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Chapter Five

Tora! Please, stop your crying, its okay!!! the priest softly reasoned, hugging the child, Tora sobbed on the humans shoulder, gripping real tight to his clothing, Shigure gave a sigh, hand placed over the childs head, what on earth did you do to upset him? he scolded his son asking
Dont blame me hes a cry baby! Ushio mumbled, hands behind his head looking oddly careless
Sigh Shigure frowned, apologize!
What? Me? Apologize to him? Why? I didnt do anything! the boy growled
I-said-apologize-Ushio! the priest demanded
(Gulp!) And for the first time, Ushio was scared, but wanting to protest, Ushio glared for a second
(Sniffling and sobbing) Tora had his eyes closed, still gripping tight to the priests clothing, snuggling into the humans neck
Sigh alright! reaching out a hand, Ushio placed it softly on the child head, Hey! Stop the water works, Tora! Im really sorry!
slowly turning to the boy, a teardrop rolled down, blinking twice, Tora said nothing
slowly flicking it away, Ushio started feeling guilty, Cmon! I said I was sorry! he tried to smile
You didnt have to be so mean the little one whispered, his words were hardly heard
Sigh okay, how about a treat? Shigure needed to change the subject
A treat? the boy asked
? Tora coked an eyebrow looking up at the priest
What do you mean dad?
I mean, its about time the three of us had spent sometime together!
O_O||| Ushio didnt believe what he was hearing, Dad? Are you sick or something?
(Pout) the priest calmly eyed his confused son, Im fine Ushio! I mean its about time the three of us got to know each other better, right?
Ushio simply gawked
Shigure! the little one softly called, are we going out?
You can say that!
(Tiny smile) Tora turned to the temple boy
(Sigh) Ushio didnt like that one single bit! I cant go out! I have a lot of home work!
Its all right! Tomorrows a holiday! the priest smirked
(Anime fallout) THWACK!!
-O.O-? Tora blinked the flat boy on the floor, but then his tummy protested, shyly looking back up at the priest, Shigure smiled
Maybe we can have take-outs!
Really! the little one chirped, but lost his grin as the boy stood up shouting
Dad! There is no way Im going out tonight! Im too busy!
Tomorrows a holiday Ushio!
I know that! But how am I supposed to enjoy my holiday if I didnt finish all my work today? the boy reasoned, and then blinked the depressed look on the little beasts face
silent, the tawny child hung to the priests clothing again, I dont feel like going out either he softly whispered, then snuggled himself into the humans neck again, arms wrapped slightly, sniffling
breathing a sigh, the elder man glared his son with a scolding look T__T
What? I didnt do anything! Its his choice! the boy barked in self defiance spear swung to rest on his shoulder, anyway, Im going to my room now, Ive got a lot of catching up to do he growled as he jerked away
Unnhh the child hummed before he broke into tears again
Its okay Shigure soothed, its okay walking away, the elder man needed something to cheer the child

Only for the telephone to ring

Oh-now what? the elder man hissed in irritation, walking to the phone picking it up, Yes? Who is it? blabbing, Oh! Hello! more blabbing oh Im sorry, I was busy minded, what is it? even more blabbing what? When? less blabbing but that is a whole day trip! more annoying blabbing alright! Ill be there as soon as I can! Goodbye! hanging up the phone, the priest gave a white thing, then eyed the half sleeping child on his shoulder, better take him to bed he smiled softly, heading to his room to tuck in the child, its now or never the man changed his course to the boys room

WHAT? Ushio shouted, then slapped his hands on his mouth as he startled the sleeping child, Sorry! he whispered
Sigh listen, Ill be gone for about a week, so you are forced to look after Tora while Im gone, is that understood?
Aw but dad! the boy whined in despair
Bare with it! the elder man hissed, and you had better behave Ushio! You have been like a spoiled child far enough now!
You are the elder brother now! Be responsible and look after him, is that understood?
B-but dad~!
Do I make myself clear? T___T X
Uhh-y-yes dad the boy hissed weakly
Good Ill need to get my things ready for travel, so you had better watch your actions and no hunting!
Wha~? Aw~ dad!
Enough! the elder man scolded
after an irritating negotiation, Tora ended up spending the night at the temple boys room while Shigure packed his things and left by the break of dawn

By the next morning

Yawn the little beast woke up, only to find himself alone in the bedroom, bathroom door cracked open, steam slightly seeping out as the sound of rushing water drenched on the boys body
Closing the faucet, Ushio walked out with his bathrobe feeling satisfied, he found no sign of the beast child, Hell? Tora? TORA! Ushio called in worry
Hn? the child sleepily responded, head peeking from under the boys blanket, what? voice sleepy and tired, yet sounding startled, what is it?
Oh~ what are you doing there? the boy growled, walking and then crouching to the younger partner
I was asleep the tawny child sleepily rubbed his eyes, and then gave a tired yawn, Im tired he sighed, and sprawling into the boy bed again, snuggling for warmth and comfort, hmmm sleepily humming, the child just wanted rest
Uhh a bit startled, Ushio didnt say anything, but then drew a breath and went to his wardrobe to look for something worth wearing


Say~ hes got a cute butt! Zeba snickered as the boy took off the bath robe, Zallcos and Lougar both flushed and glared the female, what? she innocently asked
Close the damn thing! Lougar demanded
Yeah! Zallcos agreed
Men you enjoy watching naked woman in Hintai magazines, whats wrong with admiring a males butt? she growled, eyes still on the mirror
Well--(flush)--thats a different subject! Zallcos reasoned
Of course Zeba hissed, females have more sex provoking parts than males, no? she growled
(Both gave a sweat drop but gave no comment) -__-;;
Hn? Zeba snapped eyeing the mirror, whats he doing? she gawked
Huh? both males eyed the mirror


with nothing but jeans, Ushio crouched to eye the child sleeping in his bed, carefully brushing back a lock of white from the closed eyes, Tora was hugging the pillow, snuggling and nuzzling into it
Hmm Ushios face was expressionless
Sigh I guess Im stuck with you with no emotion in his voice, showing neither happy nor upset, Ushio scrolled the child before heading back to his wardrobe
peacefully sleeping, Tora was really tired
throwing on a black vest, Ushio fixed his hair and looked at the child once more, saying nothing, it just felt funny shrugging the idea away, the boy went down stairs for breakfast, damn I cant cook! he hissed in irritation, looking into the fridge, he found a few sliced vegetables, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, and a small jug with a mixture in it, Hn? picking a note off the fridge door, Ushio found a message from his father

~*(while Im gone I want you to look after the temple and Tora, be nice with him, because if I find out you were mean to him in anyway, youll be sorry! At any case, I left some ready ingredients in the fridge for you, and left some money in case you needed it at the living room in a white envelop over the TV, use it only when you need to do so and I also left a mixture for you to make pancakes, so I hope things go well Shigure)*~

sigh placing the note a side, Ushio looked back at the fridge, then slowly went to the living room to find the envelop where his father said he left it, curious, Ushio picked it up and noticed another tag on it, ~*(only use when necessary)*~ necessary? Ushio gawked, shrugging, he flipped the un-glued top open and gazed in Whoa! closing it, better put it somewhere safe! he gave a sweat drop, then gazed back at the kitchen, placing it in the empty cupboard over the oven

Ushio a sleepy voice called
Huh? jerking around, Tora was still holding on to the blanket, dragging it with him into the kitchen, as he sleepily eyed the boy, Hey~ you're up early the boy slightly smiled, want some breakfast?
Breakfast? the little one asked, whats for breakfast?
Right now, how about a vegetable sandwich?
Vegetables? the little one gave a sweat drop, do I have to?
? Dont you like vegetables?
(Shaking his head saying no)
Vegetables are good! You should try them! Ushio smiled, yet gaining a sweat drop, like most boys in his age, he hated green-peppers
I dont wanna the young child whined, can I just have chocolate milk? he cutely smiled
I guess the boy shrugged, but did you wash your face first? he asked
Um, no eyeing the boy walking his way, the child gazed stretching his neck up to eye the youth, do I have to?
I really think you should Ushio smiled as he crouched to the child, hesitating to touch him or not, um, can you do it your self? Or would you want me to help?
? cute silver plates fixed to the black orbs, the childs ears perked in what seemed amusement, would you? a shy smile curved on his face
Uhh--I guess! Ushio shrugged, and then headed to the bathroom, Cmon!
(Happy grin) the child followed


Aw~ arent they adorable! Zeba smiled, I guess theyre getting along after all!
Possibly Zallcos agreed
Lougar said nothing
Say~ I got an idea! Zeba smirked evilly, Uncle Lougar--
No! T__TX
Uhh--! But you didnt even listen to what I was going to say! she protested in amusement
I dont need to hear it! her elder relative hissed
Aw~ just this itsy bitsy time? the female pleaded, kitty eyes shimmering with tears
Dont believe her uncle Lougar! Zallcos warned, Shes probably--(POOF!!!)--squawk!! a parrot squawked in startle, eyeing its colorful feathers, yet feeling irritated, squawk! Zeba! it scolded
Hush up or Im gonna pluck your feathers and throw you to the alligators! T__T the sorceress hissed, then shot her golden eyes to her uncle, are you participating, or Im I forced on doing it the hard way?
Err--O__o;; Im participating! ^.^ no need to be vile! flinching a step back with a nervous chuckle, the elder sorcerer had better watch his moves


it looks ugly! the little child protested eyeing the plate of soft boiled eggs in front of him, two yellow circles wiggling in a white background, its staring at me! he gave a sweat drop, slightly sinking in his chair since he was small, Ushio placed a few books to help the little fellow be in a good level of height with the table
No its not! the boy chuckled, theyre just eggs! a childs imagination can be so wild!
But they look like eyeballs! she child sunk down a bit more
Tora! the boy couldnt help but laugh, They are not eyeballs! Theyre just eggs! Helpless soft boiled eggs!
Are you sure? worried cute little silver plates blinked the human temple boy
one careful finger reached out to feel the yellow liquid only to end up popping it, Ew~! the tawny one exclaimed in disgust, it popped!
You popped it Tora! Youre gonna end up eating it! the boy knotted his brows with a smile
I dun wanna! the little one almost sobbed
Theyre just eggs! the boy reasoned
the child gave no respond, I dont want them
Sigh fine! What would you want instead then?
Chocolate milk? the one quickly exclaimed
Alright Ushio got up the chair and attended making the drink
Can I have marshmallows?
What? It would be too sweet Tora! the boy stated, maybe some other time
Aw~ please Ushio? Just one marshmallow?
N-O! No! U__UX
sulking, the child gave a pout, resting his chin on the table
There you go the boy slightly smiled placing the cup in front of the tawny beast
Can I have a straw?
A straw?
um-hm! the child smiled widely at the smell of chocolate while dipping his head
Um, okay I guess walking to the cupboard, Ushio found a few straws, picking one, he placed it in the tawny beasts drink, now be careful, it might be a bit too hot to drink, it might burn your tong
Okay the child smiled and took a sip, Hmm!!! with a delighted face, stars and sparkles, the child chirped happily, Yummy!
Ushio just twitched a smile, sitting on his chair again, spear propped on the wall behind him
silver eyes looking at the boy, the little beast grew silent for a sec, Ushio
Hn? cocking his head, the boy was a bit startled, what?
Wheres Shigure? he asked
Oh-dad went out; he probably wont come back till next week or so
O~h! Does that mean its just you and me?
Yeah, I guess it is
Well when is your mom coming back then?

the boy froze, face went white, and a cold droplet of sweat ran down his neck
? puzzled, the boy suddenly froze, feeling a bit cold, the childs ears shifted a bit down as the boys face expression showed anger, lips and brows twitching, eyes slowly closed as his brows knotted in anger, fangs slightly showing, free hands turned into clinched fists

Did I ask a bad question? the child whispered in fear, he felt something massively wrong
silently glaring, Ushio fixed his wide black orbs into the frozen childs silver plates
Ushio? the child called softly, just wanting to make sure if the elder boy wasnt furious with him
What? the boy hissed
Are you mad at me? tears formed in the silver plates, frightened as he sunk in his seat again
What do you think? the boy growled, from where did you get such a question? voice going loud and scolding, the boy blew his top
I-I didnt mean it the child whimpered, tears streaming salty warm
uhh--! seeing those tears dripping like that, Ushio calmed a bit, hes just a child he has no idea what that question holds and with those thoughts, Ushio cooled down, Tora he calmly called, its okay Im not mad at you he breathed
(Sniffling) the child sat up straight yet tears were still flowing
Tora the boy soothed, feeling the need to cry himself, Ushio couldnt help but to kneel at the child and tenderly hug him, resting the tawny head on his shoulder, its okay I didnt mean to scare you the boy could feel tears form in his own eyes, but refused to let them show
sniffling, the child hung to the boy in that embrace, arms around that human neck, snuggling into it, both were silent


Hn? Asako jerked around, what do you mean Mayuko?
I mean maybe we should go see how Toras doing!
Yeah, I guess we should
Um, Ushio called me a while ago and told me that Oji-san left to someplace, probably wont be back for a few days!
Oh in that case, I hope Ushio behaved the female cupped her waist, hed better not been mean to Tora!
Yeah, thats why I wanted to go to see how theyre doing wanna join?


Oh! (Flush) Ah-Asako? M-Mayuko? the boy said in start, the tawny beast perching on his head, hey! What are you two doing here today? And so early?? the boy gave a sweat drop
Oh-we came to see Tora Asako smiled, and I guess you two are getting along nicely! she giggled
Uhh-y-yeah, we are arent we? the boy stupidly chuckled in embarrassment
Yeah! Ushios my big brother! the little beast smiled widely, right Ushio? dark orange tail lashing
Uh, yeah you could say that the boy chuckled and then gave a white thing
Big brother? both girls gawked
Really? Asako asked, Aw~ thats so cute! she giggled
Yeah Mayuko agreed
Um, Asako the child started
Yes? she smiled widely
Can you cook?
Huh? she cocked her head, and then glanced at the temple boy
Tora~! the boy scolded in embarrassment!
What? I didnt do anything! the child shrunk
Urgh the boy hissed, but suddenly his stomach loudly protested
Is something the matter? Mayuko asked, the temple boy flushed and looked away, noticing that the sky is very interesting

Aw~ you two are probably staving! Asako stated
Uh, Dad left pancake mixture in the kitchen, I just dont know how to flip them right! the boy flushed
Yeah! It got stuck to the roof! the child concluded, then it fell on Ushios head! he laughed
That wasnt funny! the boy gave a sweat drop
O I bet it was really funny! Asako meekly taunted
(Pout) Ushio said nothing
So! Asako began, do you want me to make them for you?
Oh-n-no-no! No thanks! the boy said nervously
But Im hungry! the child protested
You had a mug of hot chocolate an hour ago Tora! the boy reasoned
Chocolate? Chocolate is not counted as a balanced morning meal Ushio! Asako scolded, and then went into the temple, Cmon Tora! Ill make you something yummy to eat!
Yeay! the tawny child cheered, leaped off the boy, to almost stumble with his own feet Whao! -O__o-!!
Are you okay? Ushio snapped in start, the child wanted to jump, but ended up almost falling on his face
hn the child hummed in what seemed pain, my hands hurt he stated as he sat up feeling his hands
Let me see Mayuko kneeled to the child, looking at the childs hand, Oh-its nothing bad! she rubbed it tenderly, you just landed too rough, your hands hurt, theyll be okay she smiled
silver plates fixed to the ocean gray eyes, the dark orange tail lashed
Hey! Asako barked as she came back, are you coming or not? she cupped her waist
Coming! Ushio chuckled, and then kneeled to scoop up the beast, next time, tell me to help you down, and dont just jump, okay?
Um, okay the child shyly smiled
! Mayuko and Asako were astonished, both gawking the boy as he carried the child inside
I have a feeling we missed something back there Asako gained a sweat drop
Yeah Mayuko concluded
Hey! Cmon in! Ushio called, Tora perching on his shoulders tugging on the boys short black hair
with a smile, the beast child looked up to the two girls as they walked their way, only to notice something crawl at their feet, Hn? the child blinked

a tiny little purple lizard with golden cat slitted eyes slithered its way pass the three youth humans attention to bolt into the temple before the boy closed the door
? eyeing it hide under the TV; the child cocked his head
Tora Ushio started, what are you doing? the boy asked because the little fellow oddly tried turning around
Um, nothing the child smiled weakly
Okay, how much do you want me to make? Asako asked, throwing on the apron, this mixture is enough to make twenty stacks! she smiled, ought to stuff you real good! she laughed
Um, Im not hungry, you can make some for Tora if you want the boy flushed
Not hungry? Asako snickered, funny, I thought it was your stomach shouting a few minutes ago! she evilly stated
O_o;; with a twitching eyebrow, the boy nervously chuckled
Ushio the child started gazing at the living room, can I go down?
(Shrinking) the child seemed shy
? snapping the boy wheeled a smile, and then whispers need to go?
(Dips head)
Whats the matter? Mayuko asked
Uhh-nothing! Well be right back the boy smiled, and then walked away with the beast still perching on his shoulders

? Asako turned to the ocean gray eyed girl
(Shrug) Mayuko said nothing, then after Asako turned around, she jerked her head, ? ocean gray eyes scrolling around, Mayuko could swear she heard something
the little purple lizard looked up, and Mayuko didnt see it, so it quickly bolted its way to the kitchen to hide behind the fridge


Uhh--(sweat drop)--I hope Zeba knows what shes doing Lougar breathed, and then shifted his sight to eye an irritated snail, are you alright?
(Gla~re) the snail is soundless!
Oh looking back at the mirror, sighs its so quiet here eyeing the Labrador sprawling on a nice fluffy cushion, S-S was lazily watching the mirror
You dont say a voice responded
! snapping, and jilting out of his seat, the sorcerer jerked around, What?
Hello dear! the feminine voice stated, I thought Id find you here blinking the snail, Zallcos? Honey what happened to you?
Zeba turned him into a snail dear--(Pause)--what are you doing here?
I came here looking for you! the female responded, wearing a tight black velvet dress, its tail like feathers curling around covering her knees, bosom exposed, a necklace with a garnet in the middle, short sleeved gloves, a golden ring, and black high-heel shoes, long black hair and golden cat slitted eyes, earrings in black like little droplets hanging there, and skin in pure ashen

(Getting up) happily, S-S walked to the elder sorceress and transformed into a cat, purring and rubbing himself into her
Aw~ and how is my little nieces favorite pet doing? the elder pixy smiled cuddling the creature, then scooping it up, walking to her man, where is Zeba?
Oh she went out to hunt herself a man! the elder sorcerer stated, gaining a sweat drop
O_o? the elder female gawked but a smile wheeled on her face, honestly? she asked in excitement who? Please tell me its Antonio from the dancing-ball last month! Or was it Maxwell? Oh its would be really devilish if she was with Alfredo! Or do you think Mayhem is better? smirk and I think Angelina fits with Zallcos! she eyes the snail flinch and gained a sweat drop
Who? O__o;;?
Antonio, Maxwell, Alfredo, Angelina and Mayhem!!! General Claytons children!
Oh~ you mean mommys little devils? Feh Id like to see them work together on something good for once! T__T
Aw Come now! I think Antonio and Zeba fit the best!
Zeba hats all of them!
Did she say that? the elder female mocked
She turned Antonio into a frog and attended to turn him into frog-leg-fries! Maxwell into a duck and threw him to the alligators, Maxwell into a fish and left him in the sun to dry, Angelina kept on chasing Zallcos eyeing the snail, it flushed and ducked in its shell um, and then you dont wanna know what she did, as for Mayhem long pause
What about Mayhem?
I dont know! brows knotted as he eyed his woman, I dont think she did anything to him!
^_____^! Thats a good sign! stars shimmered around the elder female, oh they would make such a cute pair!
Yes? she chirped
I would hate to disappoint you but Zeba is not hunting a sorcerer!
!!(Broken) shes not? ;_;
Shes hunting a demon!
!!! puzzled, Huh? O_o;;
His name is Lord Nagatobimaru!
O~ 'that' demon! she smiled, why didnt you say so earlier?
You know him?
No! But Zeba always told me about him! Hes huge, orange and can throw flames and thunder, right?
Yeah, those are a few of his abilities
Why is she watching him?
Cause she was attending to send a birthday present to mother for her 2500 birthday, it was a youth spell, and accidentally it hit the demon!
So now hes a cute little cuddly wuddly kit? OwO;;
Oh this I 'have-got' to see! and with that hurried to the velvet sofa
(Sweat drop)

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