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Beast of Souls

Writer's Note: Based on the Ushio and Tora anime, as well as the pictures from 'The Illustration of Ushio to Tora'. I will update any changes in rating and additional warnings and hints as I write the chapters. May contain yaoi (maybe).

Chapter 1

Life. A ripple in the sea of time. Pure eternity escapes in the form of a single delicate tear, glistening in it's fall through the endless darkness. Its descent shattered upon the glowing metal, releasing the bonds locking away the weapon's true soul. Silence, a glimpse of ultimate power waiting to awaken. It is the beinging of the end, or perhaps, an end to the beginning. The world is doomed to revolution.

'Wake Up.' Pools of shimmering elbony silk shifted to acknowledge the calm voice, ears trained on the low rumble that seemed to surround him. 'Wake up. You who have been hidden in the shadow since the dawn of creation. Arise from the barron land of ice and rock, turn towards the everchanging future.' The unknown one lifted, sending droplets of hardened snow and rock fragments to fall unheeded upon the browned earth.

'Take up your soul's redemption, its blade created from the very core of your being.' Slender ivory fingertips trailed lightly over the silver metal, caressing the long wooden base. Power eminated from the symbols embedded into the cold black band between base and head, whispering on the jagged blood silk strands to flow upon non existant wind.

'Open your eyes, let your soul know freedom. You are eternity, born from the fires of creation's womb. Arise and greet the dawn.' Smooth eyelids cracked apart, slitted violet orbs seeing their resting place for the first and last time. Ice covered rock, death polluting the very atmosphere. Silverblue waves made not a sound as they crashed upon the blackened sand. A haunted place filled with a blackness only pierced by a single distant light.

'Embrace the light, it will guide you in your quest. The eternal revolution rests deep within your soul. Humans, monsters, angels... all have known of your coming. They have never looked upon your form, and still they fear you, Bringer of Judgement, for your very existance threatens the world. It is the world that they created, that they cling to for life, the Known.

The light drifted closer, warming the unfeeling form. It dripped red over the darkness, turning the sea to crimson blood, the icy ground into a barron desert. Closer and closer, engulfing all in its path until even the violet was surrounded, embraced in the evermoving radiance.

'Wake Up! Bringer of Redemption.'

'Wake Up! Keeper of Eternity.'

'Wake up... Beast of Souls...'




Author's Note: I hope you enjoy reading this, I'll try really hard to bring out new chapters as soon as I can and new stories as well