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 Thank you for visiting my fanfiction.  I love writing about Ushio and Tora and their adventures. 
Warnings:  Anything yaoi, which means male x male, or shounen ai, meaning boy love (a little less graphic than yaoi), or yuri (girl love) will be marked.  The genre will also be shown next to each fic.

(click on the link for fics marked R or NC17)

Personality Switch : by Shi Tiger
While in a battle with a powerful wizard, Tora is hit with a curse that gives him a split personality.  Will Ushio discover this in time, or will the darker side of his partner have the upperhand?  Will be yaoi in later chapters. 
Yaoi, PG13 for now, Rating will go up.
Chapters :  One  Two 
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Late Night Kisses
An Ushio x Tora yaoi ficlet. Ushio muses on the last three years since the battle, and how safe he feels sleeping in Tora's arms.  PG13.
Chapter :  One  
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The Haunted Spear
Haunted Junction x Ushio and Tora.  When Haruto releases a spirit from the Beast Spear, he finds there is more to this violet eyed youth than he first thought.  Dangerous, deadly, and beautiful; the spirit of the Beast Spear has a secret so dark that it will take a monster to discover it.  Yaoi, Tora x Ushio, maybe an HJ yaoi couple too. 
Yaoi, Romance, Supernatural, Crossover, PG13.

Never Make a Bet with a Weasel : Ushio learns why making a bet with Kagari could be hazardous to his life.  Humor, yaoi, some cross-dressing. 
Chapter :  One  Two  Three (Updated!)

Eternity : Can the love between a monster and a human exist in the daylight, or is it doomed to remain hidden in the shadows, unseen by the world? Yaoi.

Complete, Romance, Supernatural, NC 17  
Chapters :  One  Two

Forget-Me-Not : "Seven years. It had been seven years since that day. " Ushio is alone, and sinking deeper into a darkness as black and empty as his own perceived future. Will anyone be able to pull him out of his depression? Complete.  Yaoi.  PG13, Angst, Romance, Supernatural. 
Chapters :  One  Two  Three  Four  

My Beast Friend's Wedding:  Tora's finally getting married to Mayuko, but Ushio is jealous. When the three spirits of the Beast Spear decide to get involved, Tora is in for more than just a few wedding crashers, he's in for a whole new look at his relationship with the Master of the Beast Spear.
Romance, Yaoi, Action, Supernatural, PG13  
Chapters:  One   Two
Spring Showers:  A sweet yaoi/shounen ai fic.  Ushio x...  You'll just have to read and find out who I've paired our young demon hunter with.  Someone is watching Ushio in the rain.   
PG, yaoi, Ushio x..., romance.
Chapter :  One

New Hope:  a yuri fic (meaning girls' love)  Asako and Mayuko have a heart to heart, learn a few secrets and discover something that changes their relationship forever.
Asako x Mayuko oneshot, yuri, suggested yaoi, PG, romance
Chapter :  One
Passing On:  When Ushio's wife Asako dies, he is left with no one.  But, destiny will not let him rest.  A figure from the past appears, what path will Ushio choose? 
One Shot, angst, soul bonding.
Chapter :   One

Beast of Souls:  A dark entity is beginning to awaken. What powers are hidden within the soul? Can Ushio survive his fate or will the Revolution occur as prophesized? And what is Tora going to do when he comes realizes the truth behind the creature's identity?
Ongoing, supernatural, romance, shonen ai/yaoi
(Ushio x Asako, Tora x Beast of Souls).

Chapters:  One  Two  Three


A Brother's Bond:  Shounen ai content (yaoi).  Set after the manga series, Tora's gone, the spear has disappeared and Ushio's father dies, leaving him orphaned at 17.  Because of this, he finds out that he has an older brother (Ryo) who becomes his guardian, resulting in him leaving Japan for New York City.  Ushio struggles to leave behind being Master of the Beast Spear, but memories of the past dig up a new evil... one that he may not be able to defeat.

Completed, Xover with Fake.  Angst, romance, action, supernatural

Chapters:  One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine 

                   Ten  Eleven  Twelve  Thirteen   Fourteen   Fifteen

                   Sixteen   Seventeen      Complete !

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