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Dragon Tales 2

Chapter Two:

Birds arent singing anymore, its night, and theyre at their homes resting I open my eyes and look at the orange sky, stars faintly appearing in that dark blue blanket I take in a deep breath drawing in some of that marvelous cool refreshing air I smile and look up at the heavens, and then stand on my four feet and stretch

Ow! I snap in pain, my heel feels stiff! And it oddly hurts! I sit back and look at it, aw-sh**! Its all swollen up! Red and moldy! The bandages are kind of loose and theyre damp! Better go down and get them changed, my leg is killing me!

Good evening Tora the priest calmly greets as I walked into the living room, as usual, hes reading a book!
I say nothing and sit back; I wonder where the brat took Ryorin
What happened to your foot? the priest questioned, his baggy cloths rustling as he got up, walked up to me and examined my injury does it hurt?
No, it just itches, and it bothers me I whine, he then stood up and to the kitchen, probably to the aid kit again I hate that damn thing, sigh I look away toward the boys room; I wonder how the little one is doing


There! I smile, a nice little purple ribbon around her neck making her look extra cute! So? What do you think? I ask Ryorin, and she cutely squeaks in approval I think she likes it!
slowly getting up on her four limbs, her wings are spread but tattered, but her feet/pads are okay, her forefeet look like hands, body moving somewhat like an alligator, but she walks on them, so does that make them hands of forefeet?? (Shrug) I watch her as she slowly walks around, inspecting my room, sniffling here and there, looking curious ever since I brought her here, I was the one to move her from one place to another, she never moved by her self really shes a bit slow; shes probably just weary her limbs are short but thin in a way, and her wings are tattered leather
Ryorin I call her in the spur of the moment, and she cutely look at me, somehow a human reaction, I dunno--something about her feels, human! She understands me and knows what Im saying, maybe shes more than just an itty bitty little female dragon, do you understand what I say? I ask her and surprisingly she dipped her head in approval!
(Somewhat humming) she slowly slithered her way towards me, she was mostly dragging herself, heavily moving the way she moved was the same way an infant would go when it learns to crawl, the poor thing wasnt moving very well
? I blink her as she seemed to change her course, from me, heading towards the spear resting at my bed a few feet away I dont think it would be a good idea for her to touch it, it might hurt her, or burn her like it does to Tora well, Ive never seen him try to touch the spear, but he keeps telling me demons cant touch it because it has the power to obliterate anything that tries! No one can hold it but me! The beholder of it!!
(Sniffling) shes at the metal head, curiously smelling it, and it softly hummed; I honestly dont think it would hurt her, it doesn't seem to be attending to do so Oh-uh!! Shes climbing over it! The spear is humming louder; I can feel its discomfort! Ryorin is snooping around the tattered silk for some reason
Uh--Ryorin, I dont think you should do that! sweat dropping, I carefully scoop her off the spear; slowly its humming softened, but oddly didnt stop Whew~! I smile as the spear finally silenced, that humming had me a bit worried
(Squeak) Ryorin cutely called, and I look down at her, sulking she gives me this odd--sad baby face? Gee? I wonder whats wrong
Hn? I turn around and to my alarm clock, its getting late, I wonder if Tora is still on the rooftops, and if Dad is awake, and I wonder if Asako still has a grudge on Tora for peeking on us further more, what worries me is Mayuko, shes really been furthering away from us lately, as if--trying to avoid us from encountering something, and if I know Mayuko correctly, shes probably in trouble but thinks she can handle it without my aid I dont want to interfere; maybe Im just over doing it

Ushio? Whats the matter?

HUH? I jerk down to Ryorin; she worriedly looks at me, that sad little baby face cutely waging her tail, did you--say--something? Im probably over working my brains, cause for a minute there, I swear I heard the softest, sweeties, most delicate ringing silver bells in the core of my ears!

Of course I did! What do you think I am? Speechless?

h-how?? shes not moving her mouth, yet I hear her talking!! How is she doing that?? If--you can talk why didnt you say anything earlier? I ask, heart throbbing, this is crazy

Well its a bit hard to explain, cause (shrugging) I have no idea how Im doing this either!

??? she sounds, nervous, and I guess shes pretty much lost, too, her voice showed it her beautiful ocean-gray eyes are staring right at me! Beautifully shimmering like flickering waves or crystal clear waters under the bright sunlight

Unh-what? Why are you staring at me like that?

(Stutter) I guess I embarrassed her, looking straight into those orbs she flicked her fragile wings softly and lowered her head a bit, sorry about that I nervously chuckle, I pick up the spear, Ryorin cradled in one arm and then walk towards the door, I should let Tora and dad know you can talk

What if they cant hear me?

Why would you think that?

Because I spent most of my time with you! I didnt get much of a chance to communicate with them properly Oh! And by the way, my name is Kikka! Not Ryorin!

Kikka?? okay, so we have to change the title, okay, I guess

Ryorin is my youngest sisters name

Sister? I gawk her, you have other dragon-sisters? A dragon family?? she somewhat pouted while muttering

No~! Im actually--err--sigh never mind

Whats wrong? I can feel heartbeats throbbing! Something is bothering her, and I cant help but be nosy in concern

Door slid open

Ushio! I say to him, I felt him stand by the door then started talking to himself, I wonder why is something he matter?
Oh-no nothing dad! he smiles sheepishly, but then Ryorin cutely squeaked, No? What do you mean? huh? He can talk to her?
Ushio? I ask him, can he communicate to her, you can understand her?
Err--well he looked down at her nervously, and she looked at me and squeaked again
? I dont understand it, but I can tell shes trying to tell me something
(Annoyed squeak)
Yeah-I noticed my son stupidly chuckled; I wonder what she said to him
Ushio, is everything alright?
Um, yeah everything is just fine dad, right? he looks down at her, and surprisingly, she nodded in approval!
I see I feel like Im missing something here! (Sweat drop)
Oh-and dad!
I littler correction, her name is Kikka!
Kikka? but he named her Ryorin, didnt he? Why did he change it?
Yeah it appears to be her real name
Im a bit foggy here I think Ill go read a nice book, I see, well Ill be in my room and trail away, I need a cold shower


I guess my old man got confused he chuckled, then walked towards the kitchen, or was it the living room, eh-what the heck I look around as he tenderly carries me in his arm, that huge spear in his other hand; I wonder why he possesses such a weapon in such an early age! Hes too young to be a warrior! Well, though father became a solider when he was only ten, he became a mastered warrior when he reached eighteen! And now hes a king! A lord! The Lord of Dragons! Married to my mother the daughter of the first dragon blood, Lady Nagini! Kikka! he calls, I guess I dazed away


Something wrong Kikka? You just zoned out on me he looks worried, aw-the sweet boy sigh, he wouldnt believe Im under my own fathers curse, and that Im a princes!

No I was just wondering

About? aw-youre such a sweetheart! Better that Ryekin, the wimp! He started sobbing when he broke a nail! And father insisted on us getting wed! Like sh** thats gonna happen! I aint gonna marry a female-version of a guy! He might be a wonderful swordsman, but he sucks, big time! (T~TX)

Nothing much

Kikka? a spooky deep voice suddenly rumbled, I jerk my head and I see my reflection in something silver white!


Ack! She screamed? oh-!! Its just the demon! Dragons dont scream! he growled at the boy, Sheez! When did he get here??
Because you scared her you idiot! Ushio growled back, and he looks angry, I can feel his body heat seeping into me! Sh** stupid cold-blood! He feels so sexy-hot! It sooths me, I cant help but snuggle and--no!!! Get it out of your mind you perverted girl! Youre cold-blooded now! Dont let it take over you! Besides he already has a girl and you already have a guy! So the subject is settled! Its closed! Forget about it!!

(Curses under breath) the beast muttered something really isnt nice! Even I cant be that foul mouthed I dont like the orange maggot, I could wait until Ushio leaves the room, I transform in size like I did before and bite his ass really hard! (Evil snicker) I really scared him last time, he thought that little O-me is just a peony little dragon eh? Well, he has more coming! I can be ten times bigger and crush this pitiful temple into a pulp! () Nah~! Ushios been too nice! I cant destroy his home for my love of destruction! God curse the devil, why do I like destroying things? Probably got it from dad! (T__T|||)
Kikka! he sweetly calls me, whats the matter? Do you always daydream like this? he asked, spear resting in his lap, scooping me like a cat his hands around my chest--thank God I dont have breasts as a dragon--and faces me in front of him, you can really get a guy worried he smiles, Aw-how I love his smile! It looks so much like my loves!

No Im sorry; I just have a lot of things in mind

SH**?? the demon suddenly snapped, whats with him?
What is it Tora? Tora! Yeah, I keep forgetting the name Tora means tiger, and this one is a real mangy one! Hmm, I wonder what Ushio means?
She can talk? so he can hear me? Cool! All whats left is the monk!
You can hear her? Ushio beams; and the beast dips his head, great!
Listen brat! whats with this guy, growling and hissing at Ushio like that? I have a feeling he want to say something, quit playing with the lizard and listen carefully LIZARD?!?! How dare he! I changed my mind, I wont bite his ass, Ill bite his crouch! Personally! Ill rip it to limbs hell regret those words! (GRRRRR!!!)
Kikka? What's wrong? Ushio somewhat shrugged hugging me, I can feel his heartbeats rhythmically pounding
We agreed on calling her Ryorin, didnt we? Why are you calling her Kikka? he cocked an eyebrow
Cause its her real name! he said in a matter-o-fact tone
Anyway he murmured, it seems that there are more of her kind around HUH?? Me and Ushio gawk him, Oh-God please dont let it be Ryekin! Please-o-please-o-please!
What do you mean? Ushio questioned, and then looked at me, Kikka, do you have any idea about this?

No! And please! Whoever it is thats looking for me if s/he asks you never saw me, okay?

? they gawk in confusion, then Ushio turned to Tora and the demon shrugged, well, okay, if thats what you want he somewhat soothed

Thank you! (Smile) it means a lot to me!


looking around the bushes and trees, I sigh in disappointment, Ive been searching for a week now and I found no trace of the missing creature
Mayuko one of the girls calls me, walking to me with her golden yellow traditional Japanese armor, a stiff look on her face, her sisters come along, theyre triplets, one in golden yellow armor, one in crimson red, one in ivy green, there was also two more (I dont know what they call more than three that look a like!) they are six sisters looking for the seventh as far as I can tell, the one in sky-blue armor and the one in silver white arent here, they went to look somewhere else
Yes? I say my words breathlessly Im beat and I cant search anymore
Any sign of her? she softly asks; one hand on her hip, the other on her katana
No Im tired; I havent slept well last night
I see she somewhat hissed, Giniry, Kiniry, any luck?! she asked her sisters, and they shock their heads while they walk towards us
No! No sign of Kikka anywhere! Maybe shes not here Ryorin! the one in ivy green said softly
We have to find her before Hanash does! I just hope Tessin and Gigi got anything better! the one in yellow somewhat growled
Hope father is getting better, ever since Kikka left home he got really sick for what he did to her the one in green stated worriedly
Thats what he gets when he stands in stubborn-old-Kikkas way! She and Cho are in love, he should know better than to butt Ryekin into the picture! the one in yellow concluded
Yeah the two others breathed

Pause silence (Yaw~n)

Oh-Im sorry
Mayuko, you look beat, how about if we take you home? the one in red suggested
Id appreciate it I say weakly, my legs are too tired to walk back home and look up and watch Ryorin the golden dragon as she transformed into this HUGE dragon as her scales flickered brilliantly under the moon light, she lowered her head with a grunt for me to climb; as she flew, shes invisible, no one can see her in a matter of seconds Im back home and she shined as she transformed back to human form
Maybe you should stay home for the next few days; we can manage the rest on our own she soothed, but I smile and shake my head
No-I want to help!
What if your hunter friend found out? Ryorin doesn't seem to feel safe around Ushio, and I have to say, I never thought that dragons feared the spear! Just what kind of creature would hunt the dragon clan for that matter anyway?
Ill stall him, dont worry I dont want to cause Ushio and the others any problems, and I just hope I can pull it through Tora! Hes the only one that manages to get me in my lies
Alright Ill stay near by in case you needed help, by now Hanash might had found out about you, he might try to get you Ryorin warned, and according to what I remember hearing them say, Hanash is an evil sorcerer who wanted to wed his son Ryekin to their sister Kikka, but she refused, and declared that shes in love with a priest named Cho? And this Hanash sorcerer got furious; he can transform into a black snake and dangerously kill! And he happens to be on the trail of their sister
Ill be careful I dip my head and wave good bye as I walk home, my legs are killing me sigh thank God tomorrows a holiday



What? I flush; I just said shell sleep with me! I mean in the room! Youll sleep in my room! I point out; I dont want her to get the wrong idea!


she gave a relived sigh, Im no pervert, I wont even consider the idea! Sorry! I hope you dont get the wrong idea about me! I try to smile, but the idea is embarrassing! Although shes cute and all, though shes scary when shes angry, she can be dangerous when Tora teased her earlier--saying that she looks like a weathered old piece of sh**--she almost snapped his--(shudder)--ahem--!!


Err--(flush)--yes? she curiously look at me, her ocean gray orbs flickering with beauty, theyre so--enchanting!

Youre awful cute (snicker) for someone in such an age! Have you ever considered finding a mate? (Eyes lazy glare)

(BLUSH) what is she pointing at?? Um, its really getting late and Im kind of beat, how about if we just sleep? a mutter nervously feeling my pajama, I wanna sleep so I can see Mayuko; Im worried about her

Ow~! Okay (giggle) good night

she said calmly, laid down her head and closed her eyes, sleeping there in the basket, the basket is at my head, and I lay down and cover up under the blanket, close my eyes and try to sleep


I wonder if she dreams I wonder if things are gonna go alright? I wonder if Toras--ahem if I close my eyes and concentrate, I can hear his cursing in my mind! I reach out and caress Kikkas body, and it seems that she doesn't mind, she snuggled a bit and went back to sleep and so should I things arent gonna be the same for a while I guess

Next morning

I look at them, both sleeping there, that damn little nipper! They smaller they are the more it hurts! And the brat is snoring his brains out; I wonder how she can stand it!


Huh? she opened her eyes and slightly smiled, her cute bronze figure stretching out

What a night

she looks at the brat, and I can tell shes annoyed, we both gained sweat drops; the brat turned to his side and stopped snoring

And I thought fathers snoring was loud!

her old man snores? I never thought dragons snore, say, scaly she jerked to me with a face saying call me that again and Ill rip it out completely! Err--never mind! I mutter and she dips her head and walks out of the basket towards me

Is Shigure awake?

No, not yet why would she care


What? I hiss, I dont care how cute she is I aint falling for her tricks!

Would you--(wide smile/eyes shimmering/winks eyelashes)--do me a favor?

?? I dont like that face! For me if a woman have that face it only means trouble!

Can you take me to the rooftops?

Sh**?? Why?

I wanna see if my wings can at-least help me glide! Since theyre ripped and all, I cant fly anymore

Why bother the try?

Listen! Ive been a dragon for a whole year! No pain, no gain!

A year? Wait, you mean youre not really a dragon?

of-course Im a dragon! But I mean Im not supposed to be like this all my life! (Stutter) ah-never mind! (pause/sigh) anyway, can you take me?

No way!

Why the sh** not?

! did she just curse? This isnt good (-U_U-;;) Because I dont think you should! she only pouted, that look was damn cute!

Well I dont need no over grown cat to tell me what to do! Just get me to the rooftops!

Is that a demand? evil smile, dark orange tail lashed

You bet your orange butt it is!

Hmm this girls got guts! Might as well make use of it! So~ if I took you to the rooftops and just left you there to fall and splatter into a pancake, would you be satisfied?

You just take me there; Im ready for the consequences!

I dont think so! Yelp! The brat woke up!!!

Ushio! Sorry if I woke you up!

Why do you want to go to the rooftops Kikka? he growled, probably heard everything

I wanna test my wings!

But youre just a fragile, helpless little--

Are you mocking me boy! (Flames swooshed out of her mouth) are you?

!!! Oh-Uh! The womans angry and shes already throwing flames!! Better make the brat forfeit before she burns the place down to hell!!

Im not mocking you! Im just saying you shouldnt try it! What if you got splattered?

Itll be my problem boy! So butt out!

I dont think so! the brat is halting out of bed and attends to grab her, Ill put you somewhere you can hurt your self!


Wow! she bolted right outta here!
You idiot! After her! the boy hissed at me and watched the hole in his door, howd she do that? He slammed the door open and ran out, Kikka!!
Whered she go? she wasnt this fast yesterday, was she? I sniff around and I cough her sent, This way I hiss to the boy, he tightened his grip on the spear and followed


Stupid human! Thinking I cant take care of my self Im 24 I can handle thing more easily than him! I dont need some-some--Brat!--to tell me what to do!

Kikka! Oh-Uh! Hes looking for me! Better hide! I look around and I find my self outside, I look and look
Hn? Sh**! Its Hanash!


You fool! Impudent girl! You thought you could defy my power!
O~ f*** out you old sh**! (T__TX)
Very well if you think you are worthy of my wrath! I shall taste youre agony and defeat to--
How dare you-you despicable little--
Get a life! (T~T) I smirk as I bolt my way out though the gates, I flap my wings but theyre not doing so well! Im gaining altitude but its not high enough! But oddly, Hanash didnt chase after me, I wonder why?

Kikka! Oh-no! Hes right behind me!
Gotcha! Damn! Tora got me!

Ah-Stop! Youre squeezing my gut over here! (Glare) is this the way you demons treat a lady!?

Lady my ass! I could just snip off your tail, fry it, and then have it for lunch! he then evilly smiled, come to think about it! Ill eat you at any rate! hes hovering me over his open mouth!!



Wo~! I bet that hurt!

Hes used to it Ushio sneered and pulled back the spear, Toras head looks awfully flat from here! Cmon the boy growled and took me from Toras hand, Tora you ought to know better than to try and eat her!
DAMN! That bit** was getting on my nerves!

Bit**? BIT**?!?! Ill show you a BIT**!!!

HEY! leaping out of Ushios hands, Tora yelped and leaped hovering into the air, legs crossed protecting his--err--treasure? Theres no way Im letting you near me! he muttered
Thats it! Im afraid Im gonna have to restrain you Kikka!

You can bet your sorry butt you wont!

Kikka! he yelled as I sprung away into the sky, but my wings failed me since the road leading to the city goes downward from the temple, it gave me enough pulsing to glide higher but I was so into gliding, I didnt notice the two girls walking up towards us

Eep! Pull up!! Pull up!!!

EEP! the two girls screamed as I tried to avoid running into them, the tawny-haired one dodged me, but only ended up smacking into the black-haired girls face!
Asako! Mayuko! Kikka are you all alright? Ushio asked in worry as he ran to us, and the one with the black hair pealed me off her face
Uhh--yeah! face to face, when she realized what hit her, her face when white and--

(An annoyingly ear popping shriek!)

SH**! Not so loud! My hands are too short and I cant cover my ears--where ever they are--you know!

EEK! she screamed again and threw me with all her might, and only to be cough in the demons hands again he caught me like a baseball! He makes a pretty good catcher!
Nice throw! Tora chuckled, the jackass! He dangled me holding me with two forefingers by the tail


I think your bothering her Tora! the tawny-haired girl said in worry, I guess she cant hear me but wait! Theres a necklace around her neck, and an ivory shell dangling at the end of it Ive seen that shell before!
She started it! he growled, I can hear the rumbles in his chest
(pant-pant-pant) the black haired girl felt her head, I guess I startled her badly, but wait! Its the girl from earlier!
Are you okay Asako?
What about you Mayuko?
Yes why is it that she always wears so tight?? Trying to impress Ushio?? I look at Ushio; the idiot is as blind as a bat! He helped the black haired girl up and then craned to talk to the other girl, the tawny haired one (U_U tisk-tisk-tisk) he has my pity

Ugh! My head hurts! Tora! Put me down!

Why should I?
Hn? Why should you what Tora? Asako asked, I guess she cant hear me! And I guess she forgot to let go of Ushios hand as she stood up!
Tora put her down Ushio demanded, spear butt on the dirt

You two make a nice couple! Cute holding hands like that!

Huh?? Ushio flushed, then jerked his head and released her fingers, Tora just blew up laughing!
Whats going on here?? the black haired girl demanded, her cheeks grew red!

(Ear popping whistle!)

??? all shifted to the tawny-haired girl, she blew the whistle with all her might, then drew in a deep breath and looked back at us
What was that? Ushio gawked, from whered you get that whistle Mayuko?
I Kikkas sisters gave it to me!

SH**!! She just summoned my sisters!

Sisters? You have sisters? Tora barked at me, but I can feel their approach, I gotta get outta here!!

Im sorry Tora!



YAW!!!! I bit his fingers hard and he threw me away in pain, great! Just the right altitude! I spread my wings and flap for balance but manage to glide my way down, Oh-Uh!! Someone is very close! Something is shading me! I look aside and I see flickering white! Its Giniry!

Kikka! Where are you going?
Beat it! Im not going back!
Kiniry! (Flickering red, flies on the other side of me)

Kikka! Ushio calls and rushes after me, so persistent! Toras right behind him, the two girls as well, my sisters are in dragon form as small as I am and gliding smoothly towards me, but my wings failed and I fall right on my face!


Kikka! I bark, and I halt when I see two more dragons fighting with her, Kikka in bronze, one in silver white, and one in bloody red, Sh**? What are they doing? I hold up the spear to swat the damn little--
Ushio! Wait! Mayuko shouted, then stands in front of me, theyre her sisters!
Sisters? Tora growled, Sisterly love? I think not! he muttered
They look more like prosecutors if you ask me! I growl, what kind of sister would hunt down its sibling?
Shouldnt we at-least brake their fight? Asako asked as she stood next to me, panting

You shall do no such thing! I man shouted behind us, I jerk and see an old man, and Id say hes as old as my old man, wearing black armor, looks like a samurai from the old days! Probably an old fashioned geek! (Sweat drop) but then I saw four more girls behind him looking worried
Oh-yeah? And who are you to order us around? I growl, only for the extra weight of an orange clawed hand to make my head bow
Forgive his insolence, but you are Lord Deva, are you not? Tora tried to smile
Yes, and you are Lord Nagatobimaru, correct?
Yes! he affirmed, what the sh** is going on here? Tora knows this guy?
Kiniry, Giniry! Stop this at once! he demanded, and the two little dragons stopped fighting Kikka
Huh?? at a matter of seconds, they transformed into young arrogantly beautiful women!!
Were sorry father! the white one tried to smile as she gripped Kikka in her hands, but you know how stubborn Kikka can be!
Yes I know he sighed, and then walked a step forwards and Kikka started hissing

Back off daddy! I aint going back!

Oh-yes you are young lady!
Huh? Asako and Mayuko tugged on my sleeve, Ushio, whats going on here?? Asako looked worried
I have to foggiest idea! since the girls cant hear her, better keep the story covered
Ushio! You had better share your thought before I make you! Asako hissed; her knuckled hand under the tip of my nose! I can hear Tora muffle his chuckle! (T__Tx)

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