Disclaimer : I do not own Ushio and Tora. I just like to play with them. Ok, this is an adult fic. It contains yaoi and elements of bondage, and definitely a lemon somewhere. Halloween gets a lot more interesting.


Playing the Role:

Chapter 1 : Dress-up


‘Karani, I’m not sure about this,’ Ushio whispered, his face heating up as he looked into the mirror and saw what the weasel-woman had picked out for him. ‘You look great. Tasty enough to eat,’ the woman smirked, the look in her eyes making the human boy shiver. ‘That’s what I don’t like about it,’ Ushio grumbled, looking away to avoid the sight of his practically bare chest. Hey, that shirt wasn’t even staying on properly. Pure white and see through in places, it was hanging on his shoulders… barely.

That wasn’t the worst part of the outfit either. He had to wear a skirt. A SKIRT! It was completely embarrassing. ‘It isn’t a skirt, Ushio-kun. This style of garb was worn hundreds of years ago by slaves who were chosen specifically for one purpose. The grin was back on her face. Ushio twitched, his eyes darting around to find an escape route.

‘You aren’t scared, are you?’ the woman asked. ‘No!’ Ushio straightened indignantly and huffed. Scared, him? No way. He could handle any monster that tried anything. ‘And you do want Tora to notice you, right?’ the female monster made guessing his secret desires seem way too easy. Ushio felt his face heat up at the idea of Tora seeing him in such an outfit.

‘But, what if he doesn’t…? I mean, he did nearly marry Mayuko,’ Ushio whispered, in a tone he rarely used. ‘You belong to him, Ushio-kun. He knows that. But, he also thinks you want to mate with Asako,’ Karani answered, putting her hands on the petite boy’s shoulders.

"Me and Asako? No way, no how. We’d kill each other the minute we had to be together for a full day. I just haven’t said anything to her parents because her dad is totally breathing down my neck about asking her out. Not going to happen,’ Ushio stated, shaking his head and hearing the faint jingle from his golden earrings.

‘You look fabulous,’ Karani whispered, looking at the boy’s reflection in the full length mirror. Piercing violet slits, long ebony hair to his feet, a bit of makeup to enhance his eyes and lips. Dangling golden bells… well, getting Ushio to agree to get his ears pierced had been Raishin’s job. Karani still hadn’t gotten out of her brother how he did it. And she was suppose to be the one with sex appeal, hmph!

Mmmm, white shirt hanging over his shoulders and the ends tucked delicately into an easy to remove blue belt. Below that, an old style… skirt, as Ushio prefered to call it. It was long in the front and back, but slit up at the sides to reveal beautiful firm legs and a nice ass to boot. Hm… the delicate slippers certainly made him seem like a pleasure slave who would never set foot outside the palace of a lord. Yummy.

‘And one last thing,’ Karani remembered, reaching behind her back and tugging out a black collar made from leather and inscribed with Lord Nagatobimaru’s symbol from long ago. Wouldn’t that shock the gruff monster lord even more. Karani chuckled to herself as she tightened it around Ushio’s delicate neck.

‘Karani,’ Ushio whined again, extremely uncomfortable wearing barely anything (in his opinion). ~ Tora will have to beat the other monster lords off with a stick. I can’t wait to see his face when he sees Ushio waiting for him.~

"Let’s go, Ushio-kun,’ Karani stated, tugging the boy out of her temple. ‘But, Karani,’ Ushio pointed at his feet, knowing the slippers would get all muddy going out into the forest. ‘Don’t worry, Raishin will be happy to carry you home,’ Karani laughed, noting the interested (very very interested) look on her brother’s handsome face.

Ushio just sighed and let her drag him out the door. Still, he did wonder what Tora would do when he realized what was going on. ~He’s so going to kill me!~




Author’s Note : Ok, a new fic. Just an idea that came up with the idea of dressing up for Halloween. Just thinking of demon hunter Ushio (I call him that when he is using the BS and has long hair and slitted eyes, etc), dressed up like a slave and acting like one for Tora, yum.