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All fanfiction on this page is rated either R or NC17.  That means it can contain any of the following :  lemons, sex, intense violence, rape, etc.
Please go back if you are not over 18. 

A Night to Remember
Yaoi. Ushio has a surprise for Tora when he gets home. Tora decides to spice things up a bit and make it fun for both of them. Lemon. Tora doesn't think monsters can love, but Ushio isn't so sure. 
Lemon, NC17, Adult.
Chapters One   NEW!
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Playing the Role : by Shi Tiger
A yaoi halloween fic. Toono-sama is hosting a party and has invited Ushio and Tora especially. Karani and the others decide to help Ushio reveal his true feelings to Nagatobimaru. Dressed like a slave from ancient Japan, will Tora be able to resist him? 
Yaoi, will be NC-17, have lemons, etc.

Chapters :  One  Two  

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