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A Shadow in the Light : by Shi Tiger

Chapter 5 : A Day of Changes


Genki sighed to himself as the group started out on their journey once more. The group... less one, of course. The boy wished that Hare had agreed to join them again, but... obviously he didn't. Genki glanced back, startled to find that he couldn't see the bunny eared youth following them as he had done the day before. ~Maybe he's gone back to Moo.~


Genki swung his rollarblades over his shoulder as he trudged along the path. 'What's wrong, Genki?' Holly asked, stepping up to pace alongside of him. 'I just don't understand. Hare is our friend, doesn't anyone care about him?' Genki whispered, glancing around at the others who were silent. 'No,' Tiger growled, eyes focused in front of him. The boy nearly hit the wolf monster for such a remark, but Holly's hand on his arm stopped him.


'It's not that simple, Genki. Hare is... a forbidden,' the girl looked uncomfortable with even mentioning the fact. 'I don't care... and neither should any of you,' the boy insisted impatiently. 'You don't know anything, kid,' Suezo remarked, hopping along behind them. 'I hate people telling me that! I may be from another world, but that doesn't mean I'm totally dense,' the youth shot back. 'Genki... the forbidden are... wrong. Monsters were created to help humans. There is no way a monster and a human can find happiness together. And having a child together is just...' Holly trailed off. 'It's sick, just plain sick!' Suezo continued.


'Why can't a monster and a human fall in love? Monsters can love the same as humans can, so why is it so wrong? If they love each other and have a child, then it should be a good thing,' Genki replied. 'A human and a monster can never be happy together, Genki. It is against our beliefs,' Tiger suddenly spoke up. 'I don't care if it goes against your beliefs! Love isn't a bad thing. Your people are just... just scared. You can't put limits on love,' the boy announced.


'Genki is... right,' the slow deep voice of Golem's agreement caused everyone to stare at him in shock. 'What do you mean, he's right?! Monsters and humans together like that is just sick! Why are you agreeing with him?!' Suezo yelled, bouncing in one spot angerly. 'Love is... beautiful. Without bounds,' Golem replied in his easy manner.


'My parents wouldn't even talk about the forbidden ones. It was considered taboo in our village to even mention them. I remember... I saw one once. And I didn't understand why everyone hated them at the time,' Holly's voice rose above the group. 'Holly,' Suezo whispered in a pained voice. 'She seemed so nice. She looked like an ordinary human girl would, except for the pixie-wings on her back and the horns on her head. I thought she was a pixie at first, until my father saw her and chased her away. I tried to stop him, but he just took me aside and finally explained to me about the forbidden. I was only a child then, so I didn't really understand. But, now I do. It is impossible for a monster and a human to feel that kind of love. It's wrong. Monsters love monsters and humans love humans, they can never be happy with such a forbidden passion,' Holly whispered. 'It isn't about passion, Holly. It's love. You just don't understand,' Genki replied, stomping away from her to take the lead. ~Oh Genki.~ Holly just watched him pretend to ignore them all, still angry with them. The group continued to walk along in silence after that.




~Hm... Genki isn't going to give up. Strange boy.~ Hare shook his head, clearing himself of the lingering feelings of friendship towards the child. It wouldn't do to keep thinking of him as a friend, even if he did stand up for the forbidden. Feelings only get in the way. The heart must be as cold as stone and ice, for revenge was a dish best served cold...




(meanwhile, far across the land)

'Master Moo. The bunny has been revealed to the group,' a dino announced, bowing low to his master. 'I see. My little pet has been discovered. And what have they done about it?' the giant pink haired monster asked. 'N-nothing, my lord,' the dino stuttered. 'Nothing?' Moo rose from the throne and glared down at his servant who kept his eyes glued on the ground.


'No, my lord. The child, Genki, will not let them attack the hare. He's... he still believes him to be a friend. The hare has been following and spying on them and they have not done a thing to stop him,' the dino croaked out. 'Hmmm... Very well then. I shall let him continue this game. You may go,' Moo growled, turning away. The dino bowed lower, and hastily retreated, the large doors sliding shut behind him.


Deep blue eyes watched from the shadows of the throne as Moo paced towards the window, flinging it open. 'My little pet. Such a foolish creature. He will do anything I say as long as he believes that following me will lead to his own revenge. Such a fierce spirit, perhaps one day...' Moo trailed off, turning slightly to look at the shadowed figure.


'Yes, one day. Until then, I will keep you, my little pixie. After all, I am the only one who can see the beauty of such a forbidden form,' Moo whispered, walking towards the person kneeling beside his throne. One gloved hand trailed down to grasp the youth's chin, turning the creature's face up into the light.


Violet hair flowed over the boy's shoulders, dark blue eyes slipping closed in defeat. Moo simply smirked, bringing the soft pliant mouth harshly up against his own. The sunlight danced over exotic brown skin, catching on the pixie blue wings and tail that drooped on the ground, glinting on the silver chain attached to a thin, but strong, collar that trapped the youth to the throne. Moo revised his captive and turned away, thoughts already switched to the defiant rabbit eared boy. After all, the forbidden child's passion for revenge could be twisted into something more... enjoyable. Of course, it wouldn't be any fun if the youth came to him willingly.




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