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Beast of Souls


Author's Note: Oh, Tora x Beast of Souls(sort of shounen-ai even though this beast has no gender, it is a he/she, that's all I can say for now). Oh, and some Ushio x Asako (x stands for couples or love), Ushio + Tora (+ means friendship or bond)

Chapter 3:  Immortal Realization


The beast stood, getting his first look at his new surroundings. An icy wind drew his mane in all directions, even daring to creep through his thick fur to send an unknown chill through his entire body. Silver slitted eyes traveled over the ice covered mountains, the rocky barren landscape that seemed to be frozen into a state of forever. Only his youkai powers allowed him even a glimpse of such a phenomena, given that the forbidden place was covered entirely by a thick ebony cloud.

A slow movement drew his eyes, causing the monster focus on the base of the mountain where a figure stood silently. Lengths of black hair draped over silken robes, strong youthful form easily noted beneath them. Long ebony lashes trembled upon smooth pale cheekbones before violet globes rose to meet his own. The slitted pupils, so familiar in their depths, yet so hauntingly different. Those eyes held no trace of recognition, merely peered deep within to touch the monster's very soul. That's what frightened him, those eyes that seemed so dead, yet burned with an inner flame. This creature, no matter what the resemblance to the Master of the Beast Spear, was not the boy, Ushio. No, it was something more dangerous, more deadly then any other. Tora knew, just by looking at the youth, if he really was so young as he seemed, the monster doubted that, that he was pure death for any who dared to cross his path. Ok, right now that just happened to be the monster himself.

Unsure what to do, and feeling more than a little terrified from the appearance of this youth, Tora found himself frozen in place once more. After all, running wouldn't help him for who can escape Death?

~I am the Beast of Souls.~

Tora jerked as the voice echoed through the landscape, its silvery touch drawing a light shiver from the monster. The youth stepped closer until they were barely an arms length apart. The violet eyes seemed to be studying Tora, searching for something hidden beneath the surface. A strangely twisted smile appeared on the boy's face, showing a glint of fangs in his mouth. ~Not the boy. This creature is...~ Tora thought to himself, but was interrupted once more.

~The boy? No, I am not him and he is not me, and yet... we will be one soon.~

Tora flinched as a single pale finger touched his fur, trailing over the black stripe that stretched his upper cheek. ~Fuzzy, like a kitten. I've never eaten a kitten before, I wonder how they taste.~ This time, Tora did jerk away, putting distance between himself and the strange youth smiling calmly at him. Personally, the monster didn't even want to think that the boy might be suggesting his death, after all, he was the one who once at humans, not the boy. But, this wasn't the boy. Whatever this creature was, no matter its human-like form, it was more deadly than any monster on Earth, even more powerful than Whiteface.

~You call me male, see me as human, and yet you know I am not either of those. I have no gender, for I am immortal and have no reason to procreate or love. I am a creature who has been alive since the dawn of time, waiting for the day to come when the world would know revolution. That day is arriving, little tiger. Will you be able to defend the Earth on your own? Don't expect your "Boy" to help you, for he is already marked. See my power and know your fate!~

Tora's eyes widened as the air started to hum around him. A white glow erupted from the spear, circling around them both, turning the air into waves of silver and pulsing blue. The youth's own black mane soaked up the light, curling around him in long white waves. The once violet orbs turned completely gold save for the same slitted black pupils that stared back at him. ~Understand my power. Know my strength. No one can defeat me, for all who try will be eliminated. The time for revolution is near.~

Then, the white light swallowed him up, leaving behind a faint loneliness that spread through his soul. Floating in the sea of pure light, the beast could do nothing but wait.

'Tora. Tora...' A strangely upset, yet calming and familiar voice filled the monster's ears. Opening his great white eyes, Tora found himself laying flat on his back in the middle of the human sidewalk. Deep black eyes were staring down at him, relief filling them as the boy noticed he was awake. Strange, Ushio never seemed to care if he was hurt, after all, the boy was the one hitting him most of the time. Tora groaned to himself, his body feeling annoyingly heavy for the first time in centuries. ~Definitely not as young as I used to be.~

'Come on, fuzzball. Get up. People are staring at us, well... me anyway,' Ushio was complaining, trying to get the beast to stand. 'Give me a second, brat!' Tora growled as he rolled onto his stomach and pushed himself up. Seconds later, he was towering over the petite youth and glaring around at the normal surroundings. ~What the hell just happened? Was it a dream?~ It was confusing, and the monster hated being confused.

'Tora, you ok?' the boy's voice snapped him from his thoughts. Tora glared down at the youth who was watching him with... concern? No, that couldn't be right. The boy was a monster hunter, why would he be worried about Tora? Fingers touching his arm made him nearly leap out of his fur as he stared wide eyed down at the youth. Ushio's dark eyes were hidden as he just stood there, hand upon Tora's arm. It was almost as if he didn't even realize what he was doing. The monster finally forced himself to rip away from the touch, flying off to figure everything out, and leaving a stunned boy to stare after him.

~Tora. What the hell just happened? Why do I care? Usually you're being such a pain in the ass that I don't worry if you get hurt. But, when you just blacked out like that, it really did scare me. After all, what power could possibly make you fall besides the Beast Spear? And, you seemed so out of it when you awoke, like you were still lost in whatever dream you'd had. I just wish that I had the power to protect... everyone. Because, something is about to happen, I can feel it, but I don't know how to overcome it. I wish you'd help me, my friend... but we both know that monsters don't help humans. Not monsters like you anyways.~ Ushio's dark eyes deepened as his thoughts awakened a voice within his soul. One that knew the future, but merely whispered riddles, never full truth.

~The revolution is near. We will be one again, soon... very soon.~


Author's note: I'm so sorry this took soooo long to update. But, I do plan on writing the rest even if it takes forever (hopefully it won't).

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