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Ushio Tora Manga Information

Disclaimer: all the continents are a (c) to Kazuhiro Fujita... this is only an explanation on the Manga story for who ever it is out there that needs an inside view on the plot, because I know it's confusing for any one who doesn't have translated Manga... I don't have the Manga either and I just felt like posting collected info for who ever it is out there that might need it...

In search of info on the Internet, I couldn't find much, and even when I did, it wasn't satisfying! This goes to all of you out there who might use this for their story background info... or even story making ideas... ^_______^

Note: all info on this following page was supported by a friend, if you need any answers, post a review, or e-mail me and ask, and I'll see if I can get the right answer... I will update this every time I fine new info, okay? Enjoy...


Original story of Ushio & Tora:

It's a very complicated story, but in simple words, it's talking about a boy--Ushio and a monster--Tora, who destroy evil monsters, djins, genie, and ogres... ect. And fight to their biggest enemy--Hakumen No Mono (it's means White Face in Japanese)

I write this story at the start:

White Face didn't have the form at beginning; he was just a big evil power.
Borne from the darkness of the world, he admired the light and good things of the world at first, but hated and want destroy them at last... so, he wanted to get a real body....

He came to India and found a baby; he went into the baby's body and lived inside. When White Face came to India, most people died under his power, beside this baby... so, when this baby grew up, people hated him, said he was from the hell, and took everyone's lives away.

This boy was called--Shi Sya Ku Ya (it's an Indian name) His heart full of enmity, he hated all those guys because nobody loves or likes him. His enmity became White Face's power; White Face ate the enmity and got stronger day by day. When Shi Sya Ku Ya became a cold-blooded man, he was also a soldier of his country. He vented his enmity by killing the enemy, so he became the warlord quickly and won peoples consider.


But he was still unhappy and full of enmity...until he met a girl and her little brother.

They're really good persons and were very nice to ShiSyaKuYa. They moved his heart; he wasn't so cold and angry like before... But, a big war changed everything... Another arm potent country want to aggress this country, ShiSyaKuYa knew they'd lose, so he took the girl and ran away. When they ran out of the country, there has lots aggressors outside; the girl was killed! ShiSyaKuYa was crazy about that as he lost his love! The pain and enmity made him demented! Then he killed all the aggressors outside...


White Face was arousal this time, he got ample power and was borne from ShiSyaKuYa's body! He has a big, long white body and 9 tails, likes a fox
"Thank you~~ ShiSyaKuYa! Your enmity gave me this new body!" White Face said.
Then, WhiteFace destroyed this country, the little brother also died by him...


ShiSyaKuYa lost everything; he knew he made this monster, so he decided to kill WhiteFace and never give up. Because WhiteFace lived in his body before, so he won't die forever. He spent all life to find a way, which can kill WhiteFace.
During this time, WF destroyed many countries one by one. Everyone almost knew and was afraid him, and many kings appoint people to make glaives or lances, which can kill WF. One Chinese family made many lances, but no one can work, the parents were killed by WF. Their son and daughter started to make a new lance and want to avenge. They were casting at this lance very hard, with all their soul, spirit, blood, and body.

This lance called "Kemono No Yari" (means "beast lance" in Japanese) it's really a terrible lance! It can destroy all kinds of monsters of the world. Why it's so powerful? Because it had that son's soul inside, and he was full of enmity, too.


When ShiSyaKuYa knew there has a powerful lance in China, he went there and found it. He started to kill all the evil monsters with this lance, and want to find WF out. But this lance will take a part of users' soul become it's power, if someone use it. So... when ShiSyaKuYa's soul was all taken by the lance, he lost his mind and became a real monster--AzaFuse. (It's Japanese) That is Tora; he is the first Beast lance user and also made WF... (Now you know Tora was human before, and he is an Indian) but when ShiSyaKuYa became AzaFuse, he lost his human memory, so he never remembered he was human before, and can't use beast lance (because he's a monster now)


Other people still used the beast lance, and they all became AzaFuse at last...
(That's why 99% won't have female AzaFuse, because girls won't use the lance usually. And the same reason, 100% won't have cub AzaFuse...)

Other AzaFuses are different from Tora; they have no feelings, no emotions, cold and muted. Not like Tora, who has a personality. They only know one thing--Destroy WhiteFace.


So.... Tora became a monster and lived a very long time. (About 1500 years) he ate people and other monsters, human were afraid of him, too. But he met a beast lance user finally and fought with him. Tora was pinned by the shoulder and embedded on the wall, with the beast lance. People bound him and build a joss house over him. So he stayed under the house for 500 years....


After 500 years, the son of this housemaster (an exorcist), called Ushio, found Tora in the cellar. He envisioned the lance and saved Tora, although Tora always wanted to eat him... so Ushio became the beast lance user, too. He started to kill the evil monsters and fight to WhiteFace at last with Tora.
(Tora is the name, which Ushio gave him. He was called "NaGa ToBi MaRu" (meaning "flying long distance" in Japanese) by other monsters 1500 years ago, but Tora doesn't like this name.)

That's the beginning of this story's background. The comic was started at where Ushio found Tora, and it told us Tora's past in the retrial books.


> Is it true that when Ushio meets white face and defeats him, Tora and the spear vanish?

It is very hard to explain, WF use some kind of monster make all the people's memory about Ushio & Tora disappear, so nobody remember Ushio, his father became a stone statue so that the monster can't eat his memory. But Ushio feels lonely and very mad. Angry...his mind full of enmity, the enmity is WF's power, so Ushio can't kill him. The lance was smashed! Tora go to fight along, and he was killed, too (but Mayuko saved him after) that's why Ushio'll lose Tora and the spear when he fight to WF

> And how does Ushio know/meet white face any way?
Well.... in simple words...his friends (Masters) and other monster friends tell him...

> When he was about to turn into beast, was Tora there to help? Or did the girl help only?
Of course Tora helped him, too and there had 5 girls to help him also had other friends, because it's very important.

> And what is it in the Manga about Ushio traveling in search of his mother?
At beginning, we only know Ushio doesn't have mother, but his mother didn't die either and someday, Ushio went to find his mother. In the end of this comic, his mother is a Master, too! And used all her life to imprison WF under the Sea of Japan! (Remember WF went to hide under Japan? If he came out, Japan will sink.
So Ushio's mother went to imprison WF, so WF can't movie there, but his power still stronger day by day) in the last war, all AzaFuses'll come out,

> When an anime talks about a person living with only one of his parents, then the other is usually dead! Did Shigure and Ushio's mother split apart?
Now you know the truth, they split apart, that's right, but they had no choice.
Ushio's father very much loves his mate/wife, there also has a comic talking about how did they meet and get married.

> What's the name of Ushio's mother?

> How did she meet Shigure?'s hard to write... Sumako is the chosen one who must keep WF under the sea, she had 2 years time to go back to Japan to find a person who can marry her and, she must give birth to the Beast-Spear user. So she met Shigure, found out that he has a great heart under the cold outside looking, so....^^;;;

> How old was Ushio when he fought WF?

> How did Mayuko save Tora?
Well, it's very hard to write, too...^^;;; In a simple way, Mayuko walked into Tora's mind, chatting with him, she let Tora know that she loves him and helped him to wake up.... I only can say that...^^;;;

> What are the name of the woman Tora loved, and her little brother?
The story didn't tell the lover's name, but her brother was called Rama.

> Does Ushio live in Tokyo? If not, where then?
No, he doesn't live in Tokyo, he lives in a city called Mikado, but I don't know where it is in Japan...

(Jess: I checked the Atlas! 'Mikado' is some where up north in the ocean, it's actually an island! I think! O__o;;)


I got these collected info from a U&T fan... ^_______^ I'll try to post more as soon as I get more info... either that or some good questions... bye!