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A Shadow in the Light : by Shi Tiger

Chapter 3 : Truce


'He's still following us,' Suezo stage whispered nervously, glancing behind Golem at the trailing figure a short distance behind them. 'Well, he did say he was spying on us,' Genki sighed, his arms folded behind his head as he skated along. 'He's one of Moo's creatures. We should get rid of him,' Tiger growled, his long blue mane flowing like thunder on the wind. 'I dunno, Tiger. He just doesn't seem like a normal baddie. It's almost like he's unchanged,' Genki whispered aloud, wondering. 'Maybe Moo's powers don't work against the Forbidden ones. But, that would mean that Hare wants to follow Moo, not like most monsters who have no choice in the matter,' Holly replied, gazing at the boy.


'Hm... He did say that it suited his purposes to follow Moo. I dunno, Hare just seems so angry with everything now, not like he used to act,' the dark haired youth sighed as he floated along the dirt path. 'Act is right. He was using us the entire time, that trickster hare,' Tiger snarled angrily, his claws biting into the path.




~Complain, complain, complain. That's all that tiger ever does. Not that I care or anything, he's a total jerk. They're lucky I was only ordered to follow them, not fight them. Stupid tiger, of course I act... the Forbidden aren't allowed to lead normal lives. Is it wrong to want acceptance? Even we crave it, though we know we can never be accepted the way we are.~


Hare glanced up, focusing once more on the group ahead of him. Blinking momentarily, he noticed that they had stopped and were now only a few feet in front of him. The halfling caught golden eyes watching him, but when he looked back, Tiger turned away. ~Why do I watch him? He hates me, I know that. Still, I feel drawn to Tiger when I should not be. I need to stop this feeling, it will kill me one day if I let it grow.~ The halfling forced himself to focus on the rest of the team as they continued onwards towards their goal.




~He didn't help us. He was watching, I could feel his eyes, but he didn't help. How could he? I thought we were... were friends. Does he hate us so much to enjoy watching us get attacked by baddies? How can Hare be this way? How can he change so much? Hare...~ Genki gazed into the fire, remembering the battle they had fought only hours before they set up camp. His eyes flitted around the circle of sleepers, but none of them knew his inner pain. The burning feel of betrayal echoed in his heart as he sat there, unable to understand how everything could change so quickly. They were happy once... all of them. They were a team, once... Weren't they? How long had Hare felt this anger towards them?


The boy sighed and slipped away from the group, glancing down as he stepped past Tiger who was laying on the very edge of the circle. 'You're going to find him,' a cool voice rose in the darkness. 'Yes. Hare is not evil. He is still my friend,' Genki answered, stepping towards the forest. 'He works for Moo by choice, kid. You should learn to stop trusting every kind person you meet, for they will betray you in the end,' Tiger's voice followed him as he disappeared amidst the trees. 'He has his reasons, Tiger. I'm going to find out what they are,' Genki whispered to himself, dark eyes focused on finding his friend.




A single golden brown eye scanned the forest surrounding the halfling as he slowly rose into a sitting position on the cold ground. Something... no, someone, was walking towards him. A tiny muffled cry of surprise and a thump on the ground made him narrow his eyes on the path nearby. Through the trees, he could just make out a small boyish figure stumbling around in the moonlit darkness. ~Oh well. Might as well find out what he's up to.~ Standing silently, he crept towards the boy.




Genki sighed, frustrated with his attempts of find his friend. Hare was so good at hiding when he didn't want to be found. Maybe he wasn't even there, maybe he went back to report to Moo or something. That was not a possibility he was thrilled with. Didn't Hare realize that Moo was the bad guy? He hurt monsters, taking away their free will and turning them into slaves to suit his own dark purposes. He wanted to capture the humans and rule the world... so why, why was his friend so intent upon following him. The boy stopped suddenly, glancing around as he felt the prickle of familiar eyes on his back.


'Hare? I know you're out there. Please come out. I just want to talk to you. Hare,' Genki's voice rose in the night, making the stalker freeze with momentary surprise. In a flash, the halfling made his way up behind the boy and covered his mouth with a single hand. Genki gave a small yelp of surprise before realizing who it was and allowing Hare to lead him back to his camp.




Genki blinked as Hare brushed past him when they reached a small clearing. He was still glancing around when Hare finally spoke.


'Well?' the halfling sat a short distance away, leaning back against the trunk of a large tree. Dark eyes watched him, waiting impatiently. 'Oh, right. Hare, I... that is...' Genki found himself unable to say anything (that's a first). 'You want to know why I serve Moo, right?' the bunny eared young man stated, crossing his arms behind his head. 'Yes, but... that doesn't matter. Well, actually, it does matter, but... that doesn't mean you're not my friend,' Genki suddenly piped up.


Hare gazed silently at the human boy for a moment, then shook his head, long ears dangling past his cheeks. 'You forget something, Genki. I betrayed you, remember? I lied and used you for my own ends. And yet, you still think of me as a friend?' Hare whispered, a smirk cutting through his icy tone. 'You have your reasons. Just... tell me why you serve Moo. He's evil, so why... Why is everyone so upset about forbiddens? I don't get it. You have feelings just like we do,' Genki announced, balling his fists.


'Forbidden. It is forbidden in this world for a monster and a human to fall in love. And yet, it is the children of the union who take the blame. You could never understand why I hate normal monsters and humans so much. They destroy what they do not understand, what they don't even try to understand,' Hare whispered, more to himself, his eyes shadowed by his long furred ears. 'I want to understand. Please, Hare. I'm still your friend. We all think of you as a friend,' Genki smiled gently at him, moving forward.


'You just don't get it, Genki. The others don't think of me as a friend, not anymore. They are just as prejudiced against forbiddens as everyone else is. I do admit though, not everyone is as heartless as most. I have only met one human besides yourself who cared whether a forbidden lived or died... and she's been dead for years. Dead because of those stupid people who couldn't see the truth! Dead because of them, those normal humans and monsters. I hate them. Hate them for what they did,' Hare's voice grew lower as his thoughts drifted, unwanted memories filling his mind with smoke and fire, pain and bodies turning to dust.




Genki perked up at the low moan that came from his friend. 'Hare, are you ok? Hare?' the boy reached out a hand and touched the halfling's shoulder, but the other boy just brushed his hand away and stood up. 'You shouldn't be here, Genki. Go back to your friends, they'll be worried,' Hare turned away, hiding his face in the shadows. 'But, Hare... All right. I'll go. But, you are always welcome to join us. I don't care if you do work for Moo. Spy on us all you like, but I'm going to prove to you that we're your friends,' Genki promised, before turning away and disappearing into the forest.


Hare shook his head, fingers balling into fists at his sides. The awakening of old memories brought out the anger and pain that he had hidden deep inside. Blood flowed from where his claws pressed into the palms of his hands, his teeth ground tight, his eyes closed against the onslaught of tears that threatened to escape. 'Pix... why? Why did you have to die too?' Hare turned his face up towards the sky and let out a howl of anguish. A cry of regret for the one person who had been like a brother to him... once.




Genki glanced back when a sound vibrated through the trees. It was inhuman, and so pained. A voice crying out for redemption. Reluctantly, the boy turned back to the path and continued on.




Tiger's head rose as a sound echoed the trees surrounding the campfire. The others who slept did not wake, not even at the ghostly wail. Closing his golden eyes, he let his head fall back onto his paws, his ears perked for any sounds that Genki was returning.



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