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The Other World 3

Chapter three:

Quietly eyeing the guards walking around, a slitted eye drifted sideways eyeing in shock as a shadow familiar to her was walking by she ducked back into the darkness of the dungeons, silent and calm two guards walking around her father as they led him to his dungeon once more

lips almost trembling, her father was a mess all scattered in blood stain, his slitted eye looking tired and warn out, his long fins on the back of his spin shambled into a mess as well, his crystal blue eye slightly opened blood stain leaking from his mouth, cuffs on his arms twisting his hands back
? a slight shift of the slitted eye told the elder reptile that someone was near, the sound of the startled faint gasp told him who it was, he softly chuckled as he closed his eyes
Whats so funny? on guard growled in confusion eyeing the old lizard

Death awaits you! with a sudden firm voice, it had depth and echoes like a volcano ready to erupt
??? the two blinked in start and confusion at the sudden change in the lizard emotion

Kya!! Akira screeched Whirlwind!
leaping a back flip, landing on his feet, the lizard man watched the two corps thud before even shedding a sound, looking up, eyeing the female, he smiled lightly, nice to know youre alright the elder lizard said, Akira? he questioned as the single tear drop fell from the females eyes, startled of her sudden shift in movement, she was hugging him tightly
Oh-father she sobbed a bit, Im so sorry
silent, and with a passionate face, the lizard smiled, with the corner of his eye he looked back, and with all his strength, he ripped the cuffs off his wrists, Greya!! he shouted, voice echoing throw the wards
? looking at her fathers face, he just laid one hand on her head, the other whipping away the tears
No need to cry my child he softly said, Come! There is much to be done he held her hand and darted away
! startled, Akira ran trying to catch up to his speed, her father may have been injured, but he is still as fast as always


(Yawn) how much longer? Im getting bored here! Tora growled to the boy, huge orange body resting in the shades of a dark ally

Whats the matter brat?
What time is it?
I dunno! Theres no sun underground, imps dont like daylight the beast stated, but we left the temple a short while after noon, so I assume it could be by sunset it could be night fall by now, who knows! the beast shrugged the last few words, only leg dangling from where he slumped, arms folded under his chin
Ushio calmly drifted his eyes the see the beast there Ushio said nothing, he did nothing, he gave no move, and he just froze there, eyes fixed on the beast, face calm and expressionless
head slowly rising, the beast fixed his silver plates on the boys face as well right then, right there, the beast thought that he saw the samurai he saw five hundred years ago, calmly eyeing him back, his memory morphed the boy from that point of view to a bark cloudy thundering background, long cloud of black hair, cat slitted eyes and a glaring hissing voice as he panted after pining him embedded to that stone Tora suddenly snapped and shock his head harshly, blinking a few times wanting to get that view out of his head; the ancient orange beast eyed the boy again
? Ushio gained a startled-worried face, something wrong? voice oddly calm and soft
clearing his throat, things were beginning to go wired in this kingdom, but then, Tora remembered something

~*~*(Flash Back)*~*~

Now remember! Zeba smiled as she haggled the beast to death, his face snuggled into her bosom, one hand keeping his head where it is, the other cupping his tender-part You might get affected by the atmosphere in the imps kingdom, too many spells floating around I guess
Yes! Akira stated, Dont over do your self thinking, you might end up driving your self crazy
Akira is right Aka concluded, try to keep your thoughts clear, some mages back home like doing spell experiments, usually most of them back fire! she somewhat giggled, so when you start seeing things, it just might be some of the spells got to you, you just need to clear your minds
Whatever spell might happen, nothing can match my~ magic! Right cutey? Zeba snuggled the beast a bit deeper

~*~*(Flash Back End)*~*~

(Flush) Tora felt his forehead just to feel safe
Ushio was still looking oddly calm, Tora?
Ushios appearance somewhat went fuzzy, Tora rubbed his eyes, and glanced again, !!! startled, the beast saw the priest, Shigure Sh**? (SMACK/Yelp!)
Tora? What--?? Ushio stood up and felt his head suddenly heavy, feeling his scull, he closed his eyes, eyeing the beast again, ha saw something flash in white, nine tails and a huge set of jaws dart him, Ah!!! Ushio jilted and fell back, only to snap at the beast gawking him a far distant away, wh-wh--what was that?
What was what? the beast asked while feeling his butt, for Tora, the boy was just standing there, then suddenly shouted and fell back
Whered it go?
Whatd what go?
What it?
What IT????

Ah! Here it comes again! Ushio shouted and ducked
Huh? jerking around, Tora saw nothing blinking twice, he craned back to a shouting boy, !!!! dodging a spear head, Ushio went crazy attacking the beast, HEY? What do you think youre doing? -OoO-;;!!
Dont you dare!!! Ushio threatened, one eye cat slitted in purplish-green, one eyes pupil went into a tawny dot, head leaning to one side, somewhat shaking, standing on one knee, one foot, kind of wobbling
Huh? Tora was totally lost, but then his sight went blurry, gawking the boy, who was no longer there, Tora saw a woman, wrapped up in long pieces of white cloth, arrows pinned to her chest, heart and shoulders, eyes in white as she had a smile and a soft passionate heart shaped face, a flower rested in between her fragile fingers, reaching a hand for him to take, startled, Tora jerked and shock his head hard Brat! he shouted his lungs out Clear your mind! it was probably the magic floating around that affected the boys mind
Shut up you big bag o white fluff! Ushio sneered
White fluff? what the heck is he seeing? Tora thought (Twitch!) Ow~ something snapped down his rear, hey? Cant I even think of cursing? the beast squeaked to thin air
Nope! a soft giggling whisper drifted into his ear

Nagatobimaru! Akira shouted as she dashed in, what happened? she eyed the boy
Flipped his lid! I dont know whats wrong with him!
Hey! Ushio suddenly squawked, Do I know you? the boy asked the female while standing on both feet in his point of view, Ushio was seeing a woman, long, tall, with eyes as mystic as his, long hair, and a heart shaped face that was so familiar, he could swear he saw it a thousand times he just didnt remember who it was
Confusion! Akira said, Probably got too close to a black-mage or something
Black-mage? We saw no one, how could he be affected?
Perhaps someone passed you and you didnt notice each other!
Akira a voice firmly stated, he seems lost the elder lizard showed from the darkness as his eyes were fixed on the boy
! Tora snapped, he didnt feel this guy coming!
It pays to be cold-blooded! the old reptile smirked to the beast
(Pout) -T_T-
suddenly springing with a leap, the old reptile gave Ushio a punch in the stomach knocking him out for a week
-O_O-;;!!! Tora was speechless
Come! throwing Ushio over his shoulder, the old lizard said, as for the boy, even when he was knocked out, it seemed as if the spear was fastened into his clutch, Ushio didnt even rest his fingers
Akira walked after her father, and then gazed at the beast, well? What are you waiting for?
Nothing Tora grumbled, soundlessly walking side by side with the two, silver eyes fixed on the boy Ushios face was calm and peaceful


(Eyeing the mirror) Zeba was now beginning to worry, fluffy boy isnt doing so good against magic!
He needs to raise his magic defense! Zallcos muttered
This aint no RPG game Zallcos! Zeba scolded
Well Sheez! Sorry! he responded
I hope Maru-sama is okay, he looks run-over! Aka stated while getting angry, What on earth has Kiro been doing to him? How could he? How dare he? The Raiko Family has been faithful to my family for years! How could he do such a thing?
A brat I gotta tell ya! Zeba slurred, Maybe I should send S-S to bite his ass! she showed her fangs while rubbing her dark kittys belly
(Purring) S-S was enjoying himself ^w^ Prr~
Shall we participate? Zallcos raised an eyebrow
Why not? Zeba smiled, pointing a finger towards the mirror, sending a bolt of sparkling stuff to pass right into the mirror as if a portal, to snap the beast right in the butt! Oops! =O.O=! Zeba flushed, didnt mean that, honest!


??? feeling his butt, Tora jerked around then murmured, I didnt curse, what was that for? he growled
Gomin-nasai! a whispering voice apologized

Nagatobimaru Akira called from the darkness, Cmon!! she somewhat scolded
walking after her, she pulled a rock sliding it into an opening blocking their path, they were in a cave it was safe till things calmed down
Go check on Ushio, I hope father didnt hit him too hard the female stated
Your dad can do what he wants with him, not that Id care
? Akira blinked in startle, but I thought you two were partners!
Whatever Tora muttered, trailing into the cave

eyeing the boy laid there on a grass made bed, the place seemed to be a small hideout of some sort
eyes closed, face calm and peaceful still, Ushio kind of simply slept there
calmly shifting to look at the ancient orange beast, the elder lizard fixed his eyes on him, Toras face was silent and cold like always, but fixed on the boy blinking at his confused daughter who walked to him, Maru-sama said nothing
(Groan) Ushio painfully woke up
Tora said nothing still, its just that his ears perked a bit up, and then jerked away eyeing the campfire Akira turned on, walking to it, he just sat back eyeing it calmly
Ugh my guts hurt Ushio closed his eyes tight, curled around himself, arms folded around his stomach, lying on his side
Sorry, I didnt means to hit you so hard the elder lizard said as he laid a hand on the boys shoulder, Maru-sama was sitting next to him on the bed
Easy for you to say the boy tried to growl
with a faint smile, the elder lizard scared to his daughter, is it ready?
Yes, here it is Akira handed her father a small mug, this should fix him up! she smiled
Yes, it should shifting it to the boy, here, take this, it should cure you
Uhh sitting up, Ushio blinked the mug, the stuff was blue! O_o;; um-do I have to drink this? he gained a sweat drop
If you want to get better! the elder lizard said
Hey! Ushio suddenly barked, Who are you anyway??
Oh-where are my manners? I am Maru Raiko, the master of the Dojo this is my daughter Akira, and I suppose you have already met my son, Ku?
Um-yeah, we have! Ushio breathed, and then shifted the mug for a drink, Umh-hmm? Say! This stuff tastes good! Ushio smiled
It a potion! Maru-sama smiled
A what?
(Chuckle) patting the boy on the head, Oh-bare with it my child! You would be hearing a lot of such naming here, many spells and times are using familiar callings you see
Like in RPG games?
Role Playing Games Ushio smiled, Im kind of into the stuff right about now, ever heart of Kingdom Hearts?
O_O;;??? Im afraid I havent!

Oh! Oh! I do! It has Squall and Cloud in it! [ square soft] They might be human, but they~ are~ so~ Ka-wa-ii~! Akira oddly flipped her lid like an obsessed teen fan-girl
-_-||| her father said nothing, you and Ku have been around the human world a little too long!

Ushio gobbled in the drink then gave a breath, whipping his mouth with the back of his hand, Ah! That felt good!
Where are your manners? the elder lizard somewhat scolded

Father a voice calmly whispered through the darkness, and eye in crystal blue softly glowed
Ku! Akira spun around, hurrying in her pacing to embrace her brother, oh-youre alright!
Uh! Akira please, my shoulders hurt!
Oh! Sorry
Are you well? Maru-sama worriedly questioned walking to his son, cupping his shoulders, only to draw them back slightly stained
Its okay! the younger lizard smiled, black eye-patch covering the eye with the diamond slowly peeking over his fathers shoulder, Ku blinked the temple boy, Oh! I see you are here as well?
Uh-yeah! Ushio smiled back
Tora eyed the lizard boy calmly, crouching down, arms folded, lying on his side, the beast had noticed something about the diamond, but just didnt want to say anything before he was certain about it

Okay Ushio began, slipping off the bed and walking towards the three family members while feeling his guts, I still havent gotten a clue of what happened! he somewhat asked, spear butt hitting the ground, Ushio used it to keep balance
It seems that a little magic gotten the best of you my boy, your mind manipulated your powers the wrong way
Man-what? O_o;;?
It means it fully took control of you! Akira explained
Oh! O.o;;!
Nothing un-expected from a human Tora mockingly chuckled, it played with him like a helpless little puppet!
Oh-shut up Tora! Ushio flushed, he hated to admit it, but that stuff did get the best of him but then he remembered the woman he saw, who was she? She seemed so familiar, he knew who she is, but forgot who it was the name was on the tip of his tong, he just couldnt voice it out
Something the matter? the elder lizard asked, scaly hand resting on the boys shoulder
Uh-no not really! Ushio tried to smile, but it came out as a small curve on his lips on the side of his face


Zeba fixed her eyes on the beast; Tora--for her point of view--was acting sort of different
I wonder if things are still calm for the plan to work Aka asked her pixy friend
Zeba said nothing, but then her eyes in gold drifted down to her lap eyeing her sleeping S-S cutely snuggling
Zeba? Zallcos called, one hand resting on her shoulder, something the matter? You suddenly zoned out on us right now!
There is something on Nagatobimarus mind
Huh? both asked
I can not say what it is but I think its about Kus diamond
Kus diamond? Aka asked, but hes an AzaFuse, what would the diamond serve to him?
You know of its powers? Zeba shot her golden eyes oddly at her small friend in question
Err-y-yes! Aka jilted in start, my father told me once, before he met my mother, one day he was on a hunt, he was with Maru-sama and Ku when he was young
What about Akira?
She and I werent born yet!
Anyway, Ku was injured in the hunt, so father wanted to show how sorry he was for the loss of Kus eye, so he gave Maru-sama the diamond and a seal to keep it stabled in place instead of the eye I was told later that the diamond was a family inheriting, the diamond was created by many powers, I have no info about the diamonds creation, but I know its mystic in a way, and its something like the Kimono-no-Yari it can turn its master into a fighting hunter, but not with long hair, it posses many magic powers instead, and its very dangerous at times as well
Meaning looking back at the mirror Nagatobimaru may have felt its power?
He may have felt familiar with it in a way? Zallcos asked
S-S shifted in his sleep, giving a slight mew at he purred
Yes was all what Aka said, shifting her sight to eye the group once more


Tora said nothing as he listened to the three lizards and a human chat about their plan to take down a rotted imp, he had no interest in that subject, but the thing that bothered him, was when that magic stuff got the best of his mind who was that woman in white cloth who was reaching to him? He felt something towards her, it felt strong, his heart skipped a heartbeat, he knew he knew her, he just didnt remember who she was, as if she was in the forgotten part of his memory, to never be gained back
Tora? Ushio shouted scolding, youre not even listening!
So all we gotta do is to sneak into the place, Akira and Ku slip around the dorms covering our backs, Maru-sama and you head to the kings dorm, and I keep the guards busy? BRAT! That is not even close to the word plan! Besides! My part isnt even fun! the beast protested
Okay, so he was listening Akira whispered to the boy
Whatever the boy muttered, come on closer Tora! the boy whined to the beast, the four of them were short distant away from the beast
eyeing Ku, Tora felt a bitter snap in his spine, Im feeling dandy just where I am! the beast responded
Ku felt that, he felt a cold splash of water against his back in return
?? shifting to her brother, Akira felt something, whats wrong?
n-nothing! her brother muttered, My shoulders still hurt a bit
Perhaps you need a nap Maru-sama suggested
Maybe Ku stud and walked to the bed, I do feel a bit fuzzy

But youre a lizard! Ushio was trying to be funny
Lizard? Oh-Uh! Maru-sama seems offended we--human--are not lizards! We are Dragons!
Dragons?? Ushio doesn't believe that
Baka! Tora chuckled, have you not noticed? dark orange tail lashed left and right, it seems that Tora did know!
Why did you tell me that they were humanized lizards then? Ushio scolded in anger and embarrassment
y-h-you bought that? the beast cocked an eyebrow in amusement, Ushio flinched and blushed, and he never thought that beast was kidding about that subject
Well--yeah! I thought you were serious!
(Exploding in a chuckling laughter)
T__TX Ushio doesn't find that funny
Sigh Maru-sama shook his head, the two were being silly, it matters not he stated, we all must rest now, we need our full strength tomorrow!
Okay Ushio dipped his head
Tora said nothing, eyeing the others scatter for a place to sleep feeling bored, Tora thought hed take a nap as well, there was much to attend, and besides, the faster this plan is done, the faster hed get back to his normal size, the faster hed get the ugly thoughts about that pixy out of his head, Zeba was his living nightmare!

Ten drops of a water dragons tear
Ten drops of an ogres blood
Three shards of a mystic blue garnet
Three threads of the Kimono-no-Yari
The heart of the apocalypse

All of those have been found...

The left eye of the dojos guard I feel it near...

But where is the second pentagon of a somethings corner?? Where is it? Where could it be? Will I ever find it? Is it even here?

! Ivy green eyes flashed in start, sitting up, eyeing around, a female beast saw nothing, slightly panting, she saw a nightmare, and oddly enough, she remembered nothing of it walking on her four limbs, she walked out of her den, sitting back, crimson hair/mane braded resting on her shoulder, ivy green worried eyes eyeing the nights beautiful sky
Kage? her mate walked out behind her, whats wrong?
I dont know she answered like a frightened child
! cupping her shoulders, Kage! Youre shivering!
lips somewhat trembling, the female felt something bitterly eating her alive, she could feel it; she just couldnt tell what it was
Come back inside, you need more rest Muma escorted his mate back inside, their child Yuji still fast asleep cutely curled around himself on the grass bed
(Passionate smile) Kage curled around her child, nuzzled by her mate, she rested back her head awaiting sleep
Go to sleep, Kage! Muma soothed, facing her as he lied on his side, one hand pillowed under his head, the other feeling her shoulder
(Dipping her head) smiling back, Kage felt better, now that Jiaaku and Ann decided--and declared-- that they want to be mates, they both live in Jiaakus den together who knows! She might end up being a grandmother before expected! Happy with the thought, the female was back asleep

Black mystic eyes flashed in her mind, they morphed into cat slitted purplish-green and blinked once, brows knotted in worry slightly tanned skin showed with the rising light that boy, his beast friend, and that weapon all stood together in the same frame, until something flashed, everything was covered in blood

GASP!!!! Kage jilted in horror, hand clutching her heart Ushio? her eyes drifted outside again
Kage? in start, Muma eyed her, what? The nightmare again? he sat up, only to see his mate bolt outside KAGE! his voice deep and husky echoed throughout the den
Unh Yuji woke in start, eyeing his dad, then looking for him mother, not finding her, the child was frightened, about to cry, Yuji felt his father embracing him
Hey-its okay, go back to sleep kid Muma soothed, then drifted his eyes outside, Kage he breathed in worry

(Panting like crazy) eyes wide open, heart throbbing in worry, Kage left her heart take her to where she could find the boy

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