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Warmth 11
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Warmth of Hearts 11

~*~*~*~*~*~* Sequel Chapter Ten *~*~*~*~*~

"Sigh..." the red headed man felt his sour arms, Michel's feet and legs were colored in black and blue, his forearms, shins, calf, back and torso, but slowly rising his head, in his lonely dark chamber, he heard the sound of foot steppes walking towards his dungeon...
"Hey! Whisker face! We've got sumthin for ya'!" the guard chuckled nastily, opening the door, throwing in a woman with golden hair, then slamming it shut walking away laughing...
"B-Betty!!" in disbelieve, Michel whispered dragging him-self towards her... hand placed on her back as she coughed, it seemed that she was muffled up for some time, "Betty! Honey, are you okay??"
"M-Michel??" eyes gazing up, widening, hands shifting to feel the human skin of her love, Betty couldn't help but to draw her self over him in one tight embrace "oh-Michel!! Your all right!!" sobbing lightly in joy, the golden haired woman cupped his face to make sure it was no dream...
"I'm glad you're alive, too!" smiled the man, holding his loves hand as her face went pale seeing his marks...
"M-Michel...?" she asked...
"Is Ashley all right?"
"Ashley?" Betty paused "yes, she's back home with Kage right now!" after a moment of silence, she concluded "C'mon!! We have to get you outta here!!"
"Don't bother!" the red headed man stated, standing up, back against the metal wall "I've tried and I've tried again till my body screamed out stop!!" pause "wait a minute... did you just say we?? Who are we??"
"Me, Tzao, Wan, Muma and Toramaru!!"
"I know Tzao, Wan and Muma but... who's Toramaru?"
"He's Lady Sirens husband!"
"She's married??" O__o??
"Of course she is!! Didn't you know?"
"Well... no! I was more worried about Ashley!!"

"And Ash is what you are going to be!" a feminine voice laughed vilely, sound of foot steps walked out from the darkness of the dungeon, as the groovy curved female body came out as the lady beast hunter reviled her self "hello, my dear sister!!"
"Jenny!!! What are you doing here?? How did you even get in here??" asked the golden haired woman is disbelieve, frowning, defending her hurt man...
"Oh-I have my ways!" she smiled, talon-like-nails on each finger...
"Betty! Are you telling me that she truly is your twin??"
"You met her??"
"In the torture room... yes, I have!!"
"Torture room?" the golden haired woman asked, turning to her twin sister, "is that why your black and blue?"
"Yup!" n_n|||

"Grrr..." glaring her sister, Betty said nothing...
"..." Busy sharpening her nail, Jenny gave no damn care to what they were doing, "any way, are going to tell me where you took spearmint 1-14-8, or am I gonna und up torturing you again??"
"No-thank you! I'm having nightmares about it already!" the redheaded man blushed...
"Michel? Why are you blushing?" Betty-had to ask...
"Nothing O' dear sister, he just never knew he had a good body structure until I checked it for him!"
"!!!!!" Jerking to her man, face in pleading...
"One, I was tied to a table, two, I was naked! Three, I thought she was you!!!" the man tried to reason, "Um, and four... she was half naked as well!!"
"!?" slowly turning to her sister with a disgusted face "you hentai! Stay away from my man!"
"Hey, 'ball' is my favorite game!!" Jenny laughed...

~*~*~* T___T *~*~*~

Me: HEY!!! Stick to the script!!! And most important of all, this is a PG-13, not an NC-17 people!!!
Jenny: what ever...
Betty: Whatever my ASS!!!
Michel: um, honey, calm down...

~*~*~* -__-||| *~*~*~

Let's go somewhere else, shall we?


"Well??" the orange beast asked, fingers toying with his forelock, "I need an answer, female!!!" desperately whined the beast, ocean gray eyes slowly turned to him...
"So... does that mean you want to come back?" hopefully asked Mayuko...
"Well... I don't want to look like I'm begging, but yes!!!" Tora said, "I mean I got the feeling Kage is beginning to fall for me! And that is totally bad!!"
"Why do you say so?"
"A female like Kage is the kind that needs a male constantly by her side!! And now that Muma isn't around, she's turned to me!!!"
"Oh! I see..." Mayuko said softly, "So, are you attending to tell Ushio?"
"F*** no!!!" growled the beast, "you want me to lose face?"
"No! But I think he needs to know! Either that or go back to the temple like nothing happened, leave Kage desperately live her life not knowing if her mate is ever coming back with no one there to keep her company!!!" said Mayuko in an amusing somewhat scolding matter, "Tora! She just wants someone to turn back to! It's not like she's in love with you or any thing!!!"
"wai-wai-wait!!! What are you thinking, female??" whined the beast looking stunned, "I don't get this, what are you saying??"
"I'm saying YOU Tora, are going to stay back there until Muma comes back! Because if you attend to slip out of this, as if means nothing to you, then your totally wrong!" softly scolded the female with anger somewhat filling her mind, "and believe me, if Ushio, Asako, or even BOTH find out about this... you don't wanna know!!" with a sheepish smile, Mayuko said nothing...
"..." With a sweat drop, the beast had a second thought, "So you're saying I'm stuck with her??"
"As long as 'you' are not the one falling in love with her, yes!!!"
"!!!!" Pause, "just to clear things out, if there was ever a female for me out there, don't think that I'll be waiting!"
"Of course!!!" mockingly said the female...
"..." Mumbling under his breath, Tora slightly cursed the day he was set free...

"Are you going to talk to Asako about it??"
"!!!!" Pause, "... No!"
"Ushio then?"
"Heh!! Keep dreaming!!"
"(Light smile)" Mayuko eyed the beast now, forelock curled into a mess, eyes not focusing on any thing, turning to the near by window, a light breeze blue in, "Brrr! it's getting cold!"
"Um, yeah, we're at sunset now, and it's snowing again, I'd better be heading back..." attending to leap out of the window, the beast froze and jerked back to the ocean gray eyed girl, "But you'd better not--"
"I wouldn't tell a living soul! I promise!!" lightly giggling, Mayuko knew what the beast was thinking of...
"(Pout) not funny!" mumbled the beast before leaping out...
"..." Walking back towards the window, Mayuko eyed the orange sunset behind the buildings, as something else in orange soared high into he sky, with a sigh, Mayuko closed the window and went down stairs, she promised not to talk about it, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't see the point of view for her other friends about it!!


"Something the matter mother?"
"Oh-nothing! I think Yuji's teeth are growing!!! Ouch!!" jilting, that must've hurt!!
"Ow, that seems painful!" Ann said to her mother as she breast-fed her little brother...
"That could only mean that he was pretty much hungry! Ow!!" whining, the light brown female help back the need to draw back...
"Why don't you pull back then??"
"Pulling back while feeding is only going to make him grow up to be a hot head!!" stated the female, after a pause, the child stopped, licked his mouth, then slowly started to doze off...
"Looking cute!" said the golden female brushing back a bang from her little brothers face...
"I know!" drawing a deep breath, the light brown female turned to her daughter, "Ann, look after your brother, I'll be right back!"
"Uhh-huh?" confused while gazing at Yuji in her arms, Ann turned to her mother, "why? Where are you going??"
"To the hot springs! I need to freshen up!"
"Oh! Okay, take care!" with a nod, the light brown female paced away, as Ann gazed down at her little sleeping brother...
"Hmm, I'd better put you in bed!"

Out side...

"Hey!" greeted the light brown male, silver locks dancing smoothly with the wind, "where are Yuji and Ann?"
"In the den, Yuji's asleep right now!"
"Oh, well, can Ann and I go out hunting??"
"Maybe later! Ann is looking after Yuji till I come back!"
"Come back? Why? Where are you going??"
"To the hot springs! I need to freshen up, and besides, I promised Lady Siren I'd drop her a visit!!"
"Oh... in that case I'll company Ann, is that okay?"
"No problem! Take care!" soothed the female kissing the light brown young male on the forehead, "and GOOD LUCK!!" giggling, she walked away...
"...???? Huh??" confused, with many (!?) Over his head, Jiaaku gave a shrug and walked into the den...

"..." Walking silently towards the old lady's place, Kage couldn't help but think of a few things from her past, though she couldn't remember them clearly...

Flash Back...

"Mother! I'm glad you made it!!" the youth said talking to the shadows, standing in his back yard in the near sunset, "aren't you stepping into the light?" he asked...
"Oh-no thank you, dear! I wouldn't want to end up frightening anyone!" a soft feminine voice spoke as it lurked in the darkness...
"Are you sure?" the youth asked again, with crimson hair lightly flickering with the softest breeze, and light blue eyes blinking once waiting an answer, "I'd really appreciate it if you'd step out!"
"I consider not!" the female voice replied...
"What was it that you wanted to tell us, Taifuu?" another voice stated, milky tanned tail lightly flicked, lashing a few times, yellow eyes along with a pair in ivy green both blinked awaiting the human youth's answer...
"Mother... Muma!" the youth said, after a light pause, his face shaded in crimson, shyly locking with the confused ivy green plates, "I've... I'm getting married!!"

"R-really?" disbelieve enveloped the female voice...
"Yes, mother! I thought it might make you feel better!"
"..." Under the uprising moonlight, light brown shimmered beautifully as it wrapped around the twany youth, crimsoned hair/tail, light brown fur, and ivy green eyes swelling with tears...
"Oh-baby... I'm so happy for you!"
"I knew you'd be happy!"
"Happy??? Sweetheart, I'm proud! Finally I'm going to have grandchildren! Although..." face turning from a smile, to shades of gruesome pain, "I wont be able to be there to watch them grow..."
"Mother..." breathed the youth, brushing away the stream of tears from his mothers furry face, "I'm doing this not for my self! I'm doing this for you!"
"I'm going to build my own family... to rebuild my old one!"
"Just because your not human any more, doesn't mean I'm not gonna love you any more! You'll always be my mother no matter what!"
"I'm gonna go back to China and rebuild our old domain! I promise you this!" after a little pause the youth gave a smirk, "and I promise I'll name my first daughter after you!!"
"Oh-I love you baby!" hugging the youth with hot tears of joy, the female couldn't help but tighten her squeeze...
"I love you, too... mother!"

Flash Back End...

"...??" eyes opening a crack, Kage turned around a bit, "Yes?"
"Need any thing? You look pale!"
"Just tired!"
"Maybe just been in the hot water too long!" Lady Siren mocked, "Come! You need to relax!"
"...?" Slowly and tiredly turning to the old female, long old gray hair back into a bun, wearing her traditional silk Kemono, the same sweet calm eyes, same warmhearted soul...
"I think what you need is a good rubbing!" said the old spirit builder, extending a hand to the light brown female...
"Maybe..." excepting it, Lady Siren escorted the tired female into the now half rebuilt inn... most of it has been fixed; yet some places still have holes in them!


"I give up!" whined the golden female, failing to stop her little brothers crying, "Aw-Yuji! At least let me know what you want!!!" begged the female, frazzled and confused, she couldn't prevent it any longer...
"What's all the commotion about??" scolded the black beast walking into the den, "what's he crying for???"
"I think he wants mom!"
"Where is she??"
"She needs a little time to relax! Yuji's been wearing her out!" glaring back at the spoiled little crying baby, "if only he'd shut-up!!!"
"(Sob/sniff)" the little fellow slowly stopped for a breath, eyes swelling with tears, Yuji turned to Ann, only to blink the frowning glare, not enjoying that, he was about to blow up onto tears again...
"Don't!" shouted the golden female, only to jilt startling him, eyes glitter wide and streaming more tears, with a sweat drop and an Oops!!! The child turned on the loudest siren he can give!!

"God! Has world war III begun or something???" Yami hurried into the den, "what happened?" she asked her mate as he rinsed his ears, whereever they were!
"Huh? Did you say something??" Kyofu asked, with a finger, he kept on feeling his ear drums, "where is that dang ringing sound coming from??" he asked...
"Err --(sweat drop)-- never mind!" turning to the golden female and the crying little child, Yami cupped the annoyed females shoulders, "what's wrong Ann?"
"Beast the hells outta me!" angry the female hissed...
"O_O|||" turning to the little child, he was nibbling on his index finger, then on his fist, then, with a fist he kept on rubbing his chin and face harshly, "Aw-the poor dear!!!" soothed the tanned female picking him up hugging, "it's okay sweetheart! It's okay!!!"
"Do you know what's wrong, Yami??" Ann asked...
"Huh?" Asked the black beast, "you talking to me??"
"No!" said Ann shaking her head with a sweat drop...
"Oh!" going back to checking if his eardrums were still properly working, Kyofu shock his head and walked out, "I'm heading back to our den!"
"Don't you need anything, dear?" Yami asked...
"No thank you, maybe later!"
"I think he's in the state of temporarily deafness!"
"I agree!" said the golden female, turning back to her twany brother, "do you know what's wrong with him?"
"Oh-nothing serious! His jaws hurt cause his teeth are growing, that all! They're probably bother him for a week or so!"
"What? are you saying he's gonna be a twany little siren for a whole week??"
"I'm afraid so, Ann!"
"What a bummer!"
"But truly, it's going to be more of Kage's problem than yours, Ann!"
"Why say so?"
"She's the one that's gonna have to breast feed him! Do you know how much that hurts??"
"Err (O_O sweat drop) I don't think I want to know!!"
"Oh --(Smirk)-- as soon as it's your turn, you'll know, trust me!"
"Wa-wai-wait!!! What do you mean by that!??" hollered the female, embarrassment clear in her voice, eyes shot wide open, standing on her hind legs...

"Did I miss any thing?? Old black either lost his marbles or he had turned deaf!" the orange beast stated as he walked into the den, totally confused, "he walked up to me, I said 'what do you want??' and he said, 'I'm just fine!' and walked away!" pause, "and what's with him?" Tora concluded...
"His teeth are growing, and he's a real cry baby about it!" mumbled the golden female turning to her lightly sobbing baby brother...
"Teeth? Really? How many?" interested, the beast asked, quickly jerking to the tanned female, dark orange tail lashing...
"Well..." checking the child mouth, "his first two front bottom teeth are slightly showing!"
"Let me see that!" Tora said as he reached a hand, carefully with his index finger and thumb, held the child mouth and peeked, "So tiny! Is that what's all the commotion about?"
"Yes!!" giggled the tanned female, "I never thought you were interested in children, Tora! I'm amused!"
"-O__O-!!!" snapping "I'm not!! -T__T- X I'm just... just... well... Sh**! Whatever!" cursing and mumbling, "I'm outta here!!" the beast was embarrassed as he slipped his way out of the den...
"Uncle Tora! Wait up!" called the golden female running after him...
"Okay... so he does have a soft spot for you!" giggled the tanned female to the twany child, who was biting on his fist "Aw-are you hungry?"
"..." With baby eyes, Yuji craned up to the tanned female, bothered; he went back into rubbing his fist into his chin...
"Aw-sweetie doesn't do that! It'll hurt you even more!" soothed Yami taking and talking the child back into sleep, "maybe I should give you something to cool it down till your mommy comes back!" she said softly...

Out side...

"Aw-C'mon uncle Tora!"
"(Giggling) admit it!"
"..." Dark orange tail lashing, sitting back on his hunches, the orange beast sunk his head between his shoulders, dark orange bangs shading his face...
"Tell me the truth uncle Tora, do you like Yuji?"
"Uncle Tora..."
"Why don't you have children of your own?"
"????" Jerking around with an offended yet stunned face, the beast gawked the golden female, "your not asking me to have sex with you, are you??"
"=O_O= NO!!!!! Why would I say that?? Besides, I already have someone??"
"Really? whom?" asked the beast mockingly...
"!!!!" Embarrassed, "I... well I just... that doesn't matter! What I wanted to say is: since you like the idea of being around children, why don't you have children of your own? Find a female and have kids!! It's just that simple!" pause "isn't it??" she stated quickly with an embarrassed shrug...
"(Chuckling) no, it's not! If there was ever a female for me out there, do you really think I'll be hanging around you'z guyz all this time??"
"Don't you like it here??" worriedly asked the golden female, silently gazing at her favorite uncle...
"Well, It's just... just............Sigh, I... I don't know..." softly breathed the beast shaking his head, then slowly turning up towards the sky, "I like it here, I just feel like..." Geez, I hate talking about how I feel!!! "Don't feel like this is the place for me!"
"But, you've been here for over a month now! How could you not like it??"
"I ... over a month??"
"Yes! It's been seven weeks now! Dad's been gone for three weeks... Yuji's about two months old... Jiaaku is..."
"Jiaaku?? What does he have to do with this??"
"=O_O=!!! Err =^.^=' Never mind! I just... my thought are a bit mixed up, sorry!"

"=O___O=||| Um, I don't know what you're thinking of, uncle Tora, but if you're thinking what I think you're thinking, STOP thinking!! =T__T= Okay?"
"(Chuckle) spare me the trouble female, if you like each other, become mates!"
"We're not ready!" the female shyly whined...
"Both of you? Or are you talking about only your self?"
"(Frozen)" Ann turned away and said nothing...
"You're ready, right? What's stopping you??"
"I can't just... leave!! Mom is pretty much full handed with Yuji! What if she needed my help? Now that dad isn't here, I think she needs it more than ever!!"
"So you're doing it for your mother?"
"For my mother, for Yuji, and for my dad... in case... he ever came back..."
"What about you? Aren't you doing this for your self as well??"
"What good would it do you to wear your self out for them? Whenever you find the chance you should start your own life! You cannot save every one, nor help the world get any better! By the time no one need you any more, you wouldn't have time for your self! You'll be left out! Abandoned! No one would need you any more!! Do you understand that? Every one would be too busy with his own life to turn to you, are my words clear???"
"Are you... okay?? You seem... restless!"

"Err... S-sorry!" 'Heck! Did I just apologize?' Turning to the golden female, she has a funny gawk on her face, 'yes! I gave an apology!'
"Um, uncle Tora!"
"Mind if I ask you something... personal?"
"Something about your self!"
"Personally, No!!!"
"You don't mind?"
"No! I do mind!!"
"Pretty please??"
"Pretty please with sugar lumps on top?"
"Read-my-lips! N-O!! NO!"
"Why not??"
"-T___T- you're not gonna back up, are you?"
"Nope! =^___^= I'm gonna keep on chanting (Please-please-please) until you're bored to death!!!"
"-T___T- lucky me! (Sweat drop) you're a pain in the ass, do you know that?"
"Yes! =U__U= I've lived with it ever since I was little! Is something the matter?"
"It doesn't suit you!"
"Why did you call me then?"
"I was TRYING to be offensive!"
"Well, it's not working!" smirk!! "Besides! I've heard/seen worse!"
"Oh-yeah? Like what/who?"
"Kyofu! =T__T= you don't wanna get near him when he's drunk, trust me!"
"You know he drinks?"
"Yeah! Only me and Jiaaku, and it seem to me, so do you!"

"Something the matter, uncle Tora??"
"Nothing... it just had me thinking..." standing on his hind legs, the beast craned around, "I'll see you tomorrow!"
"W-where are you going?"
"I remembered something very important! I'll catch you up later!"
"Um, okay!" was all what the female said, eyeing the orange beast leaping up and away... "Sigh... I wonder what father is doing!"

Oh-Yeah! Forgot about them! (Sticks out tong) Sorry!

"Ouch!" echoing through that empty room, the dark brown beast felt his head nursing a nasty bump, "not THAT hurt!!"
"Muma..." A soft weak feminine voice whispered through the darkness, "what are you trying to do?" silver/white tail barely lashed in the shaded corner of the room, one black lock moving with her breath, the eyes in a shade of light gray, "don't bother, I heard that the walls were made of something called Titanium! It's unbreakable!"
"Might as well burn it then, Bijin!"
"And don't try to burn it! It's metal, heat doesn't work here, you'll only suffocate us both!!" the white pale female stated once more...
"Bijin..." breathed the dark brown beast, eyeing the now blind-deaf female friend lying on her side... Bijin has somewhat slightly explained what tests happened to her causing her new state, either too much light, or not enough, either loud sounds, she couldn't hear her own self thinking, she can hardly move, though she had no cuffs attached, her body is now too weak to even change her position, with many shaved up spots around her back, arms and legs, with purple, black and blue spots here and there...
"Just go back Muma! There is nothing worth fighting for here!!"
"But Bijin!"
"Whichever you get me out or not, I'm dead in both ways!"
"But to be honest..."
"I'd rather die free..."
"Than to live imprisoned..."
"Sigh..." the white female closed her eyes, slowly breathing, catching up to her breath, thought she hadn't talked much, she hardly kept in her breath... "I'm just grateful you're here, Muma..." with a sad little smile, the white female tried to sooth the beast...
"..." Pacing towards the female in hast, carefully picking her up, embracing her lightly, Muma streamed tears of pain "your not gonna die on me, Bijin! Don't you dare die on me now!"
"I don't know what you're saying Muma, but I think I understand what you're trying to say, my life is not mine... God gave me this life to take care of it... its time for it to return! My job in this world has ended..."
"Your... job?"
"To survive... until my time comes..."
"Bijin! That's stupid!"
"I believe in God..."
"As long as I do... I'm feeling just fine..."
"Muma... thank you for risking your life for me... but, I would think it's better if you forget I even existed... go back to Kage... I'm sure she wants you back..."
"Not with out you I'm not!"
"Ann... she's probably proud to have you, Muma! I wish I could've done the same for Sabishii..."
"You probably don't know her... but... the humans here may have granted me my only wish... to have a daughter... Sabishii... heh... you probably want to know how she looks like, right?" the female lightly breathed, paused taking in a breath, clearing her throat... "I don't know how she looks like... can you believe that? I'm a mother, and I don't even know how my child looks like..." the female started sobbing lightly, hot tears wet on light brown fur...
"You're probably wondering why I named her Sabishii, right?"
"Our old friend from the past..." they both said in the same single voice...
"Sabishii was a sister to me..."
"You both were sisters to me..."
"I've been blind for so long, my ears and sense of smell are all I have left... I never could have recognized you until you came close enough... I wonder if she even survived..."
"Bijin... I don't know if you can hear me, but... Sabishii is just fine, she's back home with the others! She's safe! I promise you this!"
"Muma... do me a favor... if you ever find Sabishii... anywhere in the labs... kill her..."
"I don't want her to suffer..."
"Kill her..."
"You're probably thinking that I went heartless.... I'm not... I know you probably attend to take her back to Kage and the others... I wouldn't advise that... they keep doing things to everything that is born here... they're all wicked, evil, vile... Sabishii is one of them... Murder is marked in her blood... and she can't do anything about it..."
"As much as I hate to admit this... I've always wished that my child... would be from you..."
"-O.O- (Blushing)" if he could...
"I keep imagining a cute little child running around calling me mommy... (Sob)... but now, it would be nothing but a dream..."
"Bijin... please... this is not like you at all..."
"I love you Muma..."
"Always have... always will..."

Sound of lab door slitting open...

"Oh-God... I can feel that... they're coming for me again!" whispered the female, "Muma please! Just walk through the walls! Leave!"
"Never! Not with-out you!"
"They're dangerous! You must leave!" the female begging, tugging on the beasts short torso fur, "I'm not worth it Muma! Leave!"

"Stubborn, aren't you?" a voice husky and dry, mockingly stated...
"???" Jerking his head towards the door, the dark brown beast saw the same wide shouldered man, Mackenzie!!
"Muma, is it?" the human asked, eyes shimmering with true evil, a fang showed, oddly, it seemed sharp, "How long has it been??"
"Don't you remember me, boy?" the human slightly chuckled, suddenly and quickly jerking around, shouting voice echoing through the hall ways "CRISES!!!"


Huge clawed feet thudded on the marble floor, looking like a hawk's, but in dark orange, talons long and sharp on the two-fingered-feet, rising our sight higher, the huge scaly lizard like skin, muscular torso, wide shouldered creature of the lurking darkness, viols eyes shining like phosphoric colors...

"Um, (sniff-sniff) Crisis??" the white female asked questioning...
"..." Saying nothing, the beast drew his weapon in front of him, it was a huge three headed spear like a fishing hook on one side, and an armor on it's torso, a bird like face, a muzzle like beak, shaggy eye brows...
"Crisis... please, I beg of you... you don't have to listen to his orders... please! You don't have to do this!" the white female pleaded, "please not again!" the female sobbed frowning...
"...??" confused, the dark brown beast craned to the human and the beast... lightly glaring the violet eyed beast, he seemed to be some sort of lab mutant, mixed up animals in one... craning to the human, something felt oddly funny, the human was too large, and the eyes, the teeth, the attitude...
"Have you recognized me yet, boy??"
"In a way, I know you... yet, no... I have not recognized you..." the dark brown beast hissed answering, holding tighter to his female friend...
"What a pity... I thought you'd know the murderer of your family!"
"It's me, Muma!!! think back! Don't let my view fool you!!!"
"Muma... is something the matter? You feel cold?" the while female asked...
"..." The dark brown beast widened his eyes, female cradled in his arms as he stood up on his hind legs...
"Yes! It's me! And I'm willing to kill you now, just like I killed that darn brother of yours!!"
"Why-you..." growled the beast "this cannot be... you are suppose to be dead!!!"
"I am immortal!!!"
"NO ONE is immortal, but GOD!!!" Muma hollered, anger, hate, evil memorize uprising in his mind, "now I remember... I remember it clearly... you killed my brother... you killed my family..."
"And then, wanting revenge, you found the Kemono no Yuri... than damn thing still has marks on me, good thing you cant use it no longer!"
"Muma??" Bijin softly called, feeling burning heat enveloping her friend, "hate leads to madness, madness leads to death!" the concluded her words before lightly coughing...
"...!!" Crisis jerked his head up at her, worry clear on his face...
"Bijin!" Muma said, "Are you all right?"
"Bijin! You know of course you will die if you left this place, do you not?"
"Yes! I'm taking my chances..."
"Bijin can hear only me!" the human stated calmly to the beast...
"Muma... talk with your heart, not with your voice..."
"..." Crisis, slightly cocked a worried eyebrow at the two beasts, the white female in the arms of the dark brown one, teeth lightly showing, the violet eyed beast felt hate building up...


"Shit!!! That's the red-head's chamber!!!" growled the violet eyed beast...
"Michel!!" breathed the dark brown beast...
"Crisis! Take care of those two! Don't you dare fail me this time!!!" hissed the human dashing out the room, lab door closing...
"..." Glaring, hissing, Muma had nothing in his mind that minute but to escape with Bijin, and to find the others...
"..." Crisis paused in battle pose, but then, slowly, rested down, "I don't want to fight you..."
"Bijin... can you hear me??" the beast softly and worriedly asked...
"Crisis??" the white female breathed, "I'm fine... why are you here??"
"I'm suppose to dispose of you... but I don't want to do so..."
"Good for you!"
"But Mackenzie wont like that! I don't want to be sent to the chamber again!" the huge violet-eyed beast whined softly like a guilty child...
"It's your life, not his, you have the right to make your own choices..." the white female softly soothed, extending a hand, Crisis reached out, carefully cupping it...
"Are you gonna be okay?" he asked...
"????" Muma was totally confused...


"Heck!!!" Cursed the violet eyed beast, "Come! This way!!!" was all he said, bashing the door open, "we need to get the two skeletons out, there at station 6! GO!!!"
"What about you Violet??" Bijin asked...
"I'll be fine!" the beast replied, "I'll lead you to the escape rout, you need to get out fast!"
"We need to get the others first!"

"Muma!!!" a voice called over the emergency siren, the redheaded man cried, Betty followed, holding nothing in her hands... but two Katana swords...
"Betty!! Michel!!! You made it!!!"
"Is she okay?" Betty asked, worriedly eyeing the white panting female in their friends arms, then jilting at Crisis's sight "Eep!!!"
"It's okay! He's friendly! Just misled!" Muma breathed, eyeing the swords, "Betty??"
"...(Sob) I'm sorry... we'll have to continue out of here on our own... Muma..." sobbed the golden haired woman with tears of pain in her eyes...
"Betty! We tried!" soothed the half naked man, "there was nothing for us to do!"
"I understand, but I owed them so much..." the female sobbed...
"No..." breathed the dark brown in disbelieve, snapping "Wait!!! What about Toramaru??"
"We couldn't find him anywhere!!!" stated the redheaded man, "we thought that we might find him with you!"


"F***!!! Move it people! This place is gonna blow up! With us still in it!!!" cried the violet-eyed beast "I'll find the missing member, meet you at the emergency exit!" and quickly dashed out...
"Crisis!!!" Cried the white female...
"Please... be careful!"
"..." Dropping his gaze down, the beast sprung away into the lab's wards...

What shall become of us now?