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Bond 6
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A Brother's Bond

Chapter 6:  Meetings and Murder

Ryo straightened his tie and gathered his jacket up from the bed. The first night had not gone as well as he'd hoped. Yes, he had heard the slam from the guest room, from Ushio's room, as well as the strangely haunting, yet angst low laughter that broke off into silence. No, he had not invaded his brother's privacy, instead leaving the youth to sort through his emotions. Everything was happening so fast for him, leaving Japan only days after their father had died. Speaking of which, Dee had promised to inquire about the actual incident and get back to him. The letter had not revealed how their father had died, only that Ushio was now his responsibility. And, he really wasn't about to ask the boy something so painful.

'Where are you going?' Kyo grumbled, curled in the bag as he watched Ushio dress. 'Ryo is taking me to his work today to meet the guys. Then, we're going out for lunch,' the youth replied, grunting to himself as he put his only good set of clothes, his school uniform. 'Mm hm... can I come?' the ferret was out of the bag and curling up to Ushio's leg in less than five seconds. 'Kyo, you can't. Everyone will see you,' the boy replied, picking up his friend and setting him gently on the dresser. The monster's eyes focused on the bag for a long moment, before Ushio finally glanced down as well. 'No, there is no way I'm dragging you around in there...' the youth crossed his arms over his chest firmly.


'Why did you bring your bag, Ushio?' Ryo asked gently as they walked towards the front doors. 'I just... have some stuff that I didn't want to leave at... home,' Ushio replied, climbing the steps after his brother. If Ryo heard the hesitant 'home' part, he didn't mention it. Instead, the older man held open the door and ushered his younger brother inside.

'Dee!!!' JJ clung to his idol even as the man struggled to get loose. 'Ryo, thank god you're here. Get him offa me!' the dark haired man reached for his true love who was frowning at the scene. 'You seem to be doing just fine, come on Ushio,' Ryo walked firmly past his struggling friends, stopped in his tracks when Commissioner Rose came out of his office. The blond man smiled at Ryo, before frowning at the scene in the office. 'Get back to work! Oh, and by the way, Ryo... looking good today,' the man stepped back into his office, ignoring the glare from Dee across the room. Ryo just sighed and collapsed into his office chair.

Ushio glanced around the office to find that everyone had been ignoring the pair the entire time JJ had been attacking Dee. The youth felt himself sweatdrop as he watched the blue haired man release his captive and walk away with a cheshire grin, leaving a disheveled Dee to trudge back to his desk next to Ryo's and sink down into the chair with a loud groan. 'Ryo,' the caramel skinned cop whined his partner's name and glanced at him accusingly. Ryo just ignored the look and flustered around with the files on his desk. ~What a strange couple.~ Ushio shook his head to himself and smiled.

Suddenly, a door crashed open and a tall, strong woman walked in. Every man's eye was on her as she stepped confidently across the room, well... not every man's. Dee has just rolled his eyes at her, while Ryo sighed to himself upon hearing the silence. 'Hello boys,' the woman greeted them with a painted smile. 'Diana,' grumbled the dark haired man, leaning his cheek against one palm and watching her with a bored expression. 'Hello Diana,' the more polite Ryo answered her, smiling gently. 'Do you have a minute to look at evidence for the murder case in the lab?' she asked, smile widening on the two. 'I suppose,' the dark haired man moved from his chair with ease. Ushio just blinked, Dee was acting... civilized? 'You just want to get out of paperwork,' Ryo commented, following his partner. 'So what? It's evidence, we're cops. Let's do our job,' Dee laughed, walking out the door. Ryo just sighed, shook his head, and motioned for Ushio to remain there. Diana tossed back a greeting at the Japanese youth and followed the two men.

Ushio heard a muffled grumbled and quickly ducked into an dark unused office. Pulling back the dufflebag's zipper, a fuzzy green head popped out. Kyo took in a great gulp of air and leapt from his prison. 'Hush, there are still cops out there,' Ushio whispered, pushing his bag aside to study his friend. 'I'm bored,' the ferret monster complained, perched on his hind legs. 'You didn't have to come,' Ushio reminded his friend. Kyo just 'humphed!' under his breath, before his eyes caught on someone beyond the door. Ushio glanced through the small side window of the door to see JJ placing a file on Ryo's desk. 'I wonder what that is,' Kyo commented, before Ushio ducked out of the room to find out.

The boy glanced around to make sure he wouldn't be spotted, before opening the file. Fingers clenched on the paper as the youth nearly ripped the entire report from the desk and rushed back into the other room. 'What's in it?' Kyo wanted to know, his curiosity growing. 'It's...' Ushio couldn't continue, simply setting it down on the desk. The monster blinked at his human friend who had grown pale since seeing the file, before nudging it open himself. Beady black eyes poured over the information before Kyo realized just what had upset the boy. It was about his father's death.

Silence blackened the already shadowed room. Ushio felt sorrow and anger fill his heart as he reread the articles and grimaced at the rather detailed photographs. His father, they said in the report, had been attacked by a wild animal of some kind. Although the police had no clues as to what creature it was, or where it was at the moment, Ushio knew the truth. His father had not been killed by an ordinary animal. No, the priest had been viciously slaughtered by a monster.


The spear hummed loudly, drawing energy from its bearer's soul to fuel its rage. Black hair lengthened as Ushio felt the change take over him, the pain gripping his entire body until he had become the true Bearer of the Beast Spear. Still running against the howling winds, the boy leapt through the gates towards his own home. He could see the long blue fur of his enemy even from the distance. The giant ice wolf had raced around the house and into the backyard. Ushio had one instant of true fear before a long human cry of pure pair filled the air. The sounds of cracking bones and ripping flesh drove the beast bearer into a frantic race around the corner.

Slitted violet eyes widened in horror, small fangs glistening as his mouth hung open in shock. A single bloody human hand reached towards him, gray eyes wide in pain and fear even as they touched upon the boy. 'Father,' Ushio's whisper drew the beast's attention. The creature grinned, its bloody fangs slicing through the sunset's delicate beams. The bearer found himself frozen, unable to move even as the demon slashed still blood soaked claws deep into the man's heart, killing him instantly. His father... his father... The monster howled and leapt towards the youth, icy locks flowing past glowing red eyes.

The spear sliced through the demon's fur, drawing a long cry of rage and agony. The master of the beast spear attacked, eyes filled with a fury that echoed the lonely depths of his soul. Even as the battle raged on, the boy was lost in memories of the past. Of another who he had not been able to save. His partner. Screaming, the youth slashed the beast into the fence, ready to kill his enemy.

An icy dagger ripped through his shirt, leaving a deep blood dripping gash across his bare chest. The wolf howled again, long blue and white fur standing on end as the monster drew upon his dark ice powers. The youth growled in return, blocking most of the tiny needle-like weapons that had come shooting at him. Crimson stained his body as the spear took over, eyes growing darker with the intense and uncontrollable anger that filled his entire soul. Raising the spear above his head, he slashed the killing blow.

~End Flashback~

'Ushio,' the low voice drew the boy's attention back to the present. The boy jumped, eyes wide from the revision of his past. Lifting a hand, the youth wiped away the pools of sweat coursing down his face. The monster frowned, knowing exactly what the teenager had just gone through. Memories had a tendency to open old scars that were better off closed.

The dark haired teen felt his body shaking and forced himself to calm down. Now was not the time to revisit such a memory. The pain was still there, whelling up inside of him. He tilted his head back and sipped in a cool breath of stale office air. ~My fault. It was all my fault.~

Realizing suddenly that they might be caught, the boy stuffed the ferret and the file into his bag before leaving the room. No one noticed as he retraced his steps to the empty desk, arriving just as the pair came into the room.

'Sorry Ushio, I hope you weren't bored,' Ryo commented, stepping up to his brother. Ushio just shook his head, not trusting himself to speak. He was barely able to keep emotionless mask on his face to hide the truth. 'Look at the time. Ryo, wanna grab some lunch?' Dee interrupted them. 'Sorry Dee. I promised Ushio we'd go out for lunch together,' the man smiled gently back at his partner. 'That's ok,' Ushio whispered. Both turned to stare at him, making him realize his words. 'Um, I mean... I just realized that I still have a lot to do before Monday. I... uh, saw a mall just a few blocks away, so I was thinking that I'd go grab a few things,' Ushio laughed quietly, glancing away. 'Are you sure? Do you want me to come with you?' Ryo asked, sounding unsure. 'I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I promise to be home for dinner,' the youth made his way towards the entrance, his eyes landing on the blue haired cop sitting at his own desk, before darting out the door. 'Do you think he's upset about something?' Ryo asked in a low tone. 'Huh?' Dee stared cluelessly at his love interest, even as Ryo sighed and sat back down. This was going to be a long day.



Author's Note: Yes, I was forced to kill the priest. Sorry everyone. I warn now that upcoming character deaths are in the future (not Ushio or Tora, so don't be too mad at me). I have two different ideas for how to continue the story. I've decided on one for now, but I may post the other one up later when I write it.