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The Other World 2

Chapter two:

Morning began, all life forms rose with the living light, and at the Aotsuki residents, Shigure opened a bedroom window to smell a little fresh morning air, then mockingly craned to his son behind him counting out a tired temple boy snuggled in bed, and an orange beast slumped on the rooftops, both sleeping their brains out, Shigure was feeling lively, chuckling a little, he left them to sleep

(Mumble) turning in sleep, Ushio was in a battle even in his dreams
calmly silent, the beast seemed to have no dream at any case slowly licking his chops cracking his silver eyes open, then stretching all cat-like full length with his famous shark teeth, Tora jingled his head, then carefully leaped off the roof, he was still feeling lazy so he didnt want to fall
Oh! startled at seeing the beast walking into the kitchen, the priest cheerfully greeted good morning, Tora!
umhm the beast murmured, picked up the whole water jug, pouring it directly into his mouth, he gulped it all in
O_O;; Shigure blinked twice, then watched the beast put the now empty jug back on the kitchen table, thirsty, Tora?
Not anymore the beast calmly responded, then brushed back his mane, fixing himself up, man, I feel like a mess tiredly shifting to the old man, how long have I been asleep?
Only for a few hours, Tora I dont think you and Ushio had had enough rest, maybe you should sleep some more
(Reaching behind his neck) the beast rubbed his neck, maybe sounding tired and busy minded, Tora closed his eyes and somewhat daydreamed in his own world soothing down his stiff neck
not wanting to disturb the beast, the priest walked out, attending to his house chores


Hn? Asako craned to one side, eyeing a very suspicious looking customer, it was tall, wearing monk-like clothing/robe while covering his head, the person walked to her
So we meet again, no? a one slitted and one blue pair of eyes locked to the harsh voiced girl time froze
Akira? Asako whispered, the stranger gave a nod
Act normal, I dont want to attract any-ones attention
Um okay, what will you have? Asako smiled a little rising her voice
(Faint smile) Akira had much to talk about


(Dripping wet) wearing his bath robe, Ushio walked out of the bathroom with a towel on his head, AH! Now that feels good! he chirped, towel over his shoulders, he held a hair comb to fix his messed up hair, feeling fresh and clean, Ushio drew in a deep breath, changing into new clean and comfy clothing, he went down to the kitchen
shifting to see him, the orange beast said nothing
Morning, Tora!
drawing a deep breath, Tora just stretched out his limbs again
(Pout) Ushio said nothing, then walking to the fridge, he took out a juice carton and poured it into a cup, craning back to the beast, Tora seemed dazed off

Hey, Tora! softly said the boy, something on your mind?
Not really
I was just thinking
Last night
Which part? the boy chuckled
From where did the harsh voiced girl get a Kimono in my size? Tora questioned the boy
Who knows? Ushio shrugged, drinking a little, he craned to the beast with a tiny smirk, you looked good in that Kimono though
I looked stupid! the beast softly protested
Aw~ Cmon, Tora! Didnt you at-least like it?

Sigh youre hopeless Ushio chuckled, finishing his drink, and then he shifted to the beast again, by the way, Tora
About that lizard girl
What about her?
What kind of beast is she?
Probably one of them humanized-reptiles, I think she might be some sort of lizard human or something pause, frown though I dont remember them having such long spiky tails!
(Shrug) Ushio said nothing, eyeing the floor; he noticed that the beast was in a mood for a conversation Hmm, I need to find a good question before the mode fades away the boy thought to himself, snapping Tora
Before everything went down the hill, how did it feel to be enjoying your self instead of battle? there! I had to ask that!
I dunno it felt different Tora muttered, Im not used on having fun (Pause) it felt weird
Oh? hmm okay, that question didnt go so well, I need something stronger Hmm?
What is it, brat? Tora calmly asked
I wonder how youd look like in a tuxedo! I bet all the chicks would go all gaga over you! ^_^
Gaga your self! the beast muttered calmly
okay, at least hes not angry, its an improvement! Craning to the beast, Tora was licking his chops, what's wrong?
Oddly, Im feeling thirsty! then cleared his throat
Oh? The faucet is right here if you want!
just jingled his head saying no

Doorbell rung

Shigure went to answer
Tora craned around and stretched once more
The girls are early! Ushio gave a sweat drop, shifting to watch the beast stretch his limbs for one more time, Ushio noticed a purple feather attached to the back of his partners shoulder, Hey, whats this? he plucked it out
Ouch! snapping, then eyeing the feather, it had a pin on its head, sh**! No wonder Im feeling lazy! Its a tranquilizer!
!! blinking twice, for imps, they sure are advanced!
Baka! Imps dont use advanced human stuff! They make their own, they make their own medicine, and their own magic spells, their own problems!

For someone feeling lazy, you sure are loud!
(Growling) Baka

Hey, Ushio! Asako greeted, look who gave me a visit this morning! the female addressed the lizard female, wearing a long monk-like robe still
Akira! Ushio said, Hey, how did you know where we live? he gawked
I have my ways she smiled at Asako, and then craned to the beast, I see the imps have affected you, have they not?
Oh-shut your crap, female!
(Wider smile) I thought so
Tora! Asako scolded, Dont be rude!
Whatever Tora growled, then jerked to the lizard, wheres your tawny queen? he chuckled
She is with a friend, and I came here asking for your help, and its not that I want it, but Milady Aka asked me to! Akira sneered
A friend? Ushio asked
Yes, if you would come with me, you would meet, and things would be explained
Tora muttered under his breath, and then craned to the boy, well? What do you think brat?
I dont think it would hurt!

Oh-yeah? Says who?


!!!! startled, Ushio eyed the beast who scooted to duck his huge orange standing hair body behind him, wide horrified eyes shot wide open eyeing whats in front of them, with a sweat drop; he craned to the dazed lizard female and gave a stupid chuckle
well, thats not a fine way to say hello! a female voice softly scolded, sounding like a sad little puppy, we see her from the back, long silky hair as black as midnight, pointy ears and a dark purple velvet dress, with sandals
You know them Zeba? Akira questioned
Yes! eyes wide glittering fixed on the sweating orange beast, Nagatobimaru! You have no idea how happy I am you actually came for a visit! the pixy squealed, Oh-come over here so I can hug you! like an obsessed teenaged fan-girl; (Zeba is about 24 years old--in human--here!) Zeba leaped on the beast
(YELP!) Help!!!! Tora jilted right outta there, so Zeba ended up hugging Ushio, pressing his face right into her molds
Yelp! blushing really hard, Ushio froze solid not knowing what to do
Oops! parting, Zeba patted the boys head, Gomin-nasai!! ^^;; craning to the beast who was tip-towing away, youre MINE! she smiled and leaped again
AH!!!!! Tora snapped in horror, HELP! he shouted, voice echoing as he ran into the darkness of the dungeons being chased by a crazy fan-girl
eyeing them till they vanished, their noise was still echoing around though, Akira craned to the boy then snapped, uh, boy!
Theres blood coming out of your nose! she gave a sweat drop as Ushio gaped then walked away to a nearby fountain to wash

Are they alright? Aka question, she had a sweat drop
I dont think its serious Akira responded, At lease, I hope so!
Sigh someone breathed, Im dearly sorry, but my twin sisters obsession is uncontrollable! its Zallcos!
(Grr) The Shape-Shifter who was morphed into a Labrador was sitting back, jealous watching his misters chasing a huge tiger demon
Obvious! Akira tried to laugh

Yaw-Yaw-Yawy!!!! Tora squeaked as Zeba had her arms wrapped up tight around his neck, his face pressed into her molds, dragging him back to the group, comically hearts and sparkles floating above her head
Oh-Im the happiest girl on earth!! the comically giggled, then started printing her lipstick on the beasts face
hey-Hey-HEY!!!! Tora protested, struggling for freedom, but ended up with lipstick on his lips, his tail went POOF and all fuzzy, orange stripped face turned glowing bloody red
O_O Ushio went washing his nose all over again
Zeba~ Zallcos scolded then cleared his throat, green-eyed S-S (Shape Shifter) growled, Aka and Akira just craned away, both blushing lightly
(GASP!) Tora was in lack of air, okay you got me! Would let go now? he whined like an embarrassed child
Aw~ cant I hug you more? baby eyes blinked cutely
Im not a plush toy, ya know!
Aw~ Okay Zeba let go like a child handling someone his chocolate bar, but snatched a kiss on his check before being dragged back by Zallcos
feeling his neck, Ack, Uh, this feel much better massaging his sour neck, Tora scooted away from the crazy sorceress, arguing with her brother, and creep near the boy, Ushio was keeping his head underwater, HECK!!!!! Brat? What are you doing? pulling the boys head out of water
Trying to kill your-self? If you wanna die, just tell me ya know!


Never mind spear clutched tight, head dripping as he panted, Ushio craned to the group, just tell us what the hell is going on so we can get this over with already?? the boy demanded
(Cursing) feeling his lump, Tora gave no respond, all he cared about was to be away from the pixy!

Well, I was hoping if you would help me, if you may? Aka started
Go on! Ushio slightly growled
Akira and I had a plan to defeat Kiro and claim back the kingdom, but we might need your help since Zeba is a sorceress, its a bit hard to let her come, usually magic possessors are not allowed within the kingdom borders, and I thought that, maybe
You want us to join and kick some ass? the boy had a wild plan already fastened in his head
Um, (stutter) Yes, in a way but you see, there was this little problem
? Ushio and Tora waited
You are a bit too huge to enter, so, I thought if you are willing to help us, we might have to shrink you to a limited size!

F***ING SH** LIKE HELL NO! Tora exploded all the way to the seventh hell and back
Uhh-Tora has a phobia about being shrunken Ushio gave a HUGE sweat drop
Oopsy Zeba gave a weak sound
Zallcos and S-S eyed her calmly, both with sweat drops
Um, so I suppose youre not participating? disappointed, Aka breathed
Typical demons whispered Akira as she mocked
WHAT WAS THAT? Tora fumed
Down boy! Ushio snapped, spear haft in front of the beasts face, take it easy!
Were gonna help, not because I like the lotta ya, I just wanna show you that demons are better than spiky assed bit**s!
!!!! snapping, Is that a challenge? Akira hissed snarling
You bet your breast-less chest it is, female!


Tora! Watch your mouth! Ushio scolded, cheeks flushed crimson, Were gonna help, hit us what all youve got Zeba-just dont make it permanent!
No prob! ^_^ ready for your treat sweetie? she smiled widely at the sweat-dropping beast

Later on in the imp Kingdom

the kingdom was created from hundreds of houses dug into mountains underground, some houses were made of mud and dirt or stone some held up shops to sell goods, there were even magic shops there, fortune tells and odd things

? an imp-villager eyed three monks walk besides his shop, one had a long stick-like thing wrapped in white cloth, all three about the same height, two were talking softly to each other as if whispering, something orange peeked right from under the robe of one of them, but quickly slipped back
shut-up! one growled
Hush! the other scolded
Come! the third called as it walked a further distant away
? feeling suspicious, the villager whispered to another by his side to watch over the shop, then followed the three monks

In a dark abandoned ally

? the villager peeked carefully watching and listening
Are you two crazy? a female voice scolded, You almost blew our cover before we even put the plan up!!
Shut-Up! a dry husky angry deep voice hissed
Oh-you shut-up you stupid demon! the female voice replied
Enough! a boy voice growled, this is not the time to fight! pause P-U! This place stinks! waving his hand for fresh air
Were near the dump! the female said, arms crossed, and bear with it! The place always smells like this!
Phew!!!!! And I thought you stink, Tora!
Better than you, brat!!
Sigh anyway, are you two ready?
Yeah say can I take the head cover off? My scull itches! the boy whined
Just for a while! the female groaned
Ah! Ushio shook his head, one hand clutching the long thing, one hand scratching his head, Eep! Im gonna need a bath after this!
? the imp was surprised, the boy was human!
(Chuckle) Tora just felt like it
Okay, knock it off! I cant believe Im working with a pair that never gets a long! Sigh
Okay whined the boy covering his head, lets move!
watching them walk out the ally; the imp followed them carefully


Hmm Zeba hummed as she sat on her velvet sofa, S-S curled as a kitty in her lap, purring happily, Zallcos sitting on the sofas arm next to his sister, and Aka was sitting next to Zeba, those two sure like to fight
I hope Akira can handle them, she hates working in pairs Aka said
Oh-dont worry! Fluffy boy would make sure everything goes right! He always does!
You really have a strong crush on the demon, dont you? Aka tried not to giggle
Oh? (Blush O.O;) is it that obvious?
YES!!!! all shouted
Oh! she giggled stupidly for a short while
(GLARING T_TX) all but Zeba gained sweat drops
(O_O;;) stutter (^.^;;) never mind! Zeba giggled nervously, and gained a sweat drop eyeing the magic mirror


Thats the place
Whoa!!!! Ushio shot his eyes open, one hell of a house!
Mansion, not house you Dow-Dow! Come! We must hurry
Tora snapped, Wait!
? she craned to him
Are you sure we can just go in, just like that? I mean if the fat-guy knows were--err--youre coming, hed probably have a plan ready, right?
I have studied that option, I know every single opening in the whole kingdom, and I can find any exit if necessary
How are we gonna go in then?
? the imp found interest in this conversation
we sly our way in, wait here while I see if we can do so if something goes wrong, Ill shout for you, okay? they dipped their heads, so the female walked away to the doors guards

? eyeing her walk towards them, one of the guards got ready
(slitted eye flashed)
!!!! startled, the guard seemed worried, walking to her he whispered so his absent minded partner wont notice, Akira! You crazy woman, get outta here!
? Why? What happened?
Kiro had declared you a traitor, and is to be killed when seen!
Oh (pause) thank you, Ill be on my way, and just to let you know, Akas just fine!
(Blush/smile) r-really?
And she sends you her regards! she smiled
(blush harder) Aw-shucks! chuckled shyly
I must go now, thank you for the info!
Just be careful!
(Dipping her head) Akira swiftly headed back

Well? impatiently asked the orange beast
No good! Wed have to go to the Dojo I suppose she said as she passed them, this way
Dojo? Ushio gawked shifting to eye his partner, since when do imps use Dojos?
How the F*** shou--(SMACK!)--Uhh!!
Zebas curse and your cute~ lil~ tush~ is gonna get it spell, huh? Ushio snickered
Damn bit--(SMACK!)--Ow~ feeling his rear, the beast somewhat flushed, I hate this!
Well? Akira called from a distant, move it you two!
following her, Ushio and Tora just wanted to do something instead of being bossed around by a female
Zeba? the imp whispered to himself, Miladys sorceress friend? eyeing the three, this might be more serious than I thought he said to him self and continued to follow the group


Whats wrong with him? Aka question when she saw the beast suddenly jilt in pain
Probably cursed-the little naughty boy Zeba smiled, he never learns, does he?
S-S just snuggled into her lap, purring like the cute kitty it is right now
Do you think everything would go well? Zallcos asked his sister
Im sure they will; dont give your hope up! We havent even started yet she wickedly giggled
Whats so funny? Worriedly questioned the brother sorcerer
Nothing! innocently said Zeba, a cute little face eyeing the mirror


Tora! You want it to stop, stop cursing! Ushio softly scolded, trying his best not to be loud
Easy for you to say! Tora growled
(U_UX) Akira said nothing and concentrated on her footage, we should reach the Dojo soon
What Dojo? Ushio had to ask, I didnt know imps needed Dojos!
They dont! Its for my father she calmly stated, hurrying in her steps, Akira seemed angry
Oh! Ushio stupidly responded
Tora said nothing as all three walked to huge building

Here we are Akira whispered looking up at the top of that traditional Chinese Dojo-domain, someone stepped from inside to meet them at the top of the stairs, wearing monk clothing as well, two colors flashed from under the darkness covering his face
two eyes one in light sky blue the other was an emerald in ivy phosphoric green, the person had only one eye, a diamond replaced the other
Ku! Akira said in startle, Wheres father?
Father had been held prisoner for your actions, Akira why have you come back? the male voice growled, yet sounding concerned
I have come here to speak to father, but since he is not here, I will talk to you
I see come in if youd wish, but even your home is not safe for you no more
Ambush!!! Ushio shouted as many imps leaped off from everywhere surrounding them, the mysterious male did not move, why? An imp had the sharp point of a sword almost dig in his back; a slight stream of crimson was sweeping down the swords edge, dripping on the wooden floor

One move and hes gonna get it! the imp laughed, pushing the sword a bit deeper
Uh! gasping in pain, yet not moving, the monk started panting
Ku! Akira was worried
RGEYAAA!!!!! Tora suddenly started, thunderbolt parting the imp from the sword, digging a hole in the wooden floor, and also shredding the monk clothing he had on to a thousand shreds
Ah! What is that thing? one imp squeaked eyeing the thunder-demons true appearance
? landing on one knee, Ku threw down the head cover, he looked just like Akira, but he didnt have thick skin on one side like her, his skin was all smooth and soft, his emerald eye was supposed to be covered with an eye-patch, which one of the imps took from him, Akira! Get out of here! There is no time!
Die! a group of imps hissed shooting dozens of arrows towards the injured lizard boy
Hurry! green emerald glowed bright; something like a force-field appeared enveloping him, keeping him safe from the shooting arrows
dipping her head, alright but you had better be alive when I come back! she hissed, Ku only smiled passionately
Cmon! Ushio shouted, clutching the female lizard by the wrist pulling her away while Tora enjoyed the fact of being in the same size of those little twerps, and same speed, now they cant escape his attacks
HA! the imp got back his sword and stood in front of the two, you thought you can get away so easy? he chuckled like crazy
Yes! Ushio gave a crazier smile, spear head splitting the imp in-two
Ew! Akira exclaimed in disgust, What did this guy have for lunch? she eyed what used to be in the stomach
Do I see eyeballs? Ushios face turned green, Ugh lets get outta here jerking back to the beast Hey-Tora! Lets move!
Aw~ and it was just getting fun! the beast murmured leaping after the boy imp corps scattered behind


WHAT? Kiro shouted, You fools, you left her get away?
We tried the best we can sir, but there was a human and an odd creature with her, we couldnt do anything!
Bah-you fools! Kiro groaned, settling his big fat butt of that thrown, he cupped his chin, get me the Dojo master, Maru-sama
Yes sir and with that, the servant sped away
If Akira cared for her dear~ fathers life, shell come the imp chuckled evilly to himself, and Ill kill her and her damn father and that damn brother of hers, too! pause thinking, the left eye of her brother, the Dojos guard itll be a fine prize

~*(the left eye of the Dojos guard?)*~

Well? Tora whispered, What now?
Sigh Akira was puzzled; this was defiantly not going according to what she planned, I never thought they would be able to catch my father this is not good she said in despair
? jerking to eye the temple boy gawking him, Tora gave a mocking face, yes?
It feels wired Ushio started
To be with you in the same height!
You think I like that? the beast questioned in protest, I feel so short! I hate it!
Well, all three of us got shrunken to the same size, so I suppose it should be okay
For you maybe! the beast sneered

DAMMIT! Akira shouted at them (SD mode = on) you two werent even listening to a word I said!!!!
Oops! ^^;; Gomin-nasai! Ushio chuckled
Tora said nothing
(veins popping) Urgh I dont believe this she hissed glaring them
Whatever Tora murmured
(groan) Akira glared them, This is getting no where she cupped her waist, Guess Ill have to sneak into the dungeons and rescue father hes the main person whos keeping the whole plan up!
Oh? And how are you gonna do that? Walk through the wall? Tora mocked
Maybe she cant, but you can Tora, cant you? Ushio stated back
Im not helping!


Dow~! Okay-okay Ill help!
You dont have to if you dont want to! Akira oddly and calmly said, not facing them, hes my father, Ill get him out, you two should stay a clear way from the mansion till Im back, okay? then suddenly sprung away
H-hey~! Ushio whined, Stubborn! he growled, so now what do we do?
Pick spot, shut up, wait! he said mockingly
This is the last time I take you to the arcade, Tora! the boy sneered
(Chuckle) pocking the boy with a sharp talon in between the shoulder blades, scared Id mop the floor with you like last time?
Ouch! feeling his back, Ushio pouted

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