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A Brother's Bond

Writer's Note: This story is based on the anime of Ushio and Tora (due to the fact that I cannot read Japanese all that well and haven't read the manga), but it is set in the time period after the final battle with WhiteFace (I've heard of it on the net), Tora disappeared in the end and no one knows where he is. The Beast Spear is hidden in a secret location (for now) and Ushio is now 17 years old. The Fake anime is almost completely Yaoi, but I adore them and think Ryo would make a great big brother.

Chapter 1


The air was sharp and clear, cut only by the roar of a plane landing on the long runway. A young man stood alone on the road, lost in his own thoughts. Shoulder-length ebony silken hair was swept back by the wind's embrace. Deep black eyes rose as he watched the airplane land, his body taunting with realization. He was leaving. He may never return. Wasn't this... his home? Why wasn't he more upset? Why hadn't he protested?

Ushio turned to gaze back at the city of Tokyo, its flashing lights and blue skies. He wasn't sure if he wanted to return, ever. A frown marred his handsome face, eyelids lowering as he thought back to the temple, his once home. The place where he'd had friends, fought enemies, enjoyed the... companionship of his friends? Asako, Muyuko, his father... Tora... An overwhelming feeling of sadness entered his chest, chilling his heart. There was nothing left for him there, not now. And with that thought, the former beast master hefted his black bag onto his shoulder and set off for the plane.

'Now boarding, Flight 16, leaving for New York City, USA, in fifteen minutes!'

...TBC... (to be continued)...