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If I ever owned anyone, Ill tell you u_u;



     Rain rain go away, come again another day a little girl muttered in boredom, staring blankly at the drops when they slapped the glass of the window. The young girl, Asako, was assigned to deliver a notebook she borrowed from her friend, Ushio, but sadly, it had started raining before she got a chance to leave, and so, she had to wait at the temple boys shrine until her father arrived with her raincoat and umbrella.


Damnit! TORA!!!! the boy hollered, soon passing the girl in a wild goose-chase.

Sigh Asako was getting a migraine.

Soon after that, an evil laughter filled the room when a huge bundle of orange fur zoomed by her.

TORA!!! Ushio cried once more, passing her again, spear in hand, swinging it towards the beast, Give it back you bastard!

Make me! Tora chuckled, a portrait in his hand, And I still dont see what you like in this. he griped it in both hands and rotated it once to the left, blinked, then to the right, blinking twice, he flipped it upside down, What the hell is this, anyway?

Its- none of youre business! Ushio flushed, Just give it back!

You want it, he grabbed it under an arm and ran, Come and get it!

Your ass is asking for it! the boy growled and leaped after him.


Sigh Asako was regretting ever knowing the boy by now.

Tea? Shigure, Ushios father and the keeper of the shrine, warmly offered her a teacup, a soft fatherly smile attached, You look down.

How can you take those two? she whined, sipping on the nice, hot drink, she gave a satisfied sigh, Oh- God this feels much better.

Smiling, Shigure sat besides her, a second passed before Tora zoomed by, soon followed by the boy.




With a sweat drop, the priest looked at her, It just grew on me, I supposed. He soothed.

Lucky you Asako smiled weakly, tiredly sipping tea.


TORA!!! Get your goddamn ass right back here.


Shigure and Asako watched the hunter and demon rush pass them one more time.




Tora started laughing like a maniac.




Asakos eyebrow twitched comically, many veins popped over her head.



You ought to do better than that if you wanna catch me brat. Hah! Tora chuckled, Hey! I made a rhyme!




     The cry shook the whole temple right out of its roots. Ushio and Tora were both comically petrified into stone. Each turned his worried gaze around, both yelped in fright at the sight of a vary irritated, pale-faced Asako who stomped her way towards them, her stares were like daggers piercing through their guts. Tora actually curled over himself, ducking behind the boy, Ushio for that matter, sunk into the beasts fur.


Asako, are you alright? Ushio managed to stutter with extreme fright, poorly hidden under a chuckle.

Tora managed a grin that quickly left as soon as it came. After a second, he shoved the portrait into the boys hand, Now if you dont mind, Ill leave you with your female, Ive got things to catch up to. He turned to leave.

Oh-No you dont! Asako hollered. Tora! You get youre butt right back here!

What? somewhat offended, the demon snarled at her, only to take it back with a yelp.

You get youre butt right back here before I bring it in for you! Asako thundered, obviously, that was not an option.

Muttering curses, Tora came back, sitting besides the frantic temple boy, Careful not to wet yourself, brat, shes just a female.

Actually its Asako. Ushio managed to whisper.

With a sweat drop, Toras ears shifted down, that comment did not sound comforting at all!


Now Asako began, a hiss in her voice, What, may I ask, were you two fighting over? she crossed her arms.

Nothing really. Tora said lamely, I just took one of his ugly artwork and he went crazy as if it was one-of-a-kind!

Its not ugly! Ushio snarled, but then stiffened under the females glare.

I hate to say it Ushio, but Tora isnt the only one who finds your artwork dreadful.

See? Tora grinned, but drew it away under her threatening glare.

Asako! You havent even seen it!

Doremon was enough! she growled.

Flushing lightly, the boy shifted the art for her to see, Cmon! Tell me you dont find this the least bit good.


With a face, Asako sighed and shook her head, What is this supposed to be? she tilted her head, hardly trying to make out the details.

Ushio comically fell, foot twitching.

Tora only shook the room with his laughter, Gee! I was wondering he same- thing. He silenced under her glare again.

Aw Cmon! Ushio whined childishly, Why do you always crush me? he complained.

Ushio, Asako began with a cooler tone, just because you like doing art dose not mean youll ever be good at it!

Nonsense! The more I practice the better Ill get!

Ushio! Youve been giving me that ever since weve been in kindergarten! Asako shouted, Oh- when are you going to grow up and face it! Your- Art- SUCKS!!! Its terrible! I hate it!


Ushio froze


Hey, brat? Tora asked, snapping his fingers at the boys sight, Hey! Snap out of it! he growled.

Blinking a few times, life seemed to shin back in the temple boys eyes, after a pause, he stared at Asako, straight in the eyes.

Asako was taken back, something in his tough, piercing eyes felt- hurt? Did she hurt him? She just told him the truth, and no one ever said the truth is always nice. What? she couldnt help but snap.

You didnt mean that did you? Ushio asked, unfortunately, lower than she had thought he would.

W- Well she paused, In a way, I did. She crossed her arms and gave a straight face.


Ouch Was all what Tora whispered before spearing a glance at the boy, Alright, female, it seems to me that youre not as nice as I used to think you were.

Asako blinked, only to gain a wicked smile, Why Tora! I never thought you cared about what happens to Ushio!

Caught by that, Tora stuttered, I dont! Its just- bad moods tend to make human flesh taste more like sour. I hate sour!

Forget it Ushio snarled, his eyes shaded when he hung his head, he then just walked away, slid a door open and headed towards the stairs.


Asako, Shigure called, I think you were a bit harsh.

Meh suites him right. She huffed and headed back to her seat.

Tora stayed still, gazing at where the boy left, Great, you just had to blow my bubble, didnt you? I was having fun back there. He whined.

Aw- grow up! Asako snarled at him, picked up her teacup and took a sip.

Damn females the beast cursed, and then walked towards the kitchen.


Well, it sure had gotten quite. Shigure sighed, You know, Asako. Ushios art isnt always bad.

Yeah right. She smirked, only to give a snort after it, Im telling you, he drew a picture of me back when we were in elementary, I looked like a pig! she growled, It was so embarrassing!

So? Ushio drew one of me, once. I looked like a dead old cherry tree. The priest chuckled.

You dont look the least bit like a tree. She smiled, humored by the comment.

Shrugging, the priest smiled back. Turning to look at the kitchen door, the old man frowned, Tora? You had better not have your hands on the meat buns, understand?

Too late! the beast said, soon followed by a chuckle.

Tora! the grey-haired man frowned, got up and headed towards the kitchen, Those were supposed to be for supper! he stood at the door and cupped his hip.

Like Id care. The beast chuckled, licking his fangs, he passed by the old man and back to the living room. And another thing, I think Ill be going out for a while, think you can handle the brat while Im gone?

Out? Shigure frowned, Tora! Its raining out there, and you hate rain!

Whatever. The beast muttered and walked out.


With that, Shigure and Asako paused.


Where do you think hes going? Asako asked.

I dont know. The priest shrugged. But anyway, its a bit late, how about you have supper with us?

Oh, no really, I need to be heading home.

But it seems to me that your father is taking his sweet time, no? Shigure arched a brow.

Flushing, Asako pouted, Im never gonna understand my parents.

If you dont, then who would?


Silence came


Shigure, do you think I was too harsh on Ushio? she asked, now guilt glassy in her eyes, I mean his art is still ugly, but I guess I said it too loud.

Perhaps. He soothed, I know that you were probably irritated from all the noise, but now since the room is quite, you should rest.

Thank you. She smiled, Id like that. If only my dad would get off his lazy butt and get over here!

Now, Ill go check on Ushio, just in case hes still in his room.

Still is? Why? He cant leave the room while were here. She frowned.

Actually, he can use the bedroom window and pass us by the rooftops. Shigure shrugged, He uses that a lot when wanting me not to know hes there.

Oh? Why? What does he do?

Oh he was probably so up-set at you he ran off looking for a demon to beat up.

Eh? Good luck for the poor sucker hes gonna meet then.



He does, does he?



     It was dark and damp, the roof was with spots of water, leaking through the unseen gaps, droplets of rain poured into that room as only a curled shadow sat there, a long thin object faithfully propped by its side. The creature lifted its head, lazy eyes stared blankly as another figure entered the room, wide, silver slit-eyes and a growl, tumbling slightly in irritation.


Heh, I knew Id find you here. The orange demon snarled, Never thought youd feel so offended about that, brat. Do you like doing art that much?

With a frown, Ushio only sighed, Aw screw you. With that, he hid his face under his folded arms, yet also hugging his knees.

Tora pouted, strolling closer to the boy, sitting back on his hunches, he stared across the room, Gee, I dont remember the basement being this reeky. He gave a face, Its stinks of my old blood. An uncomfortable shiver traveled down his spine.

Thats funny, Ushio looked up with a pale smile, this place seems the only spot, -beside my room- that actually makes me feel safe.

You find my old prison- safe? the demon asked, surprised.

Yeah, kind of creepy, no?


Not really, for some demons, a cretin spot where something special had accrued is counted sacred. So does this mean that brat finds comfort in my prison because of our first encounter?


Tora, did your brain just pop a bubble? You just zoned out on me back there. The boy taunted but with concern.

Actually, I find it strange. Tora said quietly, a rumble in his words, You find comfort in one of my most dreaded hellholes?

Hey I said it was creepy! the boy shrugged. Thunder struck, and the pair gazed outside for a few seconds.

Looks like the storm is kicking in. the beast growled, Youd better get back to your room before you soak yourself to death.

Ushio just arched a brow.

Listen, this place attracts more than just irritation, okay? I dont like it here because it brings back dreaded memories, so if you stay here, youd probably have the same. Some dreams are so dreaded to me, theyre almost real. He growled slowly before heading towards the door.

But I kind of like it here.

Listen, Ushio! I dont want you to stay here! Go to your room, at-least its dry!

I like it here just fine, thank you very much! Ushio growled, irritated.

Fine! Tora hissed, Then dont come blaming me if you get vague dreams! he sneered before leaving the basement.

No problem


And Tora simply left


     Ushio sat there for a while, thinking and tossing-turning thoughts in his head, about what Asako said about his art, about what Tora said about his art, about how he felt about both and his passion for art more than battle okay, so thats a bit out of the loop, sure he didnt like battle, but he did fight with passion, not that he thought of it before. 


     After a few minutes of thinking, Ushio rubbed his sleepy eyes and rested his back on the wall, eyes closed for a minute, he felt as if the room had no wall, and there was a cold, chilling breeze roughly pushing into his face, long hair in his face tickled his nose, so he moved his hand up to brush it back.


And then, pain suddenly zapped him, right in the socket of his shoulder.


     He cried, oh-God only knew how he cried, it was pain, sheer bloody pain, something hot and cold in the same time burned and froze his blood, it pierced through his flesh like a monster, it burned, hot like lava, and it was cold and hard like ice, hard like stone, there was thunder and lighting, and there was a cold stone holding his back.


Lord Nagatobimaru your days of bloodshed are over

Whats going on?

Hrrr I think not human!

What the hell! Ushios eyes widened, his hair was in his face, and it was orange? He was sitting on a dirty ground with a tall, thin man wearing somewhat-baggy clothes in front of him, and something was digging through his flesh.


It was long, perhaps 7 or 8 feet long with a metal head and a base with tattered silk- the-- Spear?


What the hell?


He was in the middle of a wasteland, nothing before him but a scrawny man with long hair, tired glaring eyes and the Spear digging through his own beastly shoulder.


Hrr your measly stick wont stop me, human! Toras voice came from his mouth, and he could sense hatred filling them, so hot and raged, so- pained? 

Perhaps, and perhaps not, Nagatobimaru, but I hear by sentence you for 500 years of imprisonment for the blood you had split.

500 years? Is that all? Oh? And who claimed you as ruler? You measly goddamned little whelp

I am the master of myself, beast, I need not a ruler to tell me what to do, but I do needs friends that will warn me when I do wrong.

Friends? Bah! Such rubbish! the beast sneered. Friends abandon you when they find you in no use for all I know, there is no such thing as friendship


Ushio paused, he could actually hear Toras thoughts!


I wouldnt mind a friend or two, sadly there arent any faithful friends these days Are you to kill me now, warrior? Or are you to only mock me?


I need not to kill you, Nagatobimaru, I am to show you that your sins are to be punished, and your evil soul is to be purified.

Purified? Hah! What do you think I am? Some kind of fabric? What a wacko!

Creatures can be purified of their evil when treated the right way, and sadly, yours wont be pretty

Oh I can imagine What the frigin hell is this scrawny coot babbling about? Whats he gonna do? Scrub me in a river or something?


     For a minute, it felt as if time had whooshed pass the boy, and in a minute, he closed his eyes, then he heard talking and shuffling feet? He opened his eyes, and tiredly lazy, he felt week and barely able to move, as if the spear was draining out his strength.


     People were walking all around him, carrying huge stones, fixing it around him in a wide square sized room, they have finished the wall behind him, and the room was spreading to his sides, he could see the samurai who pinned him busy pounding rocks into the stairs, adjusting the steps.


Ushio paused, the look in the samurais eyes seemed sad, as if he was sorry for doing this to Tora, in fact, he actually came closer to the tired beast, trying to comfort.


Would you like to say anything before the work ends? the samurai spoke in a weary, exhausted tone, glancing with sorrow at the spear.

You need it, human, why dont you take it and keep both of us out of this  Tora muttered. And perhaps get us both out of this misery defeated by a human, such an insult!

I think not, beast. To protect my home, my family and people, I need to keep you here where I could keep an eye on you.



You do not understand this, Nagatobimaru, I hold no hate against you, but I only intend to stop your mindless-killing, we are not toys for you to tear whenever bored nor are we squirrels for you to chase like a mad dog! We are humans! We have been gifted from the God to know and understand our creation to know and understand our nature, but to do every single thought that comes in mind is merely an animals reaction.


Tora was silent but Ushio was able to hear his thoughts.


True I am no animal, I am a beast, I think like a human though I do not look like one


Im not an animal! Im not that simple minded! Tora/Nagatobimaru snarled angrily.

I know that you arent. the samurai nodded, but then knelt down, his legs tucked under him while he sat in front of the beast, Nagatobimaru, of-course you know there it would only take about a week for your chamber to be complete, if there is anything you want to talk about, I would always be here.

Go to hell you little runt! I think not, human if you are to seal me, then seal me and let me die in peace

As you wish with a slight frown, the samurai rose, walking away.


     Ushio paused again, he could feel a slight, frightened chill run through his spine, was that how Tora felt at that moment? Alas, that small thought skipped a long distance, and everything went dark, and darker, and darker, it was so dark, the beast looked up and there was a small opening a few feet ahead, stone steps leading outside where a bunch of men were putting a huge doubled door and attaching the hinges to the doorframes. 


Its over Toras mind almost whimpered, Sealed by a human in a damned pit, the beast spear hurting me over and over I am a fool a fool to have thought so little of that man


A few men started mumbling something, oiling the door and making sure it worked right.


Guess Ill never know what that cute female had in mind when I met her by the river, huh? Wonder why she winked at me heh, Im gonna die in the damned pit and my stupid male-brain is morning for females! I am so dead! 


Female? Ushio almost mused, so the beast found a girl and actually found her cute?


Nagatobimaru the samurais voice echoed throughout the room, arms behind his back, and an even paler, weak smile on his face.

Looking pretty dead, whelp. Whats the matter? Did have your breakfast this morning? the beast taunted with a chuckle.

With a forced laughed, the samurai shook his head, No, beast, I neednt food no more. I am but feeling pity for you.

Hey! It was your fault! You pinned me here! Tora shouted.

Because you kill! the samurai frowned in a threatening glare, You are to stay here and think of what you have done, and perhaps it would help purify your soul.

Oh brother Tora muttered to himself in annoyance.


It is time to leave, Nagatobimaru, I do hope to see you after your 500 years pass by, though I doubt that I would live that long.

You humans are weak, I can kill you with ease.

I know you can, and that is why I had the spear it is to protect my grandchildren from your darkness


The samurai seemed to lose balance, but quickly managed to balance himself once more and continued.


And maybe to show you what friendship is all about


     The samurai seemed to collapse to his knees again, but with more force, his legs unable to hold his weight no more. Right then, a woman rushed into the room, but her face and the view became blurry, there was nothing for Ushio to see 


For a moment, time seemed to freeze


Hey! Brat! something touched his shoulder, and it shook, not rough, not rude, but gently.

Ungh Ushio fluttered his hazy eyes on two wide circles, Tora?

Stupid, didnt I tell you to go somewhere dry? Look at you! You look like something a dog buried! rude knuckled knocked on his head.


The natural reaction: use the spear to swat whatever it is thats bothering you!




OW~! Damn it! What the hell was that for? Tora shouted right into Ushios face, sending hot breath into the boys eyes.

Geesh! You dont have to be do damned loud, baka!

You were here all night! It stopped raining and you feel asleep here! Tora explained, And from the look on your face, I could tell you had one of my frigin dreams, didnt you?

Well yeah, kind of Ushio sat up, a bit shaky.

Which one was it? The Spear going through your flesh, or the Spear going through your flesh, or was it the Spear going through your flesh? Or maybe it was Spear going through your flesh, hmm? Tora mocked.

I think it was Spear going through my flesh

That one, huh? Humph thought so

Oh, and something about the samurai

Oh? Wait a second, the Samurai had nothing of it Tora shook his head.




What happened to my ancestor after he pinned you down here?

With an angry grunt, Tora snorted, What else? He couldnt live without the spear so he kicked the bucket!

Did he have any kids?

Brat, if he werent married before he pinned me, where the hell do you think you came from?

I dunno, maybe I was his nephew or something.

You have his blood, and that what made it easier for the spear to get you.


There was a pause


Your female left a while ago, brat. Tora spoke.

Okay Ushio got up and dusted his clothes, but then sneezed.

Great, you caught a cold. Tora growled.

Ushio sniffled, silently he walked out of the basement, pale and shivering.

Tora watched, irritated, but then followed.



     Its been two days now and Ushios cold had almost left. In the living room, watching a movie, the temple boy held his mug and sighed, his father had vanished- again! And Tora was on the roof, probably sleeping. Ushio couldnt help but remember what had happened the past two days, the dream about the samurai had occupied his head, filled his whole thinking and the part with reading Toras thoughts felt a bit weird.


Ushio took a sip of his drink, and then closed his eyes, trying to relax.




Ushios brows knotted, but then relaxed again, it was just Tora.

Yawn~! the beast walked into the room, Hey Brat.


Youve been pretty dead quite lately, whats the matter? the beast snorted.

Nothing really Ushio took a sip then sighed again, I was just wondering, if the spear has been in the basement for 500 years, why did it have to be me that un-pinned you?

Tora just shrugged, Beats me

Ushio opened his eyes, lazily his eyes glared, grinning.




OW!!!! waiting until the ringing pain left his skull, Tora snarled and muttered curses before he leaped after the laughing boy, Come back here you damned little ass!

Laughing, Ushio dodged a hand full of claws, Cmon throw-rug! I need a warm up to get rid of this damn cold!

Well not with my skull youre not! shouting threats, Tora sped after the boy.


Ushio rushed outside, but the second he opened the door, he slammed head first to someone else.


Ow~! Ushio-Baka! Watch where youre going! Asako shirked, sending her fist to his head.

Ow~! feeling her hard knuckles, Ushios teary eyes glared up at her, but he was just about to speak when Toras knuckles added a new set of lumps on his head.

Hah! This goes to show you, females can be scary!

Asako resented that remark with a scowl.

Geesh! Sorry! Ushio whined as he stood up, then blinked his ebony haired friend, Why are you here Asako, anyway?

Flushing, she reached back to her back-pockets and took out tickets, Theres a circus at the edge or town, Mayuko and I thought of going there, then Mayuko thought you might want to come, so we got you an extra one. She extended the tickets for him to see.

Ushio took them, Karakuri Circes? he paused, A puppet show?



and she paused.

Ushio blinked up at her, curious.

To say that Im sorry about yesterday, I didnt mean to say those things

Really? Ushio smiled.

But I still think you need a long time to get the result you want, though. She pouted.

Chuckling, the temple boy grinned, Fine by me!


Puppets? Whats that? Tora asked while staring at the tickets, curious.

Its a show where a bunch of people play with dolls that are attached with strings and move them, it takes talent to perform it right. Asako explained with a smile.

Whats the fun in that? the beast frowned.

Youll understand when you see it, Tora. Askao smiled, And since you can go unseen, you dont need a ticket, though I doubt the Circus master would accept a demon in his show!

Yeah! I can see it now, the worlds stupidest acrobat demon, Tora the clown! Ushio laughed and dodged another fisted knuckle.

Damn brat! Tora snarled.

Asako only laughed, Anyway, are you two coming?

Sure! Ushio smiled.

Great! Then wed better start moving, Mayuko is probably waiting for us there right now.

How far is it? the temple boy asked, then turned around to close the door and slip on his shoes.

Half an hour, if we hurry.

Im faster, Tora smiled then smirked at the boy, after all, I can fly.

Yeah! We could get on Toras back, itd be faster. Asako clapped her hand.

What! Thats not what I meant! Tora hollered, but then the spears pointy head threatened to pierce his nose, Tch~! Fine!


     Sitting on four, Ushio settled himself on the beast then reached out a hand, Asako took it and climbed aboard. Tora only snorted. After they were settled, Tora leaped and headed after Asakos directing. Minutes later they arrived at the gate, and Mayuko was there, smiling and waiting.  After their hellos, the group entered the tent and enjoyed the evening, even though Tora kept making a fuss out of everything, -claiming that popcorn sticks between his teeth!- but all in all, they had a good time and all was well once more.



A/N: LAME ENDING! I know, and Im sorry! I just felt like writing something with more thoughts than action, I had an adventure swarming around my head, but I had to push it back, I dont feel like writing action right about now ^^;

Okay, its been a while since I last updated my last few fics if not all ofem! O_o;- but Im working on a few other fics from other Anime and Games Hope you liked this fic thgouth R&R please! ^_^