Disclaimer: I do not own Ushio and Tora. The idea for this came from a picture I had in my head of Ushio in a large white t-shirt, leaning over the back of the couch to talk to Tora. Hm… maybe I’ll do a fanart of that if I have the time. This is yaoi, and a lemon. That means Tora and Ushio having sex. If that squicks you, do not read this. If you are under 18, do NOT read this. Everyone else, hope you enjoy it.


A Night To Remember


(Tora’s POV)


Nothing on TV, and no one to distract me. My keen hearing is easily picking up the rain falling outside. I was sorely tempted to leave my comfortable place on the couch and go looking for the brat. He left to get something, refusing to tell me what, and still isn’t back.


He’s a hunter, he can handle himself. However, I have been his partner, as he calls me, for long enough to know what type of trouble he can get into. He’s a monster magnet, an innocent soul in the darkness. That was what drew me to him once my initial hatred had ebbed away. True, he is the descendent of that accursed samurai who trapped me in that stinking pit of a prison. However, the boy knew nothing of what he was getting when he set me free, then refused to kill me, claiming that I had to stay with him. Little did I know what that would lead to.


‘I’m home!’


I perked up at the sound of His voice tinkling in the air.


‘Don’t move, Tora. I have a surprise for you.’


~Huh?~ A surprise… for me? He really is a strange human. However, he isn’t fully human anymore.


I listened as his footsteps echoed up the stairs, his bedroom door opening and heard him shuffling around. Deciding that it might be a few moments, I went back to my initial thoughts.


How was I to know that a child hunter would one day prove to be a great ally? His skill matches mine, and I know he would surpass me if he truly wished to. However, he’s stubborn in his decision not to kill me. I could do anything I wished to him and he’d come back for more.


He calls it Love. But, I am a monster. Monsters do not feel love. Do they? I have heard tales of monsters taking humans for mates, but all end in tragedy. I will not allow anything to befall him, because… perhaps, I have some feelings for him as well.


I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I failed to notice the boy sneak into the room until his hands covered my eyes, leaving me staring into darkness.


‘Ok, I’m ready. Let’s play a game.’


‘A game?’ Ushio isn’t usually one to suggest games in the middle of the night, when all I want to do is…


‘Guess what I’m wearing.’


~Oooookay.~ My lips curved into a frown, then a smirk as I reached back with one hand to touch his chest.


‘Tora! That’s cheating!’ the boy yelled indignantly, though he didn’t back away. Strange, his tone held a nearly amused element to it.


‘A shirt,’ I suggested, having felt the material.


‘Yep. And what else?’ The boy seemed amused at his own questions.


With a roll of my eyes, I calmly suggested pants.




The answer shocked me momentarily. Reaching out with my hair (yes, my hair. Monsters as powerful as myself can move their hair, even grab things with it). One thick strand swept down the back of the shirt only to find skin beneath where the shirt material ended.


‘Toraaaa!’ the boy yelped again, this time trying to shift away from my hair.


Coming to the conclusion that perhaps the boy was wearing Nothing other than the shirt, I decided to rectify the situation and make sure we both enjoyed the evening.


The boy hunter yelped as I pulled him over the back of the couch and into my lap.


Remember those feelings I was mentioning? Ok, right now, I’m just feeling Lust.


~Delicious.~ My eyes trailed over bare legs that were cocked on either side of my own, to the long white T-shirt that seemed to hang off him. It fell between his legs, curling up over his thighs, falling down over one shoulder, showing off a desirable amount of skin. I let my eyes drift up his soft, bitable neck, over the waves of long black hair that pooled down his back, to find myself captured by the deep ebony orbs that were his eyes.


I was never very interested in humans, other than as a meal. However, he made me want to study his body with my eyes, my claws, my lips, my tongue... er, getting hot here. Drowning in his deep gaze made me realize that the boy was the only one that could really catch my full attention. His eyes were constantly filled with emotion, in every aspect of his life.


Tonight, they are filled with a soft, captured look. Vulnerable, wanting, no, Needing me. Unable to hold myself back any longer, I pressed him forward with my hands on his waist so I had better access to his delicious mouth.


He tastes like Nirvana. Like a fallen angel, he actively joins me in a passionate dance between our mouths. After what seemed like an eternity, the boy pulled away, his lips puffy from our kiss. Licking my lips at the sight, I drew one sharp claw down his neck, careful not to break the skin. He leaned back with a gasp, allowing my claw to slice down the middle of his shirt to expose his chest to my view.


Leaning down, I lapped at one of the cute pink nubs on his chest, listening to his sharp inhale and small meep at the sudden action. His hips moved against mine as I continued, moving to the other nipple to tease it in the same manner.


‘T-Tora,’ he gasped, arching into my tongue like a skittish kitten. My tongue trailed back up to lap at the juncture of his neck, my arms pulling him closer to rock our hips together. Dark eyes opened to stare down at me, silent except for the hitching of his breath.


Pulling back from his tempting neck, I gazed down at my young lover with interest.


~Hm… He looks so bloody innocent sitting here wearing only a white shirt torn in half, and socks… yummy… He’s wearing cute white socks that make me want to fuck his tight little ass while he’s still wearing them.~



Trailing one hand down his back, I pressed a finger to his luscious lips and watched him suck it in easily. My cock jumped at the wet heat encasing my finger tightly, black eyes meeting mine teasingly as the boy’s tongue wrapped around it seductively. I allowed him to continue as I molded on butt cheek fondly.


‘Mine,’ I whispered into his ear, hearing an answering moan despite the fact that his mouth was full, his eyes darkening a fraction more with lust. My finger pulled from the hunter’s mouth with a pop and I reached around to start fingering his opening. I had to be in him… And soon!


~If he keeps moaning like this, I’m going to cum before I even get inside of him.~


Even as I pushed my lubricated finger into his tight hole, my mind drifted back to when I’d first met the brat… Ushio. He was a cocky little bastard, that’s for sure. But, I’m glad I never killed him. A lot of monsters boast that the young Master of the Beast Spear managed to tame the great and powerful Lord Nagatobimaru. Fools. I prefer to think of it as an agreement on my part. I don’t kill and eat humans, and he lets me fuck him whenever I want to. Though, he still insists that it’s love, not just an agreement.


It’s only been a few months since I first took him. I ravaged his body, making him pant and moan for more. I was originally going to fuck him and leave, to prove to everyone that no hunter could ever tame me, but… Here I am now. Three months later, and I still look forward to him coming home from work and having my way with him. Sometimes he still surprises me like he did today. Mmmm… isn’t this what every monster wants from a mate?


I paused, my eyes widening at the direction my thoughts were taking. Was I really considering formally taking Ushio for a mate? On one hand, he’s powerful enough to stand up to monster lords, and that’s rare for anyone, especially a human. But, he’s still cocky and annoying at times. He’s always making me help out with the "chores" as he calls them, torture in my opinion. And he makes me have a bath almost as often as he does… mmm… bath-time.


Ok, so my mind decided to go back into horny mode at the thought of being in the tub with the boy… ok, so he’s a young man now. Fucking him senseless in the bath, or bending him over under the shower. So many different ways to fuck, so little time.


And every time we’re done, he always whispers three little words into my ear as he falls asleep. ‘I love you.’


Love? Can a monster love? I love to fuck him, but I don’t think that’s what he means.


‘What is love?’ I muse aloud, not even realizing that I was just sitting there in the middle of something very important and not continuing… I must be crazy.


‘You’re asking that NOW?!’ the youth yells, obviously frustrated by my timing. ‘Well…’ I hesitate, even as I pull my finger from his tight little opening and meet his eyes. Dark orbs glare furiously at me in response.


‘Honestly, Tora… sometimes,’ he growls under his breath, body trembling, his cock still half hard. Dark eyes shoot at mine as he pushes me firmly back against the couch, my arms falling to my sides in shock, my eyes widening even as he sits directly down on my length, taking in slowly into his body with a hiss. Resting his hands on my shoulders, he starts to move. Up and down, up and down.


‘Love… is a lot of things. Love is wanting to spend every day of your life with a single person, and never desiring another’s touch. It’s about wanting… no, Needing to have that person forever, knowing that your heart would break if they left you. Sex is part of love, because it’s a way of showing your partner how you really feel about them. But love goes beyond sex and fucking. Even if you were old and gray, unable to even move because your body can no longer handle the strain, I’d still want to be there at your side,’ the boy announced, still moving slowly, punctuating his words with his thrusts.


‘Tora. You’re a monster, so you’ll live for centuries longer than I will ever hope to live. It upsets me to think that I mean nothing more to you than a body to fuck. But, I’ve accepted that, because I love you. I couldn’t live without you. I can’t imagine a life with anyone, but you. So… to try to put the meaning of love into something even you can understand, it means…’ Delicate fingers brought one of my hands up to rest on his pale throat. Dark eyes gazed at me, shining from unshed tears.


‘It means, that if you ever plan to leave me… then please, kill me before you go,’ Ushio’s lips whisper, even as my mind shuts down in complete shock.


~Kill you? Kill him? He wants me to kill him? This doesn’t make any sense.~


‘I thought humans valued their lives too much to die without a reason,’ I growl back, feeling anger surge through my body, and rocking up violently to impale him once more. His head snaps back, my claws accidentally scratching his throat. I pull my arm back, staring at the small drops of red on my claws morbidly.


‘Pain. Isn’t that what love means to monsters?’ the boy asks, meeting my horrified eyes with dark emotionless orbs. It was almost like he’d given up all hope of ever truly living.


‘NO!’ My loud protest makes his eyes widen in shock, even as my hands grip his hips tight enough to bruise. I begin to pound into his body even as I speak, letting my actions accompany the truth of my words.


‘I don’t want to kill you. I haven’t desired to kill you for years. I refuse to be the one to end your life,’ I announce with a deep growl. ‘But, I don’t want… I can’t live without you…’ Ushio whispers, trying to concentrate with my cock shoved so deep into his body that I know he’s feeling my own pulse beating alongside of his.


I silence his protests with my own lips and feel him buckle against me in response. ‘Baka. I’m not leaving you. You’re mine, and I refuse to let anyone else have you,’ I snarl as we pull apart, our thrusts speeding up. I watch Ushio’s eyes widen, and a tiny smile slip onto his lips. ‘I suppose I can live with that,’ the young man whispers, his fingers playing with several strands of my hair that are dangling down my chest.


~He’s still acting depressed… I don’t like that. Doesn’t he get what I’m trying to say to him?~


‘If I bite you, and mark you… then you will be my mate for all eternity. You will not be completely human anymore though. You will live as long as I will, and you’re body with change to make you able to bear my children. Even monsters who scoff at you now will know that you belong to me,’ I announce, watching his eyes widen at the words.


‘Are you… asking if I’ll be your mate?’ the boy breathes sharply, staring at me… waiting tensely for an answer. "Yes," I finally growl, not expecting him to throw his arms around my neck and kiss me senseless. But, he did. Relaxing into the kiss, I changed the angle of my hips so that I was pressing against his sensitive spot.


His moans always make me hard. And now that the talking is over and done with, we can get back to the more important things. I pound into him over and over, listening to his gasps and breathy moans as his fingers dig into my shoulders. His head is tilted back exposing his neck again, his eyes closed, his lips parted as I draw more groans from him.


Just as I begin to reach my peak, one of my hands instinctively drifts between his legs to wrap around his hard, weeping cock and give him release. My seed spills deep inside of his warm body as my fangs rip into his shoulder to mark him. He gasps in shock from the pleasure of his sudden release against me, and the pain of my teeth in his skin. Unexpectedly, I feel sharp fangs bite deep into my own shoulder only moments later.


‘What the hell?’ I growl as I pull away, feeling his teeth unclench from my body as he does the same. Slitted violet eyes smirk at me as the boy’s tongue darts out to lick the blood off his lips. I haven’t seen his eyes that way since the spear disappeared at the end of the last battle with WhiteFace.


‘The spear didn’t disappear. It absorbed into my body and changed me. That’s why my hair is longer, and I can still keep up with you in a fight. Because, I was not completely human, and now I’m your immortal mate. And you, belong to me,’ his voice grew possessive and dangerous, as if suggesting that if I ever were to protest his claim, I’d be in very big trouble.


I guess I should have expected this. Ushio isn’t the type to lay back and let someone else dominate him. This should make for an interesting partnership.


‘Love you,’ he whispers fondling, brushing his lips delicately over my own and smiling happily. I stared at the young man… my mate, sitting there in my lap with a stupid loving grin on his face, and realized that my life was going to be completely different now. I’d never really thought about how lonely I would be without the boy around to liven things up. But, now I realize that without him… I don’t have a reason to live.


Maybe I’m beginning to understand what it means to love someone. For his sake, I hope I can return his feelings one day. And now that he’s mine… I can fuck him whenever I please… no wait, I already do that. Whenever and wherever I please. ~Hmmm… I suppose he’ll want to accompany me to the 50 year monster lord reunion in a month. Mmmm… hot springs and my mate.~


‘Tora. Whatever you’re thinking about is making you drool,’ Ushio announces, moving off of me to stand my the sofa. I glance at the clock to see that we’ve completely missed dinner. Damn. My stomach growls at the realization.


‘I’ll order out. It’s too late to start cooking,’ Ushio says with a smile, as he walks towards the door.


‘Wait a minute! At least put on some clothes before you do anything,’ I growl, not liking the thought of MY mate talking to some guy over the phone while he’s naked and smeared with my essence and his own. ‘Oh, right. We’re going to need a shower too. Do you want to make the phone call then meet me in the shower?’ the young man asks, winking at me suggestively.


~Nope. I’m not going to get bored at all with a mate like Ushio. Mmmm… Naked wet Ushio in the shower. Damn, I’m horny again.~


‘Fine,’ I announce, as he walks out of the room. I make the phone call and tell the human to leave the food at the back door, making sure to tuck the money under the mat. I sure as hell don’t want to be interrupted again while I’m trying to make love to my mate. The sound of water comes from above me and I make my way up the stairs. This certainly will be a night to remember.


…The End…


Author’s Note : I can’t believe I finished this. Officially, my 2nd Ushio and Tora lemon (the first one to My Beast’s Friend’s Wedding, got erased accidentally). And yes, I hope to continue this story with the monster lord reunion. Hot springs, Lord Nagatobimaru showing up with Ushio as his "official" mate, is sure to bring a few protests from some of the monsters there. After all, not all monsters like Hunters very much. Not that Tora cares.

~Mmmm… Hot springs, Ushio, naked Ushio in the spring with me. Heh, heh, heh~

Ok, so Tora can get really horny at times… ok, all the time now that he’s actually sleeping with Ushio. Kawaii! I adore this monster/demon hunter pairing. And, I love Ushio having longer hair. Right now, his hair is down to his waist, not his feet, since the Beast Spear was absorbed into his body.

See you all next fic!