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Twany Tora 7

Chapter Seven:

Yet, another boring day at school, only this time, worry enveloped three humans is everything going to be alright by the end of the day? Escorting a demon child into the school grounds? A young, energetic, hyperactive, little, always questioning, innocent, happy go lucky, cheerful, fragile, simple minded child demon child!

WOW~! Its huge!
Hush! Ushio somewhat scolded, now remember Tora! Not a word!
(Dips head, hands on his mouth)
How are we gonna pass the basket with out sensei noticing it? Asako asked
Ushio didnt know, well I simply cant say that dad asked me to look after it while hes gone!!

Bell rung

Ah! Wh-what was that? the child squeaked in start, head peeking out eyeing the boy, eyes curious fixed on the boy
Its the school bell! School started! the temple boy said softly, now everyone was heading inwards
Ushio Mayuko started
I just remembered, hows gonna keep the basket?
ME! Squealed Asako, then blushed, well--if you dont mind shy, she never gazed at the boy once
Depends if he doesn't climb out! Ushio looked down and the child pouted, so dont even think about it little buddy he chuckled
? cutely blinking, Tora didnt give a word, one ear shifted up, listening closely

In class

And then, sometime around the second chin-dynasty the teacher continued on
Whats a daynty? Tora whispered
Thats chin-dynasty it means the period of time someone ruled in a country Ushio whispered back eyes still on the teacher
silent, the child continued on listening

And all three had to admit! The demon-child behaved quite silently if only he didnt ask so much every now and then~!

Lunch break

Okay~! Asako smiled, everything went smooth till now, its a good thing Toras a good little boy~! she eyed the basket near her friend
Yeah! And for that, he deserves a treat! Ushio smiled, placing a small cup of ice cream into the basket
Yummy~! Tora took it in delight, Aw~ its cold!
And that is the reason its called ice cream! Mayuko smiled
Say Ushio Asako began, dont you think its a bit troublesome taking him with us? I mean today he behaved, what proves that something wrong wouldnt happen?
Relax! Im sure everything will be just fine! As long as he stays close to me, Right? and looked down at the basket
Right! the child chirped, licking whats left in the ice-cream cup
I hope your right! Asako tried to smile
so did Mayuko

Whos trying??

Sigh Zeba frowned as she eyed the beast-child
Zeba! Zallcos suddenly called quickly walking into the room, theres a female demon at the temple!
What? she spun around, female demon? Who?
I dont know! But she went to the temple looking for Ushio; I guess shell stay there until hes back from school
What does she want?
Who knows! the brother shrugged
Mirror! Shift to the temple grounds! Zeba demanded slowly the picture of the three faded for a picture of the temple to appear, I dont see her! Zeba mumbled
Last time I saw her she was at the backyard!
curious, Zeba scrolled the mirror around, until a light brown figure merged from the kitchen


Funny~! I guess Im early~! Kage mumbled, sitting back on her hunches, she gazed around, something tells me something funny is going on around here~! she muttered, tail lashing slightly, and then carefully forked back a bit of her crimson mane
Zeba silently watched
Maybe I should just leave him a note and leave? she worriedly gazed around, shrugging, she attended to walk away, (sniffle-sniffle) jerking around, she tracked the smell, all the way back towards the boys bedroom, she sniffled under the table, Funny~! I didnt know Tora could fit in there! pause, looking through the window, Come to think about it, Toras smell is different today~! she eyed the sky, arms folded, pause, man~! I hate it when I start talking to myself~! she frowned, shock her head and walked out back to the living room

Kage eyed around for one more time, then eyed the clock 2.45 pause, she thought for a moment, he should be here soon~! Maybe Ill just stay here and wait! she smiled, then headed out towards the backyard, sprawling and waiting


Okay~! Everything went fine~! Ushio smiled widely, placing the basket at the door, Okay Tora, you can come out now!
Finally~! the little one whined, struggling out then shaking like a dog and straightened his mane then rose his head, and slowly strolled into the temple the child felt a new--yet familiar--presence in the temple!
(Giggle) Mayuko looked up do you need anything?
Yeah? Do you need help in anything? Asako asked, taking care of a kid aint no picnic!
Yeah I know, I--Hey! jerking around, the kid was missing
Ushio~! the child ran back, theres something in the backyard! he stated worriedly
What? the boy frowned, scooping up the child he--followed by the girls hurried in

(Yawn) Oh-Im sorry~! I mustve dosed off~! lazily, a light chocolate brown female smiled, walking her way into the living room, but then her eyes widened, seeing the small cute orange beast in the boys arms, no way--! she breathlessly smiled ivy green eyes fixed on the boy in question
Its a Lo~ng story! Ushio breathed
Im all ears! Kage smiled widely
Well not before you tell me why you are here Kage!! Ushio cocked an eyebrow
Oh-yeah~! I came her to invite you to a little party were throwing back home!
Yeah! Jiaaku and Ann are officially mates! she smiled, all full of pride
Aw-thats grand!! Asako chirped
Youre gonna be a granny, eh? Mayuko teased
Yeah that subject gets me a bit nervous

Ushio~! Cutely the orange child called, who is she?
(Blank face) Kage jerked to the boy
He got shrunken, and he doesn't remember anyone anymore~!
Oh~! she sighed, but then, wickedly, something lit in her smile, mind if I take him? crimson tail lashing excitedly
Take him where?? suspiciously, Asako glared a bit
pause; in my arms? she shrugged
Tora just looked at her a minute; cute silver to ivy green
How old is he? In human? Kage directed the question to the boy
I say somewhere between five and eight!
Aw~! and went into Im crazy about babies motherly-mode! Can I hold him? she excitedly asked
I dunno he gained a sweat drop
(Suppressing a giggle) the girls noticed the brown females dreamy gaze
Gee-Kage! Mayuko started, maybe you should bring Yuji next time!
Say~! Thats a great idea! It just so happens that--
Mayuko!!!! On whose side are you? Ushio squeaked
(Laughing) Asako couldnt help it!

What? Am I not welcome in this temple? Kage widened her eyes in shock, almost casting tears at the boy
NO!!!! I didnt mean that at all Kage! he quickly stuttered
by that time, Ushio let Tora down to earth, and the child just sat back there watching but then his ears perked, and jerked to one side, noticing two colored eyes blinking at him ???
? light brown with two colored eyes, the child walked up to the orange child, sniffling here and there in curiosity, and then smiled widely, tail lashing
Um, Hi? Tora started
Hi! Yuji replied, [only Tora can understand him though; children of the same age fact and all! Though if Tora is five, then Yuji is only three!] cutely looking at his mother chatting with three humans, Yuji eyed the orange child again, Im Yuji! Whore you?
Im Tora! And thats my Aniki-sama (big brother) Ushio! he happily chirped looking at the temple boy, then noticed the brown female getting mad, whats with her?
Thats my mom, dont worry, she yells a lot sometimes! the child carelessly shrugged, pause, wanna play?
Sure! tail lashed
Cmon then! Yuji giggled and dashed out into the backyard
Yeay! Happily, Tora followed

About 20 minutes later

Okay-okay~! Geez! Ushio muttered, I said I was sorry!
Bah! and Kage jerked away, well anyway, lets not change the subject, are you going to be at the party? Its next week! and crossed her arms
Yeah, of-course Ill be there!
Good! she smiled, Oh-I wanted to ask, where is Shigure?
Oh-dads out!
I noticed! When is he coming back?
I dont think hell be able to be at the party, sorry~!
Oh-dont worry, I asked him when he passed lady Sirens place! He said that hell see if he can be there, though he doubted it!

Hey! Asako barked, Wheres Tora??
Huh? Mayuko snapped, Oh! He was here just a few minutes ago!
Sh**! Ushio snapped and attended to run off
Wait! Kage snapped, grabbing him by the wrist, hes a child, Im sure he hadnt gone far!
Ill go look up in my room! Asako, check the kitchen and the porch, Mayuko, check the other rooms, Kage, check outside!
Got it! Kage barked and leaped back out


Where are we? Yuji asked, looking around at the jungle theyre in the middle of, are you sure you know this place? Its creepy! he whined
Its okay! Tora smiled, it just looks like this because Ushio lets the grass grow as long is it pleases!! he shrugged
Ushio is a human, how come hes your brother? Yuji asked in confusion, I have a nee-san, but shes not human!
You have a nee-san (sister)?? surprised, Tora gawked, then sat back on his hunches, aw~!
Where are we??
Oh-were outside! he smiled zooming out, Tora and Yuji are hiding in the long grass surrounding the Aotsuki shrine
I know were outside!! the child somewhat spat, where exactly are we? he hissed
Outside the shrine!
I thought you said you knew a good place to play!
I do!
Then why are we here??
Its down there! Tora pointed away behind him
Look over the grass and youll see what I mean!
? curious, the brown child shoved aside the grass revealing the city down away
Cool, no?
I dont think I can go there!
My mom wont let me!
Why not?
I dunno, she said: dont go to human cities because they might take you away from us! and she was really scared when she told me that
Well Ushio took me to his school today!
You went there??
Yeah! It was really-really cool!
Aw~ youre so lucky~! My mom wouldnt let me go anywhere by my own! She always leaves me with nee-san when she attends to go somewhere with dad!
You have a dad??
Yeah! Hes big and strong! Hes my hero! When I grow up I wanna be just like him! [Cheesy, I know~! :P]
I saw him fight once! There was this big mean old Oni who jumped on mom, and dad was so mad he socked him one right on the nose, wham! Wham!! Wham!!! the child motioned his fight hitting a bamboo stick

Bad move!

??? Kage jerked to one side noticing a bamboo stick peeing softly pummeled, carefully walking there, she moved a bit of the grass and saw the two giggle, gladly, she could see them, but they couldnt see her she gave a relieved sigh and slowly slipped back to tell the humans

An even worse move!

Cmon! Lets go and Ill show you the school!
Yeay! Yuji squeaked in joy and leaped after the orange child down the road

A minute later

So they were just playing?
Yeah Kage smiled, then gave a heart-stopping halt
Whats wrong? Ushio asked
Theyre gone! she breathlessly spoke, then leaped to the grass and shoved it around, they were right here!!!!
What?? Asako squeaked, they could they have gone to?
Down town? Mayuko mumbled eyeing the city
No way~! Ushio spat, Tora knows better than to go down town!
But Yuji doesn't~!
What~!? Yujis here, too?? Ushio asked
Yeah I brought him along, and I found him here playing with Tora and if my nose doesn't know any better sniffles around, and turns invisible, they went down the road! and leaped
Grr-let him wait until I get him on my knees! Ushio hissed and ran down
Wait for us! Asako called, grabbing Mayukos hand, both girls followed


I Dont!! Like the looks of this! Zallcos started
Poor little Toras gonna get himself a spanking~! Zeba muttered, Cmon! she said as she stood up and slipped on her shoes; snapped her fingers and the mirror viewed a black portal
What? Are you going somewhere??
WE! Are going to look for puny little Tora! she stated, pause, Say~! Where are aunt Akani and uncle Lougar?
Down at the guestrooms having champagne! he carelessly shrugged
Good! I dont want then tagging along~! she mumbled, They can be such children sometimes! and gained a sweat drop
You mean like the time when they joined us at the fair last year?
(BLUSH) dont remind me! and slapped her forehead, Shifter! she sung, and the black dog came in excitedly yelping
Youre taking him long?
Yeah! Who knows? We might need him! then turned to the dog, um, would you shift into a cat?
(Dips head) closes eyes and transforms then purrs while rubbing into her legs
Good boy~! she smiled and scooped him up, Now Cmon, we have to find the children
Lead the way~! her brother gestured lazily, and good luck!
Ha-ha-ha~! she mocked, Cmon! she growled and snapped her fingers, the mirror viewing a dark ally
Um, shouldnt we change clothings first?
Oh-yes! Appearing as sibling sorcerers wouldnt be a very good idea!
Not really humans dont believe in magic anymore!
Yeah it only exists in video games! she slurred, then snapped her fingers again and her clothing changed into traditional Chinese clothing
Umm (sweat drop) too typical~! her brother mumbled
(Vein pop) snapping her fingers again, she appeared in a tight red-dress Oops!! Wrong dress!!! snapping again, with a blush, she appeared with a white shirt topped with a jeans jacket and pants, a black belt and a red bandana around her neck, sunglasses and a blue baseball cap, her hair short and black, reaching till her shoulders, I dont like blue! she pouted, one more snap and all the blue turned into light and/or dark purple, Ah! Now thats better!
please~! her brother muttered, snapped his fingers and appeared with a tight black t-shirt, a tanned trench leather coat, jeans and a black baseball cap with sunglasses
Nice! she smiled, shall we?
We look like two hippies! he gave a sweat drop
Whatever and ignored his groan by leaping into the portal
Girls~! he hissed and leaped after her


Wow~! I never knew a human city could be so BIG! Yuji smiled, gazing around, hiding in the island between the streets
Ushios school is around here somewhere! the orange child frowned, sniffling here and there, we have to wait until the cars stop so we can cross to the other sidewalk
Tora, how far is it to the school?
Its near by, dont worry!
(The cars stopped)
Heres our chance! Cmon! Tora barked and skipped
H-hey~! Wait up! and leaped up after him

Hey, look at that cute kitty crossing the road! a teen squeaked, hopping out of her convertible to grab Yuji
Huh? an elder teen scooted closer, Hey~! The traffic light is gonna change any minute now, come back here!
Coming! she chirped, quickly scooping up the orange--startled--child then jumped back in

Wow! Yuji breathed; being held by a human was something new! Hey! Where are we going?
I dunno Tora shrugged, and then gazed up at the pair, he and Yuji in the females lap, and a male moving a circle, with something that goes honk when he presses it, attached to something on a pad with lots of numbers and arrows moving up, 60 then 70 then 80 all the way to 120!! And the more the number increased, the car went faster
Sh** what kind of cat are they? the boy--about 18--said in disgust after faintly eyeing them with the corner of his eye
Theyre cute! the girl--about 17-- giggled nuzzling the brown child
Theyre ugly! I mean look at them, they dont even have pupils! he barked and the wheels burned as he darted faster down the road
oh-hush up, I think theyre cute! she pouted and hugged a bit more
? a bit confused, Tora wondered why female torsos were so soft
Um, Tora? Whats going on?
I dont know!
Do you know these humans?
(Sniffle) nope! Nobody I know!
Do you think mom would get mad at me? the brown child paused, I dont feel right!
Yeah Aniki-sama would be mad at me if he knew Ive been with a human nether than Asako and Mayuko!
What are we gonna do then?
Leave! he bluntly said
But the thing is going too fast!

SCREECH! The car suddenly stopped

Ah! Home sweet home! the boy smiled walking up to an apartment
Yeah the girl smiled, both kits in her arms, she hurried up
Wow! Youre keeping them? the boy barked
Of-carouse I am!
No way~!
Aw-Cmon! Just for today! Ill get a place ready for them at my place when I go home and Ill pick them up tomorrow!
(groan) fine! the boy cursed anything cute that drives girls bonkers and walked up to the third floor to open a door with keys in his hands
There ya go! the girl smiled, placing the two children on the sofa
Hey! Thats mine! the boy shouted in anger
Learn to share! she hissed, and if were really gonna get married youll have to get used to it!
Sharing my stuff with a human is okay, but with a thing that I dont even know what the hell it is-is a different story!
Cool it!
No way! he grumbled, sigh Ill go get pizza and soda and walked out the apartment, door slamming

Baka the girl mumbled, then eyed the two kits eyeing around the humble apartment, sorry about that, Ace is a loud mouth!
(Squeak) Yuji smiled
Whoa~! Nice teeth! she widened her eyes, and then carefully held the childs chin and with her thumbs, carefully shifted them up, Man! Like a full-grown tigers teeth! sweat drop, she turned to the orange child and did the same, (yelp) those are even sharper! clearing her throat, it seems to me that you two are only kits, right?
Kind of! Tora replied

Bad move



y-h-y-h-you--can talk? she breathlessly asked, back to the wall
Yeah? the child replied, quite confused of her reaction, the girls and Ushio never screamed in such horror when he spoke; so why was this human so terrified?
Tora, why did she scream? Yuji felt his limby fragile ears
Beats me! he shrugged in respond
Wait! You understand each other? she asked in confusion then crawled on her knees towards them, hands on the sofa
Yeah! Tora smiled cutely, and all of the girls sudden fear washed away
Oh are you two brothers?
No! Ushios my big brother! Tora smiled
What about him?
Hes Yuji! His mom came for a visit and we went out to have fun!
Um, does his mother know your out?
Did you ask her?
no! Why? Do we have to ask?
Oh-God~! and she rubbed her forehead, youre mother is probably berserk looking for you right now! (Snap) Id better put you back where I found you before she find me and thinks I kidnapped you!


Oh-that must be him! and hurried to the door, only to be startled by two people standing at her door, a boy and a girl, around their early twenties, mostly wearing jeans--though purple jeans was the totally odd out of the basket type--one with a spooky black cat with bloody red eyes
Hello! the girl started, you have something that belongs to us! and her fangs showed as she smiled
the boy said nothing
MEW! S-S leaped out of Zebas hands to sit next to the kits on the sofa
Hey~ what--? the teen-girl squeaked as the girl pushed her aside
Oh-Tora! Honey you okay? she sweetly asked while taking off her glasses
Oh-Hi! he smiled widely, tail lashing, I thought you were a lizard! he cocked his head
Long story! she smiled, Zallcos!
Yes sister?
Lets go home!
Um--arent we supposed to--?
Later~! I wanna have fun! she smiled, scooping up the brown child and cat, snapped a finger and the black portal appeared
Sigh I give up her brother muttered leaping after her
? totally lost, the teen fell to her knees, absolutely lost

Oh-boy~! Are they in trouble

The smell stops here! Kage hissed sniffling the side walk, then a human smell comes in, goes back to the street, and a smell of burned rubber comes and it STINKS! she snorted away the smell
So someone picked them up in his/her car?
Great~! Asako mumbled, My home is right there, wait here, Ill go change from my school clothing and be right back! and walked away in a hurry
Okay Ushio answered, youre home is close too, right Mayuko?
Yeah she bluntly answered, but then gazed around worriedly, what worries me why would Tora and Yuji wonder off here??
Who knows! the boy growled, all I know is that Toras little tush is asking for it! and cracked his knuckles
Yujis tush is asking for even more! Kage hissed, I warned him over and over and over to never go near human cities, why the hell wouldnt he listen? she growled in irritation, Mumas gonna be so crossed about this! she bit away
Say where is Muma? You two usually go along together, dont you? Mayuko asked softly
Oh-he had other plans! He didnt want to waste his time delivering invites while he and Kyofu could go and kick some butt!!
Maybe he needs to protect the lands! I mean Toras territory is the temple and the city, thats why he and I only hunt the demons that lurk in here and kill!
Easier said than done! Kage growled, Were nine! You are only three!
Im counting in Shigure!
Dads no hunter~!
He is to me!

Im back! Asako started
Cmon then, we have to move! Ushio growled and walked along the sidewalk, I just wanna know where could he be?


? the children eyed the room full with toys and stuff like a miniature sized amusement park, mouth hung in amusement for us? he eyed the sorceress in velvet purple clothing
Its all yours to play! she smiled
YEAY! both cheered and dashed in
So cute! Akani giggled, Id hate to see his reaction when he grows up back to normal again!
What? the youth pixy jerked, you know how?
He has to do it himself!
What do you mean?
Hell only turn back into an adult if wanted to! her aunt said calmly, arms crossed, leaning on the door frame
Okay, how are things going? Lougar smiled, cheerfully walking in
Zeba widened her eyes, and faintly blushed
Ahem Akani faced away blushing
What? startled, he didnt notice the lip stick on his necklace and skin
Honey and motioned by tapping her neck
??? confused, he brushed down his fingers on the skin and yelped a blush, Ill go wash and be right back
(Giggle) Zeba smiled and watched the kids again

As peaceful as it seems??

TORA~! Ushio shouted in frustration
hysterical, Kage sniffed and eyed around, her hair astray across her face, almost as if panting her eyes ivy-green dimly glowing
Its getting late Asako softly spoke eyeing the setting sun
Yeah Ushio answered, and then craned around to Mayuko, thats your apartment, right?
Yeah, Ill go change and be right back Mayuko smiled and opened the gates, slowly walking her way up
Kage heavily sat back; back to the wall, eyes drifted away
Kage Asako started, a soft hand cupped her brown furred shoulder, itll be alright
(Eyes closed/deep breath) Kage twitched a worried smile and dipped her head looks like shes gonna cry!
Asako brushed back a stray lock of mane, tucking it back to where her ears should be, and Kage cracked her eyes a slit
Arigatou all and sorry for all the trouble a tear rolled down to her cheek
Kage get a grip of yourself! Ushio barked, Theyll be okay, we just have to keep on looking!
a sigh; and she closed her eyes again a few more tears silently came down

Ushio! Asako! Mayuko quickly called from the third floor, Come over here quick! I think I found something!
!!! all three snapped and hurried up the stairs


Where?? Ushio barked
Sh-she walked in and took them the teen girl stuttered in fright
Its okay, calm down the elder boy soothed his girl, I went out for pizza, and when I came back, the door was open and she was on the floor!
Do you know her? Any idea who she was?
Why would she take them? Asako asked her friend
What were they anyway? the elder boy snapped
Well Ushio paused, they were demon cubs?
and the girl fainted
Demons? the boy gawked, yeah right! Why are you three kids looking for them anyway?
Cause his mothers worried sick about him!
His--mother?? the boy chuckled, well I dont see her!
Believe me! You dont! (Snap/yelp) What!? the boy blushed and rubbed his tender part
Shes here?? the boy barked
Are you sure you wanna see her?
Ushio, I dont think its a good idea! Asako whispered
No one is gonna believe him! What harm would it do? Kage whispered then slowly began to loosen up

Uh-hhh!!! the boy widened his eyes as something brown began to show, merging slowly and softly out of nowhere, then a flash of green fixed to his own
Konichiwa! the female demon softly spoke, her demon voice as motherly as possible
and the boy paused, face pale, and his hair somewhat shot up, but remained conscious, and cleared his throat, We-heh-ll you look more like the little one with the two eyes!
Thats my son! Yuji! she smiled
Err--nice teeth! O__O;;
Anyway! Ushio cut-in do you know what happened?
Well my girl said that a girl with funny purple jeans and a wide-shouldered guy came in with a black cat, and then the girl rushed in and picked up the two kids and some black portal appeared!
Portal?? all three humans and demon gawked
Sounds familiar! Kage frowned
Sounds like--
Zeba! Ushio growled, then a hissing snarl rose in his chest, that lousy bit**! She just wouldnt give up would she?
Maybe she kidnapped him to get him back to normal? Mayuko guessed
I doubt it! arms crossed
Why would she kidnap Yuji then?
She couldnt leave him behind now could she? Ushio sneered, She loves kids! he concluded
Zeba? the brown female questioned
Shes a sorceress! Dont worry~! the boy hissed, I remember Tora said that her dungeons are usually at dark spooky places!
Cmon then! Asako began and rushed out
h-hey~! Wait up! Ushio and Mayuko snapped and ran after her
Kage paused, slowly craning at the frozen boy and fainted girl, Gomen for all the trouble! she dipped her head and slowly followed

We need a vacation the boy hummed, that was a very unusual day~!


Ushio figured it out Zeba! Zallcos hissed, And believe me hes furious about it!
Let him cram his works! I aint giving him the kid!
But Zeba--
I dont care! she spun to her brother, sitting on her velvet sofa relaxing her feet, I might consider giving Tora back only if he proved to me that he can be a good brother! I mean the kids a big bully~! she picked a glass and drank he picks on cutey-tiny-little Tora on the least of things! pause, he doesn't deserve him! He deserves better!
(Desperate sigh) Zallcos eyed her and was about to speak when the two cubs came zooming by, !!!
Nyah-nyah! Bet you cant catch me!!! Tora giggled running off, Yuji widely smiling pouncing on each other after a short struggle, Tora escaped the grip and ran off
(Squeak) Yuji leaped and--plop!--he fell on a cushion
(laughing) Aw-arent they just adorable? Zeba smiled, bare feet on a marble floor, she walked up to Yuji and scooped him up, Aw youre such a cute little guy~!
(Shy squeak) Yuji sniffled and nuzzled her a bit
Zeba Tora cutely called, slowly walking towards her, looking up
Yes sweetie?
When is Ushio coming? he cocked an eyebrow
Err--Ushio? sweat drop, Um hes gonna be a bit late!
He doesn't know where I live!
Oh~! pause thinking, then Ill go look for him! Its no fun to be lost! the orange child cutely pouted
Oh-no! Zeba smiled, youll get really lost if wonder off by yourself! she reasoned, dont worry; Im sure hell be here as soon as he figures out my address!
It shouldnt take long! Zallcos continued, Hes looking for you right now, its only a matter of time! he smiled, but then softly frowned, but Ushios really mad at you, Tora!
He is? the sorcerer dipped his head, Why? he asked in slight worry
You went out without permission! Yujis mother is worried and mad at him, too!
() Yujis ears perked down, head sinking between the shoulders, yet looking cutely guilty


? Zeba turned around to see her aunt and uncle walk their way towards them, arm in arm
You two seem to be having fun! Zallcos began
Ah-yes! Lougar smiled, and then noticed the two cubs, Oh?
CUTE!!!! Akani squealed, then scooped the orange child, theyre so adorable~! she exclaimed in joy and amusement
(Shy) Tora didnt make a sound
Whats your name honey?
Um Tora
Tora? Aw-such a cute name~! and their noses touched
(Giggle) Arigatou! Tora smiled, dark orange tail lashing
(Squeak) Yuji seemed puzzled
And whats your name? Akani sweetly asked the brown child
He cant talk! But his name is Yuji! Tora smiled
Really? What a beautiful name (pause) and such beautiful eyes youve got!
(blink-blink) a bit confused, Yujis two colored eyes seemed to shimmer with every blink
Um who are you? Tora asked the elder female
Oh Im Akani! And that is my mate/husband Lougar, and you know Zeba and Zallcos! Theyre my nephews!
Aha! I like them! Theyre really nice! the orange child smiled widely
Why thank you! Zeba blushed
(Smile) Zallcos said nothing

So! Tora! Do you have any brothers or sisters? Akani started
Err--! Zeba bit her lips, um, aunt Akani, I dont think that--!
Yup! Ushios my Aniki-sama!
Hes the beast-lance user! Zallcos whispered
Hes-- WHAT? Lougar snapped, but--I thought he was just some scrawny kid! sweating, this is getting bad
Uncle Lougar, I thought you knew about that!
I need to go maintain myself wobbling, he left the room
What about Yuji? Akani smiled weary
He has a nee-san but I dont know her name! Tora pouted

Huh? all spun to Zallcos
(BLUSH!!!) What? he stuttered, and reached to rub the back of his neck
You know her?
a bit
You knew her??? Zeba squeaked
I dont know
Zallcos? Zeba called, whats wrong? You look lost!
I dunno he scratched his head, one minute I felt like I know her from somewhere, and suddenly-poof!-everything about her vanished!
You know something, that imp-kingdom thingy still confuses me how did we get back here?? Zeba gawked
I have no idea! (Pause) and why does the word samihni keep echoing over and over in my mind!
samihni? Akani gawked, that means forgive me in Arabic, doesn't it?
How would we know? Zeba gawked; and then furiously blushed when the brown child nuzzled her bosom, honey; dont do that!
Hn~ Yuji gave a sad baby face and whined a bit
Aw-baby whats wrong? Zeba soothed, brushing down his mane
Maybe he misses his mommy Akani softly reasoned, with a careful forefinger, brushed back a lock of hair
one eye in crimson whine and one in ivy green shimmered softly with what seemed tears
Hope hes not hungry Zallcos slurred, but the females shot death glares at him, Err-um--I think Ill go join uncle Lougar! he nervously chuckled and slipped out

I hope hes right Zeba blushed looking down at the child, Yuji only whined a bit
Yuji, whats wrong? Tora called
(Whining) Yuji started sobbing, clutching to Zebas clothing
(Blush) thank God Zallcos decided to leave, looking aside, she noticed S-S, frowning, be a good boy and go join Zallcos and Uncle Lougar Shifter!
(Jealous whine)
(Tail tucked) the Labrador left


I dont know much about kids! Zeba gained a sweat drop
I do! Akani smiled, I used to be your baby sitter! she smirked
(Flush) Zeba didnt respond
(Whine) Yuji started nibbling on his fist
Yuji? Tora cocked his head, are you hungry?
No, I think his teeth hurt! Akani smiled, exchanging kits, she nuzzled the light brown child, Hi Yuji! Im Akani! And Im going to take good care of you! she nuzzled him
Well how do you know if hes hungry?
If he bit his index finger
What if he sucked his thumb?
He wants attention!

When is Ushio coming? Im worried! the orange child softly whined
Um only time can tell
Time can talk? the child gawked

This is gonna need a long time!

sniffling here and there a huge structured body scrolled its eyes around the dark allies dimly glowing the grayish-yellow but shot wide open at the sight of three familiar humans and his mate! Oddly no sigh of his child something cold blew against his bones

Im worried Mayuko said tiredly, Zebas good in hiding her home
Dont bother! Her dungeons have wards all over the city!
She does?
Yeah they just show up in the least expected pla-!!-AAAAA!!!
USHIO!!! all three females shouted a huge black hole appeared and quickly swallowed Ushio, and quickly closed
What- was that? Kage breathed, her eyes widening, claws extended, teeth showing with a hissing snarl, FIRST my baby and Tora and NOW! Its USHIO!!!! and steam started blowing
O__o;; the girls thought it would be a good idea to take one step back
THATS IT! THAT IS DEFIANTLY IT! I HAVE HAD IT! I--HAVE-HAD--IT!! panting furiously, flames started shooting Im gonna rip-that bit** limb from limb!

(sweat drop) the crouching shadow decided to stay hidden facing this female now might only make what he has in mind worse

Kage calm down! Im sure theyre okay!

I hope!

WHAOOOoooo!!!!! Ushio shouted sliding down a very-Very-VERY! (And Im talking VERY here! O_o;) long pipe thingy only to land plopping softly in a bed of feathers! Uhh--?? startled, panting and totally lost it hit him! Shes been watching us?
Why of course! Tracking is one of the simplest lessons we learn in sorcery school! the pixys giggling voice echoed through that wards
Zeba! the boy slid off the bed and shouted in demand where have you taken Tora?
Hes here
Where? T_Tx
Hes there!
Hes everywhere!
But youd better beware!
At my pets
You shouldnt stare!
Cut it out with the worthless f***! Where is he?
Search and find! she giggled, and the voice echoed away
Sh** Ushio hissed and walked


Zeba smiled at where she sat on her velvet sofa, then eyed besides her as the two kits curled--in a rather funny way--over each other, both in sleep smiling wider, she eyed her mirror, carefully watching the boy

What about Zallcos?

I cant believe I let Zeba and aunt Akani talked me into this he sneered while muttering, a flash back came

Zallcos please~! Zeba begged, cradling a sleepy orange child, just make sure she doesn't find us!
No way ho-zay~! Im old enough to know to never mess with a mother looking for her child! Zallcos hissed
Aw Zallcos honey please do it for us!
Do it jerking him to whisper in his ear, or Im telling Zeba about Nancy!
You wouldnt dare! he furiously blushed, she only replied with a devilish smile, O-kay~ you would Fine! (Annoyed) Ill do it! flash back end

(White thing) Zallcos--in the previous human figure--walked down stalking the three females but then paused, feeling the new presence of a male tracking them as well pausing, taking in the info he can obtain, Muma? he gawked Better raise my carefulness taking a little mirror out of his jeans pocket, he tapped it once, Zeba! Its me Zallcos!

What is it? her face appeared on the mirror
Mumas tagging along
Huh? Why?
Somehow, he seems to be tracking his mate
Why would he do that?
Beats me, but Im going after them
Okay be careful!
I will! Bye!
closing the mirror, Zallcos paused and focused on the male demon I wonder why Mumas following her

Yeah! I wonder why~!

man-o-Man-O-MAN! Muma muttered to himself in worry, what am I gonna tell her? What am I supposed to do! frantic, the male somewhat started making a mess out of his head, mane in a shaggy mess, AH~! knocking his head into the wall, birds and stars orbit his head this isnt working he sighed, white thing, he gazed at where his mate went
AH!! jerking around, the dark brown beast sunk his head between his shoulders and whined, Yami~! I told you not to follow me!
I had to! she calmly muttered, or how else were I to be sure you wont cower in front of her? and her teeth showed
How am I to tell her about it? Shell kill me before I get a change! he whined, pause, head sinking a bit more, you can leave now!
I think not! she glared softly, where is she? Yami eyed around
Shes with Asako and Mayuko looking for Tora, Ushio and Yuji!
? curious, Yami snapped, why? Are they missing?
Yeah he muttered, and then snapped, Man! I lost them!
The girls! he spat and leaped into the light, Yami! Go home! I--Ill try to handle it!
If you managed not to get slaughtered! she mocked, Im coming you like it or not! she frowned and followed
What about it?
Ann and Jiaaku can handle it!

Handle what?

What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? What am I gonna DO?? Ann whined in worry walking circles around in the den
Ann! Its not that bad! Jiaaku softly soothed, Im sure Kage would understand!
Mom is going to be SO MAD about this! the frantic golden female slurred in absolute worry
Calm down! You shouldnt worry about him!
panting, she stopped and sighed, I hope daddy is doing better than I am we both know how dangerous mom can get when she turns over-protective!
(sweat drop) tell me about it! he mumbled

Shes late! a deep grisly voice hissed, echoing through the den
Uhh-! Ann hurried to the entrance, p-please be patient! Im afraid father might be a bit late! and tried to smile
a huge shadow simply humphed and walked a short distance away, standing on the flat bolder at the dens, she had better hurry our bargain cannot wait any longer teeth showed within the shadows, I will only give her 24 hours, if she dose not return, I shall take what if rightfully mine and with a black trench coat, six softly clattering swords to his waist, three on each side, the shadow walked away, I shall attend the Hitome-Inn and she had better show or it will be your lives! and walked away
Ann almost sobbed, right after the stranger left, she broke down
Ann! Jiaaku snapped, holding her tenderly, are you okay?
Why didnt mother ever tell me! she sobbed, only for her tears to draw their lines on her future mates fur
Im sure she had good reasons Jiaaku soothed, brushing down her mane, kissing her forehead


What is it Muma?
I cant believe Kage hid it from me! Why on earth would she hide such a thing? the male hissed, she never hid anything from me but why this?
She probably had her reasons Muma! She probably wanted to protect you! To keep you from harm! Maybe she just didnt want you to get involved!

I just hope everything goes well

Kage looked back, a stray hair in her face, forking it carefully, a hissing snarl rose in her chest, this had gone far enough I shouldve been back home by now!
We just have to keep on looking Asako stated
Its getting really late; your parents are probably worried about you
But--Kage! We cant just--!
Go! Ill be fine!
Besides Im not alone the demon female smiled, eyeing a dark ally behind them

(Sweat drop) she knew it all along??

Go! Ill keep on looking and inform you if I find anything pause, passionate smile, besides! You two girls have school tomorrow! You should get going!
(Hesitant) both girls dipped their heads and slowly left

Silence and a few moments passed

What are you two doing here? Kage began; a very irritated angry tone in her words, ivy green flashed as the two friends approached, softly their fur shimmering under the faintest setting sunlight
Kage Yami began, but then paused and nudged her dark brown friend in the shoulder, dont you cower at me now! Talk! she demanded
I didnt cower! the male whined slowly ignoring his tanned friends mocking face, to turn to his now worried mate, Kage Muma softly spoke
Y-es? she faintly responded, head cocked to one side
A Chinese traveler named Chi came to--!
--Chi! Kage gasped in fright, almost fainting, dont you dare tell me you left him with Ann! she growled clutching her mate by the neck fur, almost chocking him
Well, yeah, I-- startled, he stuttered
YOU IDIOT! she shouted, amusingly, she lifted him up and threw him away clashing into a wall as if he weight nothing but a feather! She then quickly darted away, but suddenly stopped, Muma! she barked, voice deep and promising, I swear! If anything happens to Ann! (Eyes glowing/voice with a threatening snarl/thunder crackled) Im holding you responsible! and leaped
startled, Yami slowly helped her male friend, and eyed to where her female friend darted, that--(clears throat)-- wasnt Kage-- was it? she asked in horror, her passionate sweet friend suddenly turned into a bloodcurdling monster!
I dunno Muma breathlessly spoke, terrified of his mates sudden strength and shifted his sight to the horizon where she vanished

This isnt good Zallcos murmured hesitant weather to return home or to follow the brown female

What is going on here??

cute and silent, slowly the little brown child woke up, lazily cracking two colored eyes at the orange child sleeping by his side, and the young pixy from before dozing near them on the sofa, head dipping
(Slightly asleep)
? the mirror was merely off, no view in it, and the female pixy wasnt waking up soon, neither was the orange friend Yuji blinked for a second, slowly climbed down the sofa and cutely trailed his way through the wards only to be brought up on something securely gripping him, ??
() S-S was a huge cat, careful with the kit in his jaws
(Whines in protest) being picked up with pointy jaws was not comfortable, so in protest, he struggled, but couldnt get free
Oh-! What have we got here? Akani smiled, taking the child into her arms, I see you woke up, eh honey?
Baby whats wrong? Are you hungry?
(Whines still)
Shifter, you didnt hurt him, did you?
(Shakes head franticly!) Slightly sweating
caressing his face, their noses touched, do you miss your mommy?
(sniffle/soft whine) Yujis eyes shimmered cutely, Mah he breathed
Aw~! Akani went ga-ga~!

Aunt Akani! Zallcos rushed in, I have important news! he breathlessly announced
News? she hugged the child, what kind of news?
? What about him?
Hes after Kage
WHAT? B-but--if he took Kage--! and jerked a motherly-worried gaze at the child, oh-mighty God-please no~! quickly shifting the child to her nephews arms, Here! Take him to Zeba, and quickly send them to Ushio!
But Ushios still lost in the maze wards!
Get Him Out and Out FAST! she demanded, The childs mother is facing a losing battle! and hurried away
Aunt Akani! Where are you going?
To get Lougar! she shouted back while she ran, vanishing through the wards
Mah? Yuji sobbed and struggled
Hey~ easy! Zallcos gained a sweat drop, and hurried to his sisters room, Zeba!


Oh-what--what? Im awake! Im aw-yawn--ke~! and sleepily rubbed her eyes, Zallcos, you startled me, what--? and was cut in mid sentence when her brother shoved the child into her arms, walked to the mirror and snapped his fingers
There you are! he smiled in relive, reached into the mirror only to drag out the boy
Whoa~! Ushio breathed in start, what the--? he blinked the male sorcerer hovering him an inch above ground, Uh--hey~! Put me down!
Kage is in grave danger! Zallcos barked at the boys face
What? Zeba snapped
Ushio froze had he missed something?

Zallcos? What are you saying?
Chi! Hes after Kage for some reason!
Chi? The dungeon keeper? Zeba gawked, but then suddenly went ga-ga herself, Aw the girls told me a lot about him! Hes cutenkawai and all cuddly and--!
Zeba! This is no time for an obsession! Zallcos sneered a snarl
Unh~ Aniki-sama? the orange child sleepily awoke, rubbing sleep out of his eyes
Tora! relieved, Ushio scooped up the child and nuzzled when Zallcos let him down, are you okay?
Im okay~! the child cutely smiled
(Relived sigh/smile)
Ushio Zallcos started, Kage is in danger! I am in need of your help to aid her!
Kage? Whats wrong with her?
Chi! He is known by the name of the dungeon keeper Zeba said softly
And it seems that he has intention of hunting down your friend!
What? Ushio gasped
Ushio? Are you okay? the orange child asked in worry

Zeba! Zallcos! Akani called as she entered, deliver the kits to the boy and come with us! There is no time to waste
WOW! Ushio snapped at the sight of the new babe! Some places were--err--bigger?--than Zebas~!
Where are we going? Tora cutely smiled, tail lashing
Were not going anywhere Tora! You, Yuji and I are going home! Ushio barked then shifted his sight up, um--who are you two?
These are my aunt Akani and uncle Lougar!! Zeba smiled, then shifted back to her bother, Zallcos are you sure of your info? Maybe hes hunting something else!
Im sure hes looking for Kage! I can feel it!

Mother Im scared where are you?

(Trembling) Ann sat silent in her friends embrace
Ann, are you okay? Youre still shivering!
Im scared
What does he want from mom? What is mom hiding from me and dad? What is she hiding from us all?
I dont know he softly nuzzled

FEMALE! the voice like a hurricane echoed through the den
What? Jiaaku barked dashing out, why wouldnt you leave us alone?
You are no female, now are you? the stranger smirked
(Blush!) why--(T__TX)--you--! claws extended, Jiaaku was about to pounce, but paused, what do you want?
Your time is almost up! If your vagabond does not return, I shall take her daughter instead!
WHAT? pause, veins popping, fists clenched, first of all, her name is Kage! Second, shes not a vagabond! Third, there is NO WAY Im letting you touch Ann!
I see (chuckle) is she your possession?
pause, the stranger slowly shifted the faintest corner of his eye back, I see you have returned

Chi Kage hissed; words full with hatred, why have you come back? I have fulfilled my dept to you and you have no right to come here and disturb my life!
(Panting) Yami and Muma arrived
Kage? What is he/you talking about? Muma whispered

(Eyes closed)
Have you not told them? the stranger asked, laughter filling his voice, Ah-yes! The same sweet, kind hearted girl Ive known! You simply did not want to include them in our past now would you?
Enough! she spat, what do you want Chi? Do you want to capsule me again?
It was part of the deal! Wasnt it?
But I have accomplished my dept to you! You have no right to force me into joining you on this hunt!
Do it female! he demanded, pulling a sword out of its sheath, or it will be your soul!
But we--!
If you do not surrender yourself to me; body and soul! I shall impression you again, and this time, there shall be no escape! You are to be a spirit at my hands forever!

Kage! What the hell is he talking about? Muma demanded, I demand an explanation!!!
How long has it been since Ive turned demon?
Err--(pause)--about 600 years!
And how old is Ann?
Shes 150!
And what was my condition when I transformed?
You were preg--(snap)--nant?
Wait a sec! Ann came in, face went pale, mom, thats impossible!

After I, Ame Serena, were defeated by Anarki, and after escaping with Muma, Taifuu and myself, I came across Chi and Kage slashed her eyes a glaring crack at the mysterious man, I didnt know I was pregnant back then, and I was weak, not accepting the truth of transforming beast
When you vanished! Muma gasped, b-but you and I have been together ever since the battle! Why is it that you never told me? How could you have been with this--this--CHI!! Without me noticing it!
In the darkness realm! Kage whispered, I owed him my life, because he was the one sealing me from Anarkis spells when I was imprisoned he could only summon me when Im asleep maybe thats why Ann seemed to take so long before she was born
Mother? Ann breathlessly whispered
I wanted to protect everyone at the cost of my life my job was to battle instead of Chi in the dungeons whenever he needed my aid his job was to defeat Lord Hitoremaru, he was a sorcerer of great black-magic
Sorcerer? Yami whispered
After Hitoremaru was defeated, my dept to Chi had ended, and I was free again, but I was too weak and beaten to continue on my normal life
And that-- is when we agreed to be sealed Muma paused, for how long?
About as long as Tora but since I was imprisoned a hundred years before Tora had, things hadnt changed me much pause, protesting glare at the stranger, so? What is it that you seek my aid for this time?
I, Kaze Chi, do not ask for your aid female! he spat, I demand it!
It seems that you havent fulfilled your vow!
Hitoremaru still exists after all these years and I also have info that might interest you!
Hes working with Anarki!

Split screen, Kage and Muma snapped

Yes! The murderer of your families and mine teeth showed but the stranger paused, the info I collected that you had another child, do you not?
Oh-yeah! Where IS Yuji? Ann asked in worry
Hes in safe hands Kage bluntly hissed
I see Chi chuckled evilly; something about this hunter is just not right

O__o;; Sorry~! I went out of plot/story line here~!

Back to the original plot Tora the child~!

But I dun wanna go! I wanna go with Zeba! the orange child whined
No you will not! Ushio spat, trying to grab the little guy, but the little demon child kept on skipping here and there escaping the boys clutch
Yuji sat silent near by
Akani shifted her sight to the younger child, the poor thing! Look at him all sad and lonely like that!
Hes probably feeling the situation his mothers in though he doesn't understand it Lougar soothed

OH-GROW UP! Zeba shouted in annoyance, darting a bolt to the temple boy
(Yipe!) Ushio ducked, so the spell was reflected on the mirror and--


YUJI!!!! Ushio cried, and then waved away the smock out of his way, Yuji! Are you okay?
(cough-cough) yeah! I think so! a soft voice answered a figure in light brown walked slowly out of the smock, coughing, man! This stuff sticks to the throat! (Cough!)
Yuji? all gawked the middle aged demon youth walking in front of them, muscular and finely built, eye in crimson, the other in green, ears perked
Why is everyone looking at me? the new youth shyly and nervously answered asked
Yuji! You grew up! the orange child exclaimed in excitement
I am? gazing at his now-clawed hands and stretched body, a crazed smile crept into his lips Cool~! the youth smiled, now my mom wont be so alone anymore! pause, Say! How old am I now?
Err--about 500 at least! Zeba answered feeling her fingers Hmm maybe I can get Tora back to normal with this!! and then looked up at the excited child
Cool! pause/snap, and the youth seemed like he remembered something, say wheres my mom? he craned to the temple boy
(Sweat drop) Ushio didnt know how to answer or what to answer him with for that matter!
Ushio? Whats the matter? Yuji asked, a worried look on his face careful steps at the boy, Yuji sat up on his hind legs, Ushio where is my mom?
I--Im not sure
Well is- she okay?
Sigh some guy named Chi came looking for her, she had to go and she was forced on leaving you and Tora here
Yuji paused
I need to go back home! Can you lead the way?
Um, Yuji Im not sure if thats a good idea!
I dont care what you think! the youth demon spat, my mother is facing some guy by herself and you think trying to help her is a bad idea?
(Sweat drop) Gee! Is this how Yujis gonna be like when he grows up? (Pause) if Tora ever went back to normal, Id better keep him away from Yuji; hes giving him bad habits
Well? Are we moving or not? Yuji hissed
Um Ushio looked down at the orange child, Ill have to leave Tora with Asako or Mayuko then
Naw~! I wanna go! the orange child whined
Im afraid you cant Tora! Its too dangerous! Akani soothed, walking to him and scooping him up into her arms, be a good boy and listen to your Aniki-sama!
Aniki-sama? Ushio gawked with a faint startled blush
Yeah! Tora counts you his big brother! Yuji chuckled, nee-san would love to see Tora as a kid though!
nii-san! Tora started, why cant I come too?
Because youre little! You might get hurt!
Say Ushio, I have a questioned! Yuji barked
What is it?
I grew older, and Tora kinda shrunk how??
Um--(sweat drop)

Skip the explanation

Cool~! Um, is there away to get us back to normal? Yuji asked
Beats me! Ushio shrugged
As far as I can tell, you would only turn back to normal if you wanted to! Akani answered
So~ if I wanna get back into a kid, I have to be sure of it? Yuji asked
I guess
In that case, I dont wanna be a kid!
For heaven sakes why?
Cause mom wont have to worry about me anymore! At-least Id be free and Id be able to do what I want without someones help!

But something in the back of Yujis mind flashed in white

What is it Yuji? Ushio asked; the brown youth suddenly went fuzzy
Dad just called my name!
Oh God somethings going on back home! I gotta hurry! his two colored eyes flashed, Cmon! Theres no time to waste! he barked at the young sorceress
Um, I can use the portal, but wheres your home?
Leave it to me! Ushio smiled

And thar she blows!

Yes dear?
Have you seen Shigure-sama?
Shigure-sama? No, I think he said that hell give home a call! Why, is something the matter?
Well Ive seen him about an hour ago at the phone, but now, I cant seem to find him!
Well where do you think he went?
You wouldnt think he went to the demons uphill do you?
Its possible, but I feel something odd about our new customer
You mean Kaze Chi? Toramaru went back into sharpening his spear, hes the dungeon keeper, and dungeon keepers are always weird!
Siren stood silent, I dont feel safe around him Toramaru! And that worries me!
Hes a vagabond! What are you so worried about?
Oh-I dont know I just dont feel safe around him
Calm down! If there was ever something about him, Im sure we wouldve noticed it by now!
Some dangers are not what you see! They are what you feel! Lady Siren responded, Come to think about it, where had he gone too?
Isnt he in his room?
No! I couldnt find him there!

You wouldnt think he met Shigure-sama, do you?
What if he had?

Siren! You worry too--!!

A loud shrike tore the sky all through the highlands

Kage! That was Kage!
Something had happened uphill Toramaru!
Toramaru! I told you! Something is going on up there!


? Shigure jerked his head up from the blossoms across his sight it has been a while since he had a stroll in good old nature but he had the least of thought that something near by was happening


MOM!!! Yuji shouted running up the path, sunlight right in his eyes
KAGE! Ushio shouted dashing in; hunter form

BACK! she shouted, hued in blue like a ghost, while a tall dark black headed man stood near, six swords to his waist, and a globe like thing in his hand
Youre mine! the stranger finally shed a smile, and Kage went--zoot!--right into the globe
MOM!!! Yuji shouted, thunder crackling, he leaped on the man and--BANG!--OW~! he was bounced back
Stupid child! Chi chuckled, your mother is mine!
Wanna bet? Ushio sneered
? Chi gazed up, ignoring the stunned beasts gawking the youth, and fixing his crystal brown eyes on the hunter, ah! So youre the son of the hatred woman, no?
Had Zetsuna not told you?
Who?? what is this guy blabbing about
Oh-yes~ your memories had been erased Chi muttered, no matter! he shrugged, you are not to appose me boy! But I would love to try your powers! Meet me at the inn tonight and maybe we can make a deal he smiled and walked away
Wait! Ushio shouted but then something griped his shoulder, huh?
Let him go Akani said softly then shifted her gaze to the other beasts, you are the rest of the group, no?

Um, yes Mum answered, and then moved his stiff neck to the youth growling where Chi went
Yuji slowly felt his fathers stare, slowly craning to the others looking at him in wonder
Ann took a step forwards, cleared her throat then softly spoke, light blue eyes fixed to two colored plates, Yuji?
Nee-san he smiled, its me!
(Faint) Ann couldnt take it
Yuji? Muma breathlessly asked, B-but--you--?
It was an accident! Zeba began as she came in, I accidentally turned him into an adult!
Oh~ so its not permanent?
No its not Lougar said
At least we hope its not Ushio muttered

Dad! Yuji began, ignoring Jiaaku as he scoped up his pale sister, who was that? What does he want with mom? two colored eyes shimmered
baffled, Muma didnt know what to answer first his mate was taken by a stranger, and now, his son is suddenly an adult??
Muma are you alright? Ushio asked releasing himself, You look as pale as a ghost!
Muma just kept his eyes on his son, not believing what hes seeing
Man! I never though Id live to see you as an adult! Yami tried to smile
Aunt Yami! Yuji smiled, Cmon! You couldnt possibly be that old! he cocked an eyebrow
Kyofu just gawked
Yuji Muma whispered, Im not sure about what on earth is going on right now all I know is that I have to get back your mother!
Im all the way with you dad! Yuji widened a wicked smile, itll be a chance to try my teeth on something!
Yeah dad?
is this real? Muma smiled nervously, reaching a hand, caressing his sons face, brushing back a few locks, its real! This is not a dream!
Its temporarily dad! I wont be an adult for long! Yuji shrugged
Muma paused, his hand still cupping his sons face
Dad? Yuji asked softly, Are you okay? You look-- sad!
Why oh why did you grow up in a time like this! his father murmured
But-- I thought youd be happy! a little hurt, Yuji knotted his brows
There are things that should be handled in their right time! And you growing up now is wrong! Something that comes in its wrong time isnt right!
Meaning? Yuji gawked
Exactly! You look like an adult, but youre still a child! Muma frowned, what matters to me now is that you stay here until we find a way to get you back to your normal age!
But I dont wanna be a kid again, Dad! I like being an adult!
Its wrong! Muma barked, Listen to me young man! Having something before time would only make things go bad! Do I make myself clear?
NO! Yuji shouted, I can take care of myself just fine dad!
Dont you yell at me young man! Muma growled, You are to stay here!
Says who? T__Tx
Says ME! Muma barked, anger in his voice, Now get your butt in that den before I get it in for you!
(Sweating slightly) Yujis ears shifted down, Feh! FINE! pouting he looked a bit away, NOT! he smiled and dashed away
YUJI! Come back here!!! Muma growled and chased after him

the rest stood silent
Yujis gonna grow up to be a rebel!! Yami muttered
Obviously! Kyofu murmured back
Sigh Zeba, Akani, Lougar and Ushio gained swat drops
Uhh--? Ann woke up, what a hangover! she felt her temple
Ann! Are you okay? Jiaaku asked softly, helping her sit up straight
Yeah (nervous chuckle) I just had a crazy dream that Yuji grew up older than me! she gained a swat drop
Ann! Ushio called, she worriedly craned to him, it wasnt a dream!
(eyes went into swirls) my head hurts!
(Growl) Aw thanks a lot Ushio! Like she needed that! Jiaaku hissed in irritation
Gomen! Ushio shrugged

Thunder shot widely in the distance

(Panting) Yuji ignored his fathers demands, running as fast as his feet could towards the inn until suddenly something came into his path! AH!
Oomph!!!! they went--Splat!!--right into each other
Ow~! Yuji whined, HEY! Why dont you watch where you--!!--Shigure-sama?? he gawked, what are you doing here??
I beg your pardon? Shigure blinked, he never recalled meeting this demon, but then when he helped him up, he recognized him, Yuji?? Youre--?
An adult! I know! the youth carelessly murmured, then jerked around, Oh-Uh! Dads on my tail! Gotta scram! Se ya! and quickly sprung away
(Sweat drop) Shigure was totally puzzled
Shigure? Muma barked, Are you okay? You look like a truck ran over you!
Well, Yuji actually! the priest got up and dusted his clothing, whats going on?
Go uphill and Ushio would explain everything Muma hissed, now if youd excuse me, I have a score to settle with my kid! he growled and leaped away

And I thought Tora getting shrunken was odd!

Say~! Talking about the orange fur ball, where is he?

Zallcos! the child cutely called
Yes? the sorcerer calmly answered
S-S lazily curled into a ball near the child
When are they coming back? Im bored!
Soon! Dont worry (white thing) baby sitting is boring! the male murmured with a pout
turning to S-S, the tawny child gave a toothy grin and got ready for a pounce
S-S cracked one eye a slit open, lazily watching the childs moves, but he simply had no interest in playing along so he transformed into a small black ball
Hey~! Howd he do that?
(Chuckle) Shifter is a ghost demon, he can change shape and size if he wanted
Say Shifter, how about if you play about with Tora?
(Whines in protest) in a tone like do I have to? pretty much annoyed
Cmon! Just for a while! Later is the kids nap time! Humor him a little!
(Annoyed whining) S-S got up, transformed into a rabbit and hopped away
(Giggle) hey! Wait up! Tora happily chased
(Smile) Zallcos went back to watching the mirror

A/N: much is to attend, I wrote the fic this way because I accordantly got mixed up with chapter nine of my The Other World fic! Gomen~! That story is not up yet, mostly, Im in lack of ideas (desperately annoyed sigh) I dont even feel like writing anymore

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