Lair of the Beasts

Bond 9
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A Brother's Bond

Chapter 9:  Flashback...  Asako

The thunder boomed across the city. At the entrance to the temple grounds they stood, staring at each other in silence. The boy could see the other, a tall man waiting for her by his shiny red car. That girl... whose life had saved over and over again. The girl who had fought with him, been by his side through the darkness and blood and shadows. The one he thought had know his heart and had shared his feelings... but, now apparently did not.

'I can't stay here, Ushio. I can't keep fighting. If you won't give up being a hunter, I can't be with you.'

'Asako, if I do, more people will die,' Ushio tried to explain. 'I don't care! You shouldn't have to bear that cross. You were a normal boy until he came along. He turned you to a killer's life!' the girl screamed. 'Tora did nothing! I was the one who released him. I chose to be a demon hunter! Can't you understand that?!' he yelled back, trying to make her realize what really was at stake.

If the world didn't have a hero, a warrior to battle the darkness, then the darkness would overpower it in the end. The beast spear was his weapon, a part of his soul. To give it up, even for her, was not possible. Was it that he didn't truly love her? Could that be the reason? That he didn't love her enough? After all, wasn't love suppose to conquer all evil? But, if she loved him as she claimed, then she would understand why he could not stop. Yes, he wanted peace. He wanted to stop killing, but it was in his blood. The darkness had seeped in, staining his soul for eternity. He would continue to battle to his death, to protect humans. They were not all good, but not as evil as the monster he fought. So, he would try to keep some innocence in a world that was slowly dying. And when his body could no longer bear the fight, another would rise to take his place... until there were no humans left to protect and no demons left to battle. To the end of this world.

'I won't let my children have a killer for a father!' her words echoed in his head as she ran off, eager to leave this part of her past behind. Asako was moving on. She had decided to choose that man, that normal human man, over her hero. Wasn't that ironic? And so, the boy simply stood there as the rain tumbled down. Thunder echoed the heavens, his heart heavy with a darkness... a sort of grief. Perhaps it was better this way, to be alone. He could protect from the shadows, that was where he belonged.


Author's Note: Really, really short chapter, I know. Needless to say, Asako dumped Ushio and ran off with an older man. Only days later, his father died and he moved to the USA.