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A Brother's Bond

Author's Note: I don't know much about Ryo and Dee's separate pasts, so let me know if I make a mistake. Oops, I think Ryo's parents were murdered and Dee was the one who lived in a church. Gomen! I'll update that chapter later. Enjoy the fic.

Chapter 4:  Home?

Ushio knew that they were watching him. Even as he spoke to Ryo, he could see the man and boy staring directly at him, assessing him. Ryo was smiling, as if Ushio was an old friend instead of a younger sibling just dumped on him. The older of the other two cleared his throat and Ryo glanced at him. 'Ushio, this is my partner, Dee Laytner. And the boy is Bicky, he lives with us as well,' Ryo announced, smile brightening when his eyes fell on the golden eyed man. ~ He loves this Dee.~ Ushio knew it as soon as he saw Ryo's eyes when he said the other man's name. It was so clear, obvious, yet the other man didn't seem to see it at all. A feeling of protectiveness came over Ushio, nearly the same as it had when monsters had threatened Asako or Muyuko only a year ago. But this time, he wasn't sure what to do. Finally, he simply decided to let things take their course. ~If you break my brother's heart, I will kill you.~

'Ready to go home?' his brother inquired, hand outstretched to take his bag. Ushio glanced at him for a moment, then sighed. 'I can carry it, it's not very heavy,' Ryo blinked at the answer and smiled. 'Hai, let's go home then,' the man announced, leading the small group towards the front doors. ~ Home? I don't have a home, not anymore.~


(Ryo's House)


'And this is your bedroom,' Ryo announced, smiling as he led Ushio into the guest room. The boy glanced around at the plain wallpaper and flowercovered blue sheets. 'Sorry, it was sort of last minute. This used to be our guestroom, but you can change it if you'd like. We can even go buy you new sheets and posters and anything else to make your stay more comfortable,' Ryo offered, turning away as Ushio inspected the closet. It was large enough to hold the things he had taken from Japan, like his paints and other trinkets. Now that he thought of it, he really didn't own very much other than his paintings, but those he had decided to leave behind. After all, he could always paint new ones, ones that didn't remind him so much of the past he left behind.

'Does he speak any English at all?' Dee asked, leaning back against the doorway. 'Dee,' Ryo hissed, glancing at his brother before turning back to the man. Ushio tensed up, the other man's voice ringing in his ears. 'How old is he anyway?' the other cop continued, not noticing Ryo's response, simply gazing at the boy's taunt back.

'I'm 16,' came a light voice, bringing Ryo's eyes snapping to his brother's form in shock. The boy turned to them, eyes dark and unreadable. 'Thank you for letting me stay. I'm sure we'll get along,' Ushio bowed gracefully and gazed up at his slackjawed brother and the golden eyed man. Ryo shook himself from his shock, wondering why Ushio hadn't chosen to speak English when they had first met. Oh well, he turned away, pushing Dee out the door so his brother could settle into his new room, his new life.


Ushio eased back onto the flowersheeted bed, gazing up at the pure white ceiling with a long sigh. His thoughts slipped easily back to the good old days, when everything was peaceful, sort of.


'You fuzz face, give me back my...!' WHAP!!! The huge tiger demon chuckled loudly as the teen fell face first onto the hardwood floor, hitting his face directly into the wood. Fury danced in the dark eyes as he slipped to his knees, fingers grasping the hilt of the Beast Spear. The demon gulped and took off once again, now followed by the long haired Spear Bearer. An old man watch his son chase Tora through the yard and around the smaller temple, his face wearing a light smile. Same old, same old.

The joy of the chase. The thrill of the hunt. These and more flowed in his blood, burning hotter with ever step he took. The spear hummed in his hand, his slitted violet eyes focused completely on the beast's tail as he slipped through the bushes to escape. Grinning with his fangs, Ushio leapt after him, crashing into the monster's back and knocking him to the ground with a loud 'THUMP!' A furious white glare was directed at him, the demon raising the top of his body off the ground. Ushio smirked back, still half leaning against Tora's long fiery orange mane that cascaded over his shoulders and down the backs of his legs. A swipe of claws and they were off again, only this time the hunter became the hunted. Normal... this was what happened everyday... it was... home...

End Flashback:




Writer's Note: How was that? I'm going to try to make the chapters longer. Next time, an old friend (or new for some of you who haven't see the manga) arrives, or ... pops up, so to speak.