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Disclaimer: I dont own Ushio Tora, they are to Kazuhiro Fujita, which is all, if only I do own them, Id glomp Tora! I have nothing to say but R&R people, please?


Chapter one:

Some times when you start thinking of someone dear to your soul, you find your self drifting in a river overflowing with thoughts you admire how he looks, what he does and how he does the things hes good at I have someone hes huge, brave, very friendly when you know how to act around him, and has a huge appetite! He may not be human, but I love him yes I love him I love him for who he is, for what hes done to me and my friends, for his warm kind heart and soft passionate soul

I love him
I love you


? slowly shifting his head around, towards the temple boys bedroom window, the ancient orange beast eyed a lazy temple boy who woke up early on a holiday morning, smelling some of that wonderful morning air, Tora was lying on the roof top flat on his stomach, feeling lazy and bored
G morning Tora! greeted the boy, Ushio seems cheerful today!
blinking once, the ancient beast said nothing, head resting on his folded stripped arms
Yo! Im feelin too good for you to ruin my day! the boy childishly protested with a pout, resting his elbows on the window frame, then turned around towards the kitchen for breakfast
Sigh Tora was absent minded thinking about something

Good morning dad!
Good morning Ushio Shigure greeted calmly, not turning to face his son, broomstick in his hands brushing away dirt from the kitchen floor
So? Whats for breakfast?
Nothing! Because you went out hunting yesterday instead of getting the grocery I asked for! the priest somewhat scolded, eyes shaded in his gray hair, eyebrows rose as he turned to face his son
(sweat drop) Oops the boys stomach protested, blushing, Ushio gave a sheepish smile

Tora passed by, through the kitchen heading towards the living room
O_O;;? Shigure and Ushio eyed the beast that just passed through as if they werent even there
Tora! Ushio rudely called
slowly turning to the boy, Toras face was calm yet sleepy in a way, slowly blinking, and the beast sat back waiting for the boy to talk...
Err--!? Are you okay?
(Shrugging) Tora said nothing then went back towards the TV; he sat near it, but didnt turn it on
Huh? Ushio was puzzled
Shigure wondered for a while, then turned to his son, leave him alone for a while; he probably wants to be alone
Oh okay turning back to the beast, Tora was eyeing the TV oddly, walking to him, Ushio hesitated before talking, So? Is it about yesterdays hunt?
Would it even matter to you? the beast finally spoke, calm and steady, no emotion was sensed in his words, and that had Ushio worried dark orange tail tucked, back slightly hunched up, eyes sleepy not eyeing the boy
Um, tell you what! Ushio smiled, a hand playfully smacking his partners shoulder, how about if the three of us go to the festival tonight?
Festival?? the beast slowly faced the boy with a puzzled face, what festival??
The spring cherry festival! Its tonight! Ushios smile widened, cocking an eye brow, he leaned closer to his friend didnt you know? he asked
Oh (Grunting pout) I completely forgot about that! Tora murmured
The girls are gonna be there, so cheer up! If youre feeling too moody, you dont have to join ya know! the boy chuckled, I wouldnt want you sulking around and ruining our fun! Ushio rudely concluded
Who would want to join a stupid human festival, anyway! the beast jerked his face to the boy, angrily growling aloud in his face
!!O_o!! Ushio was so surprised and startled; he flinched and fell on his butt
(Cursing under his breath) Tora went though the wall and up the rooftops again
Heck! Whats with HIM? the boy hissed, standing up feeling his rear
He seems edgy! What did you do to him yesterday? the priest asked
Nothing! We just fought like always, but the damn thing got away, we fought for a while, and then headed back home!
Is that all? the priest mockingly asked, It seems to me that there was more than just that, Ushio!
Err--! the boy stuttered
Thought so spill it out, boy! T_T
O-okay! Tora wanted that thing alive, I wanted it dead, when it got away, he wanted to follow it and I didnt let him, so he got mad, we fought, I hit him on the head, he never spoke to me till now! the boy mumbled his story, nothing serious! Its like how things always happen!
How did your target look like?
Dad, what is this? T__T? An interrogation?
Uhh (O_o;;) fine! It was merely a slime bucket as far as I care! Huge, slimy and damn slippery!! pause, Ushio snapped, but then again
It used to talk to Tora during battle in a language I didnt understand, but he did! hand under his chin I wonder what it said to him!


? Ushio jerked around
The girls are probably early today the priest smiled walking to the door
Oh the boy murmured, and then his stomach protested again
walking to the door, the priest heard a feminine voice talking, it sounded like Mayuko, but it didnt seem like Asako was there! The priest heard the ancient beasts voice instead

Really Tora?
In a way, I think it would be okay!
Wonderful! the girls smile widened

Hello Mayuko! opening the door, the priest calmly greeted, slowly eyeing a slightly smiling beast
Good morning Oji-san! the gray ocean eyed girl greeted, face with a smile full of life, a slight splash of crimson on each side
flicking his tail a few times, Tora eyed the ocean gray eyed girl with a wider smile, then craned to the priest, the brat outta be careful tonight! then widened his smile even more
Huh? Shigure didnt understand what the beast meant to say, but obviously, Tora was mocking the boy

Hey, Mayuko! the boy greeted as he walked their way, an apple in his hand as he took the first bite from it
Hi Ushio!
Uhh---O_O-||| (stutter) brat! That apple wasnt on the kitchen table, was it?
Yeah! talking with his mouth full, why do you ask?
I put it there! It had a worm in it! -n_n-|||
(O_O face turned green) Ushio spit out the part of the apple he ate and dropped the apple on the ground, a little green worn slipped out of the apple and crawled away, Eew--I dont feel so good! the boy exclaimed in disgust eyes suddenly glared the orange beast
(-O_O-) Gulp!


Ow~! Dammit! What was that for? -T_T-X
If you knew it had a worm, why didnt you throw it away?
I WAS about to do that yesterday, but we went hunting instead! Remember?
Whatever the boy murmured, he looked around, and then turned to his friend, Say! Wheres Asako?
Oh-she couldnt come! She was busy with her parents getting everything ready for tonight! There have been a lot of orders you see! Mayuko softly smiled, hands folded behind her back, she eyed the orange beast, widened her smile a bit, and then craned back to her friend, are you gonna be with Asako tonight?
Were gonna go as pairs, arent we? Mayuko asked
Uhh stuttering, Ushio stumbled searching for the right words
(Chuckled out loud) the orange beast was enjoying himself
Sigh! the priest gave a white thing/sweat drop
Well glaring the beast, the boy turned to his friend, if were gonna go as pairs, whore you gonna be with, Mayuko?
Me? slight blush, Im gonna be with Tora! she smiled, placing a hand on the beasts arm
O_O? eyes almost out of their sockets, Ushio and Shigure eyes the girl, then each other, then eyed the slightly embarrassed beast
WHAT? the beast protested, Its just for tonight, right?
You? And Mayuko? the boy somewhat protested, Get real, Tora!
(Pout) -T,T-X
But I asked Tora to be with me, Ushio! the ocean gray eyed girl explained, her face lost a little of its life
B-but Mayuko--!
Do you argue with that? she somewhat scolded with a frown
N-no, b-but Tora? the boy didnt wanna believe this, a human would be nice! he tried to reason

the brats right the beast calmly stated, eyes shaded with his dark orange bangs, standing on his four feet he slowly turned away, a human would be better the beast softly said as he walked away
Ushio said nothing, turning to his father; Shigure was pretty much confused
But--Tora! Mayuko called
the beast gave no respond, walking towards the back yard
O-now look what youve done! Mayuko scolded as she hurried after the beast, Tora! Ushio didnt mean that! Honest! she reasoned walking after him, now walking side by side, talking softly trying to reason
Was she serious? the boy cocked a very puzzled eyebrow jerking to his dad
She was most defiantly serious, Ushio! the priest calmly answered, yet still looking confused
feeling dumfounded, the boy craned to where the girl stood, talking to the beast, with his cold silent orange stripped face, Tora seemed to do nothing with her but listen he then slowly shock his head with a little smile and said something to her before tailing off, perching atop the rooftops, with a somewhat disappointed face, Mayuko trailed back
Is something the matter? the priest asked in care, the little girl lost the life of her face color
Im fine she softly said, eyes shaded in her light brown bangs, Id better head back home, I have lots of work to finish, and Ill see you later she quickly said turning around and out the temples residents comically, a slight wind blew near the boy and his father
I think shes mad at you! the priest murmured to his son
I noticed Ushio responded with a sweat drop

slowly turning to look at the beast, Tora was perching on the rooftops, sitting up gazing away at the sky, tail tucked, then slowly and simply flattened slumping himself on the roof, with what seemed a sigh, the beast folded his arms in front of his face
Tora somewhat froze in that pose

Telephone ringing

Ill get that the priest hurried inside to catch the call
Okay the boy said eyeing his father, then craned to the beast again, walking towards the closest spot where he can be close to the roof, in a view point capable of eyeing the beast, he called, Say, Tora! Whats the matter?
lazily eyeing the boy, Tora perked his ears a bit
Did you really wanna go out with Mayuko, or did you have something else in mind?

Sudden leap off the roof

Ack! startled, Ushio fell on his butt, Tora landed a growling hissing, snarling cursing, annoyed fuming ten point landing right in front of him, the power of the impact left Toras hand/foot prints where he landed
Would you keep your f***ing sh** outta my life? the beast shouted hissing in the boys face
Geez! Whats eating YOU? the boy sneered standing up brushing dirt off his ass, I never thought it would matter to you at any case, Tora!
Tora growled, a rumbling volcano went loud in his chest
feeling puzzled, Tora
? cocking an eyebrow, the beast was still angry
Did you really want to go with Mayuko?
No she gave a simple question, so I gave a simple answer! the beast growled, the rumbling softened a bit
Then why were you so upset when I said you two shouldnt go together?
I was NOT up-SET! Tora shouted, thunder now started to crackle
Sure youre not! the boy mocked, pause, snap please dont tell me you have a crush on Mayuko! the boy gave a sweat drop
Of course not! the beast clearly declared, I just said yes cause she wanted me to!
So you really have no interest in her!
That is correct!
Tora! Youre a pimp! You outta be ashamed of your self! the boy scolded, If you really dont have interest in her, you shouldve said no!
But you did that job well, didnt you? the beast merely and mockingly said, dark orange tail flicked once
Err--(Sweat drop) y-yeah I guess I did, didnt I!! shaking his head, hands hovering around, but I didnt mean to get her upset! I mean you two hardly get along!
Have you ever given us the chance?
Were always out hunting together, and you are usually with the harsh voiced girl! Hamburger girl and I dont usually spend much time together at any case! the beast reasoned as he explained
So what are you saying? You said yes because you thought it was a good opportunity to get to know her better?
In a way yes!
Oh! blinking twice, the boy got a smirk on his face
Yes? Tora gained a sweat drop
Does that mean you like her?
-O_O-!!!! pause, Tora stretched his pout, I cant say that I hate her! he mumbled
HA! Ushio pointed a victorious finger pocking his partners tawny black nose, do you DO like her!
(Feeling his nose) Tora gave a pout frowning, I didnt say that!
But it was close enough!

Admit it Tora!
Why? Its not like were gonna be mates or anything!
So that thought DID cross your mind! Oh-youre such a pervert!
Grr--(T___TX)--THATS IT! Im gonna eat you NOW!
Just try! the boy laughed dodging a hand full of claws, running across the empty yard escaping a very pissed off beast

Hello? Asako? Yes, (looking outside) he and Tora are quite busy at the moment, Ill tell him to call you as soon as hes done, okay? yes all right, have a nice day! hanging the telephone handle, the priest eyeing the two fight like two kids over a chocolate bar in a cloud of dust, with a sigh, he went to his usual housework


Mayuko was eyeing her self in the mirror, wearing that light red Kimono with a fan on her desk right besides her with a Sigh, she didnt have the heart to go, but forced her self standing up, walking to the window, the sky was beautiful, and the park was probably crowded with people, everyone is enjoying his time, and the fireworks would start soon

Yo! Tora suddenly popped his head from the window
Eep! Mayuko was startled, she flinched and fell on her butt, T-Tora! she stuttered, with a frown, she stood up and brushed her clothing, dont do that! You scared me! she scolded as her cheeks went red
Gomin-nasai! he chuckled, you seemed busy minded, is something the matter?
No I was just thinking about how crowded the park is right now! she paused, wed probably need hours to find a place to settle in!
No need! the beast smiled, I found a marvelous spot that no one would ever think of! hot air went up his head, and its absolutely empty!
Really? Mayuko asked, Where?
Are you ready?
Um kind of she lowered her head a little
Kind of? the beast cocked a puzzled eyebrow, a careful forefinger lifted her chin slightly to face him, youre not still upset at the brat, are you?
shying off, Mayuko cleared her throat, no not really
Youre a lousy excuse for a liar, female! the beast softly scolded, but to say the truth, hes right! A human would serve you better than me!
But I want it to be you, Tora! Just because youre not human doesn't mean you have to stay out of the fun! she reasoned
You want me to join to have fun? the beast felt a bit startled and puzzled
well (blush) yeah! she dropped her gaze to her feet, youre always serious, specially when it comes to battle, I think you should ease up a little and enjoy a little free time of fun! she slowly locked her ocean gray eyes at the silver slitted plates
for what seemed a blush, Toras fur slightly stood up; shaking his head he tried to reason, Female, Im a beast! Battle is my life!
Oh-please, Tora! Just this once! Try to have fun and keep battle out of your mind!
Well Im not sure
I guess! -^.^-
Promise me!
Promise me you and Ushio wont fight! (Pause) at-least for tonight?
Im afraid thats a hard one!
If Ushio promises, would you?
Umm maybe

Mayuko! her mother called, Ushio is here to see you!
Hey! Can I come in? Ushio asked
Come in! Mayuko lightly giggled grabbing the beasts forearm before he snuck away
Hey! Are you--Tora!?!? (Frown/curse) why you pervert! T_TX
I was just leaving! quickly said the beast, honest!!! -O_O-;;
Yeah! right! T__TX just wait until we get back home! growled the boy as he held the spear
head sinking between his shoulders, Tora knew he was in deep sludge
Now Ushio! Cmon! Were gonna be late and we may not find a place to stay!
Dont worry! Old-perverty boy here already got us a place!
(Pout) Tora didnt like the new title
Ushio! Mayuko called
Promise me something! Promise me that you and Tora wont fight! At-least for tonight?
I will if he will! the boy growled
In that case, I guess we both promise! the beast murmured, then slightly jerking his face to one side unfortunately he whispered more to himself
Wonderful!! Lets go then! And lets not forget Asako!

Where is the new place, anyway?

Oh! Its beautiful! Mayuko breathed as she eyed the marvelous view it was a rather flat knoll near the end of a forest, near a cliff side, the cliff wasnt deep, and you can easily climb down/up it, Shigure was spreading the cloth he brought so they can sit on it, Ushio carried a travel basket with munchies in it, Asako had a paper bag hugged in between her arms, she and Mayuko both had a few treats along, and the spot wasnt too far from the park, they can easily go to the shops to play whenever they want
Yeah! Youve got a fine taste of style Tora! Asako craned approving the beast; Asako was wearing a navy blue Kimono, decorated with stars at the sides and corners
! all full of his self; Tora smirked at the pouting boy
T__TX with a pout, Ushio eyed the bag, by the way Asako, whats in the bag??
Huh? evil smile, a fang showed, its a surprise for Tora!
M-Me? -O_O-;;? I smell trouble! Tora gained a HUGE sweat drop, uh-ya know! I-I think Id better be heading back to the temple now!
Oh-No you dont! Asako laughed a little clutching the beasts tail before he reared away, youre coming with me! she said attending to drag him into the forest
Hey! Watch the tail! he growled
Help me here, Mayuko!
um-okay! a bit puzzled, Mayuko held Tora by the forearm, while Asako grabbed the other, both pulling him into the forest
Uhh-females! Really! Cant we talk about this? nervous, Tora was getting frazzled
Oh-be quiet and move!! Asako giggled
What are they doing? with a sweat drop, Ushio questioned his father
(Shrug) Shigure had no idea
HEY!!! Toras voice shouted, No! Not that! Anything but that!!!! he almost whined

Hey! Knock it off!
Hold still!
Tora! Dont move!
Hey! Wh-what is this? Leggo!
No way am I touching that!
Oh-yes you are!
Just a bit more!
There! Finished!
Looking good!
No you dont!
Yeah! Youre looking fine!

(Giggle) the two girls walked out of the darkness, Asako with an empty paper bag Ushio and Shigure said nothing
Cmon out, Tora!
Aw-Cmon! Asako called again
Cmon out, Tora! Mayuko softly called, Please?
(Groan) with what seemed a sigh, a sound of rustling leaves crept closer

O.O!!!! Ushio shot his eyes at the huge beast, in a light blue hued in white Kimono, a Dragon on silk on the front side of the clothing, shrouded by sparkling stars and light gray clouds, a belt with a Ying-Yang mark designing it, the two spots on the Ying-Yang were actually holes where two strings dangles out of it, in the end of each string, was a small lock of fluffy gray fur Ushio froze
Laugh! And Ill rip out your lungs! the beast growled in embarrassment
I werent gonna laugh! the boy calmly stated, pause, looking good! Ushio slightly smiled, yet in what seemed a daze
a bit startled, Tora said nothing and jerked away with (humph!)
(Giggle) the girls couldnt help it, Tora slightly glared them
Looking cute, Tora!
(face went red) Bah! Females! the beast growled as he walked away on his hind feet like a large sized human, sitting on a huge rock legs crossed, one elbow resting on his knee, and a flat hand keeping his head up, cupping his chin his back to the group

Aw-hes not mad at us, is he? Asako whispered to her friends
Maybe! Mayuko couldnt help but giggle turning to eye the beast, he calmed down a bit, still in the same pose eyeing the festival thrown below
taking in a little of that cool night breeze, the beast gave a little sigh, the sky was clear decorated with marvelous stars, and the fire flies danced near by like pretty little pixies resting his free hand on his thigh, Tora felt the silk, slightly eyeing his sleeves, they were okay at the shoulders till the elbow, but wider from the elbow till the wrist lice, the lice was darkened with slight blue
? Mayuko walked to the beast as he scrolled his fingertips carefully feeling the silk, a slight smile curved on his lips, Tora Mayuko softly called
? slowly turning to her, both hands rested free, elbows on his thighs; the beast gave a pair of lazy eyes
Youre not mad at us, are you?
Im not delighted at you! he murmured with what seemed protest
Well, you do look fine! the girl shyly said, Youre looking really cute!
(Blush/Groan) Im a demon, dammit! Im supposed to look scary and dangerous not cute!! the beast whined softly to the girl as he reasoned
slowly pacing towards him, Mayuko narrowed and softly wrapped her arms around his forearm, somewhat hugging it
!!!! eyes in silver shot wide open, the beast froze eyeing the girl, but then his ear perked as slight giggling seeped from a temple boy and his female friend, glaring them, they both blushed and craned away as if they saw nothing
Tora eyes closed, Mayuko softly called
Um y-yeah? the beast felt nervous, his heart started to throb, why was the female so nice tonight?
Was there ever someone in your life?
Friend? Family? Someone you loved? slowly their eyes locked as she softly whispered to the beast, just so her friends wont hear her question
Err--!! one hand scratching the back of his neck, then rubbing the back of his neck, then drawing from his neck to his shoulder, Tora couldnt say anything, then gave a little no to the ocean gray eyes fixed on his silver plates
Oh thats too bad she softly said to him, slightly nuzzling the beasts arm, what about Ushio? she asked, head resting on the beasts hugged arm
The brat is just a fighting partner the beast murmured
Oh I see she closed her eyes and snuggled her face into his arm a little more

And they both froze like that for a while, silence and harmony slowly enveloped the place whole they both talked shortly about a few things, and actually chatted for quite a while

slowly the beast stopped eyeing the citys landscape spread in front of him, only to notice that the ocean gray eyed girl was sitting next to him on the bolder, resting her head on his side, while one of his arms was swung around her, his hand resting on her hip slightly startled and embarrassed, he drew his hand back, the female was slightly sleeping with slight panting, the beast craned around, only to see the priest sitting alone resting near by watching the sky while listening to some music form a portable radio he brought along
(Snapping out of her sleep) Mayuko rubbed her eyes, and then craned to the beast, Oh-Im sorry! I mustve dosed off
sleep if you need! the beast softly said, the female was too sleepy to walk, so he scooped her up in his arms and walked up to the priest, go to sleep
um-hmm she mumbled as she rested her head on a pillow the priest already took out
Probably not used on staying up late the priest slightly smiled
Where are they? the beast softly asked
Asako and Ushio? Tora gave a nod they went to the park to check out a few games! You can join them if you want!
Ill join, just to make sure the brat doesn't cause any trouble! I know a few demons that just love causing trouble at crowded places!
Be back soon Tora said with a cold voice as he calmly walked away towards the festival
Shigure said nothing as he eyed the beast walk away, Tora was acting quite nice and calm, probably feeling all right

At Ushio and Asako

We have a winner! a man said with a wide smile giving the boy a toy horse for winging in a shooting game, and here is your prize!
Thanks! Ushio smiled accepting the gift, putting the toy in the empty paper bag Asako had before, stuffing it with a few more toys, looking around; Ushio held the bag in one hand, the spear in the other, Hmm I wonder where Asako went!
Ushio! Asako happily called as she ran quickly with a white Unicorn toy, whatcha think? she giggled, I won it in tossing the loop game!
Cool! the boy smiled, but the bag is full! Theres no space to put it in!
Hmm the girl pouted, I knew I had to get a bigger bag! shrugging O well, might as well carry it with me, then!
Okay pausing for a sec, the boy looked around, should we head back now, or should we play sum-more?
More!!!! squeaked the girl
Okay reaching to his wallet, with a sweat drop and an Oops! Ushio gave a stupid chuckle
Not enough money, eh? disappointed, the girl asked her friend
Well, Im more broke than you are! she murmured, I guess well have to head back then, eh?
Yeah, Cmon! Lets go!

Reaching the outskirts of the festival, the boy and his female friend saw the beast Tora didnt notice them, he was somewhat giving them his back as he eyes all the lights and commotion around, resting the side of his body against a tree, head resting slightly on the tree as well, eyes slightly lazy and calm, a slight curve on his lips eyeing each other, Ushio and Asako wondered if they should disturb the beast or leave him wonder as he wishs? They choose choice number two, so they trialed back towards the priest, only to find their half awake friend yawning in sleep

Hey, Mayuko! Asako greeted, Ushio walked behind whats the matter? Have you fallen asleep?
Yeah a little! Mayuko shyly admitted
So? How did it feel?
Nice! Its good to have a short nap every now and then!
Oh-no-no-no-no-no! Asako wickedly smiled, I mean how it felt when you slept in Toras arms?
Asako! Ushio scolded in protest
Aw-Hush up, Ushio! the girl scolded back
(Hard core blush)!!!!! placing her fingertips on her lips, Mayuko couldnt find the words to protest has she slept there that long?
You dont have to answer, Mayuko! Ushio reasoned, And you should know better than to ask such questions, Asako!
(Sticking out her tong) youre no fun! the girl mumbled pause, When do you think Toras coming?
He went looking for you! the priest said, havent you met?
Oh-we saw him, we just thought he wanted to see the place, we didnt know he was looking for us! Ushio stated as he placed down the bag
? Mayuko eyed the bag, then her friends they both a smile

Mean while

They just passed! Their sent isnt too old! the beast murmured in the darkness of the forest following foot steps on the ground, probably hadnt seen me near by! pause, almost a blush or maybe they had?
? jerking around in sudden activity, the beast was ready for battle
My-my! Arent you a fine looking male! a female voice sweetly giggled, Lord Nagatobimaru, I presume? it questioned
Who wants to know? the beast growled, hands fisted a side view of Tora as he glared the darkness
It matters not! a lizard female stepped out of the darkness, heavy thick dark green scales covering one side, while the other side is less thick shimmering like silky green skin, fish-fin like fans like a mane on the back of her head till the tip of her tail, the side of her body witch had the thick scales, her eye was slitted like a cat, and the other side had a light blue eye
? eyeing her tail, it was twice as tall as her entire body, with many spikes at the last tip, flickering around like a lashing tail her tail was long enough for her to wrap it around her own neck
Nice clothing! the female rested her body weight to one side, as a hand lazily cupped her waist, makes you look sexy!
! with what seemed a stinging insult, the beast gave a growled, what do you want?
Nothing! Im just here to tell you her smile morphed to a growl while you slack around here enjoying your time, Hakumen no mono is probably charging up enough power to blow this whole content all up to kingdom-com!
The spear barrier had not yet completed his training!
Rush him!
I cant do that! If I rushed him, he may not succeed in defeating Hakumen no mono! pause, besides, what does a reptile have in interest in an AzaFuses matter?
We share the same homeland, dont we? she rudely mocked

Tora! Asako called from a distance
? jerking to her, Tora quickly jerked to the female, she wasnt there anymore
with a frown, the beast clinched his hands
Hey, Tora! Cmon! Weve got sumthin for ya! Asako squealed in excitement after she appeared, grabbing the beast by the wrist pulling him the way back
Whoa~! startled, the beast eyed the girl as she dragged him impatiently, easy female! No need to rush! he gave a sweat drop

Hey! Ushio greeted, that was fast!
Yeah! panting, the harsh voiced girl turned to eye a pretty puzzled beast, ya ready Tora?
Ready? For what? the beast cooed in confusion
While being in the park, Asako won sumthin for ya! Ushio smiled widely
??? totally puzzled, the beast eyed the ocean gray eyes that were holding back a giggle Mayuko was also blushing
Close your eyes! Asako smiled
Cmon, Tora! Close your eyes and reach out your hands!
(frown) this is stupid! he protested
Aw-cmon! Asako whined, Close your eyes and reach out your hands!
Cmon, Tora! Ushio somewhat scolded, its not like its gonna eatcha!
(Pout) Tora didnt wanna do that, I hate surprises! If you have something to show me, do it and get this over with!
(Pout) Ushio and Asako glared him in protest
Youre no fun, Tora! Asako mumbled as she reached into the paper bag and pulled out a wrapping, open it and see! Hope you like it!
? cocking an eyebrow, the beast eyes the wrapping, carefully picking it out of the females hand; it was small, thin and somewhat long, what is this? he questioned
Open it and see for your self, silly! Asako giggled
calmly eyeing it again, the beast craned back to the boy, eyes as if saying is this necessary? brows knotted
(Shrug) Ushio gave a slight smile, just open it! the boy calmly said
muzzle wrinkled, the beast was just feeling a tad curious, Why not! he shrugged, opening the wrapping, the things surface was red
(Lips curved) Asako was holding back an exploding laugh
What-is this? the beast mumbled as he removed all the wrapping it was a small red box, with a ring like handle on one side, and an arm on the next side, suddenly music started to play from the box, (the song was popped out the weasel I think! :O) Huh?? startled, the beast eyed the handle that started to move by its self on the side of the box, and


AHH!!! in start, a clown popped out snapping the beast out of his wits
(Exploded into laughter) Asako couldnt hold it back any longer, the thing was a jack in the box and Tora fell for it!
(heart throbbing) one hand clutching his heart, eyes shot wide open, the beast glared the female that couldnt stand on her own feet anymore, Ushio just turned around to hold his stomach together, Mayuko had a smile, but was hardly giggling, the priest was calmly holding back a smile, taking a sip of a drink
Gomin-nasai, Tora! I just HAD to try it! Asako reasoned, tears of laughter rolling down her face, you were So~ Funny~! she laughed out loud
eyeing her, then eyeing the box, the beasts lips twitched, fangs showing, then craned to the boy, Ushio was trying to cool him self down, he still hadnt turned to face the others eyebrows twitched (-U_U-X) the beast was furious


Eep! Asako jilted in start, skip a heartbeat, as she eyes the beasts knuckles flattening the box into a pile of dust, (Gulp) this is not good!
I see nothing funny about that, female! the beast growled each word in anger, thunder started to crackle in the whiteness of his forelock
Cmon, Tora! Wheres your sense of humor? the boy scolded, snapping out of his laughing daze
You just killed it! the beast answered, standing on his hind legs, rising like a bear, silver slitted eyes lazy as they glared, shifting around walking towards the bolder again
Jerk! the boy shouted, and then craning to his startled friend, Asako looked down, feeling guilty, Dont mind him, Asako! Ushio soothed his friend
No Asako said, Maybe it wasnt a good idea after all she eyed the beast angrily growling as he sat on the boulder
Ill go talk to him! Mayuko said as she stood up and walked to the beast

a sound of rumbling in his chest had the ocean gray eyed girl a bit nervous, the ancient orange beast was fuming! Tora! Mayuko softly called
What? he growled, yet not craning to her
Asako didnt mean anything! She was just trying to make you laugh!
Make me laugh! Or be laughed at? he growled eyeing her with the corner of his eye
Cmon Tora! You know she didnt mean it!

with a sigh, Mayuko eyed the beasts face, somewhat absent minded, muzzle wrinkled, eyebrows knotted Tora
Its not Asako thats bothering you, is it?
? shifting to face her, the ocean gray eyes pleaded
Please, Tora! Whatever the subject is, keep it out of your mind! Please? Mayuko said, resting a hand on the beasts hand
(Pout) eyeing her hand, almost a blush, the beast said nothing
Tora! Tonight is to have fun! Remember! Mayuko somewhat scolded
I know, I know!! You think its easy? the beast protested, shifting one hand placing it on her hand, Mayuko eyed it startled and blushed, you dont know how it feels to be forced to fight even if you dont want! the beast softly reasoned
Dont then!
I cant!
Why not?
with a desperate sigh, the beast shock his head, you could never understand, human! You could never understand! the ancient beast frowned lightly

A soft breeze blew right about then, the ancient orange mane flickered with the wind, dark orange and white locks flicked as well, dancing in front of the beasts face, the neck lice of the Kimono flickered around as well Mayukos hair also danced at then, ocean gray eyes locked with silver plates suddenly Toras ears perked, jerking to the citys landscape, slowly letting go of the females hands, walking a distance towards the cliff side worried, Mayuko knew there was a battle near by, she didnt want it to start

You promised!
Gomin-nasai! the beast whispered as he dashed away the Kimono flew down like a tree leaf on the wind, landing softly in front of her, a slight distant from her feet Tora didnt need it to battle, if he took it along, it wouldve shattered to pieces
Mayuko! Ushio called as he ran to her, where is he going? he questioned her as she slowly walked to the silk cloth, picking it up, hugging it, eyes closed as if about to cry Mayuko? he gawked
H-he went to battle was what she said, there was something in the air, I sensed it, and he sensed it too, Ushio eyes slitted open, she craned to her hunter friend, eyes glittering a bit youd better hurry! He might need your help, Ushio!
Im already there! the boy firmly said, leaping down the cliff side towards the place his partner went

Mayuko? Asako called, what happened?
Nothing nothing serious the female said, and then hugged the silk cloth a bit tighter
eyeing where the two went, Asako began to worry
Its all right! Shigure calmly said, They always leave in a rush! No need to worry!
I hope your right, Oji-san! Asako said as she companied her friend back to the priest, Mayuko was busy folding the cloth
after folding up the cloth, Mayuko placed it in her lap, awaiting the beasts return there was something on Toras mind that really bother her, she didnt know what it was, but she knew something big was taking over his thoughts


(Panting) Tora stood up on his hind legs and scrolled around, there was nothing there, but something was there a short while ago, sniffing around, and the sent was heading towards the festival, Damn! One of them troublemakers! he growled
Troublemakers? Ushio asked as he popped up behind the beast, what do you mean, Tora?
Heck! Dont follow me around like that, brat! the beast hissed
Dont change the subject! Ushio sneered, spears point at the beasts nose tip
(Yelp!!!) with a sweat drop, the beast jilted back, after a few curses he gave a pout
What were you talking about?
Nothing serious! Just a bunch of imps that love causing trouble in crowded places! the beast explained, usually they come in groups, but this time it seems that theyre less than ten or so!
You call ten less? the boy gawked, how much is a lot then?
The average limit? Hmm, about 50-100 usually! Ushio gave a stupid wide eyed gawk Theyre very small, but damn fast and tricky, and absolutely hard to grab! the beast growled, last time I ended up with such a punch I--(snap/shakes his head hard) what am I saying! Cmon lets get them before they cause trouble we can spare a lot of!!
Um, okay! the boy responded, probably had a bad experience the last time he met them! the boy thought to him self, probably mopped the floor with him or something! he thought again, and couldnt help but chuckle a bit
What are you laughing at you bone-head? the beast growled as he stood a bit far near the flashing lights of the festival
Nothing! the boy slightly chuckled, how many did you encounter, Tora?
(!!!) growling, the beast gave no answer
That many, huh? Ushio smiled, walking after his friend
dark orange tail lashing in anger, the beast sat back on his hunches watching the festival from a safe spot looks pretty calm
Are you sure that they cause trouble, Tora?
gazing around, the beast snapped, There! he barked
There? There what? Where? the boy scrolled his sight around looking for what the beast was talking about
There you Baka! the beast growled, holding the boy by the chin jerking his head to a shooting game shop, a tall man with his head covered was standing behind a man that was playing, the head covered man was a pick-pocket!
Try to stop him with no commotion, Brat! the beast demanded
Im on it! Ushio frowned, hurrying in his pacing towards the tall head covered man
Slowly moving around his hand, the thief jerked to the boy glaring him, quickly yet calmly pacing his way, wide glaring mystic eyes made the thief freeze, quickly leaping away, the thief needed an escape
Oh-no you dont! Ushio growled, scooting among the crowd trying his best to chase the thief with out bumping into anyone, but the damn thief was quick! Even Ushios speed couldnt catch him as he vanished among the crowd
Well? invisible, the ancient beast questioned
Huh? Ushio eyed his with the corner of his eye, head back! This place is too crowded! the boy didnt want people to see him talking to thin air and think hes crazy


What? the boy jerked around, commotion and lots of screaming was starting to raise, Dammit!
Sh**! They started! the beast growled, leaping away towards the center of the place
running after him, Ushio was ready for battle, O-boy! the boy murmured, eyeing all of them imps running around, little green people with pointy ears and yellow eyes, crazy evil chuckling and giggling, ruining shops, scaring people, steeling candy from children even, they were as half as tall as Ushio, thinner and pretty quick, they vanish from one place to pop into a another like ghosts
Where to start? the beast breathed, invisible no more who would care about him appearing in such a commotion?
I dunno! the boy whined, Dont they have a leader or sumthin?
Leader? Thats it! the beast approved, you might be improving after all, brat!
(Smirk!) Ushio was pretty charged up, this was the first time Tora has ever approved him on something!
Cmon! The lard-belly is probably somewhere stuffing himself with sweet stuff! pause know the location of any? Tora craned to the boy before he paced away
The cotton-candy shop! Ushio said, Its right at the end of that road!
Lets move! the beast barked Ushio settled on his back and both went fast at their destination


Hn? Mayuko jerked suddenly to eye the calm forest, her eyes scrolling around as she sensed something luring their way
Mayuko? Asako called, sitting next to her, whats wrong?
N-nothing I just thought I heard something! ocean gray eyes locked with her friend
probably your imagination Shigure calmly said, but then snapped and jerked to the same direction, then again! the old man quickly stood up, and reaching into his Kimono, probably had a few Afudas ready just in case?

Uhh a little female imp fell on her face, she seemed tired and warn out her appearance showed that she was blond, golden eyes, and a dark blue dress, she--in human--would be at least 12-15 years old, she had something like a jewel on her forehead, as if built there! The jewel was shimmering in pink
Oh! the two girls eyed the female in wonder
An imp? the priest asked thin-air in confusion
(Panting) tiredly eyeing them, she stayed motionless

the lizard female eyed them from her spot, a dark place among the treetops, she gave a relieved sigh and smiled, her long tail had spikes at the tip, and then she seemed angry, this is not good the female breathed to herself, then shifted her sight to the festival as Asako and Mayuko attended to help the imp female leaping away, the lizard female was watching over the orange beast for some reason

Bah! Fools! a short chubby ugly little imp chuckled at our two partners, you thought you could defeat my mob?
Uhh breathed Ushio as he stood back to back with the orange beast, both surrounded by thousands of imps covering the landscape in front of them, j-j-just how many are they? Ushio asked in start
(Deep panting) Tora glared as she scrolled his sight around, they were too many imps, and they were moving to fast in a circle around them, he couldnt keep his focus on any of them
Prepare to die! the ugly fat short guy sneered, ready boys?

AH! a few imps shrieked in pain, a tall green whirlwind came spinning towards them, it was spiky and it had wind pulling them towards it by force, the whirlwind injured many of them damn little troublemakers
Wha~! Tora gawked, you again?
Huh? Ushio jerked to his friend, then jerked to the whirlwind as it stopped, revealing the green female lizard
I guess you are correct he needs much training! the female calmly said, as she slowly eyed the boy, how can such a weakling posses such a weapon? she questioned in disbelieve, he can hardly defend himself with out your aid! she concluded
Hey! Ushio whined in protest

Akira? You damn spiky assed bit**!! the imp growled, I thought I got rid of you and Aka for good! the ugly guy stated in annoyance, men! Get up on your feet you buffoons! Are you going to let a female beat you up and live to tell about it? he shouted to his mob
Whirl Wind! she shouted as she quickly spun around her self, tail spinning along as her spikes perked out
Ack! Ushio and Tora leaped out of her way
Whoa! Ushio breathed as Tora held him by the waist and flew a few feet up, where it was safe!
Geez! Shes one hell of a bit**! the beast murmured, and then placed the boy over his shoulder
? eyeing the beast from where he sat on his shoulder, Ushio eyed the ancient beast orange black stripped face, studying the battle, silver slitted eyes calmly watching, then suddenly craned to him
Yes? Tora growled
Shouldnt we help her? Ushio asked, spear clutched tight in his grip
I suppose we should, but not now, perhaps after she stops spinning! the beast gave a sweat drop; he didnt want to go down there and end up being shredded!
I see your point!

Ushio! Tora!

? the two partners jerked to the where the faint sound came, it was weak, but they could hear it over the sound of battle
Asako and Mayuko! Ushio breathed, and then craned to the beast
(Grunt) Tora headed a little back, go see what they want! I want to see how this battle would end! Tora growled as he placed the boy on the ground, he was still hovering in the air
Hey! No fair! Ushio protested whining like a five year old, but then gave a pout, with a snort he walked around and towards his friends


silent, the little female imp gave a little sigh as she drank that refreshing cool water, thank you! she sweetly said to the two females
Dont mention it! Asako smiled
so~ let me get this straight, you are the Queen, your little brother double crossed you and took over the thrown, made everyone think you were dead and took over?
that is correct! the female imp softly said, golden eyes fixed on the ocean gray eyes, my body guard, Akira, helped me, she found out about Kiros plan, but was a little too late to help me escape, she managed to flee me from the dungeon, where my brother sentenced me to stay there till the day I die hands cupping her lips, oh I hope shes all right!
Dont worry! Shes one hell of a gal! Ushio chuckled, and she has one hell offa tail, too! he gave a sweat drop
Ushio! Asako scolded, blushing, she set her knuckles on his scull
OW~! the boy jilted, what? What did I say now? the complained in start
T__TX Asako just glared
But wait, he cant just claim himself King, can he? Mayuko asked
He would need this! the imp female pointed to the jewel on her forehead, its a family crest, he would not be claimed officially King with out it, but he made an exact copy and somehow fastened it to his forehead, making everyone believe that I died and left the kingdom to him! she paused, I must stop him! He is mad! He would cause chaos to this world if power settled between his fingers! she concluded her words
Hes your little brother, right? Asako asked
That is correct Aka responded
Why dont you grab the little brat and give him a good spanking? she stated, How dare he do this to his elder sister?
Kiro is impatient, he could not bare the thought of the kingdom being ruled by a female, he hated me at any case, even before our parents passed, and I was claimed Queen

For being older and wiser Aka concluded, sounds more like shes mocking
A sour looser, huh? Ushio mocked

GREYYAAAaaaaaaaa!!! thunder crackled reaching to the seventh sky and back

Tora! Ushio jilted, spear clutched tight, Asako, Mayuko, be careful!
Ushio! Shigure called
Im coming with you!
walking towards his son, passing him, the priest gave his son no choice
??? cocking an eyebrow, Ushio craned to his friends, they just gave a shrug, so he hurried after his father

Uh-dad, are you sure about this? Ushio started, I mean shouldnt you be with the girls? You know? Just in case?
I am fed up with being a secondary character in these fic, Ushio! Im participating you like it or not!
(Sweat drop)
Come! We must hurry! was what the priest said as he trialed along again
If you say so jerks to me youd better be sure of what youre doing!
I am! I murmured, Carry on with the fic, boy!
(cursing/growling) Ushio carried on, cursing crazy authors who make him and Tora do crazy things for the love of supernatural stories!!!


!!! panting, the female lizard leaped off the cloth tent dodging a pin thrown from a bamboo stick, tranquilizers? she murmured
Yaw! Tora jilted in pain, damn little--!! he chased over a few imps that were too fast for him to catch
(Sweat drop) Akira shook her head, giving a sigh and a white thing, the beast was doing a very bad job slitted eye jerked to one side eyeing the mob, Damn! Kiro got away! she hissed, Nagatobimaru! she called, and Tora jerked to her, find their leader! Ill take care of these small fries!
What? in what seemed protest, Tora wanted to say something
Tch-fine! the beast growled, then leaped off a bit away to catch the leader imps smell, and he couldnt possibly miss something smelling like sweet surge now, can he?

? jerking around, the temple boy eyed his father calmly eyeing a dark spot in the forest, dad? Something wrong?
Something just passed us! the priest said to his son
Like what?
Im not sure
Hey, Brat! Tora barked as he dashed their way, seen the little green fat maggot? That damn thing might be fat, but he sure is fast! the beast growled in annoyance, then blinked the old man, priest? What are you doing here?
Im here to help!
Oh? Then be careful not to fall apart on us, okay gramps? the beast mocked, Shigure slightly glared but said nothing slowly reaching to his Kimono, the old man thwacked an Afuda on the beasts head
Hey! Wha~! shifting his shoulders a bit, dammit human! You know these damn papers give me an itch!! Tora reached up and bitterly plucked off the Afuda, Sheez! I have an itch all over my skin! the beast walked up on his hind legs, rising like a bear rubbing his back to a tree, Ow~ yes that feels good!
Knock it off you flee bag! Ushio chuckled, so, youre saying the little fat guy got away?
Yeah! That lizard girl is still back there fighting those damn little nippers!
Do Afudas work on imps? Ushio craned to his father
In a way, I think they might! Maybe they could cause an itch like they do to Tora?
Dont you dare come near me with those damn things! the beast growled as he shrunk back a little, head sunk between his shoulders, back to the tree, the beast folded his arms on his chest, one leg resting backwards on the tree, the other keeping him standing

Nagatobimaru! Akira called as she dashed in, whirlwind slowly stopping behind her, have you--huh? she froze, eyeing the priest, what? Another one? she whined
Huh? Shigure questioned
Last time a priest/monk tried sealing Kiro, he ended up trapped in his own seal! the female lizard breathed, Id back up if I were you!
Hey! My dad can seal anyone if he wanted! the boy barked
Your dad? gawking get real! Hes your father?
Sumthin wrong with that? the beast mocked
The boy is--and the man is how--?? she stuttered
Never mind! Shigure cut-in, we have to do something about those imps before they destroy the whole place!
Yes! You are absolutely correct! Akira said, gaining back her calm self, But I must check on Aka!
This way! Ushio led the way back


Damn if Akira still survives, so does Aka! the little ugly fat imp muttered to himself, sitting his fat butt on the thrown
Sir? a servant walked to his king
What do you want?
A few villagers want to meet you!
Its your duty as king to attend to your kingdom!
Oh-yeah! (Wicked smirk) listen, servant, attend to my first new rule!
No one will come to complain to me! If someone has a problem, hed better solve it himself!
B-but sir!
You have a problem with that?
n-no sir weakly answered the servant
Good! No go spread the new rule
Yes sir (Mumble/mutter)
What was that? T_T
N-nothing! O_O;;
Hmm good, no get out of my face, and get me more food!
Yes sir
Wait! the fat guy suddenly barked
Tell everyone, no! Make it an announcement, if anyone saw Akira, bring her to me, but if she refuses, kill her! She is the only one that might be responsible for my dear~ sister~ Akas death! She must be the traitor!
B-but Akira? Sir, are you--
Do you doubt my words?
N-no sir!!!
Then go!
Yes-Sir! and quickly the servant scooted away
heh-heh evilly chuckled the imp, two birds with one blow he whispered, this should go easy!


OH! Akira! the little female cheered, hugging with her calm friend, you are all right! arms around the female lizards neck, the little imp female gave a sigh, thank god
(Startled) Milady Aka the female smiled, placing her non-thick skinned hand on the imp girl, only now can we notice, there is a slight layer of see-through skin in-between her fingers, we are not out of the red-zone yet, Kiro had gotten away, and is probably planning to find us!
But Akira!
You and I will stay a far safe distance until everything is clear he might turn the villagers against us!

Um-Akira! Mayuko started, if I may can I help?
I beg your pardon? the lizard female gawked
Mayuko! Ushio somewhat squeaked, are you serious?
She needs help, Ushio! Asako barked, Youre not chicken, are you?
Of course not! Ushio frowned
Tora, with an expressionless face, oddly said nothing
Shigure eyed the beast, something on your mind, Tora?
If the imp was able to escape in such speed, then the kingdom shouldnt be far away, should it? cold silver eyes lazily eyed the little imp
aka cleared her throat
Things like that are not to be revealed to Humans, or Demons! Akira hissed like the lizard she is
Hey? If you want us to help girly, we have to know where it is!
We did not ask for your aid, Demon! Go stuff your nose down a trashcan!
Akira! Aka softly scolded, No need to be rude!
the little imp girl stood up, she only reached the height of her female bodyguards hip! Standing on her own two legs, the lizard female lashed her tail to the sides as she shifted her weight to one side, thick-skinned hand cupping her waist, enough nonsense! We must attend to our subject, Milady! the female reasoned, walking a few feet away, standing as only her eyes glowed in the dim light she eyed her Queen as she stood up, brushed her clothing and eyed the two girls
Thank you for what you have done, and I beg your pardon for Akiras behavior! She isnt usually this edgy!
Its okay! Asako soothed, then with the corner of her eye shot a mocking glare to the two partners, weve met worse!
(Pout) Ushio and Tora eyed each other, in start they snapped, jerked away their faces with Humph!!! each jerking to an opposite direction
Mayuko held back a small giggle

with a slight bow, the imp followed her bodyguard to go find a place safe for them to stay
Something wrong Mayuko?
This isnt exactly a happy occasion, so much for the Cherry tree festival!
Yeah I guess youre right
Yawn Ushio rubbed his eyes tiredly, man Im bushed!
shaking away the need to yawn, the beast jingled his head, lets head back, I dont think anything would happen now" craning to the sky, dawn is near, and we all need rest!
Yes, youre right Shigure approved, everyone was tired and warn out, so splitting apart, each went to his home to rest for the day

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