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Twany Tora 6

Chapter Six

Hmm, Asako
You smell pretty the child snuggled himself in her lap
(Flush) thank you Asako cuddled him back
(Protective glare) Ushio kept his eyes on the child snuggling into his friends lap; all were in the living room sitting in a triangle position and with a plate with tea and cookies
Ushio Mayuko softly called
Did Oji-san say anything about his destination?
Nope! He was in such a hurry he just packed his stuff and left!
Oji-san sure does go out a lot! Asako exclaimed, holding up a string with a jingly bell tied to its end, teasing the little beast seeing if he can get it
Yeah the boy smiled at the little fellows effort to grab the little copper bell
(Pout) every time he found himself close to grab it, Asako pulled it back up, Asako! the child whined, its not fun he protested
Sorry she giggled, and then gave him the ball

taking the ball, the child widened his smile, then eyed the boy, Ushio, when is Shigure coming home?
Beats me! the boy shrugged, some time during the following week I guess!
O~ h pause, the child eyed the ball, leaning a little back, he found himself leaning on the female
Tora Asako smiled looking at her lap, wanna play?
Play? a big baby-face smile with stars and sparkles shimmering
Yeah! Yeah! Lets play! pausing lets play hide and go seek!
Hide and go seek? Asako smiled, Man, I havent played that in years! Are you in Ushio?
No thanks! the boy shrugged, Ive got too much house work to catch up on to!
Aw~ the child was disappointed
Okay, whos gonna be it? Mayuko asked the child
I dunno! the child shrugged
I know! Asako chirped, and then gripped the boys arm before he slipped out; he gave a groan who ever chooses the longest straw is It!
Okay! the child smiled, then eyed the female as she went to the kitchen, after a few minutes, she came back
Okay, now each would pick one, you too Ushio!
What? But I dont want to play!
Just pick one! she scolded
Fine! he hissed, and picked
Oh! I guess Im it! Mayuko smiled slightly
Okay, Tora and I will go hide
And Im on duty, be careful, okay?
Aw~ Cmon Ushio the child pleaded, Play with me!
Not now Tora! Im busy! was what he growled as he walked away
Aw~ Cmon Ushio! It wont be fun to be only two playing! And besides! Since when do you pay so much attention to work? Is it all an effort to be away from Tora? Asako scolded
What-Ever! the boy sneered and walked away
the child gazed down, but we cant play with just two! he tried to reason
Well it-aint-my-fault the boy muttered, walking to the kitchen, propping the spear on the wall, and picked up the broomstick to mop the floor
(Pout) the child was really disappointed
Baka! Asako shouted

Telephone rang

Now what? Ushio groaned, stomping his way towards the phone What? he growled, but then his face turned white and chuckled nervously, Uh-heh~! Hi dad! rubbing the back of his neck, widening his necklace, Aha? Yeah? ? O~h! Okay, Ill be sure of it, um, Dad! When are you coming back? dipping his head a few times, Ushio sighed and closed the phone, sh** he hissed in irritation
Something wrong Ushio? Mayuko asked in worry, ignoring the way Asako skipped around avoiding Tiny-Toras pouncing
Ah, nothing my old man wont be back for three days! I guess Im stuck with him and glared the tiny beast
(Giggling) Asako gave a halt and spun the table as she started chasing the little guy you can run! But you cant hide! she laughed as she chased him
Aw Cmon Ushio! It cant be that bad! Mayuko smiled, if you need a baby sitter, Asako and I would be more than happy!
I dont wanna cause trouble! Toras a real cry baby!
Thats why he needs to be with girls! Females are used on kids crying! Mayuko smiled
Gotcha! Asako laughed, the tiny child in her arms
(Laughing) Tora smiled widely

Telephone rang again

Hello? Ushio answered, Oh~! Hi! Aha, both are here um, okay, bye~!
Who was it? Asako asked
They were your parents! They want you both home!
Aw-nuts! Asako protested, Just when it started getting fun!
Itll be lunch time soon, wed better go Mayuko reasoned, Are you hungry Tora?
No but can I have chocolate? he smiled meekly
No because chocolate is not a healthy meal!
(Pout) but I wanna!
Ushio will buy you some after you have your lunch! Asako chirped
What?? Ushio spat, I will not!
(GLARE~!) Asako flamed him
Err--after lunch and eyed away cursing
Yeay! Thank you Ushio! Tora swung his hands in joy


Bye~! Take care! Ushio waved to the two girls as they went along down the road, and then shifted to the little beast looking at the huge pedestal in front of their shrine
Ushio Tora started with a smile
Can I go with Mayuko?
Why not?
Because youll only bother her! and walked into the temple, but Tora didnt follow
Tora eyed Ushio walking into the temple leaving him behind, then eyed where the two nice girls went down the road to that funny place they call city
Tora~! Cmon in or Im leaving you! Ushio demanded; he hated this! Taking care of the temple while his old man was gone was one thing, but looking after a demon-child along with that had him irritated
Please dont! Tora whined in fright, he didnt like to be alone, and the temple boy noticed that
Cmon then!
! hurrying in his pacing, the tiny beast walked after the boy

? The purple lizard paused blinking curiously at the boy, then at the little demon, slipping out of its hiding place from the kitchen, it slithered its way into the living room, watching a very irritated temple boy mutter about what the hell do demon-whelps eat? while searching in the cupboards
Hah~! the demon child giggled as he grabbed the lizards tail!
!!!! Zeba didnt expect that, so she squirmed around
Ushio! Looky what I got!
Not now Tora
But look! Its pretty!
Not Now!!
But Ushio~!
I Said Not-Now~! U_Ux
Just a little look?
(Groan) just beat-it dammit! Ushio shouted in total frenzy, not turning to the child
! startled, the tiny beast let his hand go low till it touched the ground, releasing the lizard
? the purple lizard eyed the child, silver eyes flickering in tears as he started to sniffle
I just wanted you to see it the child gasped and sobbed a little, one fist went up rubbing his eyes
Tora quit your whining! Youre such a cry baby! Ushio hissed, not even bothering to look at the child
(T__Tx) angry with that, the lizard walked up to the boys bare heel and--


(Thud) Ushio fell right on his butt, and felt his heel, then shot a promising glare at the child beast, you little--Why the hell did you do that for? he gritted his teeth in anger
Uh--! I didnt do anything! Tora sniffled frightened from the wrinkled angry face, then noticed the lizard vanishing behind the fridge
Tora~! Ushio gave a deep low warning tone
I didnt do anything! It was the lizard! The child shrunk and sniffled a bit
Yeah! The purple lizard!
Liar! There is no such thing as a purple lizard! Ushio shouted in anger, then yanked the child by the scarf and fixed his glaring eyes at him
hnn~ Tora was scared, curling around him self in the angry humans hands, but I didnt do anything! he sobbed
(Vein pop) Ushio walked up to his room, and then dropped the child on his bed, thats it! Youre grounded! Got that! Ushio sneered then slammed the door
Ushio!!! the child hurried to the door, but it was already closed, Ushio~! he called again but to no respond
foot steps walking down the stairs, slowly fading
(Sniffle/sob) I dont wanna be alone! he sobbed bitterly, hands rubbing his eyes, Ushio~! he called again, then again and again and again, until his tears muffled his throat and he couldnt call anymore
yet nothing happened
(Sniffle) Uh-Uh-U-o-shi-o hates me he sobbed more, bitterness bit his fragile eyes and his heart throbbed, slowly his sobbed became softer and he eyed the door once more, Ushio he faintly whispered


with a guilty face, Ushios chest twisted with pain, how could he be so heartless? Trapping an innocent child into a room like that? So he bit his heel, he was probably upset at him, but thats no reason to trap him in the room trapped in his room like his ancestors trapped him in the basement with the spear in his shoulder maybe thats why Tora doesn't like those kinds of places after a few seconds, Ushios ears picked up the soundless sobbing
Zeba was watching but didnt make a sound
Sigh Ill make it up to him he tried to smile and went to the kitchen, now what to demon kids eat? walking to the cupboard, Ushio stretched a bit to reach a little high, but his heel snapped, Sh**! For a kid he sure bites hard! Ushio whined then went to a chair to check his foot, Huh?
Wait a second! These arent Toras teeth marks! he muttered to himself, then looked a bit up, only to blink the purple lizard trying to sneak away, What the--??
!!! the purple lizard bolted away into the living room before Ushio could even see where it hid
A purple lizard?? scratching his head, Ushio was puzzled shaking his mind, he had to go back to work, Ill apologize to him later he muttered in complete confusion
(T_Tx) he just doesn't get it, does he? Zeba hissed to her self in irritation, then slowly slithered her way towards the stairs, looking up, she cleared her throat, it might be easier to walk on the wall! she suggested to herself, she had to get to the little fellow and see if he was okay, he was thrown in blame because of her!


(sniffle/sob) Tora was curling around himself under Ushios drawing table, shivering and mumbling to himself thing about Ushio hates me I dont wanna be alone kind of children thoughts flowing into his frightened mind
(;_;) the female lizard couldnt help but curse the devil-boy who made her love cry like so couldnt this temple boy at-least care for the little ones emotions? His feeling? The feelings that maybe he just wanted to be loved? What was the temple boys problem anyway? His treatment to her love while hes a child is worse than when he was an adult! Well at-least Tora doesn't get a hit on the head every time he does something silly
Aw baby; dont cry! she whispered faintly as she slithered towards him, but her voice only came as tiny sympathetic moans
? sniffling, the child looked up and over his shoulder to notice her, silver flickering plates shimmering under the darkness of the table
Are you okay? her golden eyes shimmered beautifully
wh-who are you? Tora asked softly, rubbing his eye with one fist
Im a friend and her voice came a bit clearer
Friend? he cocked his head and sniffled again, why you bite Ushios foot? Ushio got mad at me! he protested
I didnt mean it! she soothed
Ushios mad at me (sniffle) Ushio hates me and started sobbing again
Ushio doesn't hate you honey! He just doesn't know how to make you happy!
Make me happy?
Yes! she smiled, and an odd brilliant gleam shined in her eyes, wanna play?
Yeah! You and I can play all day! And Ushio wont be there to hurt you!
But Ushio said Im grounded!
Honey! Do you even know what grounded means? she asked doubtfully
It means that you are to stay here all by your lonely self and do absolutely nothing! she paused, do you want to stay here all by your self and do nothing?
No he said in fright I dont wanna be alone!
Then come with me! her eyes shined
Ushio wouldnt like that! the child slowly stepped out from under the table, he would really be mad at me
Ushios a thug! Hed better know better than to hurt you! she sneered
Whats a thug?
Thug means thats hes a bad person! she said calmly
No! Tora barked, Ushios my big brother! Hes not a thug! he frowned in protest, he just gets mad at me a lot! he said it more softly
Do you like Ushio? she asked softly, already knowing the answer
Aha! he dipped his head, I love Ushio! he smiled widely, but then it slowly faded, but he doesnt love me a tear formed in his silver eyes
Baby Im sure he loves you! He just doesn't know how to let you know! she soothed maybe trying to rip them apart wasnt a good idea, so shes better make their relationship grow stronger that until she felt footsteps growing near, Tora!
Listen baby, if Ushio came here; dont tell him anything about me or what we talked about, okay?
Just do so!
Um okay
I Love you! she smiled, then bolted away near the door and the minute the door slid open, she bolted out before Ushio could see her

Um hey! Ushio smiled weakly, feeling stinging pain as he noticed the tears in the childs eyes
Tora sunk his head between his shoulders and cleared his throat, but said nothing
I made lunch the temple boy declared softly
the minute Ushio took a step closer, Tora snapped and ducked under the table, shivering and sniffling still
Uhh getting hard to breath, the temple boy drew in a deep breath and smiled, Cmon Tora! Im sorry for yelling at you earlier! I was just upset!
(Sniffle) silver plates shimmering under darkness
Tora please come out! Im really sorry! Ushio soothed, bitterness stung his eyes, he walked a step closer, sat down, legs tucked under his thighs, and then oddly spread his arms, Cmon!
? rising his head a bit, the silver eyes looked at the suggested hug, then at the boys soft face something in Ushios black orbs shimmered
(Skip a heartbeat) Ushio widened his smile as the child slowly crept out of the darkness
Yo--(sniffle)--youre not mad at me? the childs voice barely hearable
Im never mad at you! Ushio smiled
(tears forming) Ushio the child whispered, sobbing again after throwing himself in the boys lap
feeling pain in his tensed muscles, Ushio smiled down at the child, brushing down the mane why was it so easy to cry all of a sudden? Why was it so painful? Curling around the sobbing child, Ushio left his mind wonder there are things that have been toying with his mind, he just couldnt figure out what they were

On the other side of the mirror

I bet it feels wonderful to have kids Zeba smiled weakly eyeing the mirror, and then shifted to eye her snail brother, aunt, uncle and pet
When you get married youll know! her uncle Lougar smiled, standing behind her sofa, one hand on her bare shoulder
But trust me! Giving birth is painful! her aunt Akani responded
I know Zeba sighed then craned to her annoyed brother, she lazily and absentmindedly blinked once, tapped his shell three times--POOF--and he was back to normal
Whoa~! with a thud, he fell off the table, drat! he hissed
S-S said nothing, as the Labrador he was; he walked up to his mistress and nuzzled her legs
Zeba looked down, smiled weakly then scooped him up, and he transformed into a cat, happily purring
Zeba? Honey, are you okay? Akani asked in worry, her niece wasnt normal
He had no childhood she said faintly, then reached to the table Zallcos was on and pulled a drawer, reviling a black ball
Lord Nagatobimaru she responded, I asked Shifter to get me a copy of his dreams and all I got were recordings of his battles! she paused, nothing but battles and battles and deadly gorse battles! she frowned, he has no pleasant memories! There was nothing in his mind but death!
But hes a child!
He wont remember it when he gets back to normal! Zallcos affirmed as he stood up and brushed his clothing his childhood life is in another part of his mind! If he was turned back into an adult, these events would still exist, but he would not remember them! As an adult, he wont be able to!
And that is why this globe is black Zeba shifted the ball up maybe I shouldnt keep it, its aura scares me! and a shiver went down her spine
Zeba Lougar started, give it to me, Ill keep it somewhere for whenever you needed it! he smiled passionately
Arigatou! she smiled back then eyed the mirror again and blinked for what she saw

Back to the temple

Now, open wide! Ushio smiled, a spoon with rice heading towards the shy-full child
? Tora blinked cutely, not feeling safe about the boys cooking
Cmon! Ushio smiled, Cmon try it! Ushio wanted to make sure the stuff tasted good, want me to try it first?
Toras face was blank, neither yes or no
(Sweat drop) Ushio drew back the spoon, well--(shrugging)--here goes nothing! and ate
curious, Tora waited for a reaction
(Pout) needs salt! he lazily blinked
Ushio Tora called cutely
hm? he smiled in respond, watching the short child with the books leveling him up, what is it?
With the rice whats that red stuff?
This is soup! he smiled, you can either drink it by spoon, or eat it with the rice!
Oh~! pause then why does Shigure use the two sticks instead?
Theyre called chop-sticks Tora! Theyre the traditional way to eat!
No-no!! (Chuckle) thats tra-di-tio-nal! It means the way thing used to be done a long time before!
O~h! the chilled smiled, then picked up the spoon, then from where this come from?
(swat drop) um, its a long story Tora! and how was he to explain the history of such things?
holding the spoon totally the wrong way, the child couldnt figure out how to do it the right way
(chuckle) no youre doing it wrong Tora! Ushio walked up to him, then held the spoon in one hand, and the childs hand in the other, placing the end of the spoon between the index finger and the thumb--the soft fleshy part--and the middle between the index finger and the middle one, now, move it around in a way it wont fall out
Okay moving a bit, it softly fell with a soft clatter, Oops!
Its okay the temple boy knew it was gonna need some practice; blushing a bit remembering his old mans effort to teach him how to use a spoon, I made a mess out of the table cover that day! he sweats dropped
Ushio! the child cutely called
When I look at the spoon why is it upside down?
(sweat drop) that question is above your level Tora! Geez! Whats with the Q&A all of a sudden? I dont feel like answering questions!
a sad baby face, the child gave no sound
What is it?
Did I ask a bad question?
No! Its just that walking back, sitting on the chair I just dont know how to explain it!
Oh sulking a bit, the child looked back at the meal, Ushio!
Can I use the sticks?
Um, do you know how to use them?
Aha! Shigure taught me! he smiled
Oh HUGE sweat drop, Ushio went to a cupboard to get the sticks

Skip the conversation full of why?

cutely watching Ushio do the dishes; Tora rested his chin on the table looking bored
(Tensed) I hate to be stared at! U__Ux
(White thing) Tora was bored as well
with a slight clatter, Ushio put a side the clean dish
lashing tail, the child eyed away, gazing curiously into a crystal clear jug of water
the prickling in his spine was gone, what a relief! Looking over his shoulder, Ushio slightly watched the child gaze at the water jug, shrugging, he went back to work
(Yawn) it was really getting boring, rubbing his eyes sleepily, the child couldnt help but yawn again
Hey, are you tired? Ushio asked softly
kind of Tora softly hummed, fighting to sit up and rub his sleepy eyes, only to blink the boy dry his hands and scoop him up
Its okay, go to sleep he softly smiled
(Cute smile) Tora nuzzled and snuggled himself into the boys chest

Somewhere else

watching the marvelous out doors through the trains window, the priest smiled widely; only hoping that his son and the beast would get together better the night sky was wonderful, heavenly; stars and the full moon, a nice cool breeze, smiling as he drew in a deep breath, he eyed the sky, his eyes peacefully fixed on the big dipper Theyre old enough to take care of themselves

How sure are you?

Please Ushio~!
Tora~! I dont know any bed-time stories! sweat drop
But I cant sleep! and cutely yawned
But youre already tired! Go to sleep without a story!
Please~! begging with complete cuteness, stars shimmered and sparkles formed with a rather cheesy song
(sweat drop) Sigh fine!
But after it you go directly to sleep! Got that?
Okay! the child chirped, then giggled as his big brother tucked him in
Um once upon a time thinking and thinking, Ushio needed ideas
cutely waiting; he yawned a bit
There was~ uhh I dunno a demon?
And this demon lived with his mommy and daddy--man (rubs forehead) this is ridicules--and one day, it was the baby demons mothers birthday!
Whats a birthday?
A birth-day; its the exact day after a whole year from your birth!
Anyway the baby demon and the papa demon wanted to make a surprise for the mama demon Ushio blushed furiously, this was absolutely stupid! How is he composing such a silly story?
I know! They made her a cake, right?
Umm--yeah, I guess! that was an exit!
I think I know this story Ushio
Oh okay, um scratching his head, uh, I cant think of any stories!
Make one!
Make one??
Yeah! Make one!! Shigure always makes up a story to tell if he couldnt remember any!

Make up a story Ushio turned his imagination on, but sadly failed! All he could find were recordings of battles and other tactics! Nothing pleasant or fun! Sigh this is tougher than I thought! he gave a huge sweat drop
Yeah! Something with bad-guys and evil shadows and nightmares!
(Pause) jeopardy song, (SNAP!)
I got it! he smiled victoriously
What? sitting up, Tora was too excited to sleep anymore
Lay down for sleep and Ill tell you!
Kay~! he chirped and got tucked back again
(Slipping into bed next to him) Ushio drew a deep breath, laid on his side, head propped on his palm elbow on the floor, ready?

Manga slide show; arts drawn by a child! (Scribbles!)

It was a dark cloudy night, thunder roaring loudly deafening ears flashes of light blinding everything in the middle of that stormy night in the middle of the ocean, a shipwreck shattered to worthless pieces and one creature held strongly to the floating slot of wood holding on to it with his life

By the next morning, the creature awoke, only to find himself on an isolated island and--

Ushio, whats an Island?
Err--its a pieces of land surrounded completely by water!
Oh~! Then whats ice-lateed?
Isolated! It means to be parted from everything else!

Anyway the creature got up on its fragile legs, walking its way into the islands deep jungle looking for food or drinks

Is a jungle like a forest?
A jungle is creepier than a forest and has more scary monsters in it!
Oh~! scared look
Dont worry!

Any~ way! While it walked, it was really weary and couldnt walk anymore, only to find its self falling into sleep, exhausted

Aw~ (pause) Ushio
What was it? Was a girl or a boy?
It was--(Smirk)--half human, half demon, and it was a boy!
O~! Did he want his mommy, was he scared?
Well not really! He was really-Really tired!
Where was the island?
I dont know! It could be anywhere!

ANY-way! Drifting into sleep, he awoke on the soft caressing on his face, only to see a beautiful girl smiling down at him--

Ew~! Ushio~! the child wrinkled his face
What?? O_o;?
Is it a love story?
NO! Blushing furiously, Ushio just thought about it, Its just--the way stories go!
not buying that; Tora drew a little down, but then blinked, what was his name?
The boy?
Um his name was~ (thinking) I dunno! You pick a name!
Um--(thinking/something snapped)--I know! How about Rama!
Rama?? from where did he get that name?
Yeah! a soft gaze between puzzlement and cheerfulness described the childs face, I dont know where I got it but its like someone I know! he said softly

Tora? Ushio asked in care, the child suddenly gave a cold aura
silver slit eyes softly shimmering, the child cleared his throat, Ushio
Yes? skip a heartbeat
Whats death?
!!!! and the temple boys face went white if he wouldve asked where do babies come from he wouldve been able to make-up an answer but Death??
frightened eyes told the temple boy this is no passing question! and he had to give the child an acceptable answer
Tora why are you asking?
Because and grew absolutely silent
Tora? Ushio soothed, you can tell me, cant you?
shimmering silver plates eyed cutely, yet with a sad gesture
I dunno he somewhat shrugged, and Ushio felt all his muscles tense, why was the childs inner side so cold? He could feel the cold aura crushing his bones!
embracing the child, Ushio closed his eyes and drew a breath, death death means that you wont be able to be with the ones you love, the ones you care about its a scary thing, but nothing lives forever
Why do things die? the child asked faintly, his hands around the boys neck hungering for warmth
Because God gave every living creature a soul, and this creature has to take good care of him/her self and when the times comes, God will take back to soul he gave
I dont know its Gods will to do so; we are not to question it! Ushio said firmly, then slowly broke the hug to look at the childs eyes, but please, Tora, dont you ever ask something like that again okay? he asked faintly, heartbeats throbbing panicky in his chest
searching for safety in those black orbs, the child faintly dipped his head, Ushio
I love you and the childs chest oddly pulled in, as if holding back a hiccup
Ushio blushed, I love you? ? He loves me? and rose an eyebrow, smiling faintly, I--love you too! he forced it out only to be soothed by the warming aura the child was expanding Toras cute childish giggle made his heart flicker, and oddly, butterflies in his stomach clinched with something protective!
I love you! I love my big brother! the child chirped, heat surrounding the boy, his childish hands wrapping around the boys neck
Tora Ushio faintly whispered, ears burning he softly held the child and laid down, wed better sleep, Ive got a lot of things to do tomorrow!
What day will it be?
Mon--Die?? and the boy snapped, tomorrows a school-day! He cant go to school and leave Tora by himself!
You got school tomorrow, right?? the child asked in excitement, Aw~ Ushio! Can I go this time? he cutely pleaded
Not that I have any other damn choice the boy hissed to himself, I will if you go to sleep!
Yeay! Tora leaped, and then quickly scooted to the boy, Thank you! and quickly kissed him on the cheek, I love you! he chirped again
!!!!!!!!!!!! Ushio thought his heart stopped at that very second pale-faced watching a cute little tawny child-beast curling under his blanket ready for sleep
(Seeping into sleep) Tora was so excited, yet so exhausted, he was already asleep
Ushios sweat drop covered the whole background, but then lazily dropped himself on that nice puny pillow wondering, maybe having a little brother wasnt such a bad thing after all he somewhat smiled, yet grief clutched his heart if only he was human he eyes the now sleeping child
Ushio caressed the childs body softly, he didnt want to wake him up there were many things to take care of until he is able to take him to school, maybe find someone who would look after him for him? sh**! Like whom? Only one available is Kage, and shes miles away! And its not like I can just pick up a phone and call her! his mind groaned, telling him to sleep and think about it later


It was morning and there was much to attend! The temple boy awoke that morning, lazily slipping out of bed without waking the child; freshen up with a nice shower, and headed back to change

Ushio? the child called lazily, sitting up flicking off the blanket
Good morning! the boy greeted with a cheerful smile while throwing on his black uniform, did you sleep well?
It was nice! the child smiled back, can I go to school with you today? dark orange tail cutely lashing
Honestly Tora, school is boring! You wont be able to do anything there! Youll just stay in one place till school is done and then well both go home!
Aw~ please!
Sigh Tora, if you could go invisible, I wouldnt mind, but you cant! I dont want others to see you!
Well because youre special!
I am?
Yeah! Youre a cute little orange furry ball that girls love to cuddle!
Oh~! almost blushing, the child giggled shyly

(sniff-sniff) Ushio sniffled, something smells like eggs? he cocked an eyebrow
It looks like someones in the kitchen! I can smell cooking!
Maybe Shigures back? the child squealed and bolted out
Careful! You might fall down the stairs! Ushio warned slightly, buttoning his shirt, picking up his bookcase and spear, and then slowly walked down but then Ushio paused, eyeing a curious child puzzled, looking into the kitchen, whats wrong Tora?
Thats not Shigure! he cocked an eyebrow and gazed up at the boy
Huh? quickly jerking to the kitchen, Ushio gawked

Good morning! a sweat soft voice greeted
Asako? Ushio gawked, and then blinked the ocean-gray eyed girl smiling, both girls were in school uniform, but aprons added, Mayuko? Wh-what are you two doing here?
We came to help!
Yeah! We thought that since Oji-san isnt around youd probably end up taking Tora with you Mayuko started
And I know how troublesome it could get! Especially with a hyperactive child like Tora Asako smiled
Um, well how did you get in? Im sure I locked the door before I went to bed! Ushio questioned, he double checked everything!
Easy! From the top Asako started while placing the eggs in plates, and Mayuko poured juice in glasses near them the table was set for four members!
From the top? Ushio cocked his head, placing the spear and bookcase aside, scooping the child placing him on a chair, then placing his butt on another, what do you mean?
last night, Oji-san happened to have passed by Lady Sirens inn, so he gave her the keys and asked her if she could send someone to deliver them to either me or Mayuko, so Lady Siren sent it with Jiaaku, he came by my place last night--
--and freaked the life out of you! Mayuko teased
I--(lightly blushing)--thanked him
Actually she bonked him! He had this big lump on his head!
And--(blush)--took the keys and came here with Mayoku in case you needed help! And since I know youre cooking is awful, poor little Tora was probably starving! Asako concluded; her glare fixed on her innocent looking gray-eyed friend who was looking away
Ushio made rice and soup! It was good but needed salt! the child smiled widely
Rice is the easiest to cook! Ushio chuckled sheepishly while scratching his head pause, does Kage know?
No Asako paused, I dont think she knows

Backstage O__o;;

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T__Tx I told you Kage! N-O! NO! busy working on the script
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Well they sure are taking their sweet time! Asako grumbled
Stick to the script Ushio whispered, Ahem whose turn is it?
(pulls out the script) Mayoku reads, its youre turn Asako!
I hate it when the script gets scrambled is it the fight scene?
No, you two fight at school
Okay fixing himself, Ushio craned to the child


Ushio the beast cutely called
How big is your school?
Bigger than the temple!
Bigger?? Whoa~! a cute little amused face, do you ever get lost?
No; because Asako, Mayuko and I know it by heart!
(Confused look)
It means that we know it very well Mayuko smiled patting the childs head, now, be a good boy Tora and eat your breakfast!
Okay! he smiled widely

Ushio Asako started after a sip of juice
Yeah? talking with his mouthful, he gained a sweat drop and gulped in his meal when she glared
Are you taking Tora with you to school? she took another sip
Afraid so, I cant leave him behind this time, theres no one to look after him and took a bite of his meal
I bet Toras really excited, no? Mayuko smiled at the child, but then noticed that he hadnt touched his meal, what's wrong Tora?
shyly glancing up at her, the child said nothing
Lemmy guess you dont want eggs? Ushio sighed
(dips head) theyre staring at me! and his head sunk between his shoulders, fur stood with a shiver
(Deep sigh/sweat drop) Tora; the eggs are not staring at you! the boy soothed, why on earth do you think they would stare at you?
(Giggle) Mayuko patted the child head, Aw~ Tora, do you want me to make you something else to eat?
Can I have chocolate? he beamed up at her, dark orange tail lashing
Chocolate is not a healthy meal Tora! Asako reasoned with a soft smile, Choose something else!
But I want chocolate! he whined
You are not having chocolate! Choose something else! she said again more firmly, no smile attached
(Sweat drop) Ushio never noticed his friends ability to cast order if she wanted but silently took a sip of drink

(Sulking) the childs lips slightly trembled, (sniffling) are you mad at me?
? and Asako paused, her eyes fixed to those heart-melting shimmering pupiless sliver plates cutely eyeing her back, Aw~ Im not mad at you! she soothed, and then reached a hand to caress his cheek; I just want whats best for you! she smiled passionately
Really? he slightly beamed again
Aha! she smiled widely, if youll be a good boy, Ill make you chocolate, okay?
Really? he smiled widely with excitement
Um, Asako, be careful or youll spill the juice on your clothing! Ushio pointed out
I think you dipped your sleeve in the eggs! Mayoku stated
What? Asako quickly pulled back, only to see a tiny little yellow gumbo slightly on the mere tip of her sleeve
Dont worry! Eggs dont stain! Mayuko giggled
Not funny Asako faintly blushed, with the tip of the apron; she whipped away the stuff
Better tap it with water or it might dry up or turn sticky! Ushio said calmly, and then eyed his wrist watch, Oh-Uh!
What? Mayuko questioned
Time is near, school is gonna start soon! Wed better hurry! Ushio pause in hesitation, but what about Tora? I cant just pick him up and take him!
We know! Asako smiled showing a huge basket, Tora will stay with us in class, and the three of us will look after him
I gotta stay in there? the child shrunk I dont lake it!
Cmon Tora!
But its so small! he whined, I dont like small places!
Reminds him of the basement! Ushio reasoned
Oh Asako pouted, well, I know you dont like it Tora, but its the only way for us to take you along!
Cant I just walk along? Tora asked
Im afraid you cant! Ushio got up and picked the spear

Why are you taking the poky-stick?
(sweat drop) Spear! Not poky stick Tora!
Sigh Ushio felt his forehead; he was beginning to get a headache


Ill be more than happy to take your place!!! a chocolate brown female declared jumping into the picture; ivy green eyes into stars
Oh-no you dont Kage! You just dont get it do you? (T__Tx) and dragged her backstage again
NO-No-no-No-NO!!!! Kage whined like a baby please just this once!
NO DAMMIT!!! (Veins popping) shes beginning to get on my nerves

All gave a Sweat drop

A/N: sorry but I had to give Ushio an un-answerable question! Shigure will be back soon to witness critical events, (Tora/Beast Spear) so stick around!! Um and Im trying my best to keep my beasts out of this one, though Kage is dying to get into this--especially into this fic!--but Im trying not to fall for her charms (Looks over shoulder/Kage is staring back at me with big baby-pleading eyes) and I hope I succeed!