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A Shadow in the Light : by Shi Tiger

Chapter 4: Baddie Pledge


Golden brown eyes opened, unfocused as the moon continued to rise into the darkening evening sky. The scent of dust and ashes, of burnt wood and smoke hit his nose with a vengeance. The world became clear again, even as the bunny eared child forced himself up onto his hands and knees.


The moon beams sparkled against the red stones that grew up from the blackened earth. No, not stones... mystery disks. Red like blood, forbidden and haunting, the sight forever fixed in his mind as the boy stood up. The skeleton limbed trees circled around him, mixing with the bloody hue from the stones, lit up by the ivory streams of moonlight. A graveyard for the damned.


Kain felt the anger build up inside of him, mixing with rage, fury and panic. Clenching his clawed fingers, he growled low in his throat, vowing to find out who had done such a horrible thing... and kill them.


'It was the humans and monsters who did this,' a low voice startled the halfling from his thoughts, causing him to step back and get into a guarded position. The shadows seemed to flow before him, a giant creature slowly appearing. 'Would you like revenge, little one? Revenge on the ones who did this to you?' the stranger asked. Kain eyed the shadowed figure with distrust, but his offer of revenge... a chance to avenge his fallen family and friends.


'Yes, revenge. Humans and monsters fear you, and it is that fear that drove them to commit this act. A slaughter of the innocent. Will you allow them to get away with such a thing?' the stranger asked. 'No, no I won't!' Kain insisted, his eyes burning at the figure. 'How will you be able to get your revenge? One small child like you?' the shadowed creature whispered. 'I'm not a child. I will find a way!' Kain promised, more to himself than to the stranger. Kain turned away, ready to leave the place he had called home. At least, until he'd had his revenge. Then he would return...


'Wait,' the stranger's voice rose. The halfling turned towards the creature again. 'I have an offer for you. Join me, wear my symbol, and you will have your revenge and more,' the shadow offered. Kain shifted uncertainly, wondering just how this stranger could help him, and what he wanted in return. 'You will have your revenge upon the humans and monsters who did this to you. Join me. I will teach you, train you to use your powers, give you the strength to do what needs to be done. All I ask in return, is for you to swear your loyalty to me and wear my symbol. The symbol of Moo,' the stranger whispered, his offer seductively weaving its way into the halflings thoughts.


Kain finally nodded, stepping forward, still uncertain how to proceed. 'Good,' the creature hissed, one black gloved hand outstretching, fingers opening to reveal a pendent with a strange M engraved into it. 'It is my symbol, for I am Moo. What is your name?' the shadowed figure asked. Kain reached out, his fingers brushing the metal pendent before slipping it out of the creature's hand. It felt solid and heavy, like a pact written in stone and signed with blood.


'Hare. I will be called Hare from this day forward,' Kain whispered, slipping the pendent around his neck. 'Very well then, Hare. Follow me,' Moo commanded, turning away and flowing off into the shadows. Hare glanced behind him at the mystery disks that seemed to call to him. 'I will return... after I avenge you,' Hare promised, slipping into the darkness after his new master.



Author's note: Yes, this was just a bit of a flashback into Hare's past. How he met Moo and came to serve him. Please review!

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