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Never (and I mean NEVER) Make a Bet with a Weasel (you may end up as dinner)


Ushio’s eyes slipped to the spear that was lying way too far away now to help. If he could just... ‘Don’t even think about it,’ the deep rumble made the boy jump, his eyes instantly caught by the monster’s own. Those white eyes filled with a seductive darkness that threatened to eat him alive. Without realizing it, Ushio’s foot caught the edge of his mat and he tumbled backwards onto it.

Above him, the tiger lord smirked, his immense form blocking out any possible escape route. With a leer, the beast reached down and dug his talons into the mat on either side of the youth’s head. Wide eyes blinked back at him, the fear and enticement in them making the tiger lord shiver with anticipation.

Leaning down until they were nearly face to face, the beast whispered, "You’re mine. You’ve always been mine.’

‘I don’t belong to anyone, baka!’ the boy immediately announced, the fear turning into anger as he glared up at the monster. ‘But you do. You belong to me. You’re mine, and I don’t like to share,’ Tora growled.

‘Baka tiger,’ Ushio grumbled back, annoyed. ‘Oh no. I’m no idiot, brat. I realize a good thing when I see it,’ the beast replied with a smirk, his eyes trailing down the boy’s open kimono with interest. A taloned hand softly pulled one side of the kimono open to reveal an expanse of tanned skin that looked inviting to the touch.

‘Soft... like a girl,’ Nagatobimaru whispered, unable to recall the last time he’d felt such need to take what was his and his alone.

‘WHAT?!’ Ushio nearly leapt off the bed. He would have, his hands itching for his spear so he could beat the shit out of his so-called partner, but the monster had him pinned quite effectively. And the tiger’s mouth so near his neck was making him a bit nervous too.

‘I can smell your fear. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,’ the monster whispered, one talon tracing down the boy’s chest, not hard enough to pierce the skin.

‘What do you mean by that? Damn it, Tor... OUCH!’

‘You’re too loud, boy,’ the monster lord said as he licked the blood off his lips. The sight of the fresh mark on the boy’s neck, made by his teeth, a Claiming Mark, was enough to make the beast even more intent on taking the youth.

‘I can’t believe you BIT me!’ Ushio yelled, hands pushing against the monster’s shoulders. ‘Damn brat! Just lay down and be still. How the hell am I suppose to do this with you acting like a scared virgin on her wedding night?’ Tora growled, glaring into the boy’s equally angry dark eyes. ‘I didn’t exactly asked to be... deflowered, remember?’ the boy spat back. ‘Oh really?’ Tora whispered, pushing the youth back suddenly, making the anger turn to confusion.

He wanted to take the boy right then and there. With that vulnerable confused look in his eyes, it was so tempting. However, rape wasn’t exactly something he was fond of. And he couldn’t hurt this youth... no, he had the strangest desire to protect him. ~So, after all these years, I never thought I’d choose a stubborn, immature, idiot BOY hunter to be my mate. But, still... when he looks at me like that, I want to protect him from the world.~

‘Tora, why are you looking at me like that?’ the boy’s voice brought the beast back into focus. The youth was no longer struggling, just laying there staring up at him with... was that concern in his eyes? ‘Why do you always have to care?’ Tora whispered suddenly, staring down at the youth.

‘Huh?’ the boy blinked back, confused. ‘You’re always caring about others. Always throwing yourself into a fight to protect them. Monsters, humans, it doesn’t matter to you. Why do you care about them? Why do you care about me?’ Nagatobimaru asked in a low voice.

‘I... I just have to. I have to protect people or no one else will. And monsters aren’t all that bad, even you,’ Ushio flushed a bit, looking away. Tora watched the boy’s long fingers toy with the covers beneath him on the mat as he continued to speak. ‘I mean, even when you get like this; demanding, and so full of yourself, I just... want to protect you. We’ve been partners for over 3 years, Tora. I can’t not care about you, and you are attractive and stuff, so...’ Ushio blushed brighter red, to Tora’s amused smirk.

‘I’m attractive, am I?’ the tiger lord growled playfully, leaning down and staring into the boy’s deep ebony eyes once more. ‘Hmph! That doesn’t hide the fact that you’re still demanding, a jerk, completely self centred, and...mmph!’ Ushio blinked in shock as warm lips cut off his words.

Tora watched silently, slowly kissing the youth more firmly, waiting for the moment when... ah, this was it. The beast deepened the kiss and watched the boy’s eyes flutter closed, the smaller body trembling and arching up towards him as Ushio gave in. Pulling back slowly, Nagatobimaru listened to the panting breaths the youth took, watched those intense dark eyes gradually focus on him once more.

‘Neh, Tora. I don’t do one night stands,’ the boy whispered suddenly, lifting his hand to trail his fingers over the monster’s chest.

‘Er...’ Tora found himself tongue-tied at the boy’s change in attitude. ‘What I mean is... this is like a marriage... right?’ Ushio whispered, his hand falling back down to the mat. Deep pools of black filled with uncertainty as both monster and hunter sat unmoving. Silence echoed the room as the moon rose higher. ‘I see,’ Ushio whispered, pulling the kimono closed with one hand and pushing himself up with the other.

‘Wait,’ Tora didn’t even realize he’d spoken in a rushed voice until the boy turned and looked at him in surprise. ‘Human marriages are silly things, meant for humans only. They last until one or the other decides to leave and get another. No, this is not a marriage,’ Tora told the boy, watching the dark eyes grow even more vulnerable and open. ‘I’m not your fuck toy...’ Ushio blinked up as a single clawed finger rested on his lips, bringing his attention back to the beast’s face. Those deep white eyes that seemed to look through him and into his soul.

‘I don’t intend to take a virginal bubble-headed bride. You are my partner, my life-mate. We will be bound forever, even death cannot tear our souls apart,’ Tora whispered, watching the youth’s eyes widen even more. ‘The mark on your neck,’ the beast spoke, seeing Ushio’s hand move to cover the deep bite that seemed to have healed into a scar. ‘That mark will show every demon and monster that you belong to me. If anyone tries to mess with you, I’ll kill them,’ Tora’s eyes darkened with anger just thinking about anyone trying to hurt what was HIS.

‘Tora,’ Ushio whispered, reaching up to touch the beast’s orange furred cheeks and pull his head down a bit. ‘I accept,’ the boy whispered, touching their lips together in a light kiss.

All was peaceful between monster and human, until...


‘What do you mean, you accept? What makes you think I was asking?’


‘Oh, so you just expected me to lie back and let you do whatever you want with me, is that it?!’


‘Well...’ Tora glanced away from the angry youth’s face. ‘Idiot. I am not your plaything,’ Ushio growled, forcing the monster’s face back towards him. Looking down, the beast was shocked to see slitted violet eyes glaring at him, long black hair spread out against the mat. Glancing towards the door out of the corner of his eye, Tora saw the spear glowing on the floor.

‘Surprise. I’m bound with it, remember? That means if I call it, it comes to me. If I want to, it will lend me its energy. I can even absorb it into my body if I choose. But, that isn’t what we’re here to discuss. I told you. I’m not going to be your toy or your sex slave. I expect to be treated equally in this relationship. And don’t you even think about disagreeing!’ the boy insisted, peering deep into the monster’s eyes.

‘H-hai,’ Tora found himself agreeing. ~Damn it. I can’t let him be the master in this relationship~

‘And Tora... I mean it. I don’t want to hurt you, and I don’t want you to hurt me. This mating thing is forever, so... lets try not to kill each other, ok?’ the youth smiled, his eyes returning to normal and his long hair fading into the night.

Tora chose to answer with a kiss. Enough talking, it was time for some fun.

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