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Perspectives 2

Chapter two:

At break of dawn everything was in life again and dreaming or not it all felt real, it all sounded real it even smelled real! How this could be a dream, if everything around is as if it was real?

Yawn Murasake yawned lazily; waking up a pretty holiday afternoon God~ what time is it? she eyed her alarm clock, Eep! 10.30? O__O;;
Its a holiday a deep voice hummed softly
uhh-Tora? she breathed, wearing a pajama or not, the shifted her blanket on her bosom you should know better than to be in a girls bedroom! she flushed
(Chuckle)the beast rose from where he laid like a lazy over grown orange house cat and stretched lazily before walking through the substance of the wall out of the room
(Slight blush) the girl sighed, got up and out of bed and attended to fresh herself


Good morning Tora Sumako started with a calm smile
Morning he hummed, and then lazily sprawled on the floor, arms folded under his head
You look tired! Sumako said, Do you want me to get you something?
Nah! the beast whispered, A short nap would do me just fine he hummed, slightly curled around himself and closed his eyes
As you wish the elder woman smiled

Mother! Murasake started, rushing into the room
Hush! her mother scolded, pointing a finger to the dozing beast
Oops! ^.^ Gomen-nasai! she smiled, sorry about coming back home late last night!
Its okay! What matters to me is that youre with someone! her mother smiled, you blew a fuse early, dont you think?
He was back stabbing Tora! the girl protested, faintly the beasts ear perked
That means he just wanted privacy!
Not like that mother! the girl cupped her hip, spear resting on her shoulder, I mean Soku hates Tora, theyre rivals, and you know that!
Maybe he wanted to voice out what he feels for you, but didnt want Tora to hear it! her mother reasoned with a snickering voice
Well like-Duh! Its not like I like Soku at any case! she sneered, the jerks a Baka!
Either that her mother turned to wash the dishes in the kitchen, or you pay too much attention to Tora
Huh? (Flush) O__O;;? the girl froze
-O_o-! the beast was still in his pose, yet now eyes shot open, he was curled around himself and they couldnt see his stunned face
M-mother! What do you mean? the youth blushed as she whined, What on earth is that suppose to mean? she followed her mother into the kitchen, spear propped on her shoulder
I mean you would better spend you life with Tora than with a human! her mother shifted around to face her daughter, correct, is it not?
well-yeah I do like Tora b-but hesitating, her cheeks gained more crimson, I think youre over doing it mother! her brows knotted in embarrassment
Oh? I have, havent I? her mother smirked, then why were you so eager to defend him like so when Soku said what he said?
B-because he is Baka! Murasake nervously stated, heart throbbing madly in her chest

Soku is jealous of the relationship between you and Tora! He just wanted to get youre attention! Sumako smiled softly
Well (growling) the next time he does something like that, Ill be sure to use the spear on him like a cotton-swab! she had an evil smile on her face
Sigh God curse the devil her mother breathed and carried on her housework
silent, the youth shyly eyed the sleeping beast, thinking about what her mother said could it be? She might be in love with a demon? Heck! So what? Tora is ten times better than a human! the youth thought to herself, I wonder how it feels to be demon! she cocked her head to one side as she wondered
Err--yes mother?
Since you have lots of free time to spare, help me around the house! her mother stated walking to the washing machine, picking a basket full of clothing, here! Hang these outside to dry!

See what I meant? Sumako softly eyed the nervous beast that slowly raised his head blinking with a frazzled look on his face
Ouch! he breathed and gained a sweat drop, eyeing the girl in the backyard hanging the laundry her milky skin beautifully reflecting the sunlight, her black orbs flashing as her eyelashes winked cutely eyeing a few birds soaring by, that faint crimson cute smile curved on her cheeks
Sigh I just dont know what to do with her! her mother stated, hand resting on the beasts shoulder, Tora?
uhh-yeah? sweat drop
I wanted to ask the woman crouched to her knees, facing the beast, has it ever crossed your mind, that there might be a girl waiting for you out there?
! -O_o-;;!
Uhh--(giggle)--never mind! the elder woman couldnt help the beasts face expression, mixed in what seemed embracement, confusion and anxiety all in the same time! Smiling softly she walked away
I need a lo~ong nap! the beast murmured as he leaped up towards the rooftops, they were the only place where it had peace and solitude resting down his head, he just hoped this dream would end so he could go back to the real world and f*** out the temple boy! He cant just go and beat up a dainty little helpless human girl now can he?

Talking about Ushio--?

whoa! the boy breathed, eyes locked on that huge lip-smacking good looking cake decorated with various colors of icings and mouth watering candy smells, you--made this? he eyed the female beast
Yup! -^__^- she smiled widely, wanna try it?
Sure! the boy said in excitement, watching her carefully cut out a slice and giving it to him in a plate, wow!
eatem up! Mikan smiled
picking up the fork, the boy cut out a smaller piece, eyeing it, he cleared his throat and took a bite but then he totally froze O__O!
What is it? Mikan asked in worry, the boy just--froze! I didnt screw it up, did I? her heart pounded faster
(Stars and hearts flickering around his head/eyes shimmering with tears of joy) SD mode on! It--is--absolutely DELICIOUS!! the boy cried then gobbled up the cake with no table manners at all!
=O__O= easy Ushio! The cake isnt going anywhere! the female orange beast chuckled nervously, but squeaked in start when the boy choked
Ug! X__O;;
Ushio!! =OoO=! she quickly poured a glass of water, as he drank it; she carefully patted his back, are you okay?
Uhh--yeah--(cough-cough)--ahem Im okay! he chuckled, a tear in his eye
Baka! she scolded, a soft pummel on his scull that is what you get when you dont stick to table manners!
Gomen! he chuckled, but it was so good! I couldnt help it!
Aw~ get real! My cooking isnt that good! she sneered, picking up the cake placing it in the cool fridge, and then walking out of the kitchen
No really! Its very delicious! the boy followed the female beast out of the kitchen
Sure it was she downheartedly responded

Mikan! the boy softly called, the female sounded really down, are you okay? You sound sad he questioned
Sigh she sat back in the living room on her hunches, tail flicked around tucked, I dunno Ushio
What do you mean?
How are things with Asako? she weakly asked
Err--! pause, its not your fault Mikan! You were just trying to help and I understand that!
But I made real mess outta things for you back there!
Mikan! When it comes to Asako! I always end up making things into a mess! the boy tried to chuckle
Im sorry to hear that she sighed
Err--(swat drop)--Uh! that wasnt the right thing to say, was it? -__-|||
I think Ill go hang around the rooftops, I need a little fresh air the ancient orange female said calmly as she walked out through the substance of the wall
the boy paused, then turned around and headed towards his room, sigh for a dream, it sure feels real! he muttered softly

How sure are you that its a dream?

eyes closed, it was by sunset, and Tora was sprawling on top of the roof, arms folded under his head, eyes closed, and absolutely relaxed
Tora! Murasake whispered into his ear
Uhh-huh? startled, the beast jerked to his side, Heck? How you get here?
I climbed the tree! she chirped, listen, I know you told me that the rooftops are not a fitting place for a female, but
I really-Really-REALLY need to talk to you!
Its not a woman subject is it?
Uhh--(Blush)--NO! she barked, and almost slipped off the hinges
Careful! -O__O-;;! the beast yelped, quickly grabbing her wrist and pulling her back his way
Sorry! she nervously giggled settling herself right, sitting next to the beast on the rooftop in a position not fitting for a female!
Your not horseback riding female! the beast growled, sit up straight!
Gomin! she gave a sweat drop, um, mind if I scoot in closer? she questioned
Better than having you slip and turn into a pancake! the beast hissed
Thanks! she chirped and scooted a bit too close! Snuggling her head into the beasts neck, one arm spared over his shoulder-blades, the other going under and around his neck, one palm resting on the back of his neck, the other on his spine, yet both hands had their fingers forking around the beasts fur Oh-did I ever tell you how much I love your fur she whispered
Constantly Tora muttered gaining a sweat drop, She sure loves snuggling into me! he frowned

How do you think it would be like if I were like you?
Huh? What do you mean?
I mean if I were a demon, just like you! her black orbs fixed on the silver plates, I bet it would be really fun!
Its fun the beast hissed, but its no suiting life for a female to live! he concluded scolding her, Get that idea out of your mind female!
Easy! I didnt mean to say anything offending! she growled, but she didnt seem angry, hugging the beasts head, the youth grew silent
-O_o-;;? puzzled, the beast found her nuzzling him, should he back up or let it be?
Why is it that we have to be like this?
Female? Tora asked, he had no idea what she was talking about
Why do you push me back?
I just want to know you better she nuzzled him a bit more
eyes closed, the beast drew in a deep breath, female, go back inside
But Tora! her voice sadly whining
In-Side! he hissed slightly crackling thunder, there is nothing about me you should be interested in knowing about!!
but why? she cried in fury, we fight together, we hunt together, we live in the same house, we even eat together and yet she cleared her throat, paused as tears formed in her eyes, I have no idea about what/who you are!
silver fixed to black, Tora stayed silent
I just want us to be best of friends! she reasoned, Why do you push me back? Is it because Im a girl? she hissed, Would you rather be around a boy then? she questioned
!! Tora shot his eyes, but said nothing
? titling her head, mouth slightly open you do prefer if I was male? she asked, and she seemed hurt, I Hate You! she shouted shaking her head, as she punched his shoulder in anger and darted away, towards the tree, climbing down and rushing back inside
Wait! Tora raised his hand, but he missed, and ended up watching her till she vanished, Uhh--this isnt good he gave a sweat drop as he felt his shoulder, Geez! She punches hard! his shoulder was growing sore already!

(Sobbing) head resting on the nice cool dry pillow--not anymore!--Murasake had her face hidden, spread there on that bed, hugging her pillow with all her might
Murasake! Sumako called, standing at her daughters bedroom door, is something the matter? she asked in care, her daughter just rushed in, slammed the door and silenced ever since
Im okay Murasake stated I just want to be alone she reasoned
Are you sure? no respond Sigh (Telephone rung) Oh-now who could that be? irritated, Sumako had to go see

Hello! Aotsuki residents?
Mrs. Aotsuki?
Yes? May I help you?
Uh-yeah! Its me! Soku!
Oh! Soku! Hello!
Um, is--Murasake home?
Yes, but she cant meet anyone right now
Its okay, what was it that you wanted to say?
Um-nothing! Its just that Mayuko and I are gonna go to the cinema and I was wondering if shed like to join!
Im afraid she cant, she just came in rushing, I just dont know what happened
Um, well, when she feels better, tell her that we went to the cinema, okay?
Of course! Take care
We will! Bye!
Bye! eyeing the telephone handle, Sumako drew in a breath and put it back before heading to finish her tasks

What about Murasake?

(softly panting) eyes closed, sniffling, the female was laying on her side, only to feel a slight brush go against her face, ? jerking around as she rolled to her back, she was eye to eye with a pair of silver plates, !!
eyes somewhat glaring, the beast firmly pinned the females hands to the floor, somewhat above her head
(Humming) The spear hummed softly in protest, and stayed like that
Uh-hey!! she squeaked, skipping a heartbeat, black orbs startled fixed on the beasts expressionless face, ears slightly moving listening to the spears humming Tora--?
(Smirk) a devilish smile crept on the beasts face as he positioned himself over the female in a much unappreciated position! His hunches tucking her legs together slightly glaring the weapon lied a short distance away from the females head
(Mouth hung open/panting) shifting from worrying over her body to the calm beast, the female was totally frozen, eyes shot wide open
I could just steal what you treasure most you know! the beast hissed
dont she hardly spoke, fear throbbing in her ribs, eyes forming tears the spear hummed a bit louder
Why not? the beast narrowed his head to the youth, noses touching, you said you want to know me, didnt you?

(Humming) the spear snapped slightly with flashed of white and blue, yet it seemed like electric-static, not thunder crackling
Yes but this-wasnt what I had in mind she breathed, cheeks burning in embarrassment, eyeing the beast there above her, his hands firmly clutching her own, his face right into her own, scrolling her eyes a bit down, examining his carved body muscles, eyeing the flat abs hes got, a little more heat rose in her mind, but she fought it back
Something the matter? the beast taunted, dark orange tail lashing back and forth, brushing against the fragile skin of her thighs, since she was wearing a pretty short skirt, she should learn on jeans from now on! He could feel what shes doing; he just wanted to know what she attends to do about it

Tora she whispered, and the spears humming slowly went shallow
yes? he responded, slowly narrowing his head a bit more, his black nose sensing the softness of her burning cheeks, then his lips rested there, yet it wasnt exactly a kiss! His rear slowly shifting down firmly holding down her legs, tail still lashing
Would you get of me? she breathed shyly
Why? he whispered into her ear, and then nuzzled her a bit more, legs shifting a bit
Id like to keep my sanity! she twitched a smile, eyes closed shut, heart throbbing, brain moaning, everything felt so strong, and provoking, she was barely fighting it back
Are you sure you want me to do so? he whispered again, shifting a bit more, pressing a little weight this time
no she slightly took a little pressure off her eyes, eyelids trembling, she didnt know if it was a good idea to face him or not

Look at me
Cmon! Look at me! he taunted, tail flickering, then widened his wicked smile as she craned her face to look at him, silver locked with black
absolutely frozen, it didnt seem that the female had any interest to fight back! As if she wanted him to do what he has in mind!
How do you feel? Tora asked calmly, no smile this time
do you want the truth? he dipped his head, so she drew in a deep breath with a chuckle, thanks to you, Im feelin pretty horny right about now! she flushed herder, then bit her lips as the beasts evil expression came back, would you get of me now?
Dont you want to know how it feels to do it?
Uhh--m-maybe some other time she panted
Fine he smirked, then slowly drew himself off her, walking a few feet away, sitting near the window watching her feel her body making sure she didnt lose anything
the spear gave no sound
(Panting) slowly facing him, her eyes shimmered, dont do that again okay? she whispered
Depends! the beast chuckled
eyeing him chuckled nastily, then leaping out the window landing in the backyard, the youth had a cold shiver down her spin, I need a cold shower! -___-|||


WHAT? the boy squawked, wh-what do you mean Mikan? his face burning
Well you are attending to make Asako yours, right? she asked just to make sure
No-way! Me? And Asako? From where did you get that crazy idea?
I dunno you two really fit together! the female titled her head a bit eyeing the boy, is it that you dont like her?
As a friend, yes I like her! But as a girl-friend, I think you got the wrong eye-view! he gawk her
Well sorry! -U_U- I never thought it would offend you! she shrugged

Ushio Shigure called, Im going out to the store to get a few things, look after the temple while Im gone, alright?
Um, Yes?
About last night the man smiled, oddly flushing thank you!
Oh-dont mention it! she giggled
Huh? Ushio gawked, after eyeing his father as he left, the boy jerked to the female beast, What happened last night?
Hmm? she eyed the boy, and then smiled widely, nothing! He was just feeling tired and I helped him out thats all!
What did you do? suspicious, the boy had to ask
Something a boy in your age shouldnt know! she smiled and walked out the substance of the wall
? slow in understanding, Ushio snapped and had ugly ideas, shaking his head nah! Dad would do it with her, (jeopardy song) would he? thinking about it unless dad wants me to have a brother thats half human half demon! the boy gave a sweat drop

in the darkness of the room, the blue cloudy creature appeared behind the boy
Huh? feeling that with his hunters senses, Ushio spun in start, Oh! Its you again? the boy growled, okay Mac, either you wake me up or the spear is going through your guts!
Time grows near the Abacus whispered, no time left
Huh? Ushio paused and calmed a bit, so youre saying were almost out of time?
(Dips its head)
What a sec, this dream is timed??
Why didnt you say that earlier? T__TX
Wanted, you didnt! it shrugged
Oh! the boy gave a sweat drop, remembering when he first encountered the creature, he thought it was evil, and with no hesitation, attacked ruthlessly, if Tora was there, he wouldve yelled at me for sure! the boy thought to himself, I wonder what hes doing right now
Surviving the creature stated
Huh? Ushio shot his eyes in amusement, you can read my mind?
Only you and demon
Only me and demons?
(Shakes head saying no)
Demons as in Tora?
(Dips head)

Ushio Mikan chirped, Who are you talking to? she asked
Umm looking at the creature it just stood there
Cant see it calmly whispered
Nothing the boy breathed, so Im the only one who can hear and see you? the boy thought
(Dips head) the creature craned to the puzzled female beast
Ushio? Why are you staring at the wall? Mikan cocked an eyebrow; the boy was acting funny
Uhh-nothing! I just thought I saw something crawl there! No offence!
None taken! the creature smiled, and then slowly it vanished like a mirage
Ushio the female laid a hand on the boys shoulder, are you okay? You look busy minded she asked in care
Im fine the boy smiled, Im gonna go outside now to spear practice, wanna join?
What? And be your punching bag again? I dont think so! she spouted
Sorry the boy chuckled as he walked out

dark orange tail lashing oddly, the females lips twitched as she gave a strange smirk at the boy, oddly with a sound like a purr, she walked after him, sitting at the door watching him practice, yet she was silent silently examining his structure, his flat abs, muscles, speed, strength and mystic black eyes, Such a fine prize she softly hissed to herself, and a gaze worth worrying about, just what does she have in mind??


What? Murasake squeaked, Aw~ but mother! she protested
Im sorry honey! But I have to go! Ill be back in a about a week or so, are you going to be alright?
Um--(pause)--yeah well be okay just doing take too long, okay?
Ill try! kissing her daughters forehead, now, do take care, I need to catch the train before I miss it at the station, bye! Sumako said in hurry as she left her residents
O__O! spinning around, the youth eyed a very confused beast
Where is your mother going? he cocked an eyebrow
oh its another one of those damn meetings she probably wont be back till next week Murasake said weakly, having ugly ideas in her mind, she started having them since what the beast did to her the earlier night, and she couldnt help but flush
? noticing that, the beast smirked, something under your skin?
Oh-hush up! she hissed, then jerked around and walked away towards her room
O-no you dont! the beast chuckled leaping into the girls path, and where do you think youre going? he gave an evil smile full of teeth
Err-t-to my room she twitched a smile, I-I need to be alone for a while she whispered
Oh~? he widened his smirk, so you dont need any company? dark orange tail lashed
Uhh--(Gulp)--alone means that I dont want anyone with me, as if you didnt know! she stated still with a nervous smile eyebrow twitched
Oh~ Too bad the beast mockingly acted hurt, and I was hoping to spend a little quality time together! he muttered trailing away
(Sweat drop) she eyed him till he walked out and leaped towards the rooftops again, Phew! she whipped her forehead, then eyed the wall-clock, Eep! O__O;; its almost lunch time! And I didnt even choose what Im having! with a sigh, she wore an apron and attended her housework, washing the dishes really sucks! she growled
silently listening, the beast smirked to himself, and then leaped up to land soundlessly on the high stonewall, gazing calmly at the landscape, I wonder what the brat is doing he gazed lazily sprawling on the wall like an overgrown cat

Yeah what is Ushio doing?

spear practicing in the backyard, being watched by a female demon can be so tensing! Mikan! Would you please stop staring at me? the boy barked, breaking his concentration with an irritated scold
Oopsy! (=OwO=) Gomin-nasai! I didnt mean to bother you! she giggled nervously, then reared away back into the living room
Sigh the boy went back to practice I wonder what Toras doing back there in that--where ever it is--place Sigh eyes closing slowly, Ushio swung the spear posing it vertically, then swung it in an imitation of a head-slash-attack, swung it around to clash into the dirt ground, then quickly to spin around an 180-degree to accidentally swat the laundry O___O;; Oops!!! panicked, Ushio eyed the dirty clothing, Aw~ man!
Hey! Mikan scolded whats the big idea? she hissed running towards the boy, I spent all day washing them clothing boy! T__T she growled
I-Im sorry! the boy stuttered, gaining a sweat drop
Oh-sorry you will be! she hissed, and then leaped after the escaping brat, come back here and take a whipping like a man!
Im only 15 Mikan! Im too old for this! the boy flushed as he ran in a zigzag trying to lose her, Whoa!! he jumped over a wooden fence
Come-Back-Here! the female demanded, crackling thunder chasing after him
This sucks! Ushio hissed to himself as he ran, a huge sweat drop as he saw the female gaining on him, Uh-Oh!!! hit it to high speed!
Ushio~! Ow~ you are going to be So~ Sorry~ when I get my hand on you! the female shouted, catching up to the panicking boy


Hn? Murasake jerked around to eye the demon laying his hands on her hip Uhh--(Flush)--T-Tora!! What do you think youre--?
Hush! he whispered in her ear, arms reaching to circle around her middle, slightly he nuzzled her, eyes closed, and an odd expression on his orange face, nose oddly in pink...
Uhh--?? puzzled, the youth laid aside the book she was reading, and felt the beast as he nuzzled her neck, his arms tight around her body in what seemed an embrace
You smell nice the beast calmly whispered
Umm--th-thank you she breathed, yet, she was frightened, would you let go of me now?
Why? he whispered calmly
Uhh--! and she snapped, she smelled his breath, and it was awfully strong! T-Tora? Are you drunk? now fear struck her heart
Hnn~ hell yeah that sake bottle sure knocks a wallop! he nuzzled her a bit more, hands cupping her soft molds
(Gulp) she flushed hard, and her heart throbbed painfully, Tora, p-please let me go she whimpered, your scaring me! tears formed in her eyes
Dont worry silver eyes slyly cracked a slit it wont hurt much!
Uhh! she gaped as the beast swung her, to keep her lay on her back, Ah~! she squeaked as the beast positioned himself top of her, Tora~! she shouted, "please dont! she sobbed a bit
a slight rumble as he crept on closer, and closer, and closer!

AH!!! Murasake jilted out of bed, panting, sweat allover her face and neck, heart throbbing, it was a nightmare!
Hey? the orange beast barked, peeking his head from the window, whats the matter? he slipped in now, why are you screaming? Are you--(Bap!)--Oomph! blinking in start, the beast saw the female sobbing hitting him with her pink pillow
You big-perverted-meany! Why did you do that, huh? You scared me! out-Out-OUT!!! she shouted angrily, blushing hard
hey-Hey-HEY~! the beast whined, gripping both her wrists tight, Knock it off! he growled, I didnt do anything! Why are you hitting me for?
(Sniffling/sobbing) the youth couldnt help it
Eer--(-O_o-;;)--uhh-s-sorry! Didnt mean to make you cry! the beast stuttered, gaining a sweat drop, releasing her wrists, whats wrong? A bad dream?
Uhh--(sniffling)--yeah she whispered, blushing harder, black orbs locked with silver, her lips trembled and was about to cry again
Quit it, wont you? I hate it when women cry! the beast muttered
Its not my fault! You scared me she whimpered more, hiding her face in her pillow as she hugged it, now sobbing lightly, with a few gasps and muffled breathe
Wanna talk about it? the beast felt concerned
(Sniffle) y-you
You were drunk
! -O__O-?
And I was reading a book

You came up from behind and hugged me tight
And then your breath smelled strong, and I found out you were drunk

You refused to let me go and then
(Sweat drop)
You laid me back by force and you (streaming tears) and you she couldnt finish I was so scared she ducked her head in-between her shoulders, face hidden in the pillow, sobbing bitterly now
Ouch Tora breathed as he looked away, it was just a dream female! he soothed, besides! I dont drink! Why would I do such a thing to you?
You almost did yesterday! she shouted in his face, tears flaming her cheeks
I was just teasing you! he gained a bigger sweat drop as he reasoned
sobbing still, but not as strong as before
Listen the beast whipped back a teardrop with a careful forefinger, its okay! Im not gonna hurt you! he soothed, its just a bad dream for both of us he concluded
? glittering black orbs fixed on the demons calm face, the youths throbbing heart pounded rhythmically now, calm and steady
I would not let anyone harm you! Tora concluded
she paused, and then smiled slightly, really? he dipped his head, thanks Tora she breathed, then wrapped her arms around his neck, it was a bad dream, nothing but a bad dream she tried convincing herself
Yes but a bad dream the beast whispered calmly, a nightmare my nightmare when would this end? the beast sadly moaned in his mind, he wanted to go back to his real life, the real world; everything was really going funny nowadays


slowly settling his soft behind on a nice fluffy cushion, the boy couldnt help but to give a curse with every snapping pain, Man~ I said I was sorry! he hissed at the female
Humph she sneered, placing a hair comb in place, thanks to you, I have to go and wash them clothing all over again! she scolded
flushing, the boy just felt his acerbic behind, looking back outside to where the female went, Ushio sighed as she picked up and dusted the clothing one by one before heading back in, Im really sorry! he stated
(Glare) the female just carried her way to the washing machine
leaning back on that nice fluffy couch, Ushio left his butt rest a bit as he laid on his side, one arm pillowed under his head, thinking about the life hes having now, Geez no wonder Tora never appreciated having females around, theyre so bossy! And they hit hard! he threw back a hand, carefully feeling his tender flesh, man, how am I suppose to wake up to be out of this nightmare? I want to go back home! To my real life the boys eyelids trembled, slowly he was so into thinking, he had fallen asleep
Say Ushio, about lunch, I--? startled to find him asleep, the female beast walked up to eye his peaceful face, Aw~ so cute she smiled, a careful talon brushed back a lock from the boys forehead, hmm, maybe lunch can wait, hes probably exhausted she smiled as she headed the way she came from


black eyes blinked sleepily at the break of dawn, the female youth found herself stretching her hands into something soft, orange, thick and warm fur, !! pushing back as she sat up, she eyed herself, as the beast curled around himself on the floor in her room, with her in the middle, dry tear lines on her face, flushing, she eyed the beast peacefully sleeping there
flushing herder, the youth couldnt help noticing how cute the demon seemed, she leaned a bit closer and kissed him softly on the cheek, thank you Tora she whispered, youre such a dear friend she conclude, then got up and to the bathroom to wash up

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