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A Brother's Bond

Chapter 5:  Old Friends, Resurfacing Memories


Ushio leaned back on the flowered quilt, gazing up at the white painted ceiling. A tiny smile drifted over his lips as he remembered the airport only an hour before.


'I'll carry that?' the taller, dark haired man offered, extending a hand for the bag.  Ushio blinked, knowing that his dufflebag was too heavy for a normal person to carry... but... 'Sure, here,'  Dee smiled and reached out to take the bag from the young man.  Ushio hide a small grin when the man couldn't get the bag off the ground.  ~I know it wasn't very nice. I just couldn't help it.~  Bicky was laughing his head off next to Dee who just glared at him and then at the bag.  'Do you have bricks in here or something?' the man grumbled, looking ready to open it and dump it out.  'Or something,' Ushio teased gently, lifting the bag easily and swinging it over his shoulder.  Ryo blinked at the scene and sighed.  Great, now there were two kids to harass his Dee...  Wait a minute!  Since when was Dee his?  Ryo tried not to blush, but he could feel his face heating as everyone looked at him. 'Something wrong, Ryo?' Dee actually looked concerned.  'No, it's nothing.  Lets go,' the man shook his head and started off towards the exit.  Dee just shrugged and sauntered after him, leaving Bicky and Ushio to catch up.

(End Flashback)

~Hmm... I usually don't do things like that. Weird. Guess their cheerfulness is rubbing onto me, I haven't been so close to laughing since before... before...~ Shaking his dark hair from his eyes, the boy rolled over onto his side, letting his fingers drip off the bed to grasp the zipper of his bag. Lazily, he pulled, letting the ripping sound split the air.

'GASP! Damn it's hot in there,' The young man bolted up from the bed, his eyes wide in shock as he stared down at the creature who's head was now popped out of the opening. 'Kyo?' the young man whispered, eyes widening even more at the small ferret monster watching him with its beady button eyes. 'Who else? Hmmm... nice room, a real fix-er-upper,' the animal commented, leaping onto the bed, landing at the boy's side. 'What are you doing..?' Ushio began to ask, glancing at the door to make sure no one could hear them. 'Well, everyone thought you could use a little company and I was the smallest, so...' the ferret trailed off, gazing up with that sad puppy dog look that no one in their right mind can refuse. That included the former Master of the Beast Spear. Ushio just sighed, flopping back down with enough force to lift Kyo off the bed and land him back on the covers with a small 'Thud!'

'That's better. So, when's dinner? I'm starving,' the tiny monster grumbled, standing up on his hind legs to glance around the room again. White wallpaper, yech, flowered bedspread, really have to do something about that, depressed human, hmmm... 'Ushio...' the boy opened his eyes to find the small demon peering down into his face. 'What is it?' the youth asked, arms spread across the bed. 'Where are we and who are we staying with?' the monster inquired, curious as to know who the voices had belonged to. 'We are in New York City, all the way in the United States of America. My older half brother, Ryo, owns this place. He has an adopted street brat for a son by the name of Bicky, as well as a boyfriend named Dee,' the former master of the beast spear replied. 'Oh... So, when's dinner?' Kyo licked his chops greedily. 'Whenever Ryo makes it, I guess. Hey, don't look at me, I can't cook,' Ushio defended himself. 'I know,' the instant reply was flat. 'Not that again. It wasn't my fault the kitchen caught on fire. It was all Tora's...' Ushio shut up quickly, turning his face away from the tiny monster. Silence stretched the room, as icy as the wings of fate.

'Ushio, dinner!' Ryo knocked on the guest room door twice, before wandering off. He hoped his little brother would be happy living with them. Maybe they'd go out to a movie or have a picnic or something. Ryo nodded to himself as he remembered that Ushio was now registered at the nearby high school for his final year. It was really sad, only seventeen and their father had died. Ryo hadn't know the man, so he wasn't sure what he had been like. But, Ushio seemed so silent and indrawn that he figured it must have really hurt when their father had died. Ushio must be feeling so alone.

Ushio stood, ready to walk out the door and back to the normal human world. 'It still hurts, doesn't it,' the small voice seemed like a bellow in the small room. The dark haired youth froze, fists trembling at his sides. 'I didn't know you and Tora were that close...' the monster trailed off when the boy spun, angry eyes glaring down at him. 'We were not close. I hated him, he hated me. Just remembering him makes me glad that he's gone,' Ushio harsh tone could not hide the obvious lie that they could both hear. Sad beady eyes watched in silence as the teen stormed out of the room. That had not gone well.



'More salad?' Ushio glanced up as his older brother offered him the bowl of greens. Numbly, he forced himself to accept them and add a little more to his already untouched plate. Ryo sadly continued to eat, glancing up at Ushio every once in a while. Bicky was chowing down on his burger so fast he looked about ready to explode. 'So, um... I registered you at the high school, just a few blocks away. I know it's a bit of a late start, but I'm sure you'll adjust,' Ryo glanced at his brother again who seemed to be drifting off into a another world. 'Hm...? Oh, sure, I guess,' the youth answered, still pushing his salad around and gazing strangely at his burger. 'Great! At least I'm not the only one who has to go,' Bicky interrupted, grinning across the table at the other boy. 'I'm sure Cara will enjoy the extra company as well,' Ryo smiled. 'Who's Cara?' Ushio asked, glancing up at his brother. 'She's just a pain in the butt girl,' Bicky snorted loudly. 'That's not very nice. Actually, she's a very nice young girl, just turning 14,' the cop answered gently. Ushio nodded and turned his eyes back to his food.

'Do you mind if I eat this in my room?' the youth suddenly asked, gazing silently at Ryo for an answer. 'I suppose so, but we'd really love to have you eat with us, Ushio,' Ryo wished the boy would stop trying to act so cold. 'I just... have some thinking to do,' Ushio replied, whisking his plate away with him and down the hall. 'Hey, how come I'm not allowed to eat in MY room?!' Bicky's voice carried into the bedroom before the youth firmly closed the door.

'Dinner?' a small voice questioned, as the tiny monster leaped from his hiding place in the bag to land on the bed. Ushio nodded and set the plate down before starting to unpack. Kyo snarled and attacked the delicious looking burger, his small fangs chomping down on their unprotesting victim. Ushio glanced back at the small monster, before shaking his head and smiling to himself. Of all the monsters he'd ever met, Kyo was the cutest. The tiny ferret creature was covered in shimmering green fur, along with almost rabbit-like ears and a fluffy tail. He wasn't a big overgrown tiger like Tora... The youth slammed the drawer shut and stomped across the room to throw open the closet doors.

Kyo gazed at the obviously upset youth, deciding that it was yet again time for a talk. 'Ushio... everyone back home is worried about you. You've become cold since that time,' the monster whispered. Ushio's eyes were shadowed by dark bangs as he turned slowly from the door. 'So? Every other Spear Bearer before me has know the feeling as well. It is only because the rest of you stopped me, that I did not become the beast,' the boy answered. 'Ushio, you have too pure a soul to ever be a true monster,' the ferret replied, shifting on the bed. 'Pure soul? Is that what they call it now adays? Ah, Kyo... I have too much blood on my hands to ever be innocent again. I'm not even sure if I can act like a real human without doing something wrong?' Ushio laughed darkly to himself at the ironic statement. He was human, a normal human now. He didn't even have the beast spear anymore.

~Ushio... you are not human anymore. You don't realize it yet, but only a part of your soul is still human, the other half still belongs to the beast spear.~ Kyo gazed silently at his shaking friend, watching Ushio sink to the ground and lean back against the wall. The strange laughter was gone, replaced by a dulled look of shadowed pain.




Writer's Note: Yes, I know it's getting depressing at times. It's Ushio's life, after all. Can't wait for Ushio to meet the rest of the cops, especially JJ. I know Kyo's gonna love making mischief over at there. As well, does anyone want to know what really happened to Ushio's father? I'll try to explain it soon, the fic is getting complicated in my mind with Tora and Dee and all of Ushio's flashbacks. But, I can't wait to write the next chapter. Bye!