Lair of the Beasts

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Disclaimer: ALL are to Kazuhiro Fujita, all name changes are not mine either, I just couldnt use the same names you see still all who are here are to the official owner

some times when you think of what you are, your gender, your life, the things youve been through, you remember when you were younger and wished if you were somewhere else, some other time, another world even if your gender was different, you thought thing wouldve been much better! But then, when things start going different you regret that thought and wish you were back the way you were but the question is is going back the way you came from, the same as the way you got here at first?


Chapter One:

silver eyes rolled lazily as the ancient orange beast awakened, famous shark teeth showed as he yawned, stretched full length, scratching his shoulder then rubbing it, then leaped off the rooftops, feeling a bit fuzzy, the beast felt something different about the temple, the backyard was clean, and with a bed of roses?? eyeing around he heard soft singing coming from the kitchen snapping, the beast remembered what had happened to him last night, it was a living nightmare, he had to go to the kitchen and make sure all what he had seen the earlier night was merely a nightmare

Oh! Morning Tora! a young female human greeted, hair as black as midnight reaching till the hip, her eyes so mystic and a heart shaped face, lips darker and curved in a smile, and the horror, the spear in her hands, she was wearing jeans and a white shirt, a sleeveless black jacket over all
-O_O-;;; Tora said nothing, he wasnt dreaming, the brat is now a girl!
Is something the matter? the female sweetly asked, offering the beast a mug of hot coffee
Uhh-n-no! the beast tried to smile accepting the mug, it felt hot in his hands, this is not a dream! the beast thought, then looked back at the cute female, she was curved, and she was kind of pretty!
Cream? the girl offered the beast
(Shrug) the girl pours a little on her coffee, then took a sip and walked to the living room, Oh-Tora!
Are you alright? she asked, leaning half hear weigh on one leg, youve been acting kind of funny since after yesterdays hunt she asked
Im fine! I just feel a bit fuzzy! the beast rubbed his forehead...
? placing the mug on the kitchen table, the girl walked to the beast, hand on his cheek, if youd like, well take a break from all the hunting, Tora!
Huh? feeling heat in her hand, and a burning heat in his face, the beast jerked back, dont touch me! he almost growled
But I thought you like it when I touch you! the girl somewhat protested
I did? confused, Tora was getting nervous about that
Yeah! she answered calmly, I know! she clapped her hands, how about a nice hot shower? It should fix you up good! ^___^
-O_o-;; Tora was now pretty puzzled this girl is just too nice!

Murasake!! a feminine voice called
Here mother! the young girl called back
-O_o-;; another female? Hell? Wheres the priest then?
Oh! Good morning, Tora! another female came in; no she didnt look like the priest, she looked more like the brat; long beautiful hair, mystic eyes and a heart shaped face
Morning Sumako! the beast unwillingly greeted, that was her name, right? the beast thought to himself
(Smile) the elder female dressed like any normal woman she turned to her daughter, get ready for school
alright the young female smiled back, the girl looked back at the beast, are you going to join me today as well, Tora? she widened her smile
Uhh-I think Ill pass!
Suit yourself! she shrugged, picking up her mug, heading up to her room

jerking around after a pause, the beast paced in speed towards the elder woman, Sumako!
Yes? the female responded in start, what is it?
What happened last night? the beast had to ask
Last night? she blinked, I dont know, you were with Murasake most of the time, you should go ask her!
with no hesitation, the beast hurried to the bedroom
And dont forget to knock the--! the elder woman somewhat warned

Eep! too late!
"door~!" Sumako gained a sweat drop...
TORA! the girl shouted, bapping the beast on the head with a pillow clutched in one hand, her school top in the other covering her bosom, out-Out-OUT!!!!
Gomen! the beast hurried out again in embarrassment

Tora~ the elder woman scolded, her daughter slamming the door shut, when would you learn? Knock the door before you enter a room!
Geez! I said I was sorry! pausing, the beast didnt remember saying he was sorry to anyone before
Baka! the girl shouted from behind the door
(Pout) Tora protested, but said nothing
Sigh the woman shock her head; cmon! was what she said heading back towards the kitchen
pacing after her, it all felt odd! Him? Spending his life living with two women? Its all wired!
she was busy doing house work

Female the beast called
Sigh the female turned to face the beast with a frown Tora~ I have a name you know! arms crossed
Uh-I mean Sumako! Tora corrected, and then drew a deep breath, I wanted to ask the man of the house? Where is he?
What? the females face went a little pale, I beg your pardon? she asked, hoping that she misheard
Wheres your man? the beast asked again

Shigure is his name, right?
!!!! eyes went wide, the female seemed shocked, how did you know his name?
I just know it! calmly Tora responded
That subject is none of your business, Tora! I would appreciate it if you never attend to that subject again! the female seemed livid
with a faint breath, it was clear that that subject was already out of discussion, Gomen!

Mother! the young girl chirped, then blinked the beast and blushed, Im ready
Good! her mother smiled
Whats wrong? the girl walked to her mother, mother! You look pale, are you alright?
Im fine dear! Im just a little tired, thats all!
Murasake the beast started
Yes, Tora?
Maybe youd better hurry to school, you wouldnt want to be late
um-okay the girl answered, then kissed her mother on the cheek bye! kissing the beast, see ya! she chirped, bookcase in hand, a pretty navy blue school uniform, white arm/neck laces, [like sailor moon, but the skirts are till the knee] grabbing her lunch box which her mother made ready earlier, she walked out, but with the wrapped spear held in the same hand holding the bookcase

! feeling his cheek, the beast was beginning to get worried about it being a habit!
Would you like something to eat?
Uhh-no thank you! I think Ill hang about the rooftops! the beast stated, then walked out and with a single leap, reached his perch
pause, the female eyed the beast lying there, with a slight freeze in position, she continued on her house work

eyeing the girl as she hurried to school, the beast was watching her from where he was Could this be it? How 'can'. it be? He was a male just yesterday, how is he a female today? What the hell did I miss? the beast thought to himself, there is something that he had missed, he just couldnt remember what it was; with a sigh, the beast eyed the road towards town again, and decided to go after her to school again maybe something would clear up


Good morning! Murasake greeted, waving her hand, two friends waiting for her at the schools main gate
!!! the beast froze, it was the hamburger girl and a boy that looked like the harsh voiced girl
Oh-hey! the harsh voice boy greeted back
Hi! Mayuko greeted, it seems that she is the only one normal here
You two are early! the female smiled
So are you! the harsh voiced boy responded, Wheres Tora?
Oh-he couldnt come! He said he wasnt feeling himself today! the temple girl said then looking at the ocean gray eyes, something the matter Mayuko?
No the female responded

School bell rung

Man! That was quick! Murasake said
Wed better hurry! the boy said, then clutched the temple girls hand and hurried inside
Soku! Easy! Murasake said in startle
(Giggle) Mayuko followed calmly

everything is almost the same the beast thought to himself, watching them from where he perched atop a tree in the school yard, except that the temple girl has someone this time; but Mayuko is still the same, is that good or bad? he wondered

Later at lunch break

(Munch-munch) Murasake had just had her last bite of her sandwich, and drained it down with a cool drink, ah~ man Im full
Me too Mayuko said, standing up, excuse me, Ill be right back she said as she trailed away
Um-Murasake Soku started, and he seemed shy
Yes? she smiled
Are you free tonight? he never looked at her once as he spoke
Tonight? (Shrug) I dunno! It depends if Tora found something worth kicking ass! Why do you ask? she had her soft smile still
One miner question the boy said firmly, brows knotted as he softly eyed her, why had you become a beast hunter?
Because its in my ancestors blood! Besides! Hunting is fun! If only I was a boy, things wouldve been easier! she sneered in protest
Well the boy whispered, if Tora didnt find anything, would you go out with me tonight?? he hopefully asked
(=O_O=/blush) she said nothing gawking him for a second, say again?
Would you go out with me tonight? the boy repeated his words, yet blushing this time

Id accept if I were you the beast softly whispered with a chuckle in her ear; perching on her shoulders, dark orange tail lashing in ghost form
(BLUSH!) The girl knew she was the only one to hear him, eyeing her friend, he was till waiting
? the boy eyed her, her face suddenly gaining more crimson around the cheeks, are you okay Murasake? he asked
Im fine she shyly smiled
Accept~! the beast taunted
Hush! she hissed
Huh? the boy gawked, whats wrong?
Nothing! she quickly responded; standing up excuse me she hurried away
Murasake? Mayuko started, eyeing her friend hurrying away, the beast invisibly perching on her shoulders ??


Whats the big idea Tora? she scolded, face flushing
Come now, dont you want to go out with him? he asked mockingly, tail lashing
Of course Ill go out if you dont mind! she calmed a bit
? the beast lost his smile, she really wants to go? he wondered
But I have to ask mother first, I hope she doesn't mind the girl muttered to herself
Is it your first date? the beast asked
Yeah she tried to smile, cupping her face, God, this is the first time anyone has ever asked me to a date! Im so excited! she almost squealed

Do you think you can help me tonight? she asked, almost out of breath
Well, mother always thinks of me as a tomboy! And I get mad easily you know! And I was well
Need a coach? the beast asked
um-yeah! she paused, I dont want to make a mess out of things she reasoned
Your mother knows better than me, female!
Think so?
Shes your mother! Of course she knows!
I suppose it wouldnt hurt to ask she young girl said, um-thanks Tora she smiled, hugging the beast a little, that made me feel much better! she smiled, kissed him on the cheek and headed back inside; leaving behind a very shocked beast
--The hell?? was all what he squeaked


A date? the mother asked in amusement
Is it okay?
Of-course its okay, honey! the elder woman smiled widely, do you think you can handle it without blowing up a fuse? she cocked an eyebrow while cupping her waist
Um-I really hope so!
Honey, just be yourself! You and Soku have always made a nice pair! her mother winked an eye
Mother~! the younger female groaned as she blushed

(Slight chuckle)
(Groan)! You too Tora! the girl blushed while wheeling to the beast scolding in protest
(Tail lashing) the beast eyed the girl there wearing like before, and looking really embarrassed
(Pout) the girl stomped her way back to her room
(Chuckle) such a hot head! the beast said
Yes, reminds me of you when you first moved in to live with us!
Huh? the beast jerked to the female moved in? he wondered, moved in?
Yes! When Murasake found you in the basement with the spear in your shoulder!
Oh~ that the beast breathe, for a while, he thought that even his past had changed!
You were a mangy old tiger, a real grouch! the elder woman concluded, then laughed when the beast pouted in protest, Murasakes whole life changed because of you, Tora

Whats the matter?
How did you know my husbands name?
I just know it!
Oh-come now! You cant just know something just like that!!
Its hard to explain female!
I see
Where is he?
He left
When Murasake was only two years old

I dont know why, he said that he had to look over an apocalypse that might destroy our world, and I have to look after our daughter because she might be the key to end everything
I dont understand that either Tora, Shigure never told me much about it

Mother! the younger female smiled as she hurried into the room with a lovely red sundress, how about this?
Oh-its perfect! It would fit with your sandals, too!
(Wider smile) the youth hurried back to her room
Shes excited!
I know

Would you look after her for me?
While shes on her date, dont interfere, just let me know how things are doing!
Shes gonna tell you anyway after she comes back, isnt she?
She never told me about her hunts to tell me about her dates Tora!
Oh~! (sweat drop) never mind

Door bell rung

Ill get it! Sumako said as she trailed towards the door, yes?
Oh! Hi Ms. Aotsuki! Is Murasake home?
Oh-yes! Shell be ready soon! Please, come right in!
Thank you! the boy smiled, he was wearing jeans and jacket, and black tennis shoes
Hi, Soku! Murasake chirped, wearing the red sundress and black sandals, her hair spread over her shoulders
Um-looking lovely! the boy flushed
Thank you! she smiled walking down the stairs
(Holding back a laugh) the beast reared and left the room
Um-are you ready?
As ready as you are!
You two take care, alright? And Murasake!
Yes mother?
You have to be back home by 10 oclock, understand?
Aw~ mo-ther~!
Um, is 10.30 okay? Soku asked
What matters is she has to be home before 11 oclock!
Take care!
We will!

watching them walk away hand in hand, the elder woman sighed and eyed the beast invisibly stalking them, hope things go well she prayed and walked back into her residents

Back to the kids

Tora was silent walking invisibly after them, what had him amused, the female hadnt taken the spear with her! She left it back at the temple
So, would you like to go to the cinema first, or grab something to eat?
Anything is fine with me!
Aw~ cmon! Choose something!
holding her hand tight, Soku waited impatiently
Well (blush) how about Pizza? she suggested, or would you think Sushi is better?
I think Pizza is better!
Great! Pizza it is then! swinging her empty hand back, she snapped Oh!
Whats wrong?
I forgot my purse back home! she said in worry
Well its not necessary!
But it is! I forgot the spear as well! she shifted to look back at her home, Id better go get them!
Murasake! the boy carefully pulled her back, just for once! Leave that damn thing back there and enjoy yourself!
Damn? she frowned, the spear is not damn Soku! I owe it my life!
Its just a spear, Murasake!
No its not! It just looks like a weapon, but deep inside, I feel like there is someone that controls it!
Uhh-Im sorry! I have to go back and get it!
Well both go then!
Okay hurrying back, the girl seemed restless

Okay, so she forgot about it and didnt leave it behind on purpose! the beast thought to himself, wait! Does that mean she transforms as well when she uses it? -O_o-;;? Hope not! Cant imagine her hair any longer! It already reaches to her hip!

Murasake? Whats wrong? Sumako asked in start as her daughter rushed back towards up stairs to her room
(rustle-rustle) hurrying down with her purse and spear forgot these! she tried to smile
I understand the purse, but the spear? he mother protested, Just leave it here! You cant take it on your date!
Oh-mother! I cant go anywhere with out it! Maybe some mean old beast might attack us! I need it near me! the girl reasoned as she then hurried out side to her friend, bye!
(Cupping her waist) I give up! Sumako sighed eyeing her daughter walking side by side with her friend again

Its not that important, is it? Soku somewhat protested
I cant go anywhere with out it, okay? the female somewhat growled
Sheez! Sorry, it was just a question! he growled back, Sigh anyway he smiled what kind of Pizza do you like?
It doesn't matter as long as its hot with melted cheese and mozzarella topping!!
Oh? Okay, what flavor?
My fav! the boy chuckles, drinks?
Hmm I dont like drinks that have a lot of fizz in it she somewhat pouted, any drink would do I guess! she shrugged
Great! the boy smiled as they approached town, so? What place do you choose?
The cute little Pizza shop down the corner! ^__^

-O~O-;; clearing his drooling mouth, just describing the meal made him hunger for it! I wonder if they order an extra! Tora thought, cause when he goes with the brat, Ushio usually orders one or two extras along with the original order

Is it okay if we order two extras? Chicken flavor!
Huh? Why?
I want them for Tora! pause if its okay with you!

I dont see why not the boy calmly answered, not looking at her, yet there was pain in his eyes
? the beast noticed that, but stayed silent
the girl eyed away towards the next street, and then turned back to her friend, who was still eyeing the counter, Soku? Is something wrong?
No go look for a table, Ill be right there with the Pizza he responded
um-okay she calmly eyed him for a second, and then walked towards an empty table

? sitting near by, Tora eyed the boy
Did mother ask you to follow us? the girl asked thin air, looking at the small vase in the middle of the table, arms folded, elbows resting on the table
Err--!! Tora snapped, she knew he was there?
Sigh Im 16! Why does she think Im a child? she hissed softly as she shot her black orbs at the beast in a protesting glare
Your mother has nothing with me being here! -O_O-;;
Sure she doesn't resting a fist under her chin, the girl eyed the vase again, Oh-by the way, I hope you like chicken! she smirked
Murasake! Soku smiled as he approached his girl, here ya go! And here are the extras!
Hmmm! Smelling good! she smiled, God! Im drooling already! she flushed
its okay! the boy said, then snapped as the extra pizza cover flipped open, and a whole slice vanished in thin air, Hell?
Tora decided to join us I suppose! the girl whispered as she giggled
Uhh--! in what seemed a stuttered protest, the boy closed his jaws and said nothing, but hatred was clear in his face
Not bad! the beast muttered mouth full
Mind your manners! the female whispered scolding, then took a bite of her pizza and gave a delighted face, Yummy! This stuff is delicious!
(Smile) Soku simply took a bite as well, um-hm! he dipped his head
(Gulp!) The beast just finished the first box!
O_O;; both humans eyed him
Easy! You wouldnt wanna choke, Tora! Murasake stated
Hey! I can go through a load of these with ease! Tora chuckled jabbing one more slice
Suit yourself! the female muttered and continued on her meal

Um--by the way! the boy said, muffled while speaking with his mouth full what kind of movie would you like to see?
Dont talk with your mouth full! U_U
(Gulp) Uhh-sorry n_n;;
(Just finished the box) with a sigh, the beast started picking whats between his teeth with a careful talon
Men T_TX the girl shock her head
hmm? she looked at her friend while she took another bite
Could you and he stopped slightly eyeing the busy beast with the corner of his eye
? shifting to eye the demon, the girl paused, gulped in her meal, took a sip of her drink, and then paused again, Tora!
Hm? he lazily craned to her

Could you excuse us for a while? she suggested as nice as she can
? a bit puzzled, the beast looked at the boy, then back at the girl, then back at the boy again, then again at the girl, snapping Oh! stutter, I think Ill go find something to drink! and with that, he trailed away
Arigatou! the girl smiled, then looked back at her friend, so? What is it?
Did he really have to join us? the boy somewhat growled
WellIm sure mother asked him to, probably fooled him with a muffin or something! His brain is in his stomach! she giggled the last sentence, then picked up another slice, but that isnt bothering you, is it?
Of course its bothering me! he almost shouted, I asked you to come with me so it could be just you and me! Why did he have to come? T_TX
O__O;; easy!
No I wont take it easy! T__TX maybe hes just snooping around looking for some beast that could kill you!
Soku! she whispered in protest
Probably still thinking of eating you for that matter!
Tora is not going to eat me! she scolded, Why wouldnt you get it in your head?
The guy is a monster! the boy shouted
He is not! T___TX she shouted, flat hands struck the table as she stood in anger, BAKA! Im going home! she growled in his face, grabbed her purse, spear and jerked away
Murasake! Soku called, wait! but she gave no respond, sigh eyeing the few left slices, the boy closed the box and left it where it is, and went to the counter to pay

Stupid, meat-headed Baka! Talking about Tora like that just who does he think he is? Just because this is our first date doesn't mean Im all gaga for him the butt-headed jerk! the girl hissed to herself, only for a weight to rest on her shoulders, Uhh--! in hesitation, she stood there and didnt move
You going home? voice calm and soft
Uh--(clears throat)--yeah
Too soon, dont you think? the voice whispered in her ear
Whatever she sneered and continued on towards her home
whats wrong? the beast eyed her upside down, his forelock and mane dangling down, his hands firmly on her shoulders, invisibly eyeing her
I just want to go home tears formed in her black orbs, yet she never glanced the beast once
Care for a ride? he suggested with a faint smile
? black orbs fixed on the silver plats
Id appreciate it she whispered
Come then! he leaped off her shoulders and headed towards an empty ally
walking after him, so no one can see them, the youth climbed on his back, held on tight to that orange body, and the beast sprung into the sky

Dont you think you were a bit harsh? the beast asked as he soared in the sky, it was about night fall by then
Sokus a Baka! she whispered, and then snuggled herself a bit deeper into the warmth of the beasts body
(almost a flush) Tora was used on the boy doing that, but when it comes that there is a female settling her cute butt on his back, that felt funny
Did I ever tell you how much I love you?
Huh? -O___O-;;;;??
Its all so thick, warm, beautiful in orange like that, and its so so~ soft, and it smells so strong, musky and~ (blush) manly! she snuggled a bit more, Hmm~ I could stay like this forever
(Blush right out of his fur) she was talking about my fur? eyeing her with the corner of his eye, it seemed that the female felt better already, so soaring a bit down, the beast landed in an open space

Say, this isnt home! the girl pointed out, still on the beasts back
I know the beast muttered, listen, there is something I need to talk to you about!
hn? she stepped off his back, spear butt on the ground standing next to her, he sat back on his hunches, so she sat in front of him, legs tucked under her thighs, spear lied near her what do you want to talk about?

About last nights hunt!
When you started going funny?
What about it?
I dont remember it
All I remember is waking up this morning feeling damn puzzled, I dont even remember going out last night!
well, we went out last night to hunt this beast thingy, it seems to slither around and spit poison in its victims face turning them blind, then it leaps on them ripping them limb from limb what I still dont understand, why does it collect their hearts and leaves the rest of the body in shambles?
Thats our target, huh?
Yeah know anything about its identification Tora?
I dunno, I still feel fuzzy the beast felt his head wanting concentration

long pause

Tora? the girl asked in care
Not now brat! the beast was not with her
Brat?? she asked, Tora! You called me brat? shes mad!
Huh? -O_o-;; Im sorry! I forgot youre--uhh--never mind
Im what?
Err--nothing! Just forget it! About the battle--
Oh-no! Youre not changing the subject now! T_T what did you think I am?
N-nothing! Really! the beasts in trouble
Tora! spear point under the tip of his nose, what is it? Im sure you remember something but you dont want to tell me!
Nothing Ushio I--(snap!) -O_O-;;; I-I mean Murasake! I--

Ushio? she cocked an eyebrow, Tora! Thats a boys name!
I know! I just got a bit mixed up and ah~ never mind!
To~ ra~ the girl sung the name in a warning tone, you know something I dont, so youd better tell me!
whatcha gonna do if I didnt? -T_T-
I--Im gonna uhh thinking of something just tell me! she stuttered
I dont think so! the beast chuckled; it seems this female has nothing to torture him by! Either that or she doesn't want to! Hit me!
Cmon! With the spear! Hit me! the beast thought that if the female has the guts, shell do it
Cmon! Just do it!
Not until you tell me why! Cause I really dont think its gonna help you remember!
Cmon! he taunted, this is the first time he asked someone to hit him!
Uhh--now Im sure youre screwed Tora! That thing mustve beaten you good!
Huh? change in plan hit me? The thing hit me?
Yeah! You two were fighting badly, and then suddenly you kind of flinched, I dont know why, and the thing gripped your head tight
Held my head?
Yeah! Two flats hands and pressed tight, it whispered to you, I couldnt help because the damn thing glued me to the tree, if you remember! Being upside-down sucks! she flushed, I have to remember, never wear a skirt while battle! Jeans are better!
Oh~! missed that, darn!
OH I know what youre thinking, you pervert! the girl flushed as she scolded
I bet you looked funny!
I bet you were dieing to touch me! T_T
(Looks away whistling)

You know
You started acting funny ever since!
I have? this is getting interesting
Yeah I dont know what that thing did to you, but after it pressed the hecks outta your brain, it said something to you and left you laying there, then after you gained back your strength, you walked up to me, snapped me free, but you really looked like a zombie back there, you had me scared!
Do you remember how it looked like?
I was stuck up a tree! T__TX
Oh~ (sweat drop) never mind


Can I she shyly beamed up to him
Can I hug you? she gave a little kitty face
Like that time you left me wrap my arms around your neck and all?
Like that time? time? What time? I dont remember letting anyone hug me!
Yeah (giggle) Oh-you felt so cuddly and warm! she shrugged her shoulders as she flushed
Uhh--! this is crazy, I really dont feel like it!
Aw~ please?
(Heart throbbing in his throat) he blinked once isnt that out of the main subject?
Does it matter?
Yeah! I wanna remember what happened!

Whos Ushio?
-O_O-;; that as well is out of the subject!
Aw~ Cmon! Is it someone you know?
Actually, it was someone I knew!
Oh~ sorry
Hes not dead! the beast barked, Hes just not here!
Oh! Gomen! n_n;;
Or is he the beast muttered questioning to himself, silver locked to black orbs
Hn? the girl cocked her head; her eyes softly glittered with the moonlight

Tora the girl stood on her knees, hands cupping the startled beasts head, whatever it is on your mind, you can tell me cant you?
Cmon! Voice out what you feel! she sweetly smiled as she narrowed her head, noses touching
(Flush right out of the fur) Geez! All we gotta do is one simple move and No! Stop getting perverted ideas! Youre a demon! She--who used to be a he--is a human! the beast slowly pulled away and walked a few steps away
Tora? the girl now stood on her feet, worried and feeling puzzled, whats wrong? spear butt on the ground

The spear hummed

? both jerked to it, after a short pause, it grew silent, both glared, and both knew something was heading their way
holding the spear tight, the youth looked up at the beast, Tora only glanced back at her with a motionless face
Are you ready?
As ready as hell! she hissed, fingers wrapped tight around the spear, she was gaining transformation!
! hair the same, it just grew silkier, and her eyes cat slitted in gold instead of greenish-purple, and she gained fangs and claws as well
Uh she breathed, then jerked her head to a side, did you hear something?
? perking his ears, the beast could swear he heard a rustle in between the bushes


Ack! the girl blocked her ears, and the beast did the same, wha~? she eyed the thing, WHAT? You again? she hissed
? the beast eyed the creature, it was blue and it was created from what seemed fog, it had two yellow eyes and it didnt seem to have many details on the face
Just-what are you? she girl demanded
Abacus! the creature whispered
Abacus? the beast thought isnt that the creature that eats nightmares?
Sorry! Never heard of you! the girl mocked, just what do you want?
Nagatobimaru! it seems to use short sentences
Huh? the beast blinked
What about Tora? the girl sneered
Living nightmare! the creature calmly said
Nightmare? the girl growled, seems to have blown another fuse Tora is not a nightmare fog face! T___TX
(calmly shakes its head) IS nightmare! it emphasized
Im living in a nightmare? the beast asked, and the creature dipped its head in respond, so~ now Im asleep? (It gave a nod) Okay~ how should I wake up then?
Tora~ the girl whined, You actually believe this thing?
Hush! the beast glared
Uhh--! the girl was shocked
Carry on! the beast calmly suggested

Nagatobimaru Ushio
! the girl snapped, its that name again!
What about us?
Both nightmare!
We both are living in a nightmare?
(Shakes head saying no)
We both are having a nightmare??
(Says yes)
What kind of nightmare?
(The foggy creature eyed the girl calmly)
Huh? eyeing her, she blinked in puzzlement Okay, the brat is a girl; shes my nightmare so does that mean GASP! -O_O- the brat is living with a female version of me???

I dunno? Wanna go check?

Sh** Mikan! Would you mind? the boy flushed pushing away the female orange beast eyeing him with hurt eyes
Well I was just trying to help! she protested
You can help if you leave me alone! the boy shouted in embarrassment and stomped his way back to his room
Your mean! she hissed on the edge of sobbing

Mikan! the priest calmly called, please forgive him! His date with Asako didnt go so well you see!
Sigh as long as Im out of his way, thats all he cared about then she started sniffling, why does he hate me? I didnt do anything! Its not my fault Im born female! she cupped her face and broke into tears
there-there! the priest laid his hands on her shoulders, rubbing tenderly its okay! No need to cry!
(Gasping/sobbing) the female slowly stopped, Im sorry I shouldnt have broken down like that! she cleared her throat
Its alright! the human soothed, then offered a glass of water

At Ushio

damn-Damn-DAMN! he growled, then threw himself on his bed, Sigh this sucks he breathed Tora? Such a dainty fragile little female? How crazy can this get? he sent his fist to the floor, uhh-if only I remember what happened! Maybe I could turn him back to normal? Sigh the boy could hear the female beast sobbing from where he is sh**! Shes crying again! Man, shes so dainty! pause when Asako finds out, shes really gonna be mad double time! Wait! Since when do Asako and Mayuko know about female Tora, anyway? Everyone acts as if Tora has always been a female, never a male! sitting up, legs crossed, and Mikan acts so nice, its sickening! I cant believe she made me breakfast this morning! pause though she IS a good cook! the boy cocked an eyebrow

Ushio! Shigure called, and he sounded angry, would you come out for a minute, Id like a have a talk with you!
Uh-Oh! (Sweat drop) uhh--! standing up and opening the door, the priest seemed really pissed off, yes dad? the boy weakly smiled
Come with me! Shigure hissed and walked away towards the living room
Aw~ Dad!
O_o;; err-okay-Okay!!

(Slightly still sniffling) with tears in her eyes, the female slowly eyed the boy but not for long, and just dropped her gaze at the glass of water in between her fingers
Apologize! the priest whispered
Err--uhh FINE! the boy growled, walked up to the female and drew a deep breath, Mikan!
She weakly eyed him
Im sorry
Uhh--(sniffle)--it it wouldnt matter
It wouldnt O_o;;?
Because--your apology--I know you dont really mean it! she looked away, almost about to break into tears again
(snapping guilt/sweat drop) Aw~ Cmon! the boy sheepishly smiled, I mean it! Honest!
(sniffle) sure you do she hissed mocking you just apologized because Shigure made you! she eyed him fully now, but tear lines drew down her face
Toras female face was different, it didnt have all the angry rude parts that made him look mean, her face was less chinned, and her eyes were a bit wider, forelock pretty in a more silky way, and her voice was softer, it didnt have that rough rumble in it

(Taking a sip of water) the female closed her eyes as she tried to maintain herself
Mikan! Ushio narrowed, a thought passed his mind, he hated it, but it was the only way to show her that he really meant his apology, Im really sorry! he placed a hand on her shoulder, looking into those silver orbs glittering with tears
(Sniffle) she just eyed him with tears still wanting to escape
Ushio drew a deep breath, and a faint flush showed
(Arms around her neck) the boy hugged a little, snuggling into the warmth of her neck fur, Im really sorry Mikan, and I shouldve appreciated your help instead of yelling at you, I didnt mean to make you upset, honest!
Oh-Ushio she smiled a little and hugged him back, its okay I shouldve stayed out in the first place their hug parted I just wanted to help so badly, I guess I made things backfire Im sorry!
I guess that makes both of us! Ushio slightly chuckled; only to flush again as Mikan hugged him tight, snuggling him into her molds! Having someone with breasts around is gonna need a little getting used to! Ushio moaned in his mind, it was embarrassing!

Now then Shigure started, how about if we calm ourselves for tonight! We all had a busy day!
I guess your right, dad! sigh, the boy thought Im gonna miss having Tora in the family! snap did I just call Tora family? O_o;;?

Does it matter?

(It dipped its head)
Tora~! the girl whined, eyes half opened, sitting on a tree trunk, hardly keeping her weight leaning on the propped spear arent you done yet? Im tired and I wanna go home!
Just a little longer! the beast turned back to the Abacus, so? What should I do to wake up?
But wait
I have to wait until my body wakes up?
(It dipped its head)
Say, where is my body, anyway?
Your body! You know! the blue creature shrugged
Oh (Pause) Question!
Youre an Abacus, right? You eat nightmares, and if the brat and I are both living/sharing the same nightmare, shouldnt you just eat it and wake us up?
One side, impossible!
You cant eat a nightmare from one side?
(Dips its head)
What would happen if you ate this one side and left the other?
Other, become real!
Hell? -O.O-;;


Huh? the beast jerked around
Hn~ Murasake had fallen asleep on the tree (Z-z-Z-z)
Go home the blue creature softly whispered, Dawn is near
Tora didnt respond and reared towards the exhausted, sleeping female, scooping her up, she didnt weigh much, spear not releasing her fingers, she hummed a bit snuggling into the beasts torso
Sigh Tora eyed her softly, he couldnt help but smile, though she was tired, she still looked pretty; he turned around, the blue creature wasnt there anymore, Aw~ Sh**! rumble in his cursing voice
Uh-hmm? the female blinked in startle, Wha~?
Hush! Go back to sleep! the beast whispered softly, and the female didnt mind, snuggling deeper, wrapping her arms around the beasts neck as a child hugging its parent
Lets go home she hummed, Im tired she nuzzled him
!! splashes of crimson on his orange stripped face, Tora just cleared his throat, the female was back in sleep, eyeing her there in his arms, things just felt sweet! It was also kind of funny
Sigh might as well head back to the temple, the mistress is probably worried now Tora hummed to himself, then charged up a little before turning invisible, leaping a soaring flight through the sky

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