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Dragon Tales 1

Disclaimer: I dont own Ushio Tora because if I did I wouldnt be a fan fiction writer, now would I?

Chapter One:

Cool wind dead leaves in brown, tan and yellow and the brat walking his way back home from school that damn thing on his shoulder, those black clothing with yellow buttons, tennis shoes his two girl-friends waving goodbye at the gates sigh and me! Laying here with a twisted foot in the living room watching a male-house-wife work this is worse than a stupid-late drama-movie

Hi Dad! Hi Tora! the brat greets, hn? Somethings in-between his arms, wrapped in an old cloth look what I found he walked to his old man
Oh? the priest looks surprised, I wonder what hes got!
Wanna see? he smirks at me, so I jerked away...
no I hiss, hed probably teas me if I said otherwise
Are you sure? he taunted
I wanna, but I wont satisfy him
Aw Cmon Tora! I know you wanna see it!
Says who? I hiss so what if I wanna see it? Show me and get it over with!
Promise you wont try to eat it if I show you?
? eat it? What? Its edible? I cock an eyebrow; just what is it that he has that I could possibly eat?
Promise me Tora! he somewhat growls
(Humph) if he doesn't wanna show me, why would he want me to promise? I bet whatever hes got tastes awful anyway
(Faint screech) a rustle came from within the cloth
? huh? What is that? I shift my ear up and stretch my neck, whats he got anyway?
Oh? So you do wanna see? the brat scoots a bit back, covering the thing so I cant see it
(Pout) he can keep his stupid thing to himself, Im getting outta here, I limb-out my twisted foot as I heavily walk my way out, I could use a little fresh air
Aw~ Cmon Tora! Cant you take a jock? he whines, heh, I love it when he does, I love getting on his nerves for that matter
I look around, he stood up now as he frowned at me, defiantly not from you I mutter, carefully walking my way out

A~h yes! Out into the nice fresh air outside! I feel the air so cool in my lungs, not like the air inside the temple, always warm and smells like wood, dust and furniture! Its always warm in there, the air only changes when they open the windows and doors, and the sky is nice today, all the doors and windows are open except for one, its door shut tight the basement why did I have to pass this place? I could just walk by it and never look at it, but I cant whenever I pass this place I have to stop and glance at it at-least for a while

It was nothing but a nightmare I awoke from a real loud frustrating awakening I must say, a real hot-headed pain in the ass I look behind me, and I know the brat soundlessly follows; its not that he cares; he just loves following me or is it that he feels guilty for twisting my foot? Wait! Him? Guilty? Nah~! I bet hes glad I cant walk straight for a day or two; maybe he meant to do so! Ill ignore him; maybe--just maybe--hell go away


I wonder what Toras doing looking at the basement door like so, hes not missing it in there is he? Well, hes probably crazy to think about that
(Rustle) Oh-yeah! I forgot to leave you inside! Sorry I hurry in, and I head up to my room to change and to find something to place this new guy in

Taking off my black-school top, I remembered the empty fruit basket in the kitchen; it would make a nice bed! I slip out of my black pants and into jeans, theyre more comfy, now I throw on a nice soft white shirt with light blue stripes, I hold the spear and I turn to the new guy and--HUH! Hes not here! Aw man! My bedroom door is open! It probably slipped out; Id better find it before Tora does!

Dad! Have you seen the new thing I just brought with me? I ask in haste, maybe my old man saw it
No! Why? Is it missing? he calmly looks at me
Yeah, I forgot the bedroom door open I mumble, maybe it slipped outside towards the backyard
Maybe its in the backyard? already thought of that old man! (T_T;;)
Maybe Ill go look I said as I bolted out, Tora had better not eat it!


Yawn, such a marvelous morning, so calm, so peaceful, so cool and silent, nothing in the world to bother me but a stupid brat making a racket near by, what the sh** is he doing? I glare him as I stood up from my spot; I was enjoying myself on the roof, as if he didnt know I slowly flew down as he looked annoyed and startled so I didnt even bother asking whats wrong, because hes gonna tell me anyway

Okay Tora! Where is it?" He hissed
Huh? wheres what? He didnt figure out I hid his math book in my spot did he? Wheres what? I hesitate in answering; maybe hes talking about something else?
he didnt answer, cursing under his breath, wonder whats eating him Id kill it! Im the only beast in this picture thats gonna eat him thats for sure
Something the matter brat? I tease, and I hope I dont get swatted for it
Didnt you see anything slither around or anything?
Slither? I ask, what on earth would slither in the temple?
It was a cool lizard Asako and I found this morning on our way back from school he explained, so thats what he had, it probably escaped his human clutch
Better than yours I chuckle, and he gawks me, I guess he didnt get the jock, Err--never mind, what color is it? at-least he didnt know about the book yet, he-he-he!!
Well, it was bronze, it was really cool he smiled, hmm, probably amused him, one of the least of thing that could amuse me!
Anything special about it? Geez, like in interrogation in a movie! (Sweat drop)
Well, it had these two funny whiskers like a dragon
Like a dragon? I shot my eyes; its only possible that it could be a dragon were its fins picky? Can it control them?
Yeah! Youve seen it? he asks in excitement, the idiot! It 'was' a dragon!
It 'was' a dragon you fool!
No way! It was too small to be a dragon! he barked at me
BAKA! a thwack his stubborn head with my fist, some dragons are as small as lizards; its their way of protection! Stupid humans like you see them small so you think theyre lizards while theyre truly dragons! I explain to the little idiot! How could he bring such a thing to my territory! Has he had no idea what kind of trouble it could cause??
What are you so pissed off about? he whines to me but then I notice a rustle besides us
Huh? I crane around, and I see the priest, a little bronze creature curled in his arms, it was as big as a house-cat I would say another mistake I add to the boys list, his 'he' was a 'she'!
Is this what you were looking for? I found it under the kitchen table Shigure smiles
great! the brat hurries to the little dragon and scoops her up, I notice a bandage around her torso and one of her arms, she also had wings, but they seemed torn, she cant fly with them anymore, its was obvious
Its beautiful the priest smiles as his rubs her head tenderly yeah-yeah so shes pretty, you should get rid of her! You humans have no idea what could happen if you left her here!!
When is she leaving? I growl, I simply have no interest in sharing my territory with one more pest! The boy is enough
She? the boy blinks at me, its a she? he jerks to blink at her, and he looks so~ stupid when he does that!
Of-course its a she! So? When is she leaving? I dont like to say the same thing twice brat, just tell me when
Shes not leaving Tora! Shes staying here! he says firmly, with that attitude, I say the subject is closed NOT!
I dont think so! I growl, I aint sharing my place with her! I dont feel like having a little pest snooping around, defiantly not a female

Uh-Oh! Hes giving me that spooky grin of his; hed better not have anything in mind, cause I dont feel like it!
Listen brat, Id get rid of her if I were you and I hope he understood that sentence
Why? he asked, holding her a bit tight
Well what do you think stupid? pesky creatures like her give me nothing but trouble!
I think youre just selfish! he barks at me shes hurt and she needs a place to stay!
Not on my hide shes not! Stupid! Why wouldnt you get it in your stubborn mind? Dragons like that are nothing but trouble!
Tora! he sneers, spear point right into my nostrils, and that hurt! You lay a hand on her and Im gonna twist your whole spine!
I feel my nose and watch the little devil as he walks away, the priest just shakes his head, shrugs at me and walks back inside that little dragon is not gonna stay one minute in this temple! Im personally gonna see to it! But right now, I need to clear up my mind; all this anger is giving me a headache


Selfish big-headed Baka picking on something so cute and harmless, why wouldnt he understand shes injured, humph, maybe hes jealous? hmm, I wonder if her wings would grow back, they seem badly torn! If like a cat sharpened its claws into a fragile sheet of paper she looks at me now, her cool bronze scales taking in my body heat, beautifully shimmering like a velvet cloth, for cold blooded creatures, its only normal her beautiful ocean-gray eyes just like Mayukos, her eyes are so beautiful! So inspiring, man! I feel like drawing! But maybe I should find something for her to eat first, Im kind of hungry myself

I place her on the kitchen table, I search through the fridge, I feel a warm breeze against the back of my neck, it felt alarming! I quickly jerk around, and I find her on the table, cutely laid on her side, I smile, it was just my imagination but then the breeze came again, and oddly enough it blew hot! It felt like Tora if he snorted behind me I jerk around, and I find her there no more Sh**! Where did she go? Tora! The first assassin I could think of, better look for him

TORA! a shout in demand, he had better not harm her
What? he whines as he replies to me from the rooftops
Come down here right now! I point a finger to the ground shouting in demand, spear clutched in my hand he lazily glares, carelessly and calmly floats down
What? he hummed in annoyance
Where is she? I hiss
I said where is she? I growl
Wheres who? He cocked an eyebrow
I know its you Tora! I growl, and I reach out my hand, cracking his jaws 180-degree open, I know you ate her so youd better spit her out Geez his teeth are bigger up close! And they look sharper! Hey! I can hear my voice echoing, too!!
Ack! he pushes me back and feels his chin you sh** head! I dont eat dragons! he growled, teeth closed, I mustve hurt his jaws, besides! Shes on you back! he glared
HUH? I jerk my head around, and suddenly something licked my cheek!
(Shimmering eyes) she cutely eyed me, she looks a bit flat-headed up close, uhh I flush hard, how could she be on my back and I couldnt feel it? And the horror! I accused Tora of eating her! Hes probably dieing for an apology now I crane my stiff neck to him
(Rubbing his chin) hes not even with me, man I hope I didnt hurt his jaw badly; it would make my guilt double
Uh-T-ora I--Im-- man, I cant say this I look at him and he tiredly glares me, with a jerk he turns around and leaps to the rooftops, head laid down, he just wanted to sleep
Baka was all I could her him curse Ouch I gave a sigh and glared the little dragon, but I guess it wasnt her fault; I was in such a hurry I didnt even think! I threw the blame on Tora directly! Just like the murder in the city last time! I dont remember, did I apologize to him or didnt I? Our relationship wasnt that much back then, but now it is hmmm~ in that case, I dont think I apologized
(Soft screech) huh? Whats the matter? She cutely looks at me; I wonder if shes hungry, better go inside and test what she likes from what she doesn't


Ushio is in the kitchen again, and that lovely little creature is resting on his shoulder, I have to admit, the cutest creature he brought into the temple after the kitten the only difference is that Tora doesn't seem to be getting long with this one, I wonder why I tiredly rub my shoulders, Ive been doing house work all day, I need a nap Ushio I call my sons name
Yeah? he beams up to me, the little dragon eating her hungry little way through an apple
Im going to my room for a quick shower and a nap, look after the temple, alright?
Okay he smiles and I smile back and head up to my room I just hope things dont go wacky when Im sleeping, cause usually it does and I only find out a while later sometimes a long while later


Easy the apple isnt going anywhere! I cant help but slightly laugh, the poor girl is probably starving, she almost bit my finger while she ate though her face is like a bird, eyes not exactly on the sides of her head, nor in the front, somewhere like a human face three fins like a fish, yet outstretching from the back of her forehead all the way down her spine and to the near end of her tail a cute little bronze beak, tiny teeth-like thorns in her jaw no teeth, the thorns are in the jaw itself reminds me of a chainsaw! Brr--! Spooky! If she bit my fingers she might actually snap them off!

Maybe thats why Tora doesn't like her around? He hates things that are either sharp, female or bite he always picks on anything smaller than his size well, hes better not pick on this one, or hes asking for it! Hn? I look down at her now, shes finished, only a bit more of the third apple is left but I guess shes full, her snake like tong in licking her beak but really, its like snakes tongs! Its quick and it has a split end! I wonder if it has poison fangs too! (Sweat drop) Im not taking the chance of checking her mouth, no way!

its looking back at me now, her eyes so beautiful, they look grateful! Its almost as if, shes beaming up to me! Beautiful shimmering in ocean-gray like that its so all so so
beautiful absolutely beautiful I hum to her
! she shifted her head up, and I could swear she seemed, startled, she shyly eyed away as if she could understand me? Shes so magnificent I couldnt help but to pick her up again
Girl I have to draw a picture of you I smile to her as I attend to walk up to my room, but wait! Since Im here, I might as well look for the basket!
? cocking her head to the side, she was confused, watching me rustle my way through the cabinet belongings
Found it! I beam to her, and she only cocks her head to me in confusion

you know something? I say to her, posed on the drawing table, me, a few feet away with my sketch book and a pencil, I need to give you a name! she calmly eyes me, ocean-gray eyes blinked once, and only now did I notice, her eyes are completely slitted and also ocean-gray! They have no whiteness like human eyes, yet not completely blank like Tora she had a darker gray circle in the middle of the ocean gray plates, they were her pupils, and it wasnt really black
she somewhat smiled yet I have no idea what she was thinking
I need a name I hummed while thinking shes a dragon, her bronze shimmered like velvet cloth and she was absolutely beautiful
Shu Ryorin a beast hummed
ACK! I bolted up and jerked around only to see Tora with a smile full of teeth, TORA! I growl and search for the spear to swat him but that gave him time to sneak away before I could
Baka he chuckled, sitting a few feet away from her he craned to her now, and she didnt move, its either he doesn't attend to hurt her, or they both seem to be planning for something sh**! Theyre glaring each other! The background went black and blue with thunder crackling and a thunderstorm! (Too many anime affects)
Tora I stated, I knew what he said was a name; I just didnt remember what it was, what did you just say? I asked him as I picked up my sketch book and pencil
Shu or Sho Ryorin, Im not sure he said calmly, dark orange tail lashing, his twisted leg still in bandages, hmm, Id better change them; theyre a day old
Bronze dragon? I whisper to myself and then smile, its a perfect name! Maybe, I could just call her Ryorin! Its much cuter I beam to her, and she smiles widely, I think she likes it!
Better than Sa Gojo Tora chuckles, River Lord? (Sweat drop) I dont think so besides the fact that it doesn't fit, its a boys name


the boy started drawing, yeah I guess shes cute and all, but I still think shes trouble although it seems that everything is going just fine sigh, maybe Im just over doing it, she seems harmless, and quiet friendly, too why am I making such a fuss about it? Ah~ I dunno, maybe its my foot, its been bothering me all day

I look at her now, so cute and peaceful sprawling there on the table, the boy drawing pictures of her her eyes ocean-gray like the hamburger girl you know something? She is kind of pretty; in a way but shes nothing to the hamburger girl; Mayukos much prettier! And she doesn't smell like water either! Mayuko always smells nice! A bit of that sweet sexy human female flesh smell, along with a bit of lung-sweet herbs and plants I just cant count, but make her smell so lovely! And the harsh voiced girl? God! She always smells hot! Makes me feel like dipping myself in cold water sometimes

Tora? the boy calls, and he seems annoyed, waving his hand a bit, would you mind? Im trying to draw here! he said calmly I was in his way? I blink the little female; shes cutely looking at me
Ahem I frown and scoot a step back the boy is back into drawing I wonder where he got, I sneak my way behind him and take a peak say~! Hes been practicing! The picture is almost a match; only difference is that hes trying to draw her wings alright
Would you mind? he hissed
Well excuse~ me! I mock and walked away, my leg is beginning to itch


I watch Tora as he walks away, to the other corner of my room, he sat back and started attending himself, well yeah he has been a mess lately hes probably bored for not having anything to do during the last few days cant blame him, Im kind of bored myself! But maybe not anymore! Ive got Ryorin! Shes gonna keep me busy for a while I beam up to her, and oddly enough she curled around herself, I guess she wants to sleep
hn? I turn to Tora again, Sh**! Tora! Dont scratch it! I yell at him, hes scratching his leg
It itches! he whines like a little baby
You shouldnt scratch it! I reason, putting aside the utensils and walk to him, I unwrap his bandages, his swell has gotten better, but its still a bit red and moldy, better put some new bandages on, wait here, Ill go get the bandages I say as I stand up and hurry to the kitchen his leg looks awful, and its all my fault, if I wouldve been more careful I wouldve swatted that monster instead of Tora! I sprung the spear right through his heel! Maybe thats why hes crossed at me, probably thinks I did it on purpose

You know something? When I think about it, every time Tora gets a cut or a slight injury, it heals by its self and its not that bad except when the injurys from the spear! It sticks to him for a long time and he keeps whining about it he can get to be such a cry-baby sometimes


man this damn thing itches
(Soft screeching)
Hn? I look at her; she looks at me strangely, what are you staring at? I bark, I dont like to be stared at
she shrinks down her head, probably scared her, he-he! Thats better! At least shed know who the boss in the place is! I look back at my leg, Im giving her my back, and man is this itch killing me! Damn brat if he wouldve watched what he was swatting I never wouldve ended up like this stuck home doing nothing but sit on my butt all day and do absolutely nothing

? Hn? Is it just me? Or had the room gone darker? No! Wait! Theres something casting its shadow over me! I jerk around, hot breath in my face; its her but ten times bigger staring down right at me! Her eyes flashing like torches of flame Gulp! This isnt looking good


Tora? I run up stairs quickly, why on earth did he cry? To--uhh-huh? I gawk him there growling and cursing, leaping around like a wild mare trying to throw off its rider while Ryorin clutched his face, her tiny clawed hands digging as she fastened her self on his face, right into the muzzle, Ryorin! I shout and try to pluck her off before Tora tears her apart
Ack! Tora flinched back and felt his scared-up muzzle, damn little--! he glared her, and she only hissed with a screech, her fins shot up like razors, teared wings spread wide glaring, her lazy ocean-gray eyes shot wide shimmering with something--exotic!
Tora what happened? I growl, I have no idea what the hell is going on, but I have a feeling he started it
Dont look at me! She started it! he sneered while licking his injured muzzle, I was minding my own business when she suddenly jumped me he hissed and from his voice--not to mention that annoyed little baby face he gave me--I think hes telling the truth
But why on earth would she do that? I reason, if she jumped him then he probably annoyed her, hes pretty good in doing that
Nothing! And Im telling you brat! Creatures like her are nothing but trouble! Id throw her out if I were you! he growled
Well then Youre not me now are you? I snicker as I walk back to the table ! aw-man I forgot to get her basket-bed ready for Ryorin! And I forgot Toras bandages on the kitchen table, too! Sh** I hiss, wait here Ill be right back I went a few steps away and remembered something before closing the door, and dont you dare lay a finger on her Tora! Got that? Because if I find one hair on her scaly skin Im holding you responsible! I threaten and slowly continue on my way before he could even give an answer he-he-he! I love his face when he goes all-wide-opened jaws/eyes in stun and all

Okay Ive reached the kitchen and I cant hear anything, is that good or bad? Better hurry now; the bandages are right here where I left them on the kitchen table THUD! Huh? I jerk my head up; something heavy just fell on the roof? ? No other sound? Hm? Probably my imagination now, there was an old blanket around the cupboard right? (Pause) O-yeah! Dad took it out to the laundry yesterday, which means it should be in the dry laundry basket! I hurry towards the washing machine and I see the basket, great! Now to find that blanket THUD!!! Huh? Now Im certain something is going on! Better hurry, who knows what Toras doing to hat poor little defenseless girl

TORA! I shout as I slam the door open, What--?? white smock is filling my room, something just blew up, I can hear Tora coughing, he sounds shocked eventually the smock shattered, and I see Tora sitting back, back to the wall, one hand feeling his neck coughing bitterly, Ryorin calmly a few feet away hissing at him, her eyes glowing like torches in the night
Damn little--! he growled shifting a fist up attending to flatten her
TORA! I warn, and he froze, his fist snapped and his fingers not clinched anymore, stiff-necked, he slowly craned to me
What did I tell you earlier? I cross my arms while thumping my foot, his head sunk between his shoulders and he stutters as he tries to tell me something, but he changed his mind and felt his forehead, what the heck is wrong with him today?


man-o-Man-O-MAN! He would never believe me if I told him, he would probably think I made it up as an excuse I look at him and he looks angry still yet a bit confused Ah~ what the hell
Tora? he sung my name with a growling tone, you wanna excuse, Ill give you the only one Ive got, and I hope its satisfying but youre a human! Nothing satisfies you but dirt!
What? I hiss then I jerk my sight as she slowly started slithering her way towards me, and her glare seemed (Gulp) evilly promising! I bolt up, eyes shot wide, I wouldnt wanna get near her ever again!
What happened? I thought I heard a thud when I was down stairs he hissed, then walked up to her and scooped her tenderly, she playfully played cute damn-bit**! Playing charm aint gonna work on me anymore!
I dont think youd believe me even if I told you brat I hiss, and he curiously looks at me
What do you mean? he asked while she shot a glare at me
Err--never mind I mutter, even I wouldnt believe it happened, so why should I tell the brat? He would probably teas me about it anyway
(Squeak) she called him, and he looked down at her and stupidly smiled, Geez hes falling for her isnt he? Damn! I knew she was nothing but trouble the minute I saw her!
Whats the matter Ryorin? Are you tired? he softly whispers to her Baka, spoiling a dragon, what is he thinking?
(Pout) I wonder how dragons taste like are they like fish? Fish is good! Its fairly appetizing makes me feel like having sushi, or maybe pizza with lots of anchovies!
Tora the brat calls me, and I jerk to him, he looks at me with lazy mocking eyes youre drooling! he states rather calmly, eyebrows rose
! Sh**! Ive been thinking of food too long, I need to jab my teeth down on something I mutter as I trail my way out, I need to check the fridge, Im starving! Ow~! my leg snapped! And I cant help but sit down and feel it
Dont do that! he hissed, placing down the little wretched thing and walking up to me, sigh, this needs to be cleaned, and I need to wrap it in clean bandages and Tora he slightly beams up to me for one last time, Im gonna go down stairs, so please please~ dont make any racket! he knots his brows as he whined Ill be back as soon as I can then left
Tell that to her I growl, looking at her with the corner of my eye
(Humph) she jerked away her head, but I could swear she sounded human when she did that!


? shes looking at me now, and she doesn't look angry blinking once, she kind of--I dont know--beamed up to me? staring at me with her sweet little charm her lovely ocean-gray eyes she looks so so~ !!!! SH**! No-no-No way ho-zay! I aint falling for that again! I shot a glare at her, my arrows cracking her sparkles and stars as they shimmer she plays cuter, and I glare harder damn! Her charm is pushing back my arrows of glare! Ack! Her sparkles are creeping closer! Glare harder and harder, my arrows are hardly pushing her charm back damn shes so cute NO! Im not gonna fall for that! I glare harder and harder, Im glaring as hard as I can but shes so-Damn-CUTE!


Tora sure is acting funny? I murmur to my self, an hour ago he said that shes nothing but trouble, and now, hes playing around with her like some over-grown kid! Demons! You never understand them! I shrug; somethings you just cant understand
(Squeak) I cant blame him, shes really cute Toras goofing around with her outside now, Im inside watching them through the open door, the temple needs to freshen up every once in a while a nice cool breeze blew against my face, faintly feeling my cheeks, flicking back my hair, freshening my lungs, and its so cool, so relaxing Yawn man, I suddenly feel sleepy, I cant help but fold my arms lay down my head-n-Yawn-uh sleep

Ushio Ushio~! a sweet voice calls my name, I hear bells softly jingling around the echoing space everything around me is in light, where am I? Am I dreaming?
where--? I hum as I sit up, and in the distance, I see a woman, a girl! Older than me, Id say about her early twenties shes beautiful, wearing thick bronze armor, a harp in her hands, sitting on a bolder like a mermaid in the middle of a river, playing a lovely melody of water
Wake up Ushio you shouldnt be sleeping on such a marvelous day! Wake up! she beamed to me, and oddly enough she didnt move but to my point of view, we were drawing closer! Till I stood right besides her at that bolder, she stepped off it, man shes way much taller than I am! Looking down at me with her ocean-gray eyes
her eyes are so beautiful, although theyre just like Mayukos eyes, her eyes look a bit different for some reason we narrow (Blush) and I think shes gonna kiss me! Asako wont like that!
Brat! Tora suddenly popped in right out of nowhere!!!!


ACK! OW~ a hit on the noggin! I hate it when that happens!
Baka! What was that for? I growl at him, and I think Im gaining a hangover!
Jerk! You startled me! he hissed, and a funny thing, he somewhat blushed, I wonder why?
(Squeak) Ryorin beams up to him now, he smiles and picks her up, then they nuzzles but now he looks--dazed? Wonder whats on his mind
Tora he calmly called
Yeah? I merely answer, I guess shes gonna tell me something about it anyway
As a beast do mermaids exist? he cocked an eyebrow, where the hell did he get that question?
For humans like you, mermaids are only a myth you tell in bed-time stories I shrug Ive seen mermaids, but theyre not my kind of woman I mutter, muzzle wrinkled, those dames only gave me a hard time trying to catch them!
So--theyre real? he blinks in amusement, giving me that ridicules smile of his, God has he had any idea how stupid his smile is? Cool! Id like to see one in real life someday he dazed away Baka! Probably having wild dreams about them already! well now, the harsh voiced girl wont like that now would she? He-he-he!
I look at the tiny female, she yawned and snuggled herself into his neck, if shes cold blooded; she shouldnt feel sleepy, should she? The boy rested her on his shoulder, like a child resting on its mothers shoulder, he smiles softly then stands up, soundlessly heading towards his bedroom he would probably put her in bed
Ill be right back he whispered to me before he trailed off with a smile
Sigh its all silent and calm all of a sudden, I dont like that and the girls hadnt come today, I wonder whats keeping them, its afternoon now, they should be here I carefully take a few steps back at the open door, watching the backyard, birds soaring high in the light-blue clear sky, sending their shadows down to the grassy space I lean against the doorframe and close my eyes; I need to take in the wonderful sensation of this


God! Shes so cute, peacefully sleeping like that not a care in the world sigh I wonder how it feels to be something so small I wonder how it feels to be a dragon for that matter! Hn? I look at my alarm clock, its 4.00 in the afternoon, no wonder the place is so silent, Dads still asleep, Toras down stairs, Im here with Ryorin its kind of lonely, I think Ill let her rest and join Tora if I manage to start a fight the place wont sound so dead at-least!

?? I jerk up my head, noticing him there leaning on the doorframe, a smile on his grizzly stripped face, legs outstretched, hands free resting on his thighs, his dark orange mane lightly flickering with the lung-sweet breeze maybe I should put aside the fight, Ill go check the fridge, Im thirsty

I scuffle around the fridge, damn! Its empty! Sigh, I have to get going if I want to reach the grocery shop before it gets crowded dad would probably tell me to go and do it when he wakes up hmm, I wonder if shell be okay with Tora? I look back at him now, looking peaceful I must say! Maybe it wont be so harmful if I went down town and grabbed something for the house the fridge sure needs stuffing I look back at Tora gain, I think this is the best time; Ill go talk to him


Tora the brat is calling, I can hear his footsteps leaving the kitchens marble floor and on towards me I crack my eyes a slit and lazily shift towards him
listen, the place is kind of empty, Im going down town to get some grocery, would you look after Ryorin while Im gone? he beamed softly, shes asleep now so I guess she wont be giving you any trouble he walked up towards the main door, still looking at me, slipped on his shoes, and then waited
Like I care I mutter, he only chuckled and walked out silence came nothing to do, and nothing to say Sigh maybe Ill get my self some zees too I sprawl lazily, man it feels good to stretch! My arms clasped under my head, a nice cool breeze making everything feel perfect, I close my eyes and rest I should think of nothing no more if only my sore foot would let me, frowning, I bolt sitting up and glare it, it itches but I cant scratch it, it might go worse sigh, Ill try to ignore it I lie on my side and close my eyes firmly and try to think of nothing


What was that?? I bolt out of bed; I can hear screaming form my sons bedroom, so I throw off the blanket and rush out
What was that? Tora barks at me as he rushed in
I dont know, it came from Ushios room I quickly open the door, and I see something going on the little dragon he brought fighting with a rather huge black velvet skinned snake! What--? I sense something about that snake! It might be a bad spirit
Ryorin! Tora shouted, then leaped on the snake, but the thing dodged his claws, slithering a few feet away hissing at Tora the little creature panting in weakness, weakly eyeing the beast moaning in pain
Oh-my I walk up to her and scoop her weary body, shes stained in blood, and there were holes punched in her tattered wings, obviously the snakes fang-marks
Why you damn little--! Tora growled, then swung his clawed hand at the snake and it dodged it again, oddly enough it drew in a deep breath, and I snapped, TORA! DUCK!
?? he didnt understand but did it anyway, SH**?? he squeaked, watching he acid the snake spit burn down the wall it touched sweat dropping, he jerked to it, what the hell is going on here??
Glaring, the snakes head started swinging left and right, eyes fixed on the beasts
!! no! Dont! Dont stare at the eyes! I warn, and he jerks to me in confusion, its trying to hypnotize you! I explain
furious and puzzled, Tora leaped on it anyway, but it suddenly blew up into smock
!!!! we all started coughing, I dont know what that dust thing was but it was stuffed down my throat

Uhh--what on earth is going on here? I look at Tora and he looks annoyed, there was a hole in Ushios wall opening outside the thing escaped
Beats the heck out of me he hissed, then looked at me and paused, an odd smirk on his face, nice pajama! he chuckled
(Flush)! I clear my throat and glare him back, not funny I look down at her in my arms, I can feel her heartbeats throbbing how could Ushio do this to her? Her wings are all ripped up! Wait a second! Where is Ushio? I ask the beast
He went shopping the beast lazily answered forking back a bit of his dark orange forelock calmly he eyed her, and oddly he seemed worried, that thing sure mad a mess out of her
Yes, her wings are ruined! I say the poor thing wont be flying anymore, cause I dont think her wings are going to grow back
dont worry about it, the brat found her like that, I say she had a fight with a cat or something and it used her wings as a scratching post Tora muttered, carefully scratching his neck
I look down at her, and she weakly looks up at me, her eyes, theyre so beautiful! They look like Mayukos except that theres something--mystic! I can feel strength about this little creature! It feels strong, and exotic!
For a little dragon its amazing she made it this far Tora said calmly dragon? Shes a dragon? Amusing! I never thought dragons come in this size!
Yes, amazing I smile, Id better take care of her wounds theres a first-aid kit in the kitchen, might as well make use of it


(whistling) I happily walk my way back home, Toras gonna be so glad to see the burgers I got him, and I finally found the kind of notebook dad wanted though I couldnt find anything for Ryorin, I just hope she likes the gift I got her
Ushio~! hn? I stop in my tracks to look at the other side of the street
Asako? I smile, shes walking towards me after the street light went red, and she looks lively today and quite hot too! Those cute little short jeans and that sport red jacket, black shoes and white socks
Hi! Shopping? she chirped to me with a wide beautiful smile
Yeah! I smile back, and I cant help but admire her body curves, though were only fifteen, shes hot! I wonder how good shed look like when we reach eighteen!
So? How is it? she asked, is it okay?
The dragon? Its doing just fine! I smile, and I chuckle as she gawked me, Yes! It was a tiny dragon! Ask Tora if you dont believe me!
A dragon? Really? That cute little itty bitty poor fragile thing was a dragon? she asked in disbelieve and excitement
Yes! I approve, but then she suddenly squealed and jump in excitement, !!! first time I see her do that!
Oh-that is so cool! she smiled widely, how is it doing? Did it get any better? she asked, flushing, I guess she noticed that she was acting crazy, I wonder whats with her today
well first of all, its a she! she shot her eyes, eyebrows rose, second she was starving but I gave her an apple and she ate it whole, she wheeled a smile, and I think shell be just fine by the end of the week I concluded and she sighed in relief
Glad to hear that she smiled, and then shied a bit, flushing a bit harder, she locked her eyes to mine, Ushio
Yes? I can feel my ears burning, but I try to keep my arms around the grocery bag, what is it?
Mind if I take it home? she smiled
? pause, Tora would like to get rid of her, but I dont think itll be a good idea, honestly Asako, I dont think itll be safe if we took her anywhere right now, shes too weak I reason
Aw she whined in disappointment, frowning with a childish pout
Would you like to come with me? Im sure Ryorin would love to see you again I say calmly, but then Asako gave me this suspicious glare
Ryorin? Whos she? she shot me an icy glare! I hate it when she does that I shiver went down my spine
Ryorin is the name Tora and I gave the little dragon I reason, and she smiled, face cute and faintly blushing, why did she go all so edge all of a sudden? She didnt think Ryorin was a human did she? !!! was she jealous over me? ? Nah~!

Ushio she called my name as we walked back home
Yeah? I look at her while we approached, and she seemed troubled, so I stop and wait, what is it Asako?
Did anything funny happen after you came back from school? she questioned, I mean did anything unordinary go around the temple?
hn? what does she mean? The only cocky think about it is when Tora went fuzzy, No! Why?
Oh-just asking? she beamed, and then walked pass me Cmon! I wanna see how shes doing! she chirped and raced me home
(Chuckle) I dont know whats going on, but I follow anyway hugging the bag, spear propped on the shoulder, I smile as I watch her waiting for me up ahead at the gates I hope Tora didnt do anything to her, because if he did, hes gonna get a pounding


(Squeaks of pain) Ryorin squirmed around trying to escape the priests hands, but he pats her wounds with cotton as I firmly keep her down, that snake punched holes allover her body! (Sweat drop) I hope the brat doesn't put it against me before I could explain
Hey! Im back! the boy chirped, I can hear doubled feet walking towards us, I think the brat is not alone! Either that or he grew two more feet!
Hi Oji-san! Oh! Is she okay? harsh voiced girl?
!!! she slightly--how rude! (-T_T-)--shoved me aside and eyed the little dragon in worry Im in pain too if she didnt know! My heel is killing me!
Dad? What happened? the brat frowned as he eyed the little injured one; and before I could open my mouth, he shot a death glare at me; I can feel my fur standing up
It wasnt me! I reason, hands hovering around, but it doesn't seem like he believes me
calm and peaceful he placed down the grocery bag aside the table, the priest carefully picked up the little female
Ushio? Shigure asked, the brat calmly eyed his father then glared me again, hands clutching tight to the spear, aw-man hes gonna swat me! Im sure of it!
Tora whyd you do it? the harsh voiced girl scolded
But it wasnt me! It was--
Liar! the brat cut-in my sentence, just because you dont like her around doesn't mean you can do that to her! the brat growled, I can feel his flames flickering around, he then shifted up the spear right above his head BAKA! this is gonna hurt (-Q_Q-)


OW~! my ears are ringing, and I clutch my head to stop the damn thing, but I still hear ringing! My eyes teary, I look at the brat and he still glares me, Sigh he wont believe me, I have no proof about what really happened !!! wait! The snake made a hole in the walls, right? Thats a proof!
You ought to be ashamed of your self Tora! Attacking such a poor cute-little-Kawaii defenseless creature! the harsh voiced girl made the ringing in my ears go worse
It wasnt Tora! the priest tried reason
Yeah right, dont defend him dad, hes the only one who didnt accept her here! the brat reasoned, well yeah I admit I didnt like her at first, but I changed my mind! Not that Id voice it!
But it wasnt me! I whine, but Im only waisting my time
If you dont believe him, at least go check your room!
My room?? he snapped, he glared me and bolted to his room quickly
What about Ushios room? the human female asked in confusion
Well explain later
We? I ask, I have nothing to do with it! the brat might think I did that as well

Pause silence nothing came!

? nothing? No scream? No cursing? No nothing?
theres nothing wrong about my room the brat walks back looking damn puzzled, did something happen there? he held a hand on his hip, the other keeping the spear on his shoulder
What do you mean? the priest widened his eyes, didnt you see anything?
No! What was there you thought Id see? he cocked an eyebrow
Well there were supposed to be holes in the wall! the priest gained a swat drop
holes? the boy chuckled, dad I think you havent been having enough rest he concluded, then hardened his stare at me, and even if there were any holes Im sure Tora was the cause
Why do you pick it up on me? I didnt do anything! I bark in frustration irritated by all of this, I curse him and that damn spear and go outside, I ignore his demands to come back and leap to the rooftops, I need to be a lone and away from him for a while


Damn-meat headed Baka! Ushio hissed in frustration, angrily kicking the wall, if he keeps doing that its gonna fall apart! And I bet he wants to climb right over there after Tora and bonk him one! I look back at the poor little creature and I have to admit, she does look like a dragon! And a cute little one too!
Asako Ushio calls me, when hes serious, that firm manly stare revives in his eyes, brows knotted, spear in hand, sorry about that he tried to soften his appearance, and I guess its okay
its alright, as long as shes okay I look back at her in Oji-sans arms, the poor thing looks half asleep, I guess shes tired Ushio, what did you say you named her?
Ryorin he smiled, Tora was the one who found the name though he walked up to her, faintly feeling her head and there, I cant help but remember how we found her

Flash Back

Man what a day! Thank God tomorrows a weekend! Ushio muttered lazily lashing the bookcase over his shoulder, school uniform and spear as well
Yeah I smile at his careless figure, and then look aside to Mayuko, looking rather tired, Mayuko, are you okay? You havent been your self today I reason, oddly shes been awful quiet today
Yeah! Ushio barked, You were so silent I thought that you werent even there! Are you alright today?
Im okay, Ive just been busy with a few personal things and I dont have time to think of anything else she answered wearily, tiredly rubbing her eyes; I wonder whats wrong
Do you need any help? Ushio offered, passionately eyeing her
Yeah! Is there anything we can do to help? I ask, I dont want to hang around and do nothing!
No its okay! Itll be over soon! she smiled, waving her hand she walked away, I gotta go now, bye!
Um, bye! I waved as well, and then snapped, Did you hear something? I eyed Ushio in question
Whats that? Ushio hummed then carefully walked to the creature, leaning a bit closer, I can see his ears moving, Aw~! How cute! he smiled
What? What is it? I ask in excitement! Whatever Ushio thinks is cute is only worth it! He doesn't usually find anything cute!
Easy! I wont hurt you! he placed the spear and his bookcase on the ground, then kneeled to pick something from the near by bush, it gave a rustle and a moan, but then he turned to me with the most adorable little lizard I laid eyes on
Cute! I chirp, although it was a lizard, I shouldve screamed or shouted, but the thing wasnt scary, it was just cute! Sigh, too bad Mayuko had to leave in a hurry! She just missed a good event!

Flash Back End

Asako? I call her name; she suddenly dazed away looking at Ryorin we were in the living room, Ryorin was sleeping on a cushion and dad was busy outside
shes so adorable she carefully ran her fingers delicately down Ryos back, then her hand carefully spreading her wings, only now did we notice circular punches
What the--?? we both gawk
Dad! angry, I rush to him outside, there are holes in Ryorins wings! I growl, if I didnt know any better, I wouldve said Tora used a paper puncher on her!
A snake tried to kill her he calmly said to me
WHAT? I shout, how could he be so calm about it??
Tora tried to get it but he was too late, it already punched up her wings he concluded
Well why didnt Tora say anything? I growl
You didnt give him a chance! he merely went back to work, if you wouldve been patient and listened to what he wanted to say he may have explained to you what happened
(Vein popping) damn old man! If he thinks Im gonna go apologize to Tora then SH**! What if I did? (Pout/stomps his way back) I wont apologize; well, maybe not now that is; not directly

Well? Did you find anything? Asako asked in worry, poor little Ryorin sleeping tiredly on the cushion
Noit seems they were actually like this but we just didnt notice them I fibbed, so what of it? (T__T)
Oh she breathed, then her brows knotted and she looked down at her, is she gonna be okay?
I guess I beam to her, Asako I call as I sit next to her, do you think Mayuko would drop in today? Im really worried; Mayukos been acting funny
Note Ushio! she pointed a forefinger she said she had personal things to attend, so let them be! she smiled at me
Note? the stuff I brought along! Oh-yeah! I beam and get up towards the kitchen
What is it? Where are you going? Asako asked, I guess I startled her
Its okay; I just remembered I forgot to sort the things I brought! I smile, I take out the food, then the notebook, I place it on the table where dad could see, then the burgers, where Tora could smell--and they should show as an apology!--and last but not least, Ryorins gift! A nice little dark purple ribbon to design her neck! Hope she doesn't mind it; it was the only thing I could think of!

(Z-z-Z-z) peacefully sleeping, she looks so adorable! Hmm, I think Ill dress her the ribbon after she wakes up I look at Asako, shes beautiful, too! Her heart shaped face, her eyes, her lips, that beautiful hair, her milky silky soft skin
(Flush)! Ack! She craned to look at me! Eye to eye; our sights are locked together I can feel my heartbeats throbbing in my throat she slightly flushed and somewhat smiled shyly
Yes? she giggled, what? Why are you staring at me like that? she shied off and then looked back at Ryorin
Youre beautiful ACK!!!! You BAKA!!!! Whyd you say that aloud for? Do you want her to kick you where the sun doesnt shine like last time? I scold my self, man Im gonna get it for sure
Um--(flush)--thank you she whispered, slightly shrugging huh? She wont kick my crouch?? Funny well, whatever is on her mind, Im grateful, really!
maybe shes not with me? Maybe her focus is fixed on Ryorin? Maybe if I ask her something dramatic, shell snap and kick me, cause if she didnt she wouldnt be Asako but what the heck am I saying? I want her to kick my crouch? This is lunacies! But if she really is zoned out I could grant my self a wish! (Heat rising around the cheeks) kicked or not its worth a try!
Um, Asako?
Hm? shes not looking at me here goes nothing
Mind if I--(BLUSH!)--kiss you? awaiting the explosion
(Jerk/blush)? she shot her eyes looking at me in amusement, what? she whispered questioning in disbelieve
Err--n-nothing! I stutter, I cant do this anyway, and attend to stand up, but she held my ram tight
Wait, Ushio--you want to kiss me? she blushed harder, slowly settling me down again, why do you want to do so? I can feel her heartbeats throbbing in the palm of her hand so I sit down again but drop my gaze to my lap, legs tucked
Well I I guess I like you a lot! man I cant believe Im doing this
Really? she shyly smiled, and I dip my head, she smiled wider and eased her grip, well--(shying)--I kind of like you, too she eyed the little dragon

Silence came both stayed silent

Well? she smiled
What? I stupidly look at her
Go ahead! Kiss me she blushed
(BLUSH!) Sh-she really wants me to kiss her?
drawing in a deep breath, she rose her chin a bit, closed her eyes and waited
(thump-Thump-THUMP!) Uh-maybe I shouldnt do this, but, shes waiting! I shouldnt leave a girl wait! Not Asako! Defiantly not Asako!! I close my eyes a for a second, draw in a deep breath, I smile and open my eyes slowly leaning to her, to her lips, just a wee more
??? she shot her eyes, and so did I, face to face, we eyed each other in start we both flushed
(Rustle) there it goes again! Its in the kitchen, I could swear I hear laughing, and something furry in dark orange is flickering at the door, AW~ SH**!! Its Tora!


(Sweat drop) Oh-Uh!! I can hear the brats footsteps stomping this way! Better move!
TORA~! he shouted in anger, Get you f***ing a** down here!!!! he demanded, and I managed to skip the leap to the rooftops it wasnt me! I didnt mean to watch! I smelled the burgers so I went down to eat, but then snuck a peek to see them, they were so close!
What? I didnt do anything! I whine, I have nothing to do with this!
(Slurring curses under his breath) the brat stomped his way back inside
(Chuckle) I have no idea what hes thinking, but as long as the spear is away from me thats all I care! (Yawn) I could use a nap, all them burgers made me go drowsy so I lay my head sprawling on the rooftops and close my eyes, I need a rest

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