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Disclaimer: Ushio Tora are to Kazuhiro Fujita, and I own neither one of them, if only I can clam Tora! ^^;; I went through the Manga explanation and thought Id just try a one shot at this Im outta ideas, so I really dont think Ill add any chapters to this R&R please!

In a year, there are four seasons, the warmest is summer, the coolest is winter, spring and fall/autumn are in between today is a summer morning, wind is hot, dry and many people gather around the river to cool down all of the poor people gather there for work and to find food to feed their families I do not know, or even remember how it feels to have a family; I have always lived alone I was hated, everyone hated me, loathed me, said I was from hell, and I killed everyone I was merely a child when my parents died I dont even know who they were, what their names were, how they looked like all I remember, is my name

Warlord ShiSyaKuYa! a soldier addressed his master, dinner will be done soon, please be at the dining room
(Simple grunt) not turning to the soldier, as he stood at the balcony of a huge mansion like palace
Yes sir the soldier bowed a bit and walked out of the room
silently turning around, with cat foot steps on the marble ground, the warlord walked his was down a ward, slowly eyeing the workers as the attended to their work, washing, rinsing, making sure everything is in place reaching an empty ward, the warlord stopped, human ears slightly moved, slowly craning to one side to see a little boy, sitting cross-legged on the ground shining shoes
(Happily humming a song) the little boy was about 10-12 yeas old, and seemed to enjoy his work
walking to this boy, the warlord was as silent as the night; the boy didnt notice him
There! Almost done! the boy smiled putting a shoe on the side near a few cleaned shoes, reaching out for the next one, only to notice a wide arced shadow creeping towards him, quickly jerking around, looking up, still on his butt, he saw a tall, thin, huge, wide shouldered shadow, quite muscular, staring down right at him, face unclear from the sunlight shinning behind the man, but bangs of long silky hair were slightly shading the face
I have not seen you here before a deep strong voice said, a voice cold as ice, yet as deep as crackling flames, enough to strike fear into any heart
Um--my sister and I just started our work here today, sir! the boy calmly said, Do you work here too? with a slight smile, the boy seemed naive
Yes I work here the man said calmly, a faint mocking smile on the side of his face
Great! Can you help me with these shoes, then? I need to hurry cause I wanna help my sister mop the floors! then childishly lowered his head, this place is pretty huge, Im afraid I might get lost!
Youll get used to it the more you walk among them the warlord coldly said, then held on to one of the shoes, youd better re-do these shoes, you didnt clean them well!
Im doing the best I can! the boy slightly whined
Well your best is not good enough! was what the adult said, somewhat scolding, as he walked away
Well Id like to see you do them then! the boy protested
Is that a challenge? mockingly asked the warlord, eyeing the boy with his shaded eyes under the bangs
Whats a challenge? the boy asked in puzzlement
(with a live example) Walking back to the boy, the warlord held the shoe, then the wax cloth, you rub them like this, from left to right, not from top to bottom, do you understand?
Oh! giggle, I understand! Thank you, sir!! the boy sweetly said
saying nothing, those words were pretty nice, the warlord said nothing, and attended to walk away again
Youd better hurry back to your work, or the warlord is gonna be mad at you!
Thats what I know! the boy said, I heard hes a very mean man, but very brave and trusted
You dont say?
Um-hmm! the boy gave a nod when I grow up, I wanna be just like him, so I can protect my sister!
I see Id better go back to my work then was what the wide shouldered man said as he vanished in the darkness of the wards
buh-bye! childishly the little boy waved, and then went back to his work


(Taking a drink of water) the warlord had finished his meal, watching the maidens pick up the dishes
one of the girls, came in with a plate full of fruits, placing it in front of the warlord, she was pretty, about 18-20 yeas old, traditional Asian-Indians clothing, hair covered under her long sari, but the end-tip of her braid was in a color of midnight black, as silky as moonlight, beautifully shinning with the reflection of the light
You are new here, are you not? the warlord calmly asked the startle woman, she gave a nod, slightly bowing yet not looking at him, You may speak!
I just started work here today, sir her voice as soft as a morning breeze, as sweet as honey, and as ear-pleasing as a nightingales singing
Where are you from?
From down north
What was your job before coming here? he curiously questioned
I--(hesitating)--used to wash clothing with shame, she didnt want to say those words
I see in India, washing clothing is the most despicable work ever, giving to the lower poor people who are counted like out-casts, looking at her sad face, the girl seemed as if she wanted to cry, dismiss he coldly said as he waved a hand
(A slight bow) slowly walking away, there was no one in that room now but the warlord

after a pause picking up an apple, the warlord eyed it there, red as blood, slightly cool from water, taking a bite, he slowly munched it, as he thought of his past life, when he was young, when he didnt have a thing to eat for days, when everyone used to push him around, taunt him, hurt him, call him names, he hated everyone, everything, hate gave him power, he didnt know why, but every time he got anger, ample power was giving to him, as if something possessed him, providing that power, he needed that power to defeat his enemy, to protect his world, all what he had, he is now a rich strong warlord, no one can stop in his way, but he mustnt forget that he was once a poor child with nothing in this world to own but his mere soul, he worked hard, fought through battles till he was promoted to what he is right now should he be grateful, or should he just do what he thinks is right?


Uhh--!!! startled, Tora woke up, blinking the thundercloud heading his way, sleepy eyes slowly opening a crack, he rubbed his forehead and leaped down a mere minute before the rain suddenly started falling
Hey! I see you woke up! Ushio calmly greeted watching a wresting match on TV
Damn storm, I was enjoying my self!
Bare with it, its pretty cloudy, I think it wont stop for a day or two calmly the boy said, resting crossed legged, hands keeping him sitting up, spear lying across his lap
Darn looking around, the thunderstorm had already started, Geez! That was quick!
Wheres the priest?
Dad? the boy asked as he slowly craned to his partner, oh-he said he needed to get the grocery, he left ten minutes ago, good thing he took the umbrella with him!
(Lazy wide arced yawn) Tora rubbed his eyes with the back of one hand
If youre still tired, sleep inside Tora!
Im not waiting for your invite! I sleep where I want, when I want! the beast mumbled as he walked away, curling near the side of the room, arms folded under his head, quickly back to sleep
Boy! That was quick! the boy murmured with a smile, and then lowered the volume as he kept watching the TV


Rama! Stop pacing around! a female voice softly scolded, the floor is wet, you might slip-fall and hurt your self!
Im sorry! the little boy apologized
Its okay, just be careful, all right?
Kay! the boy childishly responded
Rama, get me that spung, wont you?
All right! walking to the bucket of water, the little one was about to get the spung, when the warlord stood there eyeing them both

Oh! Hi! Its you again! the child smiled widely
Oh! in shock and surprise, the woman, jilted up to her knees, Oh-Im so sorry my lord--!
Go back to work; you shouldnt waste your time apologizing
walking away, the warlord said nothing

Huh? confused, the little boy eyed his sisters blushing face, sis, whats wrong? Your face is all red!
Oh-it is? she nervously said, shaking her head a bit, Enough, Rama! Lets go back to work! was what she said as she craned around and started to scrub the marble floor
Sis, are you mad at me? he asked in slight fright
No-Im not mad at you Im just a bit surprised I get nervous when Im surprised, you know that! she softly said, one hand cupping her brothers cheek, now how about if you help me mop the floor? We have lots of work to do!

(faint smile) in the middle of the darkness, the warlord stood as silent as a shadow in the night, watching them work, slowly walking away towards his businesses, he was beginning to gain interest in the two siblings, and that slightly had him wondering

Later that night

Warlord ShiSyaKuYa was in the back yard garden resting as a few of his men and maidens kept him comfy, feeling lazy, he snapped his fingers and orders some fruits, and the same girl came up again with the fruits, he fixed his eyes on her with a smile, as he sat up straight, but she only shied away, hiding a smile, placing the plate in front of him, eyeing her as she left, ShiSyaKuYa blinked once as he eyed the fruits, they seemed appetizing, so he didnt know what to choose

Lord ShiSyaKuYa! I carry important news! a soldier panted as he rudely dashed his way into the warlords presents
Speck up! demanded the warlord, ready for battle at once
Our neighbor country has been attacked! And the rival army is coming this way, FAST!
Get the troops ready at once! the warlord shouted, go to battle position, find out how many and what weapons do they posses, who is their leader, GO!
Yes, my lord!

Its too late for action the warlord thought, but we may JUST get the chance power drew stronger, hate and anger drove him into a mad case of battle


? craning to his mumbling friend, Tora was mumbling something in his sleep as he rolled to his side
Probably a bad dream! the boy softly said to him self, and then craned back to the TV


Hurry! ShiSyaKuYa shouted, arrows flaying about their direction, !!!! a lot of them shot his back stabbing him bitterly, blood sprung out like tiny squirts
ShiSya--(GASP)!!! the girl was stabbed with one arrow, directly in the heart
NO! the warlord shouted in pain, dragging him self to the girl, are you all right? Speck to me!
Im--so-sorry I cant stay with you any-more shivering fragile fingers picking a flower from her hair, she placed it in her mans shivering hands that were holding her shoulders firmly, re-member-me
No! please! tears formed in the mans eyes, her eyes lost color, turning into empty white eyes, yet with a sweet little smile curved on her lips not wanting to believe this, the man went crazy, shouting and attaching the ones who killed his love

The time is NOW!

!!! defeating all of them aggressors gave ShiSyaKuYa such power, he felt it ripping right out of his flesh no, wait it was no imagination! There is something ripping its self out of him, right out of his shoulder, all the arrows cracked as they fell parting from his human body, pain went bitter, it was unbearable


YES! I AM NOW FREE!!! a huge creature with white long fur, a bird like face, nine fox tails, slitted crimson red eyes and wide shark like jaws smiled evilly at the man weakly sprawling in pain, Thank you ShiSyaKuYa for granting me this wonderful body! Allow me to thank you by taking everything you love away! the creatures laughed evilly as it flew directly to the mans home land, in a while, it was as flat as a knoll, as if no city was ever built there

Who are you ShiSyaKuYa questioned the beast before it flew faraway
I am Hakumen No Mono! (WhiteFace)! Was what the creature said as it left the man to die or at-least it thought?

anger grew deep, the man refused death, he will hunt it down with the most powerful weapon to be ever created by humanity after years of search he had found his calling the Kimono No Yari he will use it to avenge his loss, he will hunt this creature he created and will kill it no matter what the cost was never knowing that the cost was his life

WhiteFace youre days of tyranny are numbered

all I see now, is a samurai, parting me from defeating my enemy, long cloud of silky black hair, cat slitted eyes in purplish-green, Kill WhiteFace! is the only sentence I remember in my mind, I dont remember why must I kill him, but I remember he must be killed, I feel the reason to do so and I just dont remember it I fought this samurai, and for days, I was trapped in a cellar, for five hundred years, to never see the light of day



Tora! Tora! the boy called, shaking the beast by the shoulder, Get up! Youre having a bad dream!
(startled/heart throbbing) blinking a lot, Tora slowly craned to the worried boy, Wha~?
Are you okay? Ushio questioned, You started fighting in your sleep, hovering your hands as if trying to grab something! blinking twice, what kind of dream--or nightmare would be more likely-- were you having?
N-nothing, you Baka! I dont dream!
Oh-yeah? Then why did you wake up as if you were drawn out of a nightmare?
You startled me! -T___T-x
Oh but still you look awful! pause, Ushio sat down, legs tucked under his thighs, wanna talk about it?
About what? -T_T-
The dream!
I told you brat! I-Dont-Dream!
Maybe you dreamed, but you just dont remember it!
When a dream takes more than five seconds, it disappears! So when you wake up, you think that you had no dream at all!
Five seconds?
Yeah! In five seconds, the dream would make you see things that are saved in your memory, and they go so fast, youd think days have passed, some dreams look so for real, you refuse that it was just a dream!

Boys! Im home! the priest declared as he walked in with a rain coat and an umbrella, a paper bag stuffed with grocery stuff
Hey, Dad! the boy greeted as he stood up walking to his father, Whoa! Look at all the stuff! Did you buy the whole shop or something?
Ha-Ha! Not funny boy! the priest mocked, here, take it to the kitchen and sort it while I change my clothing
Okay Ushio smiled walking to the kitchen with the grocery
Silent, Tora said nothing, and just stood on his four feet in front of the window, sitting back on his hunches, watching his reflection on the wet window glass silver slitted eyes blinking once on that orange stripped face, that dark orange forelock with the whiteness in the middle, those two long floppy orange ears

Tora? the priest called, is something the matter? You look down!
No Im fine! faintly shaking his head, eyeing the priest in the glasss reflection the droplets of water on the glass looked like tears streaming down the beasts face but Tora wasnt crying thats for sure
Hey, Tora! Wanna eat? Ushio called from the kitchen, an odd smirk on his face
Dont feel like it
Are you sure?



Dad got us burgers!!
Burgers? the beast asked with a cheered up face as he craned to the boy
But since you dont feel like eating, that makes them all mine! the boy said with a smirk
In your dreams! the beast shouted dashing to the kitchen, get your stinking hands offa them burgers!
Hah! You gotta catch me first! Ushio laughed out loud with the bag hugged in one of his arms, the other clutching the spear
You bet your sorry ass I will! GRYAaaaa!!!! Tora shouted chasing after the boy

Sigh Shigure slightly smiled, Boys will be boys he shock his head, then attended to preparing a substitute for the loss burgers it seemed like every thing was going just fine, and there was nothing to worry about

A/N: SHORT & CRAPPY! Sorry, but I wrote this in only three hours! I was outta ideas and I did a one shot idea fic, not as rich-in-plot like usual, (Shrugs) R&R if you can!