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A page dedicated to characters from the manga, although I do not have a lot of information on them besides images and a name.

Kirio:  a young boy from the manga.  Carries a scythe-like weapon and has a demon/spirit partner.

Takatori Saya:  Appears to be a normal girl, but I could be wrong.  Seen carrying a bow in one image.

Shidara Minoo:  Not your average girl, may be a demon hunter as well, or something quite close to that.

Hanyu Reiko:  another woman from the series.

Akiba Nagare:  I think he's a demon hunter, appears to have some link with Tora/LN.  A close friend of Ushio's in the end.  Carries a monk-like staff for a weapon.

Sekimori Hinowa:  Also not your normal girl.  Fights demons and spirits, carries two combs for weapons.

Bakemonotachi:  Other demons and monsters and spirits from the series.

Long Ears:  appears to be a spirit or demon monk of sorts.  Several others in his group, one has a long nose.  I believe they can turn into bird men.

Hitotsukia horned giant of a monster.  Battles with Demon Hunter Ushio, Rashin, and Karani, but becomes friends with them (I assume upon being defeated by Ushio).