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A Shadow in the Light

Chapter 1: A Child's Dream


The sun beat down upon the green grass, the sky dotted with clouds. Laughter rang through forest, echoing off the trees. Two children stood on the edge of a steep hill, watching the world pass them by.


'Watch me!' a young pixie winged youth declared, leaping off the hill into the air. He twirled, laughing and smiling happily down at his best friend. 'So cool! I wish I could fly,' the other boy insisted, golden brown eyes locked on the younger boy.


'Kato-kun! Watch me!' the flying youth screamed playfully as he looped around on the gentle breeze. 'Pix! Don't call me that!' the bunny eared boy screamed back, his nose twitching in irritation. 'Gomen. Kain-kun,' the violet winged boy teased. 'Hmph!' the grounded boy grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. The grin on the purple-eyed boy's face grew as he fluttered up into the sunlight. Kain raised a hand to shadow his eyes, trying to see his friend's glowing form.


The smell of smoke came to him, causing the hare boy to turn. Fire drenched the forest around them, eating at the trees. Pix shouted something as he flew towards their home, a tiny shack in the middle of the forest, in the centre of the flames. Kain raced off after him; careful to avoid falling branches that threatened to burn him.


Kain approached the remains of the still smouldering shack cautiously, keeping his eyes peeled for anyone he knew. A blackened form caught his gaze, forcing him closer. Kneeling down, Kain bit back a sob, one hand reaching out to touch a piece of burned fabric on the body's arm. 'Grandmother,' a choked whisper filled the air, even as he stumbled back. Now he could see everything so clearly. Several smaller forms littered the ground, the remains of other halflings like himself. 'No...' he whispered, unable to believe such a thing would happen. Turning, he looked up to see Pix hovering near him, staring down with equal shock.


'AAAAAAiiiiiii!' a scream pierced the air, a silver slash ripping across the pixie boy's chest. The hare youth turned his head away as something wet splattered against his smooth skinned face. When he looked up again, the other boy was gone. Touching his cheek, he glanced down at his fingers, eyes widening at the sight of crimson staining his flesh. 'PIX!' his pained screamed echoed the forest, but was soon swallowed up by darkness.


Choking from the billowing dark smoke, Kain rose to his feet, only to feel a sharp pain as something hit him from behind. Falling into the soot, he gazed up at a shadowed form, before everything went black.





~Darkness... that day. I lost my best friend and my freedom that day to the darkness that is...~




Hare blinked and turned to see Genki glaring up at him from the small group standing on the path. 'Hm?' he wondered aloud, searching their faces. 'It's time to go,' Holly offered, smiling shyly at him. 'Get down here, baka rabbit!' Tiger of the Wind growled. The hare blinked, feeling out of place as he pierced on the hilltop overlooking the valley. ~No. It wasn't here. But... this place triggered a memory that I wish I could bury forever... Pix.~




Author's Note: Ok, how was that first part? This is a what if story. You'll see what I mean in the next few chapters. Yes, it will have yaoi in it and I may change the rating a bit as I go along. Please review!

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