora~! heartbeats throbbed in the boys mind, Tora~!
Uhh--(Gasp)!! Tora shot his silver eyes; his lungs hardly accepting air, crimson acid floated up his throat, staining his orange fur, chin, torso arms and knees
! Ushio gasped in fright, he flinched and almost fell back, T-h-T-h-To--! and he was speechless, his vocal cords were totally frozen
Nagatobimaru! Akira cried in shock, she and her brother both hurried to the beast
Tora heard nothing, he felt nothing but cold splashing of water against his skin, and saw nothing but blurred figures moving near him, slowly the view went black, and he remembered nothing


Tora! Zeba sprung off her velvet sofa, Oh-Zallcos! Hurry and open the portal! the sorceress demanded, charging up to take back the members
What about Maru-sama? Aka reasoned, He was still being chased by Kiros monster, remember?
Maru-sama is alright! Im sure he wouldnt let that big-footed oaf hurt him! Zeba stated, still fixing her eyes on the mirror, okay, here they come!

Whoa! Akira breathed, gaining back her normal size, Ku landed on his two feet next to her, then Ushio came in, yet he and the beast were still shrunken
Hey! How come Tora and I are still shrunken? the boy protested, then eyed the beast on the two dragon siblings shoulders, uhh--!
Because Akira and Ku can shrink when they like! You two are under one of my spells! Zeba responded, then walked to the beast, Oh-mighty God she prayed, Cmon, this way! she told the two dragons and they followed

Ushio stayed silent, is Tora gonna--! and he couldnt help the fear forming in his heart, Tora his voice moaned, almost crying
hell be alright Zallcos soothed, placing a hand on the boys shoulder, Come now, Im sure the three of you need rest, now that the plan is totally destroyed, Im afraid well have to do another tactic
IS THAT ALL YOU CARE ABOUT? Ushio shouted, spinning around to face the sorcerer, thwacking away his ashen hands, a single tear drop rolled down his face, Tora might die! he hissed, hands into fists, teeth gritted, brows knotted, and tears streamed hot, eyes shaded in his black bangs, Tora might die he repeated, whispering with a bitter hiss
I understand Zallcos calmly said, hands cupping the boys shoulders again, but you are Toras strength Ushio!
? black orbs flashed
Dont grow weak, or it might affect him!
? Ushio cocked his head, not fully understanding what the sorcerer was saying
You the spear and Tora are one! If one of you grew weak! The others would be affected!
that made a point
Now, dry your tears before the lord sees them! You wouldnt want him calling you crybaby now would you?
No Ushio couldnt help but to give a small twitch of a smile, it wouldnt be pleasing if Tora called him that

Is Tora gonna be okay?
Zeba wouldnt let him die that, I promise!
Thank you Ushio looked up, black eyes fixed to golden
Now, its getting late, come to my room, you need a long rest!
following the pale skinned sorcerer, Ushio looked around, to where the two dragons took his demon friend, and then with a sigh, followed the sorcerer again

What about Maru-sama?

(Panting) the elder dragon stopped to take a rest, he had led the creature out of the kingdom grounds, Dawn is near he hummed to himself, it should clear the structure of this thing
(Sneering and growling) causing earthquakes, the creature scrolled its ruby-red eyes and searched for the tawny lizard that hurt it
Closer closer! Maru-sama smiled to himself


YES! the elder dragon shouted, he just tricked the creature into falling in a huge sticky swamp! Phew! This ought to freeze him for a while! springing away, I need to go back and check on Ku! he just wanted to go back to check on his children


(Jabbing his baby-teeth to a peeled apple)
Aw! Mommys little man got him self all wet! Kage giggled a bit, eyeing her child refusing to wipe drool off his mouth
(Shifts his face away from a hanky) frowning with a pout
Stop moving she laughed, one hand holding his chin carefully, the other patting his fur drying up the drool with a handkerchief
(Pout) Really trying to look angry, the child felt his chin, and then eyed the two human females giggle
God! Yuji sure has grown! Asako laughed
Yeah! And in such a short while! Mayuko brushed a little of the childs forelock back
He seems as stubborn as Tora!
(Gives a squeak) two colored eyes blinking cutely

Kage Muma walked in, the females were all in the temples living room, Kage still a little pale, and Asako and Mayuko keeping her company, and Yuji sitting in his mothers lap, hey! How are you feeling?
Better! she smiled; hair still braided resting on her shoulder, a stray bang of hair out of place crossing her face
(Nuzzling) Muma was just glad she wasnt berserk anymore

Um, I think we should go talk to Oji-san! Asako started, trying to find a reason to leave the couple alone
Yeah! Take care! Mayuko chirped as she followed her friend

A moment of silence crept slowly

Mah! Yuji started, wanting to reach the apple that slipped out of his grip
Aw! You still wanna apple? Kage softly nuzzled him, picking up the apple giving it back
(Happily giggling) he just wanted something to try his teeth on
Hmm? ivy green locked to yellowish-gray
Are you sure about your dreams? his voice had a bitter tone in it
Its what I saw its what I felt she slowly closed her eyes
N? Yuji looked up, apple still in his mouth, blinking confused
Why is it that only your horrible nightmares come true?
I--(shrugging)--I have no idea maybe its what father told me once when your bond with someone is very strong, you could feel and see what s/he going through
Hope things go well Muma whispered
hunnn! Yuji protested feeling absolutely uncomfortable
Baby whats the matter! Kage said in startle, he child suddenly started sobbing
? eyeing his mate as she hugged and kissed, trying to comfort her child, the dark brown beast noticed that shes still worn-out
O~ baby its okay! Mommys here! Whats wrong? she nuzzled and cuddled more, her child slowly stopped and started sniffling, clutching tight to her fur, snuggling into her warmth
Maybe you both need a rest Muma nuzzled her as he suggested
Oh-no Im okay! she smiled weakly
You dont look okay to me!
But I am! Kage protested
Stop it Kage! Youre too tired!
Im not!
Would you stop that?
No! You stop first! she slightly growled
hnn? getting scared, the child clutched to his mother
Kage you need to stop this at once! Muma hissed, If you wear your self any longer, who knows what would happen!
Im fine Muma! I cant stop now!
Oh yes you can! You just dont want to!
Of course I can stop!
No you cant stop!

tob! a voice squeaked
! Kage shot her eyes
? Muma blinked in start
tob the voice sniffled
? both eyeing the sniffling child, they paused
tob Yuji breathed
Stop? Kage asked
Did he say stop? Muma questioned with a stunned face
tob! Yuji said once more, eyes scrolling from his mother to his father and the way back, tawny hands frightened clutching to his mothers fur
Yuji spoke Kage breathed, a crazy smile wheeled on her face Yuji spoke! she widened her smile jerking to eye her mate
Yeah! Muma breathed, he was still surprised
Oh-mommys little angel spoke! Kage squealed hugging her little boy

Kage? Mayuko called as she walked in whats all the commotion about? she asked in care
Yuji spoke! Kage said with much joy, Oh-baby Im so proud of you! she nuzzled him
Really? Asako barked as she hurried in, what was his first word?
Believe it or not he said stop!
Stop! Asako gawked
Stop? Mayuko blinked
Stop?! Shigure asked as he walked in
tob Yuji said once more but with a smile this time, I guess since it stopped his parents from fighting, hed better chant it!

I heard of many baby-first words but stop? Asako gawked
He had his reasons Kage sighed, eyes locked with her child, she knew why he said that word and made it his first--well almost!
That makes me wonder Muma barked, What was Ushios first word? he craned to the priest
(Sweat drop) the old man chuckled, honestly, after Ushios fist word, he didnt say much
Why? Asako asked
What was his first word? Kage concluded
Well it wouldnt matter! I washed his mouth with soap that day! the man chuckled a bit louder
(All gave a sweat drop) -__-|||

Better than Fuusetsu! Kage stated, his first word was F***!
O_o;;? All gawked
In all the world Asako breathed
Cant blame him! Gintsu used to say it all the time
Gintsu? Mayuko questioned
Fuusetsus grandfather! she eyed her mate, you remember him Muma, dont you?
You mean the old guy from the mountains? Geez! I hate the guy! the dark brown beast whined, last time I got suck with him he locked me in the horse stable and burned a mark on my butt with that metal thing!
Huh? Kage gawked, he did? Why didnt you tell me?
I couldnt! her mate whined, He had a knife ready to snip off my tail if I had!
=O__O=;; Gintsu?
Yes! T__T Gintsu!
Kage said nothing more, hmm, better give him a visit pause Muma
Did you tell Ann about the others?
Gintsus family and the others in Spain?
N-no I dont think I have why?
Hmm nothing, never mind she said nothing after that
Mah Yuji started, reaching out a hand patting his mothers mold, head titling to the side, he just wanted to know what they were mumbling about
eyeing her child, the female shook her head and slightly chuckled
Whats so funny? Muma barked
Nothing its just that Gintsu reminds me so much of Ushio she calmed a bit, hope theyre okay

Are they okay?

Tora the boy whispered into his friends floppy ear Tora was lying on a bed, hands resting loose on his sides, absolutely silent and calm almost dead Tora the boys voice called, almost hissing, tears forming, eyes went glassy, Tora, please answer me! Can you hear me? the boy breathed, the beast gave no move, no sound, no expression, nothing at all
Ushio Akira whispered, a thick hand rested carefully on the boys shoulder, Come! He needs to be alone she whispered
(Sniffling) the boy reached a hand, grabbing the beasts loose hand, fingers crossing, please, j-just let me know can you hear me? the boy breathed
the beast made no move
getting hard to breath, the boy could feel mist forming in his throat, it was irritating pressing his beast friends hand, resting its back on his forehead, fingers holding tight, eyes closed shut dammit, a sign, just one sign Tora thats all I ask a sign that youll be okay I need to know Ushio hissed, brows knotted as his voice trembled please one signthat is all I ask

Akira Ku softly called, would you come over here please he said
Coming she whispered, gave one sympathetic glance at the boy before walking out of that dark silent room, closing the door; she craned to her brother, what is it?
Father is late! Im worried! her brother stated, Lady Zeba searched for him in her magic mirror, yet she couldnt find him! he brother continued, You wouldnt think he went looking for Kiro do you?
It is possible Akira said, calmly walking away through the dark wards of the sorceresss dungeons, her brother stayed at the room, silent Akira thought about her conversation with Kiro as she walked, mother? Journey? What did he mean? reaching a room where her Queen sat looking sad and worried, Milady Aka? Akira started, her little friend seems miserable
Oh Akira! Aka whispered, It is all my fault! she couldnt help but cry everything is all my fault! she cupped her face and started crying
Milady Aka Akira soothed, walking to the youth and calming her with an embrace, its not your fault, its Kiros fault, you shouldnt blame your self for his actions the dragon female reasoned
He is my brother Aka sobbed, arms around her dragon guardians neck his guilt is my guilt she opened her eyes a crack, sky-blue eyes releasing hot tears, then buried her face it her female friends torso
Sigh Akira tightened her embrace a bit more, its alright, everything will go back the way it was, I promise Akira smiled, brushing down the youths hair down
What about the home that were destroyed? The lives that were lost? The hopes that were stolen? You cannot get them back Akira! the imp female hissed parting herself from her friends embrace, it-could-NEVER go back to the way it was she breathed, brows knotted and what seemed pain and hate mixed together
Milady Aka Akira could feel strength and power, but did not know if it was good or evil
Kiro shall pay for what he had caused Aka gritted her teeth, Brother or not he is to be punished! she growled, anger and hate rose, eyes glaring her clinched fingers, slowly loosening up in her hands, her fingers twitched like a pair or five razor sharp claws, I will see to it my self the little imp hissed
(sweat drop) Milady Aka? Akira breathed; her little friend was acting totally different!
(Eyes flashing in a blasť of light blue) Aka locked her eyes with her dragon friend, dont try to stop me Akira she softly hissed you might regret it and with that, the little Queen stood off the velvet seat and walked away into a dark ward, leaving her dragon guardian feel absolutely alerted
Milady Aka Akira breathed with fright, this has been the first time for her to see her friend like this, it was frightening!


Remember how it was? When we first met? That day I never did believe your legend a demon trapped in a cellar for five hundred years for eating a few humans heh I always thought that father was making it up but when it came true Im beginning to believe in a lot of things in legends I never thought exist I used to think that they only exist in childrens imaginations never in real life but now that you are here I want to ask for how long? Are you going to just let go of life and leave me behind? Please dont! I want you to stay! I dont want you to leave! I want you to stay here! With me! With my friends! You are a dear friend! I dont want to lose you please not now not like this!

Depends on how much you believe in them boy!

Huh? Ushio shot his eyes wide open, only to see his tears staining the beast hand and arm, tears drawing wet, dripping from his face, falling on the orange fur, slipping down the beasts arm all the way to his elbow
Tora was still cold and silent absolutely emotionless
Tora? the boy breathed, thinking, then closing his eyes, the boy tried his best to communicate to the beast, Tora can you hear me?

Talk with your heart boy! Not your mouth! (A feminine voice suggested)
With my heart?
Yes! With your heart child!
Who are you?
You will know when the time comes!
Wait! Who are you? (Thinking, Ushio got no respond) Sigh might as well try it! (Concentrating) Tora! Tora can you hear me?

Uhh who?
Tora! (Excited) Tora? Is that you?
Uhh b-brat?
Tora! (A smile crept on the boys face, eyes still closed) you Baka! Get up! Enough sleep already!
Sleep? Am I asleep?
Of course! Now get up!
I dunno! Try to wake up!
Im trying! I just cant seem to be able to do so! (panting/pause) say where are you? Where are we anyway?
I dunno! Its your mind as far as I could tell!
What? What are we doing here?
I dunno!
How are you doing this?
I dunno! I just think, and I guess you can hear it somehow!
Are are you okay? I thought you were dead
Dead? (Pause) what proves Im not? (The beasts voice was a bit shaky) I cant feel my self, I cant move, I cant wake up maybe I am dead!
NO! Youre not dead! Youre just unconscious! (The boy scolded) concentrate! Im sure you can do it! Pleaser Tora, just try it!

Why do you care? (The voice sounded soft and curious) I thought youd like it if I was gone
Uhh (blush/thinking of an acceptable excuse) I just no matter how much I hate you
You dont deserve such a death

I see
Please dont die
I dont want you to leave

? eyes in silver cracked slightly open, head slowly craning to eye the tearing boy resting his forehead on the beasts forehand, tears wet on the beasts fur feeling weak and exhausted, the beast was startled that he was still alive! Fingers twitched alerting the boy
Tora? Ushio whispered, eyes shot wide open, clinched fingers easing on his partners hand, a smile wheeled on the boy face, youre okay! Youre a live! the boy cheered, How do you feel?
Its funny
That you even cared
? Tora? the boy asked, a smile curved on the beasts face as he slowly went to sleep, Tora?

It is alright my child, it is alright now! Your friend is asleep, he is safe
Yes no need to worry anymore
Oh thank God (Pause) who are you?
When the time comes Ill be more than glad to let you know
Till then survive! Because someone awaits your arrival

Wait! Ushio barked, but the voice responded no more
Ushio? Zeba softly called, who are you talking to? the pixy asked in care, when she walked into the room, the boy suddenly barked wait!
Uh-Zeba? Ushio said in start
Oh-my! Were you crying? she asked in care, pulling a handkerchief, patting the boys face, God, your face is all wet!
Uhh-Im okay the boy tried to smile, Toras okay he breathed, and the pixy wheeled a smile
But hes back to sleep now the females smile faded looking at his partner, soundless, but a small smile of his orange stripped face
Would you want him to see you cry then? Zeba said, Go wash your face! You look awful! she suggested
What about Tora?
Ill look after him till you come back, dont worry she said passionately, soothing the boy
dipping his head, the boy walked out and tried concentrating not to bump into anything, and to walk as straight as he can

sigh eyeing her furry love, Zeba sat near the beasts head, and rested the beasts head on her thigh, with a lovers kiss on the cheek, the smiled widely, forking back a few orange, dark orange and white locks of mane, please wake up be okay she prayed

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