Lair of the Beasts

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Perspectives 3

Chapter Three:

Yawn the temple boy woke up to find him self tucked in bed, Hn? I dont remember this! the hummed, then shrugged it off and stood, only for his tender flesh to snap, Ow~ Uh-yeah the laundry he muttered, feeling his tush, he went to wash up, but stood and opened the window to smell some of that fresh morning air, gazing down, he eyed the female beast hanging out some new clean laundry to dry, (Sweat drop) maybe I shouldnt spear practice today he mumbled, then went to the bathroom, eyeing his reflection, then looking down as his palms were filled with water, plashing it in his face, he widened his smile and gazed at his wet face in the mirror as he reached for the towel
Time extended
HUH? startled, the boy jerked around, only to see the blue creature, Sh**! Dont do that! the boy shouted, what are you doing here??
Need help!
Found body, but cannot wake
You've found us? it dipped its head where?
Home?? Ushio paused, where exactly?
Prison? Theres no per--uh!! and then he froze th-the basement? the Abacus dipped its head, what the hell are our bodies doing there??
(Shrugged) then suddenly jerked around to look at the wall behind it, then jerked to the boy again need help! the creature seemed worried and in haste


!! leaping in start, the blue creature avoided an attack from another Abacus, but it bloody red, not blue
Hell? Ushio squeaked
Escape, you shall not! the red creature hissed
Reason? the blue creature questioned
Orders from Hakumen! the red creature growled, eyes in black with yellow pupils, (No! not the other way around!) fixed on the blue nemesis
Hakumen? Ushio wondered, then eyed the blue one who or whats Hakumen?
Not yet time the blue creature reasoned, and then leaped away as the red creature chased it
Hey~! Ushio whined, only to find himself face to face--actually, it was nose to nose--with the orange female
Oh! Mikan was startled, and she flushed right out of her fur as she boy backed up, what on earth was the racket about? I could hear it from outside! she whined
Um, nothing! the boy chuckled shyly, and then his stomach cut-in to announce its hunger
Aw~ you're probably starving! You havent had supper last night! the female beast smiled, Cmon! Im making you something to eat
Thanks! Im starving Ushio smiled as he walked after her, but really, he was wondering what the hell is the gig with the blue and red dudes? he thought to himself

Theres a cushion on the chair over there, use it if your tushy still hurts the female teased
Err--(Flush)--thanks say! This cushion is really comfy!
Um, Ushio
Im sorry about yesterday, you have no idea how long it took me to wash them clothing! I didnt have much time yesterday, I had to hang out half of it today! she cocked an eyebrow and why is it that most of your clothings are either ripped or have holes in them? she cupped her hip
Err--(Sweat drop)--related to work! the boy chuckled, and then his mouth broke a drool pipe as the smell of pancakes went into his nose, Yum! This stuff smells awesome! he said excitedly
Eat em up then! she smiled, hot or cold?
Hot! You?
Ill just take mint-tea thank you you?
Make it double!
Okay she smiled and attended her chore


No thanks! Regular coffee suits me just fine! dark orange tail lashed
As you wish the female shrugged, after a minute, she walked to the beast with his order, man Im hungry
That makes both of us! Tora smiled, picking up the plate with the pancakes, making them all slide into his mouth
A~h! he sighed in relief
that was not a very healthy way ya know! she gained a sweat drop you couldve choked, or burned your tong!
Like I care he said in a care-free mode, gulping down his coffee, Um-h more!
Better than having holes in the filter she smiled slightly, pouring another huge mug for the beast, there ya go! then she sat down again and began her breakfast
You know Tora licked his fingers, you a pretty good cook!
Thanks! she shyly smiled, but Im nothing compared with mom, shes the best cook Ive ever known! taking a sip of coffee, the female slightly flushed, Um, Tora? she shyly eyed him
About last night thank you, for comforting me
blinking twice, the beast found the roof interesting, might as well go laze around on the rooftops he said in a matter-of-factually as he walked out
widening her smile, Murasake eyed her hot mug of coffee maybe I do love him drawing in an inhale, she continued on her meal

Telephone rang

Hn? picking her mug, Murasake went to answer, Hello?
Excuse me, is this the Aotsuki residents?
Yes? May I help you? and took a sip of coffee
May I talk to Aotsuki Murasake please?
That would be me, what is it?
Sigh this is something I would hate to tell you child
Huh? Murasake froze, something about this call felt cold
Where is your mother?
She left early this morning, why? heart throbbing
Did she take the train?
Pause Yes
Have you watched the morning news?
N-no voice shaky why?
This is the police station; Im talking to you through the local hospital telephone, I would hate to tell you that the train speeded out of course
And your mother cannot be with you anymore
face gone white, absolutely frozen, the female hadnt moved

? jerking down, the beast heard the sound of shattering glass, ! leaping quickly off the roof, he froze in horror as the youth just stood there, all the colors of her life drained out completely
eyes not in black no more, but in soft gray, the mug broken at her feet, the shards caused small cuts in her shins, and the spear slipped out of her fingers to fall on the marble floor with a clatter
Hello? the policeman on the phone called are you still there?
Im here voice softly whispering with a hiss, eyes calm and motionless
Sorry to say, but you need to come to the hospital to identify the body pause can you come? Or would you like me to send some one to get you?
Ill be fine, good bye
No wai-- and she hung up
Murasake? the demon called, he felt massive winds of a frozen land harshly blow against him, causing his fur to go all fluffy, is something the matter?
moms dead she whispered, eyes shaded in her bangs
! mouth hung open, the beast couldnt say anything
collapsing to land with her knees on the shattered glass, Murasake gave no sign of pain
Yelp! Are you crazy! Get off the glass! the demon barked, walking behind her, cupping her shoulders, get up!
absolutely motionless
T__TX scooping her up, she just zoned out, eyes in soft gray eyeing the beast, a hand slowly reaching out to cup the demons face
a teardrop formed in her eyes, yet her face hardly showed sadness, it looked more like stunned than in pain
Murasake he called softly, seeing her like this really scared him I guess my true nightmare just started the beasts mind moaned in horror
Moms dead she sobbed it now, brows knotted, eyes swelling with tears, she threw her hands around his neck and sobbed bitterly
sigh the beast nuzzled her, he couldnt help it, one hand resting on her head tucking her under his neck, her shaking fragile fingers clutching painfully to his fur, her voice moaning in pain, wetness drawing its cursed lines on his body, wet tears slipping down the back of his neck to roll over his shoulders, a line drew across his arm, grooving his carved arms to drip softly from his elbow
(Gasping/sobbing) the female was absolutely helpless, crying her lost mother, giving no damn attention to the cuts in her shins; she didnt even notice them there spear soundless resting in the exact place it fell, but then is softly hummed in respond, soothing its master


back against the wall, sitting on his butt, the boy had the telephone handle in his tight grip, somewhat crushed, the wire was pulled harshly out of place, the wires were peeking out of place, and it seemed like the phone got it self a beating the spear in the other hand, he was absolutely frozen
Ushio Mikan softly called, what is it? Who was on the phone?
Dads gone the boy whispered, a strange hiss in his voice
Hes dead
(Gasp!) The female shot her eyes in horror, how?
The train went out of course and the boys lips were sealed shut, face expression showing anger and hate, DAMMIT! the boy shouted throwing the telephone handle to crash into the window
eyeing the now broken window, the female eyed the boy, Ushios face was showing anger, hate, yet sadness, eyes swell with hot tears refusing to let them show, dont hold it back crying can help make you feel better she soothed, tears in her own eyes, embracing the boy who couldnt help but sob softly


Shigure? Any luck? Asako asked, the temple boys head resting on her thigh, hands cupping his cheeks
Sigh I dont know whats going on this is to peculiar he breathed, his son and the beast just lied in the basement motionless and soundless, after being missing for a whole day, the priest and the two girls were so worried, and now very alerted to find the pair somewhere they had never thought of
Tora Mayuko called the beasts name, hand on his shoulder
the pair was just laid there, Ushio on his back, one hand clinched like a dead spider, the other gripping sight and painfully to the spear, his head on Asakos thigh, Tora on his side, sort of curled around himself both looked asleep
Huh? all three snapped as the pair both twitched oddly, but grew silent again
Well at-least we know theyre still alive the elder man said
Ushio Asako softly called, if you can hear us, please answer she whispered in fear
arms folded the priest grew silent as he thought; he had to find a way to wake the pair up somehow


(Sniffling) Murasake took a sip of water, hand still shaky, the beast had to hold the cup for her so it wont slip out of her grip and crash
Yeah she softly snuffled with a sob Im okay her face splashed in crimson from all the crying, the females face was drained out completely
placing the glass aside, the beast eyed the female sitting on that chair in front of him, now he said softly holding her hands together, do you want to go see her now?
Uhh n-no I dont want to believe it! she sobbed jerking her head away and down, sobbing, eyes shaded in her long hair, mom is not dead I dont believe themthat is a lie! Theyre lying! she sobbed, hands fragile, yet gripping as hard as possible to the beasts clawed hands; teeth gritted trying not to cry
Let it out female, it would make you feel better the beast soothed with a soft smile
after a pause of looking at his orange stripped face, passionately eyeing her back, the youth slipped off the chair to throw her arms around the beasts neck again, softly sobbing, youre all whats left for me now Tora please dont leave me she sobbed bitterly, fingers clutching the beasts fur again
and the beast grew silent, if this dream ended would I vanish from her life? Would she be alone? Why do I care? Its just a dream? Shell vanish as well, wouldnt she? Shes not real, but I am! oddly feeling the need to hug her back, the demon was lost in thought, he couldnt leave her even if she was a dream! Ever since hes been here, and its been about a week now in this dream world, she never beaded him once! Counting out the times she kept on bapping him with the pillow every time he slipped into her room unnoticed! (Sweat drop) She always offered things for him, always been nice and sweet, always trying to make him laugh, one thing thats annoying a bit, she loves his fur so much, mostly hugs him for it the only boring thing about it is that shes cant go out hunting whenever she wanted, her mother was a bit over protective
(sniffling/sobbing softly now)
but her mother is gone now shes all alone no one left but himself; and her two friends oddly, her two friends dont come to visit everyday like the two females used to visit the temple boy, these two friends seemed to only see her at school, it doesnt even look like they care!
Tora she sniffled, whats gonna happen to us now? Im too young to look for a job, Im only 16! How are we gonna get through this? she pulled back from the embrace to lock her black littering orbs into those silver blazing slitted eyes
her eyes are not focusing, but at-least they got back their colors, well manage the beast smiled softly, flicking a long stray lock of hair from her wet face
But youre a demon! You cant show your self Tora! she sniffled, I dont have any relatives, the temple might be taken down and I would be sent to an orphanage she sobbed again Oh God she cupped her face and cried some more
embracing her again, the female hid her face in his torso, sniffling and sobbing still, itll be alright he rubbed her back tenderly, take a hold of your self, you cant cry forever he reasoned to see her so weak, Tora couldnt yell at her, his heart wouldnt let him, he wanted to help, but so many thoughts swarmed in his mind he couldnt focus on anything but her there buried in his torso, chin on her head, he closed his eyes, wrapped his arms tightly and tenderly around her and tried calming her once more


slumped in his room, back against the wall, the boys face was lazy and expressionless, head up, eyes pale, spear in his hands, fingers softly twitching, gazing at the outside through his bedroom window
Ushio Mikan softly called as she walked in, shouldnt we go to the hospital? Maybe they mistaken the body her voice shaky, but suggested as calm as possible, maybe they got the wrong Aotsuki! she tried to smile
lazily shifting his head eyeing her, why? Its just a dream! he hissed, everything is but a bad dream! he growled now
? cocking an eyebrow, you cant ignore reality Ushio! This is not a dream! Its life!
its a f*** sh**ing nightmare Mikan! the boy shouted his lungs out all so suddenly, jilting out of place to stomp his angry figure towards her, you think its real! Its a dream! Nothing but a f***ing bad dream! his eyes shot wide open, a faint haze of purplish green in cat slit form glaring her with hatred
=O__O=! startled, the female flinched back to fall sitting on her butt, Ushio! Calm down! she breathe, hand on her heart
Uhh the boy paused, the female is a dream, so for her, this world is her real world! Shes not dreaming I am! Better not talk about this subject no more, Im sorry I guess I got out of control he tried to smile, since this is a dream, dad cant be dead, hes in the real world and hes still alive I hope


Dad the boys head leaned slightly to the side, still cupped by his friend as he softly called whispering
Oh! startled, Asako smiled, Ushio! Ushio can you hear me? he gave no respond, so she lost her smile
Shigure froze; his son is still unconscious, yet oddly called his name what on earth is happening in his mind?
Mayuko worriedly eyed the beasts calm face, Tora please wake up she whispered, tucking her tawny hair behind her ear


Tora the youth sniffled, clearing her throat, whats gonna happen to us now? she asked in fright, hands still holding together
Itll be alright female! foreheads touching, just calm down think about it as a bad dream that refuses to end you just need to fight it back
a bad dream? he dipped his head, I dunno she closed her eyes, Im scared a shiver when down her spine that even the beast could feel
Dont go weak! Your mother wouldnt like that! he softly scolded, you need to carry on your own life now eyes locked, be strong and make her proud!
Make her proud? he dipped his head but its so hard I dont know where to start
(Humming) the spear sang a soft melody of water
? both looking at it, the beast paused, then let go the girls hands slowly, watching her as she went towards it, picking it up
I guess
Life is gonna be the same no more she turned to the beast with a faint smile, black orbs softly glittering with tears
Yeah, Im afraid it will he responded calmly

Thank you she widened her smile, for being there for me a tear rolled down her face
expressionless, the beast closed his eyes, then eyed her again and smiled a bit, dont mention it Im sure we can pull it out together! he smiled widely, but deep inside, the beast was worried, why am I saying this? Im not gonna stay here forever I cant promise her anything
Tora she narrowed from him
L lets go to the hospital I I want this to be over with she tried to smile
Alright I just hope things end up well


Sigh the priest breath, I dont understand, for some reason, I cant seem to communicate with them!
Oji-san Mayuko called softly, why arent they waking up?
Probably dont know how
Maybe theyre under a creatures power, and they have to fight it to wake up or something it was only an idea, but it was worth the while
Ushio Asako whispered, thumbs brushing softly on her friends face


Uhh--!! the boy gasped as he jerked around, eyes closed shut
Is it him? the doctor asked softly, and the boy dipped his head in respond back giving to the body
eyes cracked s slit, Ushio held back a tear drop, whats gonna happen to me now? he eyed the doctor who walked around to eye his face
I cant tell, perhaps you would be sent to live with a relative until you reach the legal age, then you can go back to your home
Im only 16! You mean Ill have to roam around for two year to be able to go back home? the boy hissed in protest
Im afraid so boy the doctor said calmly, arms folded behind him, do you know anyone?
No the temple boy shock his head, I never knew anyone but my dad he whispered
I see the doctor paused, well I guess thats for the court to decide
Huh? the boy jerked his head up eyeing the man, what do you mean?
Well, its either you would be sent to an orphanage, or they would have to find someone that would look after you till you can take care of your self
What? the boy barked, I aint no baby! I can do fine by my self! the boy sneered
I dont think so! the doctor frowned, you would be left at your home till further decisions the man reasoned as two police men walked into the room, What? Ushio took a step back Hey? What are you--? he growled in self defense
Take it easy boy! a wicked smile wheeled on the three mens faces, were here to help!

USHIO! a female voice shouted dont you dare touch him she leaped clawed hands slashing them, she got the doctor, but the two policemen leaped away, morphing into black ghost like beasts
What? Ushio blinked in start
Damn the doctor transformed into the red Abacus from earlier and glared not over yet! it hissed and leaped away wounded
(Hissing) the two ghosts extended their claws--that came out of nowhere--and missed the boys chest by a hair, slightly ripping his shirt
OH no you dont! Mikan shouted, a breath of fire burning the two figures into dust
Ushio paused; jerking around to his fathers body it wasnt there
Ushio! the female quickly barked, Hurry! Get on my back!
(Dipping his head) Ushio jumped on the females back; a second before the rooms door exploded as many ghost beasts came barging in
Hold on! she shouted, bashing the wall escaping into the arms of the sky
What the sh** was that? The boy breathed in startle
Night demons, they steal a persons mind and cause endless nightmares, its not easy to escape them the female explained, lets go to the park, Im sure we can find a place to hide
What about the temple?
IDIOT! Why should we go back where theyre sure to find us? she scolded
and he paused, is that why he hadnt been able to wake up? A night demon possessed his body? That could only mean that the blue one was trying to help but couldnt cause the red one was more powerful! And the orange beast, Tora, was probably possessed by one as well how is this to end?


I dont understand? Why would such a thing kill my mother? the female youth stated as she held on tight to the beast fur as they flew towards the park
How should I know? Tora growled, but this needs to be taken care of quickly he concluded more softly now soundless orange pads landed softly on the grassy ground
slipping off the beasts back, the youth eyed around, it is beginning to be one hell of a day he whispered eyeing around once more, she paused, Hn? Say! Isnt that Soku? she blinked in startle as she saw her two friends walking near by chatting and laughing, attending to go to them, the demon pulled her back, Uhh--hey! What--?
Hush! Tora whispered, Watch he eyed the pair

So you see I guess Murasake and I just dont fit! Not that I actually liked her, I was trying to get closer because my parents wanted me to
Maybe, I mean she likes a demon for crying out loud!! That-is so~ wired! And besides! Shes just too common! Just because she fights monsters doesn't mean shes special! It only means shes inhuman!

!! both froze, Murasake for what Soku said about her, Tora for what he heard from Mayuko
Uhh--! That bit** is defiantly NOT Mayuko the demon muttered in his mind, the ocean gray eyed girl would never say such back-stabbing words about her friends no matter what
lets get out of here the youth whispered softly as she trailed away, spear in hand, eyes shaded in her bangs the beast shot a glare of hatred at the pair then reared to follow the female

after dwelling deep into the thick grassed area of the park, the youth stopped, forearm whipping her tears away
Female the beast called softly, sitting back on his hunches, the youth had been crying for so long, she has no more tears to shed
Forget about them she whispered we can do just fine without them and carried on her way
the beast silently followed, and then his ears perked and snapped LOOK OUT!
Huh? jerking around, the red demon slashed a deep cut from the shoulder down the chest ripping right out of the flesh, all the way to her hip
NO! Tora leaped on the thing and caused a cut down its back
!!! Murasake jilted a leap back, salty acid flowing up her throat, one hand clutching her ripped clothing, the other holding up the spear to keep her balance eyes shot in gold eyeing that creature battling with the demon, the female thought of nothing until she swung that spear splitting the creature into half spear head struck the ground with a bash and dirt flew every which way
Murasake! Tora shouted as he walked to her, death was half way through
Im fine she hardly whispered eyes golden and cat slitted softly smiling to the beast
and the demon froze was she going to be alright?

Tora? a male voice called
Huh? and the demon jerked around eyeing a temple boy gawking with eyes shot wide open and a wide open mouth, U-Ushio?
Tora! a wide ridicules smile wheeled on the boys face, hurrying to his old partner, he froze as he eyed the half standing female with his spear in her hands as well as his own?
Hell? Two spears? Mikan gawked as she walked in, eyes then shifting to the orange male, OH! startled, she eyed the female
Ushio Murasake weakly breathed, So I guess your friend is here after all she tried to smile
Are you alright? Tora questioned, her soul was running all over the place
!! Ushio raised his eyebrows in amusement; the beast had just questioned someone about how s/hes doing!
Im kind of cold she whispered
Itll be okay the orange male tried to sooth, hands cupping her shoulders, voice a bit shaky he knew she was dieing
eyeing him softly, Murasake paused, then her golden eyes widened, WATCH OUT! she shouted, pulling the spear out of the dirt with all her might to swing it around beyond the beast to clash another red night demon
Ack! all three jilting back in start
More are coming! Mikan hissed
Im on them Ushio smiled wickedly, and then narrowed to the injured female, rest easy girl! Ill take it from here!
BUTT OUT! They killed my mother! I owe them pain! she hissed, fangs showing, spear humming, eyes golden slit like a cats
Well HEY! They killed my dad! I owe them pain as well! the boy sneered, and then paused, say wait a minute, do I know you? You look familiar!
BAKA! the beast pummeled the boys head shes you!
HUH? both gawked Tora then locked to each others eyes, paused, then both jerked away blushing
And shes me Tora eyed Mikan in annoyance
? the female demon was totally puzzled


A bunch of them are coming this way Tora growled, Murasake, stay back
Im fighting!
You wont make it! he scolded
I dont care!
Dead or not your mother wouldnt want that!
Listen to me (clutching her shoulders softly) back-off!

Do it for me he said softly
Uhh alright she breathed and slumped her way back, a wall of two demons and her male side fought a swarm of night demons

Night demons rushed their way aiming to the weakest of the group, Tora fought with all his might, defending the female was something he didnt understand shes just a dream? It wouldnt matter if she lived or died! Why does it matter to him? Why is he fighting for her? Why is he protecting her? Is it because she cared for him? Always smiled to him? Always been nice and friendly? Defending him even in words?

Uhh--! even through battle, the demon couldnt get the youths smiling face from his mind, shes not like the brat she was different
Tora look out! Murasake shirked, KYEA! she gave all her strength to swat a night demon who was right behind Tora
Uh! startled, he eyed her smiling still throughout her wounds
UH!! she gasped, another deadly slash dug her back as it ripped her spine
SCREECH! a night demon was swatted dead as Tora killed it
Murasake! he shouted her name, she just laid there, eyes sleepy, but slowly rose to her feet, and still smiled
Is she okay? Ushio asked quickly before going back into battle
Im okay her voice was hardly hearable slowly standing up, she swung the spear as if was a feather to swat another night demon
Murasake! Stay out! Tora pleaded, her life could last no longer
uh--!! her eyes shot and she swung the spear again to hit a demon that fell but didnt die, spear head going through its head, pining it to the ground, dirt flew around, and a pitch ray of light started shooting madly from where the female gripped the spear KYEA! she creamed
MURASAKE! Tora shouted calling, then covered his eyes for protection from the strong light

Everything was in light everything went silent

uhh--? silver slit eyes opened a crack in the middle of the night, only on the sound of sobbing, sitting up, Tora eyed around, he saw his female side slumped near by, the temple boy as well, both knocked out and then his eyes drifted up to eye something else a white figure with hair as black as midnight, eyes black and glittering in a slit claws and jaws in tusk-white, a tail black and a forelock in soft gray
Tora the female demon whispered as it sobbed, what happened to me? she questioned, slumped back on her hunches, tail tucked, legs stretched out
!!! she had been transformed into demon form
Im demon Murasake sobbed, and I cant touch the spear she eyed it a few feet away, the spear pinned into a night demons scull red tattered silk softly flickering with the breeze of the night
and he froze Tora couldnt do anything, eyeing her slightly burned hands she probably tried grabbing the spear, but it burned her in respond

OW~ my head! Ushio sat up, then blinked his frozen friend eyeing something ? lazily eyeing around, Sh**!! he snapped in start eyeing the black and white female


uhh Murasake the demon breathed softly, startling the three humans in the basement
What did he say? Asako questioned
I think he said Murasake (Purple)! Mayuko answered
Shigure was now totally puzzled, I guess we have nothing to do right now but wait for them to awake he suggested, and both girls dipped their heads


Demon? Mikan whispered in disbelieve, then eyed her male side, is there a way to get her back? Tora shock his head saying no
Am I stuck like this forever? the white females voice sobbed, and it sounded like a tiny kittens moan
Im sorry Tora soothed
Ushio kind of felt puzzled, his friend was extra nice for his point of view
Its not fair the young female sobbed, cupping her face, first Soku, then my mom, then the spear and now this? she almost collapsed, but the beast took her in his arms, holding her tight, she buried her face in his torso, hands clutching tightly to his fur
I understand Tora soothed, holding her tight, one hand brushing down her silky black mane
standing up, brushing his butt, the temple boy walked to the spear pinned to the ground, then eyed the spear in his hand Tora
Are both spears the same?
What do you mean?
I mean if I put them together, would they be one?
(Shrugging) Tora was busy with the female in his arms
Ushio said nothing, and then eyed the other spear again, eyeing the spear in his hand; Ushio lifted his spear to match the other in front of him
(Both spears hummed)
!!! and they all froze
Uhh--!! Ushio eyeing the two spears slowly float one out of the scull, the other slowly out of his grip, both rotated, then a faint light enveloped the place, Ushio protected his eyes and then cracked a slit, to eye only one spear softly hovering in mid air waiting him to hold it
how--? the white female breathed as one hand whipped her tears, and then slowly locked her black slit eyes at the demon, Tora?
silent, the male looked away
dropping her gaze, the white female rested her head on the beasts torso, eyes closed, needing comfort, calming with the sound of his heartbeats
Um--? Mikan wanted to comfort her, do you want me to get you anything honey? You look beat
Im okay she buried her face in the demons chest

Final hazard
Huh?? All jerked to one way to eye the blue creature
Uhh--! everyone can see him now, the partners were a bit startled about that
H-hey! Youre the one we met in the park last time! Murasake growled, ripping the beasts embrace to attack the cause of her pain its all your fault she shouted in anger, only to trip over her own feet Whoa--! Oomph!!
Murasake! Tora hurried to her, Crazy female, you cant even walk straight he softly scolded, are you alright?
Its not fair its all not fair fists clinched tight to the grass, ripping it out of place, sobbing again
Murasake Mikan softly called, helping the white youth up, its okay honey, were here to help she soothed as she hugged her, and the white female felt absolutely broken, there was nothing the same in her life no more
Ushio was silent; he didnt know what to make of it, eyeing the blue creature as it showed pity eyeing the white female, Ushio walked closer, what is it this time? More disaster? he hissed
Gomin-nasai the creature said softly caused much chaos
As if you didnt know~! the boy sung mockingly
What is it? Tora hissed softly, what do we have to do to get out of this?
Defeat devourer!
Devourer? Whos that? Mikan eyed the boy who only shrugged in respond
Me! Evil side the blue creature said, and it sounded sad
We have to kill you? Ushio was baffled, this blue creature had helped them, and now, to return home, they have to kill it?
Would we ever come back? Tora questioned worriedly
TORA! the boy shouted in fury, why would you wan to come back? Were trying to get outta here, remember?
Come back? Get out? the white female widened her eyes and her sight drifted to the beast, Tora what is he talking about?
Tora grew silent, one hand cupping her face, Im sorry he whispered, slowly their embrace broke for him to stand besides the temple boy
heart throbbing, the white female blinked in confusion, Tora youre not leaving me are you?
Murasake I want to stay but this is not my world the orange beast reasoned, I need to go back
But you said well manage! That well pull it out together? Were they all lies? tears streamed down her face
I dont lie the ancient orange beast soothed as he walked to her again, hands on her shoulders, I swear, if it was for me to stay here, I will I just dont belong here
But I love you she forced it out, her hands on his torso please Tora! Dont leave me! Not now! Not like this! I need you!
Youve got my female side Murasake! Im sure shell be a more fitting friend! he smiled passionately, then drew his head a bit down, kissing her softly on the cheek, take care he somewhat smiled as removed his hands, rearing back to the boy in hunter form
(flushing) Ushio saw it, but didnt believe it, such a crazy dream he gained a sweat drop, then eyed the blue creature as it slowly morphed into red and evil, growing bigger and more scary looking
Tora the white female pleaded only to eye the orange female cupping her shoulders, ?
Itll be alright, dont worry Mikan soothed, then looked up at the pair as they got ready for their fight, they have a job to do, its their only way back to their homes
? Murasake eyed the orange beast, heart throbbing, I love you she whispered as he gave one last glance at her before leaping into battle
HEYA!!!! Ushio leaped into battle, spear head oddly glowing in a sharp light
(crackling thunder) Tora ran as fast as his feet allowed to dart a thunderbolt to the beasts heart


Uhh--! the temple boy shifted his head uncomfortably as his eyes cracked a slit, fingers twitched, softly moaning
Ushio! Asako barked in excitement are you okay?
Asako? the boy whispered softly
Tora! Mayuko eyed the beast eyes as they cracked a slit as well
Uhh--? Tora rose his head a bit to the boy sitting up, and then eye the two females and priest looking at them worriedly, Wha happen? he asked in a daze, head feeling heavy
I dunno, but Im feeling tired Ushio yawned wearily, man that was one hell of a dream
Yeah Tora tiredly responded
Are you two alright? Shigure asked in care, the pair seemed really beat, you two were here all day, and you were almost dead!
Dad? Ushio snapped slightly, h-hey! Youre alive! Those damn things didnt get you? the boy asked as he crept closer to his father
Im fine Ushio the priest smiled, his son mustve had one awful dream

Brat the beast tiredly called, do you remember how we beat that thing?
No do you?
No all I remember was light coming from the spear..."
Same here
Do you think Mikan and Murasake are alright?
Im sure theyre doing fine the beast said eyes closed, then snapped umh-Im so tired, I think Im gonna go to the rooftops now and heavily dragged his way out of the basement
Me too Im beat Ushio heavily rose to his feet as well, yawning as he left

Gee, I guess theyre too tired to talk about it Asako gained a sweat drop
As long as theyre okay Mayuko smiled
Yes, as long as they both are alright the priest smiled

Somewhere else

Where are they? worriedly questioned the white female, nothing around but a dirty battlefield and an orange female
I guess they have already returned she said softly to the youth
You mean Im all alone now?
Youre not alone! Im here! Mikan softly smiled, but the white female didnt seem to buy it, whats wrong?
Im gonna miss Tora she softly sobbed
Aw I understand honey the orange female soothed, embracing the youth, brushing down her mane, from now on, its just you and me, you dont need to worry about I anymore I promise

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