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The Other World 4

Chapter Four

Hn? Ushio woke up from his daze, he saw a dream, but didnt remember a thing about it, blinking lazily slipping off of something huge orange and soft, blinking it, it was the beast !?
(Deep into sleep) Tora was silently sleeping, curled around the boy, the spear in the boys hand, yet not touching the beast
Ushio gave no sound not wanting to wake his friend, admiring the beasts face; Tora seemed relaxed, sleeping peacefully with a soft smile on his face, arms folded under his head
Morning Akira whispered to the boy
eyeing her, the boy smiled back, morning
Care for a drink? Maru-sama offered
yeah-thanks Ushio accepted the mug, back still resting on the beasts body eyeing his reflection on the surface of that liquid, Ushio couldnt help but to eye the beast again, with a smirk, Ushio moved the mug for the beast to have a sniff or two, it might wake him up
(Muttering) Tora cracked one silver plate open, sniffing the aroma of something delicious, then cracked the other and craned to the smiling boy Hn?
(Stretching full length/yawn) Tora lazily woke up, sitting up; Tora looked like a trine-wreck!
Care for breakfast, Nagatobimaru? Akira offered
the beast calmly eyed their breakfast, it was some sort of drink, it smelled like milk, sliced soft boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes, and cheese the female liz--err dragon! Placed all the ingredients into a sandwich as she offered it to the beast
Go on! Try it! she also offered a mug of hot milk
Hm--this stuff is good! Ushio exclaimed talking mouth full
Dont talk with your mouth full! Ku softly scolded
(Gulp) Ah~ Gomin-nasai! ^^;; Ushio smiled
It wouldve tasted better if we had salt and pepper! Akira smiled, and then took a bite of her sandwich
Bare with it, sis! Ku chuckled, and then craned to his father, Oh! I wanted to ask you something, father
Since you and Akira are both here, who is looking after Milady Aka?
Sorcerers Zeba! Akira answered
Zeba? You left Milady Aka with that nutcase?
Ku! Maru-sama scolded

Dont be mad it him! Sure the word nutcase doesn't describe her well, but it was close enough! Tora smirked, finally he found someone who thought the same way he dose about the female sorceress
Oh you dont like her because shes mad about you! Ushio chuckled
Better than some brat who doesn't have a clue! -U_U-!
Huh? Clue? Clue to what? O_o;;?
Exactly what I mean Tora stated, (Snap/Yelp) Hey! the beast whined jerking around Damn mirror (SMACK/Ouch!) OW~ feeling his poor little tush, Tora glared the boy trying not to laugh
(Cheeks grew red) Ushio was hardly holding himself together
Humph! Tora jerked his face around with a pout

Anyway! Akira smiled barking in, come over here, both of you, and have breakfast
scooting closer, Ushio actually felt delighted with such a meal, it was simple, but it was filling him completely, he felt stuffed with the second sandwich
(Gulping it in) Tora had four, and he was still hungering for more!
Sorry! Ku said with a sweat drop, out of ingredients! he was amused of the beasts appetite
You have a huge appetite, dont you Nagatobimaru? Akira smiled with a sweat drop
Yeah, too bad, no matter where I go, it doesn't seem that anyone has enough to have me feel full! Tora calmly said licking his chops like a huge house cat
Its not our fault you have a too-huge for your own good appetite! Ushio stated after having a drink, sitting with his legs tucked under his thighs, eyes closed

No matter Maru-sama calmly said, eyes closed, there is much to attend after this is over he eyed his children, you both ready?
(Both dipping their heads)
Good Maru-sama stood up and eyed the temple boy and beast glaring each other, with static! With a white thing he shook his head, please, both of you! he started, both shifted to eye him, this is no time for childs play, and are you both ready to put the plan into action??
As long as I get to kick some butt, Im ready! Ushio smiled
I want to kick some butt, too brat! And if it doesn't get to be the imps, its gonna be your butt! Tora hissed
Oh-shut up! Ushio sneered, you job is to keep the guards busy! Youll have as many buttss to kick as you want!
What? I dont want the small fries! You do that part! I want to main man!
Na-a! Maru-sama and I are gonna get Kiro!
In your dreams! No one is gonna get that little lard ball but me!

oh yeah?
Oh yeah?

(Grrr) foreheads bonked together as the temple boy and beast glare eye to eye, sneering and hissing, Tora said nothing because he knew hes gonna get spanked if he did


You know something Zeba started
?? S-S, Zallcos and Aka eyed her in confusion
It wont be fare to put a spell on one guy not the other! she gave a frown, finger pointing a zapping spell to snap the boys butt


Yaw! Ushio jilted, what the f*** h--(SPANK/Yelp) O_O;;!!! Huh??
-O.O-? after a pause, the beasts lips twitched and he fell back laughing
What the f*** is--(SPANK/Yelp)--fun-ny feeling his rear, the boy figured out what was so funny
Thank you! Tora said loudly
O_O||| did Tora just say thank you? Ushio thought in disbelieve

You two okay? Akira asked, the pair suddenly went nuts, fighting in one minute, laughing in the other
Yeah! the beast smiled widely, then eyed the boy again, so how does it feel, brat?
It feels like crap! Ushio growled, and then felt a twitch like a pinch down his butt

Okay enough already! Ku somewhat growled, he was getting a fit about all of that, are we gonna move on or not? he asked in haste
We are his father calmly said, and then headed towards a path hidden behind a carpet that looked just like the walls, it was a secret path, and our two friends didnt know about it
Cmon! Akira smiled as she walked after her father and brother, what are you two waiting for?
N-nothing! Ushio started, where does this path lead? he asked while walking after her
Tora silently followed
It leads to the back side of the Dojo slitted eye craned to the beast, hurry up Nagatobimaru!
with a pout, the beast sped up a little
Hush Maru-sama whispered, forefinger on his lips, looking beyond a secret mirror, where he can see the out side, and they cant see him back, there were a few imps lurking around the place

Any sign of them? a squawking imp asked
No sir! the other solider saluted
! Akira snapped, the solider was the one guarding the main gates, its her friend
Damn, keep a look out, theyre sure to return! the imp growled as he walked away
peeking his head until the imp went away, even if they came, why should I even tell ya? the guard mumbled to himself, back against the wall, he didnt know the mirror behind him could let them hear what he said, sigh I wonder how Akas doing hope shes okay he asked thin air or at-least he thought!


Oh! (Blush)!! Aka was able to hear that
Aw~ Akas gotta fan! Zeba giggled
O-hush up! Aka scolded, hitting Zebas shoulder playfully
(Giggle) who is he, anyway?
He usually guards the main gates, but he once guarded the dorms for a while, his name is Kim, hes nice (blush) but a bit easy to distract
Oh? Do you like him?
Well~ he is kind of cute Aka blushed harder
Tell me more! Zeba excitedly demanded
Sis! Please! Concentrate on the mirror! The view is blurring!
Oops! Sorry! ^^;; jerking to her friend, but your telling me about him when this is over, got that girl? evil kitty face smiled at the little female imp
Well see about that! Aka just wanted out of there!


I never thought Kim cares so much! Akira almost laughed, Akas really in for it!
I dont see anything wrong with that! her father calmly recalled, Arkan used to do the same to you!
Oh! (Blush) Arkan? Oh-father, the guys a jerk! she jerked her face with humph, arms folded
Aw Cmon Akira! Arkan used to go nuts over you! Ku chuckled
Oh-you too, Ku? Akira almost shouted, but her father plunged a hand shutting her up
Hush! he softly scolded

? Kim eyed around, Hn? Funny, I thought I heard something shrugging it away, he walked a little away

Sorry Akira whispered
Nows the chance, right? Ushio asked the elder dragon, Maru-sama gave a nod
Leave this to me! Tora widened his smile walking through the wall invisible, walking after the absent minded guard
Ack! Ushio snapped, Tora~ what do you think your doing? Get back here! he demanded almost growling
O-let me have some fun here! the beast muttered sitting back behind the imp, eyeing him absent minded
Oh-God! Akira breathed, This isnt looking bright!
Hed better watch his tail! Ushio hissed; spear gripped tight

Tora was silent sitting behind the imp, dark orange tail lashing, and the beast raised a hand, carefully brushing against the imps long pointy ear
! scratching it, the imp looked behind right through the beast and saw nothing, Hmm? shrugging; he went back to his guard
(Holding back a chuckle) brushed the back of his forearm
Ack! jilting in start, ?? looking around, feeling his forearm, Kim was starting to get worried

Kim! Akira started, showing out of oblivion
Huh? jerking around in start, Akira!
Hush! with a glare, knock it off, Nagatobimaru! This is no time for child play!
Huh? Kim didnt know who she was talking to, until a huge orange figure started to form in front of him, AH!
HUSH! Tora hissed, clawed hand blocking the imps mouth
O_O!! blinking twice, the imp scooted near the dragon girl, wh-wha~!?
Its alright! Hes a friend!
F-f-friend? O__O;;?
(Pout) Tora said nothing


OW~ feeling his scull, the beast glared the boy, what was that for?
Its for you-you over grown sh** he--(SMACK/Yelp!) O.o;; (feeling butt/Blush) Urgh this is gonna need a little getting used too! T_TX
(Smirk) Tora didnt give a comment
You both are BAKA! Akira scolded, Now Cmon! We need to move!
Alright Ushio and the others walked along with a very confused imp


(Panting) reaching the temple, the ivy green eyes eyed around, blinking a priest that seems to be waiting in the living room, the light brown female snuck her way into the boys room, seeing nothing, finding no one, she searched the rooftops, she found no one, landing in the backyard, the female is now in berserk
Kage? Shigure asked in amusement, he never thought hed find the female here, what are you doing here? he walked up to her
Wheres Ushio? she asked in haste, Shigure, where is Ushio? Where is Tora?
Uhh--?? startled, the priest eyed the female clutching his neck lice with a crazy face, hair in a mess, though it was still braided
where-are-they? she almost shouted at him shaking him like crazy
KA~GE~ the priest tried releasing himself from her grip first
Oh--!! Gomin-nasai! she let go and brushed his messed up gray hair back, I-I-I dont know what came over me she whispered
(cough-Cough) Ahem, its okay! he tried to smile, why are you here?

I I had a dream
They both were together

And then they argued about something

Something suddenly came up; it was all dark and cloudy
And then, it it--!
It what?
It killed them both!
Killed them?
I saw nothing but blood, and I saw them both dead!
So I had to come here and make sure it was just a dream but since both arent here they--they--!
Kage, you worry too much!
Im sure theyre fine!
Shigure! How can you be so calm about it? she almost shouted scolding
Ushio and Tora can look after them selves just fine! There is no need for you to get so worried! the priest softly reasoned, how about if you go back home and rest? You look beat!
I cannot rest until Ive assured theyre alright, Shigure! the female hissed almost scolding, Where are they?
Sigh the priest eyed her there, looking like an over protective mother worried about her child
They are not children Kage! Theyre fine, Im sure they are!
Well Im not! she growled, clutching his neck lice shaking him again, tell me now before I rip out your tong! shes gone crazy!
! the priest locked his calm eyes to the female, Kages eyes were glowing in the dim midnight lights in beautiful ivy-green, her sharp teeth in white, her claws making a mess out of his shirt!
TELL ME! she shouted again
Ugh! the priest held her hands that were clutching him tight, Kage~! he somewhat whispered in lack of air
Oh! in stun, she let go, and the human fell on the ground coughing
? looking back up at her, her hands on her mouth, not believing what she just did, her eyes forming tears, somewhat panting and loosing control of her self
I-h Im Im so so~ sorry she whispered shame, I-I-I didnt I-uhh she cupped her face, and grew silent

soft brushing went against her shoulders, blinking a pair of dark brown hands cupping her shoulders, Kage jerked around
her mate stood there with a scolding look, yet with pity then craned to the human, are you okay Shigure?
Uh-yes! Im fine! the old man said as he stood up and brushed his clothing, looking back at the stunned female; shes an insomniac right now, so it wouldnt be a good idea to taunt her in anyway, Kage, I think you need a rest!
She does! She hadnt slept for three days in a row! Muma stated, embracing his sobbing mate
Three days? Shigure was amused, even Tora, who really didnt need to sleep for long, couldnt last more than 30 hours, and she lasted for three days? About 72 hours? No wonder she was acting crazy
Cmon, Kage lets go back home Muma softly suggested to his mate
No! Kage barked, tears still streaming down her face, I need to find Ushio! a lock of hair went across her face, she looked like a hell of a living mess
Kage! Muma scolded, You are coming home with me, you understand?
NO! she shouted, ripping her self from her mates embrace, I just want to find him! Is something wrong with that? she hissed
Kage! Im warning you! Muma growled, signing a hand to the priest to step back, this could get ugly he whispered
Shigure took a step back
Kage! I dont want to hurt you, just calm down, okay? Muma tried calming her
No-Way! Im gonna go find Ushio even if it blasts me to an oblivion! she growled, head slightly wobbling on her shoulders, hair flickering with the light breeze, teeth gritted, claws extended
Then you give me no other choice! Muma said softly
Ugh (O.O)! Kage just got a punch in the stomach knocking her out cold Uhh~ fainting, landing in her mates arms
You really didnt have to do that, did you? the priest asked the dark brown beast, it was simply no way to treat a female! No matter how crazy she was
Its the only way Mama softly said, eyeing his mate, cradling her in his arms, shes been having a crazy nightmare about them dieing for some time now, I guess thats why shes been so edgy
I personally wouldnt think theyd be back tonight, you two can stay in Ushios room if youd like!
Oh-no thank you, Shigure!
No I insist! Its a long way back so I think it would be better if you stay here for the night!
Honestly, I cant! I left Yuji back home with Lady Siren; I cant just leave him back there!
Well you cant take Kage back in such a state either, now can you?
You have a point Muma had to agree, Kage was in berserk, she couldnt tell what she was doing, and besides, she needed rest, and the dreams would probably haunt her again, here is a place she can rest when she needs to
Come on in! Shigure smiled, eyeing the dark brown beast carry his mate inside, the priest was getting worried about the subject as well, who knows? Maybe Kages dream might come true


slowly looking behind him, Ushio felt a soft breeze against the back of his neck, but seeing no one, he shrugged and went back watching the guards walking around the mansion, So? Now what? he asked the elder Dragon
We stay still, and wait! Maru-sama calmly said
Wait? Ushio never worked by that rule before!
Yes, until Akira and Ku clear a path for us to make our move
And besides, we must wait till Nagatobimaru starts as well, you know!
Oh-in that case, I think its gonna happen soon!
And why do you say so?
Tora is impatient! When he gets bored, he goes like the hells (SMACK/Ouch!) err--with plans, and lets just kick some ass! Ushio continued reaching back to feel his rear
I see Maru-sama eyed away trying not to laugh, It seems that you both are under the same spell, are you not?
Yeah, we both get a whopping when we curse it sucks! then jilted when a pinch when down his tush
Hmm, I could use that on Akira! the elder dragon smiled, she turns foul mouthed when shes angry
You dont say! Ushio stupidly chuckled rubbing his rear

GREYAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh thunderbolts shattered many things as a very bored thunder beast rushed his way in

Thats our sign! Lets move! Maru-sama barked
! jilting in start, and then leaping out of place, Ushio hurried after the elder dragon

Near by

Thats our chance! Lets move! Akira barked
! leaping after her, Ku was a bit startled, he never thought it would come that fast

Back to Tora

(evil grisly laugh) the beast was enjoying himself, then with the corner of his eye, blinked the temple boy and the elder dragon speed into the mansion, then the younger pair came up to help
Impatient, arent you! Akira chuckled somewhat scolding as she approached the beast
Whatever! I dont like to wait! (Pout) Ive spent too much of my life doing that! the beast hissed and leaped to kick some ass
? not understanding that gesture, the younger female leaped sideways avoiding an arrow, Hey! T_TX then she growled, Okay buddy! Youre asking for it! Whirl-Wind!!

Whoa!! Ku breathed leaping a back jump avoiding a sword, man-Im not cutout for battle! he gave a sweat drop
Oh-shut up and fight Ku! Akira scolded shouting from a way
Easy for you to say! he shouted back, then blinked a row of imps darting a dozen of arrows towards him, Ack! Shield! he shouted, then the diamond glowed strongly, although it was still covered with his eye-patch, as a glob formed around the younger dragons body, Phew! he whipped his sweat away after the arrows bounced back
KU! You BAKA! Dont use magic! Akira hurried to her brother
Why not? he spread his arms, causing the glob to increase in size accepting the guest
They might have archers here! Someone might cast silence on you stupid!
Hey my magic defense is doing well! Dont worry!
Well your evade isnt! T__TX she growled, and besides, didnt father tell you not to use too much magic?
I only used it now! he gained a sweat drop
When you need it, use it! Dont scatter it around!
HEY! Just because Im the only mage-dragon in the family, and youre my older sister doesn't mean you can boss me around Akira!

This is no time to argue! Tora barked, move it you two! then threw a thunderbolt at a few imps who scattered in fear, then swung his arms around thwacking apart a few more
Youre right Akira breathed, Cmon! We have to hurry!
To where?
To the dungeons you Baka! she cupped her waist, have you forgotten the prisoners?
Oh-but I thought Kim was gonna do that!
He needs back up Baka! T__TX
Well Sheez! No need to be so nasty!
You both are Baka if you dont move it! Tora shouted, he was getting a fit about them taking their sweet time chatting

Meanwhile, inside

(pant-pant-pant) Ushio sped as much as his feet could allow, using the spear to move aside any annoying little imp that might come at their way
This way! Maru-sama called
Im on it! the boy grinned evilly, spear head shifting up, dashing down bashing open the Kings domain
Kiro! Maru-sama shouted in demand, only to find the kings thrown empty, so was the whole place, scaly hands clinched into fists Show your self you pitiful cowered!
(Faint chuckle within the shadows) a pair of evil eyes flashed, NOW!
AMBUSH! Ushio shouted, this has been the second time it happened

Meantime, down at the dungeons

Run! Run! Dont think! Just get out of here! Kim demanded as he set free everyone, most were old men and women, and poor children
Kim! a voice shouted
? jerking around, the young guard eyed a female in monk clothing running his way, May? he blinked in start, what the hell are YOU doing here sis?
Father told me! she panted her words
He saw your friends outside and followed them around, is it true that Queen Aka is still alive?? she hopefully eyed him
Yeah b-but How did you know?
Baka! she kicked his shin, and he hopped around in pain why didnt you tell us? Couldnt you trust your own family??
I was afraid Kiro might get you and force it out of you if I told! the elder imp reasoned feeling his leg, and didnt mother tell you not to wear those damn shoes?
Hey! I can kick butt too ya know! Just cause Im a lancer doesn't mean I cant use my feet?
Oh? Wheres your lance then?
What? And pull everyones attention while trying to sneak in? Im not that crazy! she pouted cupping her waist leaning her weight to one side

There they are! an imp growled pointing towards the pair, Get them!
Oh-Uh! Its the boss! grabbing his sisters hand, Cmon!
Whoa! he pulled her quick, whats the harsh? she smiled, then pulled a boomerang form her under her clothing, hey guys! Catch THIS! and she threw it


Ha! she laughed grabbing it, that outta do it!
Ugh! the sound was chocked
Huh? she jerked around only to see her brother held tight by two other imps, one had the sharp end of his sword under his neck, Kim!!
Stay~ back~ the elder imp could hardly breathe, head yanked up, hardly being able to eye his sister
Eep! she squeaked as another pair grabbed her tight, Hey~! Lemmy go! she said in fright, why was she scared? It was one of the guys she hit with her boomerang!
Hey~ youre kinda cute girly! one of them stupidly sneered
Girly? her eyes shot wide open as she suddenly stopped struggling
Did you call her girly? Kim whispered as he gained a sweat drop bad move buddy! he tried to chuckle
Girly? May hissed, you called me girly? her teeth showed, they were more like fangs Ill show you GIRLY! she shouted, slipping one arm free, reaching behind her, grabbing the guy by the shoulders, flipping him over to crash right at her feet, then with a quick turn around she met her heels with the other guys nose with a nasty sound of some cracking bones!! Then with two free hands, her brother ducked down as she slammed the two imps heads together knocking them out cold
Ow~ Kim eyed away; he did-not want to see that sight!

Kim! Akira cried as she dashed in, hey! Sorry were late! she breathed, then eyed the younger imp hey, Ive seen you before, havent I?
Im May! Kims younger sister!
Akira! Ku shouted, as a wild buch of imps dashed their way after them, reaching hands to each other, creating a ball, and then throwing it towards the ward creating a shield No time for hellos! Move it!
Alright she jerked to the siblings, you two move out, the rest is what well handle
What about Aka? Kim asked, Shouldnt she show presents when Kiro is defeated??
WHEN he is defeated shell show, dont worry and get your hides outta here! Akira demanded
Akira! Ku called, I think weve got trouble!
Huh? she jerked to him
Urgh!! Ku was using his strongest magic to create the wall, hands glowing with the power reaching to the wall, but imps with many weapons kept attacking it, the walls not holding! he jerked his head towards his sister, get them out through the other way! the wall cracked, HURRY!
But Ku! Akira protested
I can handle it! Now MOVE!
Alright Akira breathed, then grabbed the two siblings and ran
Whoa! May and Kim squeaked


? back to back, the beast lance user panted out of breath, then shifted the faint corner of his eye to the elder dragon, its hopeless!
Well (pant-pant) if we cant get rid of them, might as well got through them! Maru-sama whispered, his slitted eye fixed on the laughing imp
Oh-please Maru-sama! You think you can defeat my mob? Heh, even if you did, you could never defeat my ultimate creation!
Ultimate creation? Ushio growled, What is this? A movie or something? spear point shifted a bit, get real FAT-BOY!
Better than a scrawny human! Kiro sneered, ARCADIA! Kiro shouted, rising his hands to the air, a crazy smile on his face Show them no mercy!
Arcadia? Ushio and Maru-sama eyed each other with mocking confused cocked eyebrows; both gained a sweat drop


O__O;;; both snapped and took a step backwards wanting to eye the top of the creature that just came crashing through the roof!
Hmm, I have to take care of that! Kiro gained a sweat drop, no matter he gave a carefree shrug, when this is over, you two are to be my slaves! then tried laughing like a villain
Ba~ ka~ ! Maru-sama and Ushio sung with a bored tone in their voices
(Snap!) T__TX with a pout, the imp broke a fuse Arcadia! Show them your power!
(Growling and funny noises) the creature gripped both Ushio and Maru-sama in the same clutch
Ouch! Watch the spikes!! Ushio growled
with a leap, the creature knew it couldnt do its job in the mansion, so it leaped out, missing to flatten the orange beast by a hair
YELP! -O_O-;; Tora shot his eyes wide open, the thing just flattened three imps with one blow!

Tora~~! Ushio shouted, help us you dumbass!
Hey! -T_T-X Tora sneered, then jilted as the foot went up again making a step forwards, HEY! Where do you think youre going? Tora growled, and then leaped with claws and jaws ready to bite
? feeling a tawny twitch down its foot, the creature looked down, and picked the beast up with two fingers
Yaw! Watch it! Tora protested, he was as small as a tawny new born kitten to the size of the creature, put-me-Down! the orange beast struggled as the creature was holding him by the leg, he was upside-down!
(Shrug) the creature threw away the beast with a single flick of a finger
Whoa! Tora felt dizzy, balancing himself in mid air, HEY! he shouted, crackling thunder no way are you getting away from me! Tora darted a soaring attack to the creature a direct hit right in the shoulder!
(Yelp!) Toras attack didnt seem to hurt it much, so it swung its empty hand as swatted the beast like an over grown house fly
Oomph! Tora splat right on his chest, causing unbearable pain, gasping for air, arms folding around his chest, he just curled there, eyes shut, teeth gritted, and a faint moan escaped his throat

TORAAaaaa! Ushio shouted as he struggled, his efforts were down to ash, he couldnt even budge the fingers! The thing was completely in darkness, it didnt seem clear at all!
ora-ora-Ora-Ora-ORA~!!!! Maru-sama chanted struggling with all his might till he stained the creatures fingers with blood
GREYA!! the creature threw them with pain, and then eyed them as they landed safely on a rooftop growling with hate, it ran to them, giving no damn care to the scared citizens and demolished houses and shops under its feet

O~ Well, I was thinking of flattening this place and starting a new kingdom anyway! Kiro snickered as he eyed his kingdom becoming a wasteland through the hole the creature made
Oh? a hissing voice said
Huh? jerking around, Kiro saw Akira!
why-you-tawny-little and she didnt finish, her slitted eye widened a bit, her blue eye glared with hatred, give me one good damn reason not to rip you limb from limb!
Simple! Because Aka doesn't want you to! Kiro mocked, Oh-she is so~ na´ve! She must be pretty idiotic to have chosen you to go to your own death Akira!
Join me! he smiled evilly and I promise you would live in a life on luxury you had never dreamed of!

What do you say?
You expect me to fall for that? Akira growled, You killed your own parents for the kingdom, you tried killing your sister when you found out that she was to be the new Queen instead of you, you are a monster!
Ah~ yes! But alas! Even your mother wont attempt such behavior! Her journey was such a failure! slyly stated the imp while he gave his back to her, an evil smile on his face
Huh? Akira froze, mother? Journey? What are you talking about?
What a pity, didnt Maru-sama tell you?
I guess he hadnt! and with that, Kiro suddenly leaped out of the opening to land on a bird like creature to soar away
No! Akira shouted
(Laughing evilly) Kiro was enjoying himself watching his kingdom being demolished, only to be startled as a whole wing of his mansion was blown to kingdom-com! What?

KU! Akira screamed, and then hurried away; she had to make sure her brother was alright


Whoa! What just blew up? Ushio questioned as he ran for dear Ollife, he didnt want to end up being flattened by huge feet at any time of his life!
Its the mansion! Akira and Ku should have left! Hope they made it! worriedly responded the elder dragon, running side by side with the boy WHOA! then both had to split, because if they didnt, a huge foot wouldve flattened them with one blow!
Maru-sama! Ushio shouted, and then eyed the creature chasing the elder dragon
Find Nagatobimaru! were the echoes of the dragons words, Ushio could not see him, but the words were clear
Tora Ushio whispered to himself in disbelieve, the hit Tora got was awful dangerous! There is nothing worse than being hit in the chest! Such moves could cause the heart to--NO! The boy jerked his head harshly, then darted a run back to the mansions yard, Tora hang on because if you die (a bitter feeling stung the boys body and mind) my life would be meaningless

Is everything okay?

KU! Akiras scream echoed throughout the damaged place, tears in her eyes, the area her brother was in was a few feet away, and it was damn deep! If he hadnt gotten out in time then--KU!! Akira screamed again, bitterness bit her words, as bitter tears snapped her sight yet there was no respond there was nothing but the echoes of her voice and dust hanging shallow in the air


Oh-mighty God! Aka breathed praying, eyeing her friend, tears were forced to fall
it was an ugly sight, Zeba couldnt watch anymore
(Moan) S-S tried making her feel better, but Zebas heartbeats throbbed hard
Zeba Zallcos called softly, its too early for conclusions he said calmly, not eyeing his sister, a firm gaze on his face
Zallcos Zeba breathed, then eyed the mirror again, I hope youre right

A/N: chappy four is done chapter five coming soon! ^__^